The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 7

The sun was bright and blinding as he stepped down from the front porch. By the time Jordan's eyes adjusted, he found himself being held up in front of the were-ladies, who are cooing and smiling at him.

Jamie, the one he's supposed to call Dada is sitting on the corner of a large fleecy pink blanket, arms outstretched waiting for him.

"You not playing today Jamie?" Samson teases, knowing full well he wouldn't play when he could have the opportunity to be with Jordan.

"And miss this? Not a chance." Jamie replied taking the bait.

"I'm glad. Maybe you could sit with him while I talk to Graham? I need to discuss tomorrow with him."

Samson winked at Jamie over Jordan's head and moved to place him face up on the rug, laying down.

"Make sure all the cream gets the sunlight - he's a got some on his underarms and a bit on his crack, but the backs of his legs will need the sun too, so rotate him or hold his legs in the air, whatever works for you."

"He looks so precious. Was he good to get stiff?" Jamie ran a couple of fingers up Jordan's cock and circled the head, toying with the smoothness of the condom at the tip.

"Oh so good. He's perfect for us Jamie, he loves it and will be loads of fun once he's behaving full time. He's been told to stay still, obey you and keep quiet. The dummy would have messed with the cream on his face but I'm sure you can get creative with a gag if he protests."

Samson gave Jordan a glare making the threat perfectly clear. Jordan swallowed nervously, adamant he was going to be good. He wanted the relief he was promised if he was good and his cock throbbed and bounced in Jamie's hand at the thought.

"We'll manage Sam - you go chat with Graham. He's over there by third base."

With that Samson walked off, and Jamie looked down at Jordan sprawled in the rug. Humming softly, he lifted Jordan's hands above his head and holding his feet, spread his legs wide open so most of the creamed area was hit by the bright sun.

Facing upwards as he was Jordan found it hard to see, the glare so strong so he turned his head a little, so he faced Jamie and behind him the wolf pack playing a super-sized game of baseball. At the far end of the field he could see Papa, Samson he meant, talking seriously with Graham.

His cock constantly held his attention, not that he could touch it but Jamie continued to stroke it and he couldn't decide if it was pleasurable or painful considering the cock ring wouldn't let him release. Laying there in peace gave him the chance to think. In 4 years not once was he able to just sit back and relax. Sure enough today had been it's own version of hell. He'd been forced to shit and given an enema, force fed baby bottles, restrained, wrapped and humiliated but he had a full belly all day - something he almost can't remember. He's napped and been warm and he's been taken care of. These 2 men have even said they love him. What if he took a chance and stayed here? Escaping still seemed the best option, he'd have to move to another town to avoid being found but he could get another shelter and go back to rummaging through trash for food. Or he could stay, warm but babied? Fed, but diapered? Loved, but controlled? He decided then and there that until an escape opportunity presented itself, he would at least submit as best he could, behave and try to obey and try enjoy the positives this lifestyle gave him.

Over the hour, most of the ladies stopped by, sitting on the rug, stroking his hair or chest and baby talking to him. Jamie chatted with them and they discussed Jordan as if he wasn't there, about how much Jamie and Samson had wanted this and how excited they must be. At one point Jamie lifted Jordan's feet up and held them high, one in each hand spread as wide as Jordan could go. He could feel his bottom lift off the rug a little and he stayed like that for what felt like eternity. He lost interest in the match, happy to be lost in his thoughts.

Jamie couldn't believe how adorable he looked, just like a baby without a care in the world, looking up at the trees or people moving about. He hadn't uttered a sound or moved, not even protesting when Jamie lifted his feet up so the back of his legs and crack got the required sunlight. He praised Jordan when he saw Samson coming back knowing the Alpha would want to know how they got on.

"What a good boy you've been Jordan. Such a perfect boy for Dada. Your Papa should be proud - I think he's got something special in mind for you. You ready to go wash that cream off?"

Samson picked him up, and placed Jordan's bottom on his hip so the boy faced outwards, erection still prodding out, with one large arm wrapped around his torso. Ruffling the boys hair, he told him to say goodbye to Dada and made him wave enthusiastically with one hand. He carried him inside up to their wing, straight into the bathroom. He sat Jordan down in the corner of the bath, and unclasped the buckles on the mittens, removing them and undoing the plaits in Jordan's hair so he was completely naked.

