The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 6

"You've got from here to the nursery to say your piece. You're getting a thorough spanking so you might as well get what you have to say off your chest." Samson growled.

Jordan wasn't sure he even wanted to. He felt slightly sick thinking about where they were headed and what was going to happen. He needed to pee really bad. He had needed to since he had woken and now he couldn't decide if it was easier to let go and do it in the diaper now as would he not be able to hold it in during a spanking? What was more humiliating? Samson's hand was still cupped over his diaper so would he feel it? If he pissed himself now would it appear that he was scared and the punishment might be less? Thinking that was his best option Jordan didn't reply but focused on letting go and releasing his bladder. It was harder than he thought but once a drip came out, the floodgates were opened and he relaxed as the pressure disappeared.

Feeling better but humiliated his anger got the better of him and get decided to argue his point.

"You think stealing someone against their will makes them your baby? I am an adult. I am 18. I have lived by myself, survived on my own and I don't want to be here. You're a brute and freaking weirdo and I don't want any part of this. I demand you let me go, take me back to where you found me and leave me alone!"

"Maybe you're not aware but we have agreements with what you call your government that allows us to do exactly this. We save desperate vagrants like yourself and give them a better life. You were living on the streets, begging and stealing for food and money. Your society doesn't want you, that's why you'll see there is a whole lifestyle dedicated to retraining humans as wolf pups. You haven't been here 24 hours so I don't expect you to want to be here or be on board with your circumstances but have you stopped to think precisely what your situation is? You are warm, fed - according to what your fragile body needs, especially given your meager diet from the last 4 years, clothed, sheltered and you now have a family. One that loves your bratty, spoilt little behind already. You belong to a pack - one of the largest, and a rich and powerful one at that. We will meet all your physical needs, all of them in time, if you know what I mean. And emotionally and mentally you will understand we are also acting in your best interests. You will learn to obey. You will learn to behave and these punishments will remind you of the consequences if you don't."

Samson threw open the nursery doors , untabbing Jordan's diaper as he walked towards the rocking chair. Looking down at Jordan, he told him in a firm dominant voice.

"You are going to get 20 smacks for your outburst and disgusting language. If you ever want to be without that dummy gag you need to prove you can be silent without it. While I spank you, you may cry but absolutely under no circumstances can you say an actual word. If you do I will start again and reissue 20 spanks. If you talk again after that I will gag you with that wet nappy and start the 20 spanks again."

With that warning he flipped Jordan over his knee, his head and hands hung down Samson's leg, still a long distance from the floor, his legs hanging down the other side. Samson guided him to lock his arms over the back of his knees so his bottom was lifted high in the air. Before he knew it his entire bottom was hit hard and he screamed in surprise at the pain. As they progressed he was determined to be silent and not give this brute the satisfaction of seeing him cry.

Smack #4...Samson's hand was so large it covered the entire area, which meant every smack was hitting the same place over and over.

Smack #7...Jordan started to feel heat in his rear. He could have sworn his face was the same red from the pure humiliation.

Smack #11...Samson wasn't hitting him rhythmically, sometimes he struck again immediately, other times he waited, making Jordan squirming waiting for the hand to drop.

Smack #15...Jordan couldn't help it, tears leaked from his eyes and the pain and heat became unbearable.

Smack #18..."sttttttt." Jordan stopped himself from crying out 'stop' just in time.

Smack #20... Jordan started sobbing. He had lost count but it felt like 20 had come and gone. He just wanted this to end. When the pause between smacks grew he hoped beyond hoped that it was over.

Samson lifted him from his armpits and maneuvered him to his shoulder. He started rubbing his back, rocking in the chair and making shushing noises to try calm him down.

As Jordan was placed on Samson's shoulder he noticed he had given himself an erection during the spanking - this turned him on? So unfamiliar with these feelings he started sobbing even more, barely able to catch his breathe.

Samson waited him out, assuming correctly the reason for the new tears. To him, this just proved that Jordan was perfect for them. He had searched for years for a perfect baby and he was concerned he had rushed his decision to adopt Jordan as soon as he reached adulthood, as he was so magnetically drawn to him, but in less than a day he now knew this the right move. He waited until Jordan's sobs just became a hiccup and he moved him back into cradle position in his arms.

"You took them well pup. I know it's not easy, I don't enjoy punishing you, but I have no regrets and will continue to do it until you learn to submit, behave and obey. You ready for your lunch now?"

Samson grabbed the bib and smoothie bottle off the windowsill and after tying the bib, placed the bottle in Jordan's mouth.

"I thought so. Good boy." Jordan took one suck of the bottle and thick green disgusting gloop came out. Reclined as he was it tried to slide down his throat but it was so rank Jordan gagged and half of it landed on the bib. Undeterred Samson tried to get him to eat more but Jordan couldn't help retching again. He dare not say anything but there was no way he could drink the whole bottle of this filth. It tasted like dirt and was too thickly and gluggy to swallow. He dare not talk but he looked up at Samson, eyes pleading. He'd rather go without, he was used to not eating much anyway.

"What's up bud? You don't like it? Are you serious? Before today you used to eat trash! It can't be that bad, your aunty made it for you, she's a great cook"

Samson unscrewed the lid and dipped his pinky finger in the liquid, it was so thick it coated his finger easily and he popped it in his mouth. Instantly he screwed up his face and scowled, his whole body shuddering.

Jordan burst out laughing. A high pitched giggle erupted from him before he could stop himself. Samson looked down at him disgruntled before chuckling himself.

