The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 5

Jordan knew this house, mansion more like, was enormous. Werewolves were more than twice the size of humans; Samson was nearly triple the size of an average human. Plus living in a pack, it meant 20-30 wolves all lived in the same house or compound so the actual living space had to spacious just to house that many people. But knowing all of that and seeing this house properly were two different things. The ceilings were 20ft high, the corridors were as wide as a human house and each room they passed looked like a fancy hotel foyer. It truly made Jordan feel like an ant and he began to understand just why these wolves had taken him and were treating him like a newborn baby. He was the size of one to them, and in a house of this size he pretty much was as helpless as one. That didn't mean he was OK being their baby, not ok at all. But it made this crazy behavior seem a little less crazy. Maybe he just had to use logic and reason to make them understand that in this world he could pass as their baby, but on the other side of the border, where humans still lived peacefully, he was an adult and could function perfectly well on his own. He had to grudgingly admit that while he had experienced some insane things in less than 24 hours, he hadn't been physically harmed or maimed. In fact, in their own unbelievable way, they were trying to take care of him. They could probably do it with a little less humiliation though!

As big as the place was, and with Jordan strapped as he was to Samson's chest he wasn't able to see the whole of every room, so he quickly became disoriented in the maze of rooms, corridors, floors and wings. Samson walked with big, purposeful strides, but Jordan felt secure, wrapped tightly in the stretchy carrier. Samson's hands kept stroking the length of him but weren't needed to hold him for support. The pair passed a few female wolves on the way and they all dipped a small curtsey to their Alpha - so old fashioned. Jordan saw a couple reach out as if to stop to look at him, but Samsom always kept moving and just muttered "later this afternoon" to them all.

Samson reached an imposing set of double doors and stopped before them, looking down at Jordan, his face so close , his mouth was almost touching Jordan's ear. He whispered softly.

"Ready to meet the main pack members? These men are my blood and brothers so you'll show respect. Behave, no fidgeting or fussing, these meetings happen pretty much daily and some take longer than others. It's likely you'll be with me for nearly all of them so I expect you to get used to being seen and not heard. If I have to remind you, or stop you misbehaving or causing a nuisance, I'll smack you once on your behind. Each spank in this room will mean 10 more back in your nursery without clothing so be warned. You do as I instruct today and after lunch you can spend some time outside laying on a blanket in the grass as reward. Understand."

Samson didn't expect an answer but couldn't resist placing a soft kiss on Jordan's wrinkled forehead. He readjusted the length of material over Jordan's head, exposing his face a little but using the fabric to hold the rest of his head down firmly against his chest so he couldn't wriggle.

Jordan felt a shot of nervousness race through his belly. He didn't like the idea of having so many people see him like this, especially when he was just thinking of a way to explain to this misguided wolf this was all some big misunderstanding. Samson's words at his ears felt like as caress with his breathy whisper on his skin, making him shiver in goosebumps. But the words were laced with iron. Spankings and punishment? That jolt of fear ran through him again. Jordan's emotions went through one more spiral as Samson kissed him, this time his whole body flushed and he went so hot all over he felt like Samson could surely feel the heat radiating off him. Samson moved Jordan's head, making it, if it was possible, even tighter against the enormous chest. The difference in their sizes couldn't help but make Jordan feel tiny and helpless, he needed to believe he was strong and confident but being dressed in girls clothing, a diaper and wrapped to a giant Alpha werewolf's chest was not the combination to do that. He sucked wildly on the pacifier to calm down, not even noticing he was using it to quell his anxiety.

Without further ado, Samson opened both doors in a dramatic entrance and sauntered into the room. It was the biggest library Jordan had ever seen. Shelves sky high on every wall, floor to ceiling windows overlooked a perfectly manicured garden and huge plush couches and chairs were dotted all through the room. Expensive drinks trolleys, card tables and even a piano close to the wolf sized fireplace completed the room. At the far end was a table that easily seated 50 people and a large group of males were standing around it. Every head in the room turned towards them and all noises of small talk stopped. Jamie moved first, gasping and grinning he came bounding over, putting one hand on Samson's shoulder and the other one cupping Jordan's head.

"Oh there is my precious little prince. Your Papa here has told me you have been an angel for him all morning. I just knew you were perfect from the moment I laid eyes on you." Jamie gushed excitedly. His hands moved all over Jordan's face, his nose, back of his fingers over his cheeks and across his forehead. "I'm your Dada sweet boy, but once you get to talking I won't mind if you call me mama if that's easier than having 2 daddies. Still, that's years away so just know I am going to love and protect you so fiercely and you're not going to want for anything."

I want freedom. Jordan thought sarcastically. I'll always want for freedom. Did this weirdo mutt think of that? Trapped as he was he couldn't move so he stared intently at this Jamie, he was a little higher than eye level, making him tall on a wolf scale. He had chestnut brown short hair and brown eyes so rich, they looked like melted chocolate. He also smelt amazing, maybe he'd been cooking in the kitchen, but Jordan loved the smell of him so much he didn't realise he'd leaned forward until he heard both Samson and Jamie chuckle and Jamie leaned in to kiss him on the tip of his nose.

