The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 4

Jordan tried counting to distract himself from the discomfort he was feeling in his guts. The cramping was a dull ache and the churning liquid was desperate to come out but couldn't. Combined with a hungry, empty belly Jordan wondered how much longer he could hang on. All he wanted what that giant man - the one that called himself Papa to come back. He would not resort to calling him Papa but Jordan tried to make a deal with himself to not be a little shit for the rest of the day, if only that man would come back and take the plug out!

He had reached 180 Mississippi's when the door opened and Samson confidently strode back in. A large baby bottle in one hand that he was casually shaking. He placed it on the windowsill next to the rocking chair before coming back into Jordan's view - directly above him.

"Sorry pup, your Dada did have the bottle ready and waiting, but he was so worried about you. I had to spend the whole time telling him you are being a superstar. I said he would be proud of you, if he was brave enough to come see."

Jordan blushed under such praise, and Samson was delighted to see. Mentally, Jordan was behaving exactly as Samson wanted. Timing his return perfectly and giving positive feedback encouraged a bond between them, exactly what Samson was hoping for.

Jordan was so relieved to see him return but he also felt an unexpected pleasure at the nice words he said. If he wasn't overwhelmed with all the physical and emotional feelings running through him, maybe, just maybe he might have suspected how many layers Samson was using to mold him. As it was, his primary focus was still on getting that damn plug out! Lucky for him Samson untied the hand cuffs and keeping Jordan's ankles tied to his wrist, carried him into the bathroom, stopping to grab something out of the drawers on the way. Samson held Jordan upright, still with his knees up at his ears but lowered him over the toilet bowl, large hands holding him steady. He pulled the plug out, slower than Jordan thought necessary, and Jordan looked away in embarrassment as all that fluid was finally released. Breathing heavily from the experience, Jordan felt himself sag against the large hands, amazed at how tired he felt given that he'd been awake for so short a time. He hadn't even had breakfast yet! Samson stood up and turned to place Jordan on the change table within the bathroom. At last, he untied the ribbons around his ankles and Jordan quickly stretched out to relieve the stiff joints. Samson still used the safety chest strap on the change table but didn't tie his mittened hands up. Jordan panicked when Samson grabbed both his ankles in one hand and lifted them high, but felt instant relief when they were lowered seconds later. He felt the same thick softness he experienced last night and it was confirmed moments later as the tabs were ripped open and fastened tightly over his hips. Samson reached around and unravelled a pair of pink socks, Jordan thought given the size of them they were for Samson but saw the foot of the sock was too small. As Samson put one on each foot Jordan soon learned they were thigh high pink socks and his face blushed a hot pink to match at the degradation.

"You don't like the girlie clothing Jordie?"

Samson watched Jordan's face at the use of the nickname. He seemed too embarrassed to notice, another good sign.

"I have lots of little boys clothing in your room. You just have to earn the chance to wear it. Hopefully you're well behaved enough for it before we go out. You'll only be meeting the pack that lives in the compound with us today. You met most of them last night but that was hardly official. Just a little tutu skirt to complete your outfit and we'll get you that breakfast."

Jordan watched in mortification as a tiny, short, pink tutu of soft material was pulled up his legs. It was so short it didn't cover the diaper and certainly didn't reach the thigh high socks. There he was, still bare chested, in a pink bonnet, socks and skirt finished off with a baby's diaper underneath. Jordan really wanted to complain but the dummy gag physically stopped him and he mentally reminded himself of his deal to himself that he would behave for the rest of the day. He was hungry and didn't want to lose the privilege of eating.

Samson picked him up, with great care it seemed and settled him in the crook of his arm. He was so large he could hold Jordan comfortably and securely in the one arm, and opened the door to the nursery, and headed back towards the rocking chair.

"Oh I knew I forgot something - a bib. Look at you drooling already, lucky you've got no top on, you'd have made a mess. I need you top-less for the Kangaroo carry later but a bib will stop your chest getting wet and cold. We wolves run hotter than you humans but Dada and me, we'll make sure you're never too cold."

