The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 8

Jordan knew it was early when he woke. The sun was peeping through the curtains but it wasn’t bright and the angle told him it was probably only just past dawn. He tried to move and stretch and remembered he was swaddled so effectively all he could do was turn his head from side to side. He humpfed behind the dummy in protest and was about to cry out and make some sort of noise for attention when he remembered yesterday morning. The big one had told him that unless he filled his nappy on his own he’d be looking at another suppository and enema to clean him out for the day. He decided the lesser of two evils would be to keep some control, try and go in his diaper and then call for an immediate change. His legs were bunched up in the swaddling rugs so it wouldn’t be that hard or uncomfortable sitting in his own mess. He tried to relax and release and managed to empty his bladder. But then he’d managed to overcome that quite easily yesterday. He didn’t see the huge problem having a nappy for that, it meant no rushing to the toilet all day, especially on a liquid diet, and the nappies seemed to pull away the moisture so there wasn’t any discomfort using them. Thinking about it like that he surprised himself he was so compliant, but then pissing yourself in a diaper was one of the easiest things after all the ordeals of yesterday.

Jordan tried to focus back on the task at hand. He’d almost get somewhere but years of toilet training apparently don’t disappear in a day. His body would reject him trying to mess himself and no matter how many times he tried he was getting no where. He was starting to get worked up, sweating and shuffling around in his cage of blankets and small grunts unknowingly reached the monitor.

In the next room Samson had also been awake from dawn, he didn’t need much sleep. Not like Jamie who hated getting up in the morning. He watched his mate sleeping, pretty happy at the moment with where his life was at. He reached across to the baby monitor to check on Jordan and could see he was awake but content in his cot. Samson knew he wasn’t anywhere near his proper headspace yet. Considering they wanted him to be a newborn, they expect to need to visit the medical centre to make some permanent changes or at least rely on the range of drugs and medicines available for human wolf cubs. However Jordan was already showing positive signs of adapting to this life, more than Samson could have hoped for at this early stage. Samson pulled out his laptop and got ahead for the day knowing that this afternoon would be disruptive and any work he achieved now was a bonus.

Close to 9am Samson heard Jordan making noises, assuming he was bored and finally ready to call for him, Samson picked up the monitor again. He watched Jordan for a while before guessing what he was trying to do. The boy knew what would happen if he didn’t use his nappy and was genuinely trying but it didn’t look like he was succeeding. Samson figured a reminder of what happens if he doesn’t succeed again today might help him overcome these objections tomorrow. Otherwise they’ll get medical help from the clinic.

Jordan heard the door open and turned his head immediately to see Samson come through the door. He looked even bigger than Jordan remembered after not seeing him for the night and it made him feel like a baby or a pet. This wolf-man was just too huge to go up against. He lifted Jordan up, cooing good morning to him and placed him on the changetable. After unwrapping the blankets, Jordan stretched his limbs, a little sore from being cooped up all night. As he did he felt intense pain in his foot. His toes curled and the whole of his foot cramped up. He cried out in pain and tried to curl up into a ball so his hands could get to his foot.

Samson had turned to open the curtains but at the sound of Jordan’s cry was pulled back to him instantly.

“What’s up little pup?” Samson ran his hands over Jordan’s body. Thinking maybe he was going to be sick he reached up to undo the dummy gag but before he did he saw that Jordan, in his mittens was holding his foot. “You got a cramp buddy? That’s cause we didn’t end up getting those vegetables and vitamins into you. Here let me help.” Samson pulled his toes back and ran a giant finger up the sole of his foot to help ease the tension. “No getting out of your green shake today little man. I’ll make sure Aunty Jenny taste tests it herself but you will drink the whole thing. I’ll not have you in pain or getting sick - you’re here to be looked after and cared for...that better?”

