The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 38

Jordan didn't realise he had fallen asleep. He also didn't notice that his rage had only been simmering under the surface until now, now that Papa, Dada and Rodrigo were packing up from the beach and steering him away, back to the palatial hotel in the distance. The hike down must have lulled him to sleep and then they enjoyed the beach without him! He had never even seen the beach and now he was being denied quality time again! He huffed in his restrained seat, watching the scenery turn from sandy pathway to manicured lawn and gardens.

He thought about Fin and Ash. What were they doing right now? Would he be spending time with them if he was at home still. Home. That was the first time he had called the mansion that in his head. What if Papa and Dada had left him with Aunty and Uncle, he could be playing with his new cousins right now. Since the three of them were officially adopted they had hardly spent any time together - was that on purpose? He never knew what was going on and it was starting to piss him off. He hadn't known about this stupid holiday until his back was ripped open and even then he only got told on the plane that it was a super rare chance for them to spend some family time together away from the responsibilities of the pack. And that this was an island of sexual adventure. But if Jordan was honest with himself, he just wanted Papa and Dada, he didn't need litters of kittens or lessons and classes. Especially if it meant he was being shipped off and they were enjoying time without him. Maybe that's exactly what they wanted...time without him. Was he too needy? Too much to handle? Did they need a break from him? His thoughts swirled in a most depressing cycle, until without him consciously thinking about it, he felt wet tears on his cheeks.

His sniffles must have been audible, as Dada stuck his head in Jordan's view and took in the crying.

"Darling Boy! You're awake. Jet lag must really be knocking you around - you slept for ages! Are you hungry?" Dada unclipped him and scooped him so Papa was left pushing an empty stroller.

Dada's delicious smell was comforting and he nuzzled in further, which only confirmed to Jamie his suspicion that Jordan was hungry, so he unbuttoned his shirt enough to feed him while they kept walking. Dada's skin was salty, and he had missed Dada's milk so he appeared compliant and content to the doting fathers, disguising his inner turmoil.

As soon as they reached the hotel lobby, Cailtin was there, waiting to take Master Jordan off their hands. As much as he would have preferred to stay with them, they saw him off with only a quick kiss on the top of his head. His attraction to Cailtin made it feel like he had also missed her absence for those few short hours.

He spent the rest of the afternoon in classes, learning how to pleasure women. He had to admit it was basically the complete opposite of everything he had been trying to do this morning with Caitlin and he pictured being able to do this to Ash once they were home. His own downstairs region was throbbing with need and despite giving pleasure, he wasn't receiving any in return.

By dusk, he was back in his nursery. He had been feed some yellow mush for 'real food', playing with baby toys when he finally saw Dada again.

"Jordie!" Dada didn't hesitate to pick Jordan up for a cuddle. "Isn't this place amazing?" He asked rhetorically.

Keeping Jordan tucked under his chin, he turned to Caitlin instead to hear about how he had gone this afternoon.

She praised his attitude and effort and between them they agreed he could have some sexy time before he was expected to go to sleep. Thrilled, he pushed back against Dada's chest to look up at him and express his delight. His smile froze on his face however, as Dada instructed Caitlin on what he might like and then with another perfunctory kiss, handed him back to the buxom goddess.

"Have a great night buddy! I'm sure you'll be worn out and fast asleep by the time our show and dinner ends."

"Goodbye Senõr, we will be fine. Where are you headed tonight?" Caitlin put Jordan back in the playpen and then walked Dada to the door. He was crawling fast to try and reach the barriers and stand up but by the time he made it they were in the doorway and Caitlin's back was to him, blocking any view of Dada.

She ended up walking away with Dada, where he could hear multiple voices talking and laughing before it went quiet when a door shut. That's Papa and Dada gone then. Jordan turned back to the window and crawled to the glass, watching the beautiful orange sun, cast a pink hue over the sky as it lowered itself into the ocean. The first time he had ever seen a sunset in the sea before. Alone. In a diaper amongst colourful wooden blocks inside a kiddy jail.

Caitlin came back and Jordan turned towards her eagerly, desperate to both relieve his sexual tension and climb of the funk he kept finding himself in. She had an electronic tablet and a remote control butt plug that she held up and wiggled as a prize in Jordan's direction. She put the tablet on a cushion within the playpen and tilted it towards Jordan, turning it on to show a 4 way split screen, all playing a pornographic film of some description. Then she reached across to undress Jordan completely, pushing him slightly so he was lying back, allowing her to lubricate and insert the plug inside of him. Finally she set a small timer on the seat of the chair she had been sitting on earlier, far out of Jordan's reach.