Jordan was tiny in the bath, sitting as he was, he didn't even come head height to the jets halfway up the tub. There was a shower head on a long chain next to the taps and when Samson turned on the water, it came out of there instead of the spout. Samson didn't plug the spa bath either, he just grabbed the shower head out of its cradle and a bristle brush that looked like a giant toothbrush to Jordan. He washed over Jordan, scrubbing away the cream. It wasn't gentle but it didn't hurt either. Jordan could see all his darker, longer hairs be swept down the drain with the cream and he looked down at his now smooth body.

"Look up so I can do your face Jordan." Samson ordered, careful not to get any of the cream splashed onto his face. "Good. Arms up....Now can you turn over carefully, so you don't slip. Lay down on your tummy and I'll finish your legs. Perfect. Lastly get up on your hands and knees."

Jordan felt the spray between his butt cheeks and the toothbrush run over his hole but thankfully it was done very quickly.

Samson turned off the shower head, turned on the regular tap and put the plug in. Then he grabbed a reclining non slip plastic baby bath bucket seat - Jordan knew by the size of it, it was for him and watched Samson suction it to the bath floor. But instead of placing Jordan in it, he left the tap running, picked the boy up, wrapped him in a big fluffy towel and went next door into the bedroom. Samson counted one...two...three and swung Jordan onto the big, now made, king size bed. In the middle, as he was, he couldn't even see the ends of the bed it was that big for him. Samson had a small blue bag in his hand as he sat at Jordan's feet.

After drying him but leaving the towel under him he opened the bag and started pulling out some objects. Jordan didn't know what most were but he saw a tube of lube and hoped this was his reward. Samson put Jordan's hands above his head but didn't re-mitten them or use any restraints. It was made clear however, this was where they were meant to stay.

"I told you good boys get rewarded and Dada said you were perfect. Talk now though and this all stops." Samson warned.

Jordan would bite his tongue in half before muttering a word to make this stop. He'd spent what felt like eternity in a state of arousal with no relief. It was sweet torture but he wanted it to end nicely. The condom wasn't removed but Jordan felt a lubed pinky run from the tip of his penis, over his balls and down to his back entrance. Samson only moved the lube around, didn't put his digit in, but a second later something else, cold and hard was nudging open his entrance. Shaped thinner at the top, Jordan felt as it got wider and stretched him to what he felt was as far as he could go. There was some relief as it reached the tapered end and stayed securely in place. It was so big inside of him and Jordan squirmed, feeling completely full.

Samson clicked a button on the end of it and it started moving and vibrating, quickly hitting that sensitive but pleasurable spot Papa had found before. He gasped and arched at the welcome feeling but it brought into stark contrast the still restricted feeling he had round his cock with the ring stopping him from cumming. Next, Samson placed what looked like clear plastic bra cups over Jordan's nipples, but attached to each one was a tiny tube. These linked up to a little yellow box with a blue button, of which Jordan quickly found out, turned the device on. Both Jordan's nipples were being sucked, not painfully, but sensually and the feeling sent another rush of pleasure straight to Jordan's groin. He was sweating now, gyrating on the towel, knuckles white above his head from trying not to scream out. He needed release, he simply couldn't take it anymore but he couldn't do anything what that damn cock ring still on. The vibrations in his arse got stronger and Jordan actually screamed when another small vibrator was placed next to his aching balls.

Thrashing about as he was, Samson had to forcibly hold down his hips and at last undid that restrictive ring. Jordan threw his head back and roared, pumping his hips wildly as he came and came, longer and harder than anything he'd managed alone in his makeshift kennel on the streets. He was breathing hard and fast when he'd finally finished, Samson already packing away, a huge grin on his face.

Removing all the devices, Samson also took the condom off and wrapped it up, also wrapping Jordan back up in his towel.