Jordan nodded as the light massage did the trick. His stomach plummeted a bit at the thought of a meal in a bottle and a green meal at that. He had hoped that maybe they’d let him eat some real food instead after yesterday’s disaster. Watching the whole pack eating steaks and glorious meals while he just sat there was cruel and unusual punishment. He’d spent his teenage years hungry and now that food was here in abundance he still couldn’t get it.

“Now, let’s check that nappy. I hope you’ve had time to fill it” Samson’s stupid sing song voice bought Jordan back to his present situation and if possible his stomach dropped even more.

“Good boy, Jordan. Let’s go wake up Dada.” Samson lifted a diaper clad Jordan into his arms and moved into the next room.

Jordan had endure the suppositories and enema as well as could be expected. Still gagged he didn’t get punished for talking but he did get a quick slap on his exposed bum cheeks for trying to get away. Even tied down as he was. He ended up hands and ankles tied together with his bare bottom high in the sky. He felt so exposed, more so now that he was completely hairless. After all of that he actually felt somewhat comfortable dressed in only a diaper. He wasn’t naked, a feeling he was sure he’d never get used to, and he wasn’t dolled up head to toe in pink either - which just humiliated him if he ever looked down at himself or in a reflection.

Samson put Jordan’s chest to chest with Jamie, who put his big hands up and around Jordan and woke up with a big grin on his face.

“Now this is the way to wake up. All my boys and cuddles.” Jamie started nuzzling Jordan’s head with his chin and Jordan tried to roll away. Jamie just grabbed him tighter but at least stopped ruffling his hair.

“You’re spoilt you are, breakfast will be here any minute too for the 3 of us. Jenny said she’d get someone to send it up for us.” Samson said.

“I love your sister. I think your not taking a female mate was the best thing for her. She gets to be Luna and keep running your household without giving over to another she-wolf. I am just a wolf of leisure.” Jaime stretched but was yanked down quickly as Samson pulled him by his ankles to the foot of the bed. Jordan nearly fell but Jamie quickly put a hand on his back to steady him as he cracked up laughing. Jordan felt the bed move and then freaked out a little as Samson came over the top of them, hands either side of Jamie’s head. He didn’t put any weight on Jordan- he’d crush him if he did, but he was covering the length of him so he was in the middle of a giant wolf sandwich. He couldn’t see their heads, with his turned to the side, but he could hear them kissing and whispering into each other’s mouth. Angry and slightly claustrophobic Jordan growled as best he could with the dummy in still and wriggled with all his might. Instead of taking him seriously, Samson laughed and wriggled back a bit before slowly climbing off them, but taking Jordan with him anyway.

“I’ll feed this grumpy one while you eat, oh leisurely one, but then when you’ve finished come in and dress him so I can eat.”

“Yeah sure, but where is...”

Jamie was interrupted by a knock on the door and a woman wearing an apron walked in with apron carrying huge tray of food.

“The food?” Samson finished for Jamie. “Thanks Greta, just on the sideboard is fine.” Samson walked up to it and Jordan’s tummy rumbled loudly making them all giggle. Greta reached out and ran her hand down to Jordan’s tummy and patted it gently in response.

Samson picked up the bottle sitting in between the two plates and Jordan couldn’t help but groan. Samson didn’t even bother acknowledging him, just walked them over to the rocking chair near the window, placed Jordan in the crook of his arm and fed him the bottle, talking softly to Jamie over Jordan’s head, ignoring him completely. Once he was finished and burped, Jamie came over and picked him up, lifting him to his face where he planted wet kisses on Jordan’s mouth. All Jordan could smell was bacon on his breathe and even full from the milk it smelt delicious. Jordan noticed that Jamie was way more affectionate than Samson, and softer, Jordan could already see that Samson was willing to play bad cop to Jamie’s good cop, yet when he was in Jamie’s arms he always found himself looking over to Samson. Maybe he felt safer with the Alpha or it was because he held him but didn’t kiss or pet him all the time that he preferred him. Jordan let these thoughts wander as Jamie placed him on the change table and dressed him. When he was finished he lifted Jordan up and walked him over to the mirror to show him off. Jordan would have remained oblivious, it was half the reason he zoned out so he didn’t see the ridiculous, humiliating get up he was in today. And it was. He was in pink ballerina tutu that only had two nude coloured straps going over his shoulders and crossing over his back like leotard suspenders, leaving his chest bare again. He has pale pink tights on that had darker pink ’ballet shoes” patterned onto the tights that laced up his legs. As per yesterday he still had mittens and a new dummy Velcro-ed round his head and plaits, both pale pink to match today’s outfit. He cringed and turned away, flaming from head to his toes in embarrassment at so feminine an ensemble - he looked like a little girl in every way given his malnourished body shape and these 2 men knew it.