"This is set for 30 minutes, chiquito. Tonight you may have privacy to please yourself however you like." She handed him the remote for the bullet. "You can control this, press a movie to watch and touch yourself. I will clean up afterwards, you do not worry." She smiled widely at him and Jordan just sat there gaping at her and watched her glide out of the room.

It was full dark outside now, stars starting to pop up in the night sky. The only light inside his room was coming from the screen but it was eerily quiet as it couldn't play the sound from 4 different movies at once. He glanced at them, quickly seeing one with 2 men kissing and so he picked that one, automatically enlarging to full screen and muffled kissing noises broke the silence. He shuffled closer, for the light so he could see the different buttons on the remote that was almost the size of a mobile phone to him. There was a + and - button and then a dial which ran from 0-12. He pressed the plus button and nothing happened. So he pressed it harder, feeling the click but it didnt turn on. Clicking it a few more times did nothing and when he turned it over the back side was smooth. No on or off switch. Shrugging his shoulders in confusion he turned the dial swiftly from 0 to 4 and felt...everything. He dropped the remote like he had been electrocuted as intense buzzing radiated through him, his eyes rolling in pure pleasure and he involuntarily curled up in a fetal position. It was like that that he came, jizzing all over himself like a loose cannon.

He crouched on all fours, breathing hard as the vibrator kept going, making him jerk randomly as it hit its mark. He found the remote and moved the dial down to 3. All that did was change the vibrating pattern, it still kept up the same intensity. Hitting the minus button numerous times got it down to a more manageable feeling. He slowly rifled through all 12 settings, finding setting number 8 was his favourite, especially when he rocked backwards and clenched his muscles around the handle if the plug sticking out. At last he focused his attention on the screen in front of him and saw that things had progressed there too. Their moans, dirty talk and movements were so erotic that Jordan was hard and had in his cock in his own hand before he made the decision to hold it.

He was a little thankful he had exploded as he did beforehand as now he had the opportunity to slow down and enjoy himself. Twice he pulled back and stopped his hand movements so that he could bring himself to the brink and sit on the cliff-edge staring into the abyss.

Understandably he was too busy cock watching to clock watch so he was caught unawares when Cailtin came back into the room.

"No!" He gasped. "More please?" He looked at her with what he hoped were puppy dog eyes.

She smiled indulgently. "Good boy Jordan. Because you used only your approved words - you may finish. But rápido! Go!"

Jordan didn't need telling twice. With one hand he pressed + and with his other he pumped his cock until he couldn't hold the rhythm and clenched, groaned and released in bliss.

Gently cleaned up, he was wiped down, fed and changed and tucked up for bed with astonishing speed. For once, he struggled to sleep. His earlier hesitations and insecurities ate away at him and he felt himself sleep only fitfully all night.

Cailtin opened the shutters at stupid o'clock, naturally as soon as Jordan was so tired and mentally exhausted that he felt he could go to sleep. He had decided through the night he wasn't going to be forgotten about today. It was time to take charge. A bit anyway. Caitlin seemed to have this power to make him docile and meek without saying a single word. Just like yesterday, he found himself naked and stuck in a bassinette in the penthouse foyer waiting for that torturous washing system before 8am.

Fuck this! Rebellion starts now. He wriggled hard enough to shimmy under the velcro strap, the sweat he broke out in was helping. Caitlin had given him a suppository again and he was busting. He grinned wickedly - he was going to be in trouble no matter what, so when he jumped down from the bassinette (jarring his bones in the process), he walked to the elevator and left his steaming turd right in front of the steel doors.

Now what? He thought. He heard voices from inside of their apartment and it opened, one of the footmen was pushing a meal trolley and struggling to get it through the door. Jordan used the opportunity to sneak inside. He conveniently found the sleek black nappy bag just inside the doorway so used a couple of wipes to clean himself up and put them away.

The breakfast was wafting throughout the room, but Jordan had learnt his lesson there! He just wanted Papa and Dada. He crawled up to the door of their room, finding it open noiselessly. The curtains were still drawn, small slivers of sunlight filtering through. Thanks to the small storage bench at the foot of the bed, he was able to climb up it and from there onto the bed. The rugs were so luxurious he sunk into them and crawling from the foot to the head was hard work, but he made it! To find the bed empty. Fucking fantastic! He thought sarcastically.

