The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 39

Jordan was sat in a highchair, his arse on fire against the hard plastic and with an erection that threatened to break through the table. As he stared down at his breakfast he thought ironically that he should have been overjoyed at a meal of hot buttered toast and some scrambled egg, but he could hardly eat it. It felt like every bite he put in his mouth turned to cardboard on his tongue. He was an odd combination of guilt ridden and frustratingly horny. He was also avoiding eye contact with Papa - for the above mentioned reasons. An hour and 10 minutes ago he was pleasantly lying in wait (albeit he was asleep) in the biggest softest bed in their hotel room. How quickly things can change in one hour.

"You better use that sweet tongue of yours to start explaining exactly why the fuck half the fucking hotel was out looking for my missing child." Jordan remembered Papa's words that had made his heart plummet to his stomach, fear and dread coiling within.

"I wasn't missing, I was here waiting for you. I just fell asleep by accident." Even Jordan could hear the whine in his own voice.

"Jordan! So help me, don't make me shake the truth out of you!" Papa roared.

Jordan cowered. He knew what he had done was wrong, but he was equally as sure he knew why he had done it was right. With tears in his eyes, he moved to sit on top of the pillow, so he gained a couple of inches height.

"I had to see you both. Some family holiday! You ship me off, forget all about me and send me to the robots downstairs who clean me like I'm straight from the gutters!" Jordan couldnt help but respond defensively

"Jordan!" Dada gasped. He sat down on the edge of the bed and reached towards Jordan but let his hand drop by his side instead.

"I would rather be home. Aunty Jenny would have let me stay."

"Don't you like Caitlin?" Dada asked.

"Caitlin?" Jordan stopped to think. "She's amazing, she's so pretty and soft and lovely. I really like her...But I wanted you. Am I supposed to be thankful that at least if you want to get rid of me, the hot nanny will look after me?" Jordan seemed confused by the question. He was expecting more argument or shouting. Papa was now being too quiet.

"Jordie, no one is forgetting about you." Dada tried to placate him.

"You both did!! You said it would be a family holiday and I'm just here like it's some backwards sex boarding school. You are going off and having all the fun and leaving me behind and I hate it!"

"So you escaped to come and find us? What was meant to happen in your plan Jordan?" Papa asked logically. He seemed to be genuinely interested in listening to Jordan, which wasn't the predictable 'shouty-Papa' response Jordan was expecting.

"I...uh. were supposed to be happy to see me, I guess." Jordan hadn't thought that far ahead.

"We are happy to see you! But after thinking you were missing we are more relieved for the moment. But Jordie, you can't feel abandoned!" Dada tried to explain persuasively.

"I do feel aband-" Jordan argued back but was interrupted.

"We gave him heightened emotions, love." Papa actually spoke up in Jordan's defence! If Jordan could see the look of surprise on his own face it would explain the tiny smirk he could see on Papa's. "We amplified his feelings so that every emotion he experiences is magnified. We can't fault him for feeling extra when we have literally changed him to be this way. His feelings are real."

Jordan felt his first tear drop and slide down his face. Why did he ever doubt Papa - he got it. He knew exactly how Jordan felt and was going to make it right. Jordan relaxed back against the headboard, sighing as he slouched backwards.

"What I am struggling to understand," Papa continued, pointedly looking at Jordan who had already sat back up to attention nervously, noticing Papa's tone get serious." Is why Jordan didn't communicate how we was feeling to us?"

"I can't talk." Jordan replied matter-of-factly. "Or shouldn't be" He amended, given he had just spent the last 5 minutes doing nothing but talking.

"I know that. But babies get their message across in other ways. They have other methods of communication at their disposal. You not only refused to think like a baby, you didn't act like one." Papa reprimanded.


"A baby missing a parent would cry, be clingy or even have a tantrum at being separated. You showed no signs of being miserable." Papa reasoned.

"A bit hard to be clingy when I'm not with you in the first place." Jordan snapped back.

"We have been here for less than 40 hours Jordan and those include hours spread over 2 nights. In that time I'll admit I looked forward to catching up with an old friend, so the first evening we didn't spend together. Rodrigo surprised us with breakfast yesterday but after that I dismissed Caitlin to take you to the beach. What I didn't factor in was jet lag. You fell asleep on the walk to the beach and slept for over 3 hours! So you missed the part where Dada and I sat on the sand waiting for you to wake up so we could be with you. Unfortunately, I had told Cailtin we would be back in time for you to attend a class, so you went back to her - willingly, I presumed?" Papa raised a eyebrow in question.