They walked back into to see Samson who was dressed and waiting for them. His eyes lit up at the sight of Jordan and he took him from Jamie to carry him down to the pack meeting. It needed to only be a quick one today so when they entered the room, Samson showed Jordan to a frilly bassinette he hadn’t noticed yesterday and was bundled up in the rugs again like he was only a few hours ago. With nothing to look at, the soothing booming voice of Samson and someone gently rocking the cradle he took a quick nap.

When he woke it was to the shuffle of the men moving about. He wondered to himself why he was able to sleep so much, was he making up for lost time, years of not sleeping on the streets, or was it something in the milk they were giving him? It tasted normal...but he didn’t want to think that he was willingly sleeping twice a day!

He could hear Samson tell the men that since the meeting was short, it was too early for lunch but anyone who wanted to join them outside was welcome and a few piped up about starting a game of something. Still wrapped up, Jordan was picked up and he and Samson went outside, to a shady patch of grass, where Jamie was laying out a blanket and a few baby toys.

“I thought you might like some tummy time this morning pup” Samson said as Jordan was unwrapped and laid on the rug, face down. Jamie propped him up on his elbows, hands out in front but pushed his bottom back down to the ground to stop him lifting himself up or moving about. Samson placed the toys just out of Jordan’s reach as if he had to strain to get them. Jordan looked at them in disdain. They were colourful, baby toys, a rattle and a crinkly giraffe. He didn’t want them anyway. Instead he decided to just watch the pack move into positions to play a ball game he didn’t know of, Jamie had given the top of his head a kiss and went over to play as well.

“Trent!” Samson called out, waving him over. He waited until he was close to start talking again. “I’ve forgotten to talk to Jenny about Jordan’s next bottle. Yesterday’s was quite a cock up. Mind watching the pup for me?”

“Sure, Alpha. I was going to score/umpire today but we can chill together, can’t we?” He looked down at Jordan as he spoke.

“I might make a quick call while I’m inside but I’ll be out by lunchtime at the latest. Cheers pal. Be good buddy” With a quick look down at Jordan and a friendly clap on the back to Trent, Samson jogged back into the house.

Jordan didn’t like being left alone with Trent. He was a stranger and a werewolf helping hold him hostage so he distrusted him on principle. Luckily though, he just wanted to watch the game so he didn’t bother Jordan.

Sometime later a shout came from Trent as he called “out” but the wolf he was referring to started arguing the point. Quite a few men huddled around him in a show of support and Trent jumped up and ran over to the game before a fight broke out. Jordan realised he’d been left alone and everyone’s attention was on the kerfuffle happening across the oval. He felt excitement and nervousness build in him...was this is chance?

He sat up slowly to see if anyone would notice, so far so good. Then he scooted to the edge of the rug, closest to the tree. When he got away with that, he stood up, shakily, considering he hadn’t used his legs for nearly 2 days straight but made it, and hid behind the thick trunk of the tree. Peaking around it he saw that no one had noticed, so he didn’t think twice, he took off like a shot, running through the woods, hoping to reach a human community or human official of any kind behind his absence was noticed.

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