"Maybe there's more wolf in you than you know pup, it was the smell of Jamie that I first noticed too when I met him. I followed this delicious scent until I'd found him and the second our eyes met our wolves screamed mate." Samson coughed gruffly. "But enough of that here. We have business to attend to." He turned slightly and puffed his chest out. "Members of my pack, brothers! First on the agenda of today's meeting, I would like to proudly introduce you to our son, Jordan."

A cheer and round of applause went up and then it seemed like every wolf in the room crowded in around them. All of them talking at once, offering congratulations, patting Jamie and Samson on the back and getting in close to meet the new addition. Jordan quickly became completely overwhelmed and embarrassed. So many tall dominating wolves, all gushing over him and cheering these two men for abducting him for his own good. Some men seemed to be finding great amusement in Jordan's situation and a couple sneered at him, almost maliciously. Afraid, Jordan turned to the only one he knew, Samson and nuzzled his face into the Alpha's broad chest as if he could bury himself away in there. A big strong hand came up and cupped itself over his face, hiding him from the crowd and his deep voice boomed over all the others.

"Alright gents, thank you for your well wishes, seems you've scared the lad and he's a tad shy. Let's get down to business, I know some of you have a friendly match scheduled this afternoon and it would be a shame to hold you up with this sunshine."

"Sure sure. Got nothing to do with that tiny precious bundle you're holding Chief, and the fact that you'd rather be spending time with him than here with us. You're a regular pair of mother hens you two."

A burst of laughter filled the room and Samson joined in with the banter.

"Well do you blame me? Look at your ugly mugs, of course I'd rather be staring down at my son's beautiful face, bonding with him. Let's get on with it, besides I'm starving and sooner we finish up here, sooner we can let the ladies in and have lunch."

A few more chuckles could be heard but everyone started to converge at the table, scraping the chairs out and getting comfortable. Samson moved to the head of the table, with Jamie on his left and Graham on the right. He had to get serious, he was too distracted by the ridiculously happy thought of how Jordan had seen him as a safe haven and looked to him when the crowd frightened him. He hugged Jordan tightly to his chest and resumed running his hands up and down the boy, remaining standing to take the floor and looking down at today's agenda.

"Well to start with in the last 24 hours, there have been no abnormal perimeter checks. The Donoghue pack to the east have complained about treaty lines but we have had no face to face contact or incidents in 48 days. Their Alpha...."

As Jordan's breathing returned to normal he could hear the steady drumming of Samson's heartbeat. As Samson started to address the pack, standing and rocking on his feet ever so slightly, Jordan was soothed by the deep vibrations of Samson's voice, that along with the heartbeat at his ear, gentle movement, the snuggly feeling over his whole body from the wrap, the warmth coming from Samson's chest onto his own bare chest, a full belly and large hands once again stroking him from shoulders to toes he closed his eyes in contentment. He sucked on the dummy, smiling slightly behind it and was easily lulled into a deep, peaceful sleep.

"Boss, you've got the touch. He's been asleep basically since you started talking." Graham whispered as the meeting came to a close 45 minutes later.

"Really,? Sam swivel round so I can see him"

Samson pivoted towards his mate to show Jamie the sleeping Jordan.

"I knew he had fallen asleep at some point, my chest is saturated from his drooling. Plus I expected more fight once he had gotten bored. Mental note Jamie, we can't let him go to sleep upright with the dummy fastened. He's going to wake up parched - poor little guy, not to mention wet. Lucky I'm keeping his chest warm I suppose."

"As much as you have researched and read for years while you waited for Jordie, there's still bound to be some learning curves for us too hun."

"Mmmph. I guess you're right. I'll count my blessings I showed a weakness while he's asleep. I think he's got the tenacity to bite down on a weakness and try exploit it. He's not fighting me much but I can see him always watching, looking about and thinking. We have to give him just enough rope to tie himself up in knots with. "

"What do you mean? Tie himself in knots with?" Jamie asked, looking concerned.

"Not literally speaking love. I mean we need to plan for a situation where he thinks we have dropped the ball, where we aren't paying enough attention and have given him an opportunity to escape. If we do that often enough but are controlling the situation so he stays safe and doesn't get far, it also reinforces that he needs to have the strict level of care we are placing him in."

"Well I can help you there. You could have me watching him and I slip up, or I'll be waiting in the bushes in wolf form. Scare him but not rustle him up. That way you guys aren't at fault and he should grow to trust you more when you swoop in to save him and are worried about his welfare." Graham piped in with the offer.

"Not a bad idea, Graham. Not a bad idea at all. I feel like we'll need to do this soon as he's not taking his situation seriously because he thinks he's going to get out of it. I'll have a think and get back to you with a plan, but I think I'll take you up on your offer. Stop wringing your hands Jamie. You want the finished product of a compliant baby boy in headspace as often as possible then, these are the extreme measures. You're too soft. Here, have a cuddle while he's still sleepy and I can eat. That sandwich this morning barely touched the sides. I can smell lunch? The girls will join us any minute."