Moving back into the bathroom he put the condom in the bin and arrived back at the bath, now a quarter full and steaming slightly. He turned the taps off and laid Jordan down in the baby bath seat, no need for restraints as the boy was spent completely. He washed him quickly but softly, making sure to clean all his privates which were rather sensitive to touch. Jordan just bonelessly melted into the hot water, dazed and sleepy and let the warm water and soft flannel lure him back into a trance.

He hardly noticed getting out or dried and didn't flinch or complain when he was put back into a diaper. Samson dressed him in a pale pink onesie. It had long mitten sleeves but no legs, just clipping around the diaper. He added some baby booties and picking him up, cuddled Jordan against his chest, his head flopping on his shoulder.

"You're really done in pup. I have some wolf pack work to see to, so wanna join me in my study? We'll stop by the kitchen and heat up some more warm milk to top you up with."

Not expecting an answer Samson did exactly that and headed into his study, his private sanctuary, where as Alpha he handled his business for his pack. He sat on his favourite old leather swivel chair and moved Jordan into a cradle position, glad to see there was no protesting as he took the bottle. He couldn't finish it however, it didn't seem that long since the last one and his tummy was full of liquid. Samson quickly burped him then moved him into a corner of the room that got the least light, where a fancy, Jordan sized baby swing sat facing the wall. A pink blanket was spread over the top and Samson laid Jordan down in the middle of it. He moved Jordan's arms down by his sides and wrapped him firmly in the blankets tucking the ends underneath him so by his own body weight he was trapped, wrapped up and immobile. The bottom was also pulled up and tucked under him, pulling his legs up and out like a frogs. Samson then harnessed him into the seat clipping the buckles in tightly - whatever for, Jordan thought sarcastically, as he couldn't move regardless. Samson leant down to give him a kiss, full on the mouth which surprised Jordan and he gasped, which Samson used as an opportunity with his open mouth to quickly put a dummy in. He didn't strap it in but held it there firmly for a few seconds until Jordan sucked on it. He ruffled his hair.

"Nigh-nighs Jordie, quick nap while I work and you regather your strength."

With that he turned the machine on, making the swing rock side to side, up and down and vibrate gently. After that massive orgasm, warm bath and more warm milk in his belly it would have been a struggle for Jordan to stay awake. He closed his eyes and was asleep in seconds, the dummy falling out of his mouth and onto his chest and his gentle snores could be heard by Samson who was working quietly at his desk, completely pleased with how his beautiful baby boy was settling in.

Jamie came in at one point to check on them and took a few photos of their boy sleeping peacefully, they had successfully napped him twice today, just as they wanted so they could try and place their son in a newborn headspace.

The rest of Jordan's afternoon passed easily enough. He was woken and taken into a large living space, where all the females and most of the males passed him round for cuddles and introductions. The dummy remained in his mouth but unrestrained and he forced himself to empty his bladder twice - a feeling he didn't think he'd ever get used to. Papa changed him before dinner where he had a big bottle of milk in the dining room and sat in in papa's arms while he ate one handed. The smell of the food was sensational and tempted Jordan no end but he had learnt his lesson from lunch and didn't ask. Everyone seemed to disperse after dinner, some back outside, some back into the living room where Jordan could heard gunshots from an action movie.

Jordan stayed silent in Samson's arms where he seemed to chat here and there to most people before telling everyone it was Jordan's bedtime as soon as it got dark. They dressed him in a pink, fleecy footed, mittened onesie, pigtailed and plaited his now dry hair and together, Samson and Jamie took him into his nursery. They both cuddled him, kissed him and when they laid him down in his cot, swaddled him in another pink blanket, this time wrapping the ends in front of him and together with the bottom piece, secured them with a big safety pin so he couldn't roll and unravel the rug. They also velcroed the dummy behind his head, so he couldn't even talk to himself.

He couldn't sit or stand, something when he thought about. he hadn't done all day. A mobile turned on above his head and the lights were turned out as the daddies left, closing the door behind them. Jordan wasn't tired, he'd slept twice today but he laid there unable to move or talk in the darkness. He didn't know how much time passed but eventually out of sheer boredom he closed his eyes and went to sleep. His first day of forever in his new home and new life.

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