"Well I think you win this round kiddo. I'd almost have a bit more if I got to hear you laugh like that again. I'll talk to Jenny and we'll try again tomorrow. I think I have a little milk in our kitchenette that will do for a bit. You lay on your changetable and drink your water while I get it."

He strapped him down using the chest piece and put the bottle between his mittened hands. He watched as Jordan struggled a bit before getting enough of a grip to have a drink. He walked out of the room grabbing the smoothie bottle and shaking his head.

When he returned, Jordan drank his milk with no more drama, glad it was milk as opposed to that filth beforehand. Samson put him up on his shoulder and patted his back until he burped then holding the base of Jordan's head and neck with his thumb and finger, Jordan's shoulders resting in the rest of his palm he tilted the boy back until he was looking up at Samson face to face.

"Right buddy. Nodding or shaking your head I have some questions to ask. Are you gay? Like me and Dada."

Jordan blushed red at the personal question but shrugged his shoulders. This wasn't a straight forward yes or no.

"Have you even been with a man?"

Shake. No.

"Have you even been with a woman?"

Shake. No again.

"You've not had any sexual encounters?"

A little shake and Jordan tried to look down embarrassed.

"That's good."

He looked up to see Samson smirking at him.

"I had hoped you'd be pure and virginal. I was thinking 4 years on the streets wouldn't make for the most interesting sex life. Well together, with your Dada, we will help you. Our touch will be all you get but you will enjoy it. Given the result of your spanking, I think you're going to have rather peculiar tastes."

Samson stood up and cupping Jordan under his bare bottom walked into the bathroom and placed him on the change table - strapping him down securely.

"Time to get rid of that unwanted hair buddy. Babies are silky smooth and practically hairless. Our world have developed a large range of products for our human young, so our method is a completely painless compared to human waxing or laser. But the only catch is we gotta make this little pee pee of yours stiff so it's out of the way."

Jordan tried to get his mittened hands over his privates, but Samson simply grabbed them and restrained them above his head.

"The spanking worked earlier, but your tush is still red and I don't want to spank you for no reason...suck my pinky pup."

Jordan felt Samson's pinky on his lips, waiting to be accepted rather than forcing entry. Jordan still felt like he had little to no choice so he opened and sucked the finger inside. He swirled his tongue over it as he hallowed his cheeks sucking with effort. Samson chuckled and pulled it out with a pop.

"Good boy, don't feel shame though. You're just a baby, your nakedness will become very normal, to the whole pack. No words now, or that dummy will be back. Remember to relax."

Samson held the wet finger up and showing Jordan, moved it down to his crotch and gently prodded his back entrance. He tickled and circled a few times, making Jordan anticipation? He felt so confused by his feelings, even more so when Samson slowly and carefully thrust his finger inside, the full length of his pinky. Jordan felt a jolt of heat flare up his body, from his arsehole to every extremity. Samson stayed in there, filling Jordan completely and instead of pulling out started circling, and pressing his finger upwards, almost as if he was signaling in a come here motion. Suddenly Jordan arched as Samson touched somewhere incredibly sensitive. Instead of leaving it alone, Samson now seemed to focus on it, pushing and circling, coming and going, pulling out a little to rub back along it as he returned slowly and determinedly. Jordan's face made an O of surprise and small moans came out unbidden. He felt a sheen off sweat gather on his body and pushed back against Samson's hand at the pleasurable feeling. He thrust his hips to try and speed up Samson's agonizingly slow movements and he buckled against his restrained hands. He let out a cry as Samson pulled his finger out completely with a small pop and spread his cheeks with both hands. He blew gently on Jordan glistening hole and gave it the most intimate and chaste kiss. He nuzzled the base of his balls with his nose and then gave a breathy laugh over his now rock hard erection. Looking up at Jordan he slowly straightened and rummaged in the drawer below, looking for something.

"You are so responsive. My baby liked that didn't he? It will be good for you to remember that not everything about this life is doom and gloom. We can make you feel the most wonderful things. This next bit you won't like much but it you handle the next hour perfectly I'll let you cum at the end."

Samson opened a condom and gently slid it over Jordan's cock. Then he grabbed a small ring and pushed it all the way down to the base of the condom. It was tight, so tight and Jordan bucked his hips at the feeling. His cock was now strained, painfully erect but he couldn't get off or come down - stuck in a purgatory of turned on suspense. Samson now had a tube of cream and a gloved hand. He started to spread the cream all over Jordan's body; anywhere where there was hair. Arms, legs, armpits, balls and groin, down his crack and over his jawline were covered in a thick layer of cream - luckily he didn't have chest or back hair and Samson seemed keen to keep his long plaits.

"There. All done. Now you need about an hour in the sunshine to activate the cream. It will seep into the pores so your hair never regrows, so lucky for you this only needs to happen once. As long as you don't roll or move and rub the cream off. I'll have to carry you a little awkwardly outside but Dada will have a blanket for you to lie on in the sun on the grass. The good news is that the pack are holding a friendly baseball game so you'll have something to watch and plenty of the girls will keep you company. Don't forget: no words, no moving or misbehaving and after the cream is off I'll help you cum. Be naughty and it's straight back into the diaper as punishment."

Samson picked him up by the torso, one of the only places without cream on it and holding his at arms length left the Alpha's wing and headed outside the mansion where they could hear cheering and shouting. Jordan kicked in protest, hitting nothing but air, dreading being led outside with no where to hide stark naked and erect.

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