He tied a, yep you guessed it - pink bib, round Jordan's neck before sitting them both down on the rocking chair. Samson undid the bonnet's ribbon at Jordan's chin and then undid the velcro holding on the pacifier gag. Jordan automatically opened and closed his mouth several times to stretch the jaw and lick his lips. As he was doing this Samson shoved the teat of the bottle inside his mouth and gentle pushed his jaw closed around it with a spare finger. A quick squeeze of the bottle got the milk flowing and Jordan too hungry to care, started sucking it to drain the bottle. The combined rocking of the chair, pleasantly full tummy this time and warm embrace lulled Jordan into a bit of a trance. Neither fully awake or asleep he remained limp as Samson lifted Jordan up against his shoulder and started running firm circles on Jordan's back. Very soon he let out a few soft belches, feeling even better for getting the wind up.

Samson felt completely at peace. He watched his beautiful boy take to the bottle immediately without a fight. He didn't dare hope the tranquil state Jordan was in now was headspace -it was way too soon, but it was a good sign of things to come. Hungry himself, he kept Jordan on his shoulder, grabbed the dummy and bonnet and walked next door into his and Jamie's bedroom. He'd asked Jamie to bring him a sandwich and was pleased to see a steaming mug of coffee next to it. Hopping back down into the rocking chair in their room - he knew multiple furniture items would be handy, he scoffed his breakfast down within minutes. Looking over to the bedside table he saw they were right on time and due to head downstairs for the pack meeting. Deciding to test Jordan's compliance, he placed him in the middle of their bed, big on their own scale, it must look endless to baby Jordan.

"I'm breaking my own rules by allowing this." He lied smoothly to his son. "No moving, getting up, running or talking. We don't want to lose the progress we made today. "

Samson hurried into the ensuite and saw to his own needs, brushing his teeth, combing his hair and running over his jawline with the electric razor. He only needed shoes, before he was ready. He wanted skin to skin contact with Jordan - the Kangaroo carry, as it was supposed to help with the bonding process. Jordan would feel him, smell him and be soothed by his voice. He picked up the black sketchy wrap and looped it over his torso before coming back to find Jordan right where he left him, very happy to already be receiving this level of obedience. Pulling the dummy and bonnet out of his pocket, he sat on the edge of the bed and shuffled Jordan closer. Jordan didn't seem happy to see the dummy gag but didn't say anything or resist as Samson put the bulb on his lips and gently push it into his mouth. The strap at the back fastened it into place and the bonnet tied back under his chin meant he couldn't access it at all, even if the mittens he wore could untie it anyway. Samson was wearing some weird black t-shirt that didn't seem to have proper sleeves, but Jordan couldn't look away from how incredibly good looking he was shaved and brushed, ready to go. Samson picked him up, it seemed he was destined never to walk again at this rate, and held him up at eye level inches away from his face. This close Jordan noticed his eyes were the most unusual grey colour fanned by jet black lashes and eyebrows. Samson lowered him slowly, and Jordan felt material encompassing him as he rested on Samson's mighty chest. He discovered he was sitting perched inside the weird t-shirt. His chest was flush up against Samson's bare chest, he was sitting slung into the material with a leg brought up on either side on Samson's ribcage. Samson then reached in to place his hands up onto each perfectly defined pec either side of his head. Lastly Samson gently nudged Jordan's head against his chest, with his right ear down before bringing across a piece of material to hold his head there in place. Jordan couldn't lift his head against the material, actually he couldn't really move any part of his body, the wrap was not so tight he couldn't breathe but snug enough that he was effectively trapped. But he had to admit he was very comfortable, if a little too intimate. He could see out to Samson's right side and from his chest height all the house and furniture could be seen properly. He would probably be eye level to the other wolves, given how much taller Samson was.

Samson walked over the the floor length mirror to make sure Jordan was secured in the wrap properly. His legs and bottom made a perfect 'M' shape, with his knees being higher than his seat and the material sitting comfortably in the crook of his knees. The thigh high socks meant his legs were adequately covered and chest to chest with a hot blooded Alpha meant he wouldn't get cold. The wrap was tightened from the back so there was as no slack for Jordan to slip, and had the added bonus of keeping him from moving. Jordan's head was nestled right over Samson's heart and the material kept him flush up against him. It felt wonderful. Despite now being 'handsfree' Samson couldn't stop running his hands up and down from Jordan's shoulders, to his bottom and one hand down each leg to cup his feet. Without noticing he had established a rhythmic routine that pleased them both. With nothing else left to do Samson, walked with his son attached out of the Alpha's wing, downstairs to introduce his newborn son to his pack.

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