Jordan stammered to articulate his feelings. "I didn't want to go to her, but I sort of forget to get upset about it with her around."

"Bloody hell!" Papa swore.

Dada was looking over just as confused as Jordan.

"Vampire attraction. That's why they work in caretaker roles - you humans are magnetically drawn to their kind. It's how they can lure you in as prey." Papa stood up suddenly, making Jordan jump, and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, opposite from Dada but also in arms reach of Jordan. "I'm sorry pup, I understand how you might have felt like you weren't a priority. But I promise you, you haven't left my mind. Here, look."

He fished his cellphone out of his back pocket and after a moment laid it at Jordan's feet. Jordan could see an email to Cailtin dated just after midnight. It detailed how he and Dada wouldn't need Cailtin for the whole day as they had planned to spend it with their boy. It also suggested that she would probably only be needed at nights to watch over him but to stay on call for babysitting duties in small doses.

Jordan felt awful. He had completely misread the situation and what's worse is he jumped to wrong conclusion about Papa and Dada. He should have known they wouldn't want to stay away from him. He should have trusted them.

"I'm so sorry." Jordan whispered, staring intently at his feet.

"For which bit?" Papa asked gently.

"Assuming you didn't want to spend time with me. Thinking you didn't love me enough."

"No. That's the one bit you don't have to apologise for. I already said how you feel isn't wrong Jordan. It's how you exhibit your feelings." Papa took hold of Jordan's foot, finally making contact to gently rub a thumb up and down so Jordan, who was still looking down, could not only feel, but see the reassuring gesture.

"The running away part was a bit of a fuck up though." Papa said wrly.

"I couldn't go through another wash session" Jordan visibly shuddered at the thought.

"Is it that bad?" Dada asked horrified. Jordan only nodded in response.

"Then chuck a fit!" Papa urged. You are our baby. Stop thinking you have to 'be good' all the time and make sure you let us know what you want. You will not get into trouble if you act like the child you promised us you would. Then we know how to react. Agreed?"

"Yes Papa. I am really sorry." Without hesitation he threw himself into Papa's arms, where he was squeezed back just as tightly and kissed affectionately on the top of his head.

"I'm afraid you will be, pup. You shut an entire hotel down this morning and I'll be apologising to Rodrigo and his staff on your behalf. They will all expect that I will have meted out justice - and it's a duty I take very seriously. So you will be punished - but I'll tell you a third time, it's not for how you felt, rather how you acted." As he continued talking, Papa handed Jordan over to Dada, who seemed to check Jordan once over to make sure he was in one piece, before hugging him tightly too.

"Furthermore, today your Dada and I will be giving you a lesson in making sure you communicate your feelings appropriately. I can't promise you that you'll enjoy most of it, I'm still trying not to lose my fucking temper at your antics this morning. But, then again, I've never said I'm not resentful, and that part of me will be thoroughly satisfied punishing you. One concession I will grant you is that if you hate the bathing system so much, I'll tell Caitlin you're not to go. Either she, Dada, or I will wash you, ok?"

"Yes please."

"Good. Jamie, can you clean him up, I'll get a few things organised." Dada instantly moved them towards the ensuite.

"And Jordan?" Papa called back out. "We do love you so very much. You scared the living shit out of us, thinking you were missing. I've never felt so relieved to see you just laying there peacefully in our bed."

Jordan shyly ducked his head into Dada's neck, who continued into the bathroom and set to running a bath for Jordan. He luxuriated in the warm water, loving the long strokes Dada ran up and down his body as he cleaned him and then engulfed him in the huge fluffy towel afterwards.

Wrapped up as he was, he had no peripheral vision until the towel was removed from around his head as he was laid back down on the bed. Large hands dried him quickly and then picked him up and handed him to Papa who was sitting on the edge of the bed next to him, a Jordan sized paddle resting on one thigh. Jordan felt that strange anticipation that came over him everytime he knew a spanking was in order. Half wanting, half dreading. First Papa held out a familiar wafer, keeping it just far enough out of reach that Jordan had to humiliatingly stretch out for it in begrudging acceptance. His could feel how hard he was blushing from the hotness on his cheeks while the wafer numbed his tongue. Great! 48 fucking hours of no words at all.

Abruptly he was moved facedown across Papa's lap. Jordan's hips twitched involuntarily knowing what was coming.