Noise? He heard something. The ensuite seemed like it was miles away but through the closed door he was sure he heard Papa's deep baritone. This routine he knew well. He just had to wait them out, they could be a while but they would come out and be glad to see him. Jordan melted into the rugs, burrowing into Papa's pillow that smelt so good and laid down to wait.

Samson heard the frantic knocking as he towel dried himself. Jamie was still shaving, endlessly trying to wipe the mirror free of steam.

"I'll get it." He told his mate and walked towards his bedroom door, mentally ruling out Rodrigo. Yesterday he knocked and then barged right in. "Come in!"

Cailtin ran in, looking completely frazzled. "Senõr! Jordan is missing!!"

Fear. Pure white hot fear ran through Samson. He felt like he could vomit. Not again. This can't be happening!

He ran into the bathroom, almost unable to speak, he could see his face in the mirror now and it was bloodless.

Jamie saw it instantly and spun around silently asking the dreaded question.

"Jordan is missing." Samson uttered.

"How long?" Jamie gasped.

But Samson had already turned and was halfway into a pair of jeans and black tshirt all at the same time. He threw clothes at Jamie and together they ran out into the main living area where Caitlin was pacing, Rodrigo was on the sofa; talking on the phone and typing into a laptop simultaneously. He hung up without a word when he saw them.

"My security team is tracking the CCTV footage, I have shut down the entire hotel. No one is coming or going and all rooms are locked so no one can move about. Lifts are suspended too. We will find him - I promise." Rodrigo looked nervous and embarrassed.

"What the fuck actually happened?" Samson asked calmly - too calm.

Caitlin stepped up to them, making direct eye contact. "I put him out as scheduled in the bassinette. He was naked and strapped down with a thick velcro strap. I know it was 7.57am when I closed the servants doorway. He is scheduled to be picked up just after 8am, as last baby to be collected, being VIP, and then taken straight down to the bath-house. When someone came to get him and scan the ankle bracelet they saw he was not there and raised the alarm." She shrugged helplessly.

"Where could he have gone?" Jamie asked confused.

Rodrigo took back over. "He's too small to have operated the doors or elevators on his own. So we are looking at who else was in the area. He left a clue - he dropped a shit next to the elevator."

"I can't sit here and wait. Give me a pass to get out of here and look." Samson ordered.

"I can't do that. My team are methodical and will find him." Rodrigo ordered back. 2 Alphas standing off was uncomfortable to watch. Neither wanted to back down.

Eventually Samson stormed out of the room, into Jordan's nursery. Looking for anything. Jamie followed him, ending up at Jordan's cot and fishing Dadawolf out and inhaling deeply.

"This can't be happening again. Who here would do this?" Samson looked to his husband dejectedly.

"He will be ok." Jamie said reassuringly.

"No. I mean this just can't be happening." Suddenly Samson looked up, hope written across his beautiful features. "We got him microchipped!".

He ran out of the nursery, flew across the living space and into their bedroom. He rumaged through the hand luggage suitcase in the corner of the room, but he couldn't see properly so he stood back up and threw back the curtains, flooding the room with light. As he turned back the smallest movement on their bed caught his eye. A tiny fist raised in the air - stretching lazily.

Samson was overwhelmed with a while range of emotions all at once. His legs wobbled and he physically had to sit down his relief was so profound, crashing into the nearest chair. Jamie had entered the room, he had stopped to update Rodrigo about the microchip. He saw Samson's unwavering gaze and followed it, having to step closer to the bed to see the small human sized lump.

"He's here!" Jamie shouted. "He's Here!!" And ran from the room to let Caitlin, Rodrigo and anyone else on the top floor know. Rodrigo called off the search, cancelled the lockdown and thanked the parties involved for their help. He knew his best friend, he could predict exactly what he was thinking and he was 100% sure that privacy would be Samson's number one priority. Apologies and explanations would come to him later. He shepherded everyone from the room, letting Jamie close the door on them all.

Samson couldn't move. He was warring with himself, bargaining in his mind that if he just went to Jordan and fiercely cuddled him that he wouldn't also throttle him in the next breath. Jordan didn't help matters by looking more confused than contrite.

Jamie walked back into the room, releasing a monstrous sigh. "Fucking Christ Jordan! We were worried sick! Thank God you are ok?" He moved towards Jordan.

Now Jordan looked suitable abashed. He darted eyes across to Papa wearily.

"You better use that sweet tongue of yours to start explaining exactly why the fuck half the fucking hotel was out looking for my missing child."

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