Samson started moving the material, careful not to jostle the baby, lifting him up by the armpits and laying him in his mate's arms. Jordan started to wake but he should be compliant enough for Jamie for 10 minutes at least. Not a moment too soon, the women of the pack walked in, carrying plates, cutlery and array of food. They put most of it up at the Alpha's head of the table, out of tradition but it gave them the chance to come and admire Jordan.

As Jordan opened his eyes he was in Jamie's arms, Jamie was looking down at him with what can only be called the look of love. The man was lovesick - with him. The puppy dog eyes he was giving Jordan was full on and he looked away in embarrassment. As he turned, he came face to face with a group of women who all started ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over him. So many seemed to want a hold but he was at least thankful Jamie was too possessive to give him over. The ladies instead ran their hands all over him, and he squirmed, annoyed at the invasion of personal space. He tried to tell them to sod off, but was reminded of the gag in his mouth when nothing but garbled came out.

"Let me though, food for the fledgling here."

One woman parted through the crowd, she must have some power as all the other women moved away, taking seats at the table.

"Jenny, how did you get on with his lunch? Did it all work, put together with the vitamin requirements?"

"Yes brother dear." Jenny said as she lent down to give Samson a kiss on the top of his head. She was the Alpha's baby sister and well respected within the pack. "One baby bottle full of fruits, vegetables and protein without any additional sugars and nothing with too high an energy content so he can't get to sleep later today. It smells rank though, I'm not sure he's going to enjoy it. I have a spare bottle with just water too. Is that my nephew? It suits you Jamie, fatherhood that is, or are you going more for motherhood? I'd ask for a hold, but it can wait, I mean we have forever right, you look like you're not ready to give him up. Here, let me at least fill up your plate before all the food gets passed down."

Samson was already tucking into his lunch but grunted a thank you to Jenny. Jenny loaded up Jamie's plate with steak, potatoes with butter and a salad. Tradition dictated that food got served at the top end of the table and then moved down. There was always enough for everyone, and the table got quieter as everyone started to eat. Jenny gave Jordan a smile and wink before taking her place, midway down the table where the men ended and ladies began.

Jordan could now smell the most delicious scents coming from the table. He had never seen that much food in his life and his tummy rumbled loudly at the thought. Real food. Hot food. Not trash, not scraps or mouldy leftovers. He drooled behind his gag and felt it leak out of his mouth.

"I'm nearly done and I'll feed him lunch." Samson said in amusement hearing Jordan's stomach rumble. Fishing something out of his back pocket he tossed it towards Jamie. "Check if his diaper is wet Jamie and then take the bonnet and dummy off and give him the bottle of water. He must be thirsty. Here's his bib."

Jordan jumped in Jamie's arms as Jamie put a finger in his nappy and felt around, clearly not bothered about feeling his bits squashed in there. Then he sat him up on his lap, facing the table as Jordan's eyes nearly popped at the amount of food on Jamie's plate. He'd be lucky to eat that much in a week and this was just lunch for them? He felt the bib get tied around his neck and large hands undid the bonnet under his chin and he was so relieved when the dummy gag came out. Jamie used the bib, pulling it up to wipe all the drool off his face before Jordan could even get his hands up to fix himself up. He might be tiny to these guys but he had the ability to move his limbs! His tongue was so dry he couldn't say much and he smacked his lips together to try move some saliva around. Jamie leaned him back so he was against the wolf's chest and saw a plain baby bottle of water coming towards him. He reached out with his mittened hands desperate for a drink, but Jamie used his other hand to pin them back down at his waist. Still, the bottle kept coming and Jordan sucked on it greedily. It was pulled away when he was halfway though and it came out of his mouth with a pop. He was breathing heavily but felt immensely better. Ready now for food he leant eagerly towards the plate, eyes focused on the huge t-bone steak oozing meaty juices. He actually groaned when he was pulled back.

"That's my lunch Jordie." Jamie gently reprimanded "Papa has yours there. Look he's finished now, so if you're hungry you can have your num nums. "

"What the fuck is that? Spinach smoothie, I'm not drinking that. I want the steak. I have teeth and hands if you'll take these stupid gloves off. I can eat real food like a real fucking adult. I'm not your baby!!"

By the end Jordan had worked up to a shout and the whole room of big arse werewolves went dead silent. No one even chewed while they waited for Alpha's reaction. Samson's eyes didn't move off Jordan. He looked down at the boy furiously but to the wolf pack that knew him so well, they could feel the anticipation coming off him. This is exactly what he wanted, so that each interaction with Jordan became a lesson. And he'd learn this one the hard way today.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll excuse me, that was a delicious lunch. I think I'll take my boy back to my wing for his midday meal."

He stood up and took Jordan off Jamie, placing him laying face down over his forearm. His head was still tucked in the crook of his elbow but faced the table and he blushed to see every eye on him. Samson's hand of the arm he was laying on cupped the front of his diaper, making Jordan want to roll or move away but his arms and legs were dangling either side of Samson's gigantic arm and as Samson pressed him closer to his chest he was in a rather effective and exposed hold. Samson picked up the bib, bonnet and dummy, shoving them in his back pocket and grabbed both baby bottles in one hand and marched out of the room.

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