"34. 34 minutes you were missing for. So I'm going to spank you with this," Papa tapped Jordan with the paddle to indicate what he meant."34 times as punishment for running away."

Jordan could only nod in understanding, but before he could look up to do that, Papa had started and the impact shook Jordan to the core. The paddle had whooshed through the air, tiny holes in it giving it better aerodynamics but it still hurt like a fucking bitch as it slammed into his flesh. It was large enough that it felt like it covered both cheeks in one strike, meaning that his whole arse would feel all 34 strokes. And unlike Papa's hand, there was no give. Each whack was solid and unyielding. By 15 he was a crying mess, the sounds of Papa grunting were drowned out by his own cries. He had tried clawing at Papa's jeans in protest but by 25 he was hanging limply, defeated. He absorbed every painful smack, his earlier embarrassed blush now felt like a tiny spark of heat compared to the wildfire raging across his bottom. At 34 Papa dropped the paddle where it hit the ground with a thud, as Papa was too busy lifting a sobbing Jordan to his shoulder to comfort and murmur unintelligible reassurances. Like always, Jordan was equally surprised and ashamed of the post spanking erection he developed but he squeaked in real shock when Papa reached around to massage it, making him harder and make him unconsciously grind into his large hand.

He couldn't tell you when his sobs turned into delighted groans but it sure as shit helped him forget about the intense burning on his rear when his body was shaking with sexual need. He inhaled deeply, his nose buried in Papa's neck - he loved the strong scent of him. He heard Papa moan when he licked and nipped the skin there. This was more like the morning he had imagined in his head! So he could pump Jordan harder, Papa turned over and ever so carefully laid Jordan on the bed, his sore arse landing gently on padding. Jordan bucked his hips harder, thrusting to quicken the pace - he was so close. He threw his head back, shut his eyes and panted as he got so close now. Just another few...hey what the fuck!?

Papa's hand disappeared and before he could protest the same soft padding that was underneath him now trapped his pulsating cock - immobile and agonisingly out of reach! The familiar sound of tabs being drawn across his pelvic region made him realise it was his diaper being fitted - Jordan was sure it was tighter than usual, but then he couldn't remember a time he had been diapered so close to completion. He shouted out a string of babble, already forgetting that he couldn't articulate this current injustice. So he just huffed, crossed his arms and glared at Papa, who was studying Jordan carefully.

Papa finished dressing him, he had ended up with a shirt that was so long it felt like a dress but it was all white, light cotton and thankfully not overly girlie. It was just long enough to cover his nappy so Papa obviously didn't feel the need to add bottoms to his outfit. For once Jordan thought this could work, if he could just squeeze a hand down his diaper he might be able to stroke himself enough to cum. He just needed a few moments of distraction where Papa and Dada weren't watching.

"Found them!" Dada called out cheerfully. He tossed 2 tiny objects at Papa who turned back to Jordan and put the thick mittens on each hand and clipped them over his wrist so they couldn't 'accidentally' slip off. What a fucking joke. He glared at them both, who ignored his death stares, picked him up and cuddled him close as they collected up a few other things, the nappy bag, and left the suite together.

Samson was sure that Jordan wouldn't demonstrate how he was feeling so quickly, and sure enough after trying to talk and failing he internalised his anger, showing off nothing more than a slight sulk at being denied an orgasm. He had a long day ahead of him at this rate. Samson would keep this up until he got a pure and true reaction from Jordan that was instinctual and not some suppressed subtle emotions. It was true that they had scheduled a day of sightseeing with Jordan, and despite the new plan (lesson, punishment, whatever you wanted to call it), they could still do all they had planned. So they made their way into the stunning alfresco restaurant for family breakfast by the pool.

They found a table and highchair, one with it's own table attachment that fit snug against Jordan's belly - no slipping his hand down to his straining erection. Samson removed his mittens and Jamie went off to find him some real food - a treat they had decided yesterday he deserved. In true Jamie style he overindulged the first chance he got to spoil his boy. He came back with a tray filled with different plates: fruit salad, cereal, porridge, and full cooked breakfast.

"Which one Jordie?" Dada asked.

"Ah buenas dias" Rodrigo came up from behind Jordan so he startled as he approached.

"Morning." Answered Papa. "I need coffee. Walk with me?" And without waiting for a reply, Papa stood up and walked away, Rodrigo following in conversation.

Jordan felt rather than got confirmation that Papa deliberately kept Rodrigo away from himself after this morning's disgrace. Dada had shuffled his chair that little bit closer to his highchair and was softly humming as he cut up all of Jordan's breakfast into tiny pieces.

The food smelt amazing and he could feel his mouth watering as the prospect of real food. When Dada tied a bib around his neck and discreetly wiped drool of his chin, Jordan couldn't even find the mental energy to be embarrassed. He made grabby hands with his unmittened hands for the food and shoved a handful of perfectly scrambled egg into his mouth.

Before he could swallow, Papa was back, his face like a dark thunder cloud, sitting down heavily without even the cup of coffee he had supposedly gone off for. Jordan gave him a small grin - he couldn't offer anything more with his gob still full and he was pleased to see Papa's face crack a little in acknowledgement. Papa continued to stare at him, making Jordan squirm under such intense scrutiny. He jumped when unexpectedly, Papa's hands delved under the high chair table out of Jordan's sight.

It felt like super slow motion as bit by bit, second by second Papa undid the tabs on Jordan's diaper. Just that simple movement made Jordan's insides flare up in excitment. He felt the soft pressure on his cock release as it sprang free from its padded jail.

Touch me! Jordan's thoughts screamed. His food temporarily forgotten about in the face of greater pleasures. Papa ran one fingernail up length of him, agonisingly slowly and softly. But Jordan bucked into it, just as Papa reached his tip and circled him so that it produced hot shivers up his entire body. Papa repeated this pattern, up, down and around with one hand as he innocently ate his breakfast and spoke to Dada about their plans for the day.

Jordan's concentration was centred on his groin. Every feeling, every touch. He couldn't see, hear or smell anything else. His entire being narrowed down to each successive stroke and how it every so slowly stoked the fire raging within him. He threw his head back, moaning delightfully as such gentle ministrations could still propel him towards climax. He could feel a thin sheen of sweat gracing his body and his breathing became laboured as he got closer and closer. Then it was gone. The rhythm stopped abruptly and his head snapped forward as he saw Papa casually reach for his knife so he could cut up the bacon and eggs in front of him and continue eating.

No no no no! Jordan slammed his fists on the highchair. Not again! First upstairs and now this. He couldn't help furiously bucking his hips against the restraints of the highchair but his cock just meet thin air. He twisted in his seat to try and get his hands underneath the table fitted securely against him - if he could just reach himself he would be able to do the job in seconds. His skin was burning, aching to be touched.

"Eat your breakfast Jordie." Dada's voice reached him and they were both looking at him as if it wasn't the first words they had said to him.

"Ahuu" Jordan spat back, equally pissed off and glad that he couldn't articulate the 'fuck you' he was trying to deliver. He was seething! His tiny fists were balled up and his knuckles were turning white he was so frustrated. He slammed them down on the table, making a few bits of egg and a whole piece of toast fly off the edge onto the floor.

"Oh dear!" Dada exclaimed in an exaggerated sing song voice. "Here darling, let me help you." Dada used a bright plastic fork to spear some egg and waggle it in front of him. Jordan tried to stare Dada down to get his point across but Dada just held the fork there until he took a gummy bite. It was nearly impossible to eat it given his current situation of turmoil.

They ate the rest of the meal quickly in silence. Jordan managed to eat enough to satisfy this hunger at least, as he saw Dada packing up as Papa ate his final bites. He was re-mittened first, then unstrapped from the highchair and moved over to the pool area where he was laid down on a pool lounge and his erection exposed without a care in the world. Nobody stopped but he saw plenty of people walk by and stare as Papa's hand held his across his middle so he couldnt move while Dada laid a diaper down.

Unexpectedly, just before he was put back into the nappy, a lubricated plug was inserted into him, a large one - that stretched him out and filled him up just centimetres shy of painful. Once diapered Dada got out some sunscreen and together he and Papa massaged it into Jordan's fair skin. Jordan couldn't work out if it was a deliberate ploy but the amazing touch to his whole body except his rock hard cock was excruciating.

Dada picked him up and stuck a large bucket hat on his head and coaxed a dummy in his mouth while Papa strapped a baby carrier to his chest and held his arms out for Jordan. This carrier at least faced outwards so Jordan's back was pressed up against Papa's chest and he rested on a little seat thing that made his legs stick outwards and dropped off at his knees so they dangled helplessly. The front of the carrier clipped up on the straps at Papa's shoulders so Jordan's entire torso and chest was held tight to Papa, restricting his movement and only his arms were free to move - although even that was limited due to the way the carrier pushed his shoulders back so he couldnt topple out of the contraption.

Apparently ready, Dada had a backpack on and started off walking in front of them, Papa at least kept hold of Jordan in some affectionate way, stroking his bare arms and legs, or rubbing his hands up and down the body of the carrier so Jordan relaxed into it, with Papa's steady walk creating a soothing motion.

Just as he thought he could easily be lulled into sleep, a small vibration came from the dildo deep inside of him, quickly rebuilding up the sexual tension that had never gone away. Jordan moaned in agony or was it delight as he tried to grind into the subtle friction. They spent the next hour hiking up the side of a mountain, admiring the views of the city, hotel and ocean below. The 360 degree views from the top were jaw dropping as you could see the entire outline of the island set into the crystal blue waters that surrounded it. Even the giant creatures Jordan had become used to looked like tiny ants from their viewpoint. He tried to appreciate the serenity before him but he was a tangle of highly strung nerves, all centred at his groin and he was certain they were fraying. The gentle buzzing had kept him erect but had not allowed him any closer to orgasm and now he was thinking his mind was playing tricks on him, the more he thought about wanting to cum, the further away it felt.

Papa abruptly turned to begin their descent and mercifully upped the vibration, along with the way he was tilted so they didn't roll down the side of a mountain. Jordan jerked instantly at the pleasurable feeling and melted bonelessly. If he tried to act normal he might be able to reach completion without giving it away. He used every ounce of mental energy to keep still, even out his breathing and not react as he got closer and closer to blowing his load.

Of course, he should have known this was a punishment and he wouldn't get away with it that easily. He swore he was seconds away when all buzzing and movement stopped at once and left him hanging on his metaphorical cliff edge on an actual cliff edge.

Fuck! He wanted to scream. Maybe he just needs to fake it and then at least this unbearable torturous teasing would be over. But then he would just be left hard and horny until god knows when. It was that thought that made him see red. Without consciously making a decision he snapped. His head reared back and slammed into Papa's chest. He roared and screamed his outrage as his tiny fists flew in every direction hoping to hit something, anything hard. He couldn't talk but his rage was so complete that his attempts to swear and curse and complain just turned into frustrated, angry, ugly crying.

"Finally!" Samson sighed over Jordan's rigid flaying body to Jamie. "Took him long enough. Help me get him out before he hurts himself." Samson turned himself so that Jamie didn't have to navigate the small, steep pathway to unclip their screaming son. He let Samson take Jordan's weight as he removed the carrier so that when Samson crushed Jordan to his chest there were no barriers.

"There you go pup, let it all out." Samson rubbed his back gently

It took a while for Jordan to register what Papa was saying but it was the fact that it was praise that surprised him enough to quieten down.

"You did it!" Papa congratulated him. Jordan just looked up in confusion.

"This was the lesson Jordan." Dada chipped in.

"And punishment." Papa smirked. "You would get punished until you communicated to us that you couldn't take it anymore. This is how we expect you to let us know if you don't like something." Papa reiterated the lesson Jordan was certain he would never forget.

"Just know you don't need to let it get to breaking point to show us baby boy." Dada was trying to soften the lecture.

"It would just mean you have to act like a baby even if you don't necessarily feel it - stop being embarrassed all the time to be one." Papa however was on a roll. Jordan knew Papa had the power of right on his side so he could keep lecturing him all day long.

"I think he gets it Sammy." Dada winked at Jordan - correctly reading his facial expressions.

"Does he? Go on then Jordan. If I ask you;- would you like to cum right here and now, what would you say?" Papa asked looking down at him.

Jordan instinctively went to say and nod yes all at once but quickly stopped himself. Think baby. He smiled widely and whilst trying not to feel stupid bounced excitedly in Papa's arms and clapped wildly.

"Good boy! Maybe you're right Jamie." Papa praised him again. Without any further ado the dildo was turned on, onto a higher setting than it had been all day and within seconds right there in Papa's arms, Jordan thrusted and gyrated about as he nearly passed out from the force of his explosion. He was aware but unable to move as he was cleaned up and this time strapped chest to chest to Dada, in a way that he could suck for milk as they continued their descent back to sea level.

"Have a sleep my darling." Dada crooned to him. "We'll wake you up when we reach the menagerie - you won't want to miss it, but it's a fair walk yet." So he closed his eyes contentedly, the rocking motion pulling him into a deep sleep almost instantly.

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