The Alpha's Baby Boy

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Chapter 9

Samson stood at the attic window looking out at the match below. He saw Rupert drop the bat, the agreed sign and Trent’s shout of reply. On cue, the players all converged on Rupert, making a circle and small talk as planned. Samson’s eyes cut across to Jordan who had been behaving perfectly, like he was made for age-play. However, with this new development Jordan stiffened and looked around and started moving, taking advantage of the opportunity he had been given. For once, Samson wasn’t pleased that he could predict the exact movements of his new son. He wanted him to stay and not want to run but deep down he knew they had to play out this scene, it would keep Jordan from escaping again and make him accept his reality. Plus it gave them an excuse to treat him at the medical clinic. Samson watched as Jordan stood up, already weak from being constantly carried and take off into the woods. He watched the boy until he vanished from sight and made his way downstairs and outside to what was left of the game. As he expected Jamie was already a mess of nerves, wringing his hands and pacing. When he saw Samson he went running up to him about to launch into a tirade of how wrong this idea was. Samson also expected this but he didn’t want any doubts spoken out loud so he cut him off.

“Jamie. Don’t even start. This has to happen. We agreed last night, so you can’t back out now. We’ve planned everything. Graham is running alongside him now and after a few hours we’ll track them and Graham will give him a scare so I can rescue him. Graham is leading him through all sorts of rough patches but not off our actual territory so he’ll be safe. Just exhausted and hopefully happy to see me.”

“I know, Sammy I do.” Jamie didn’t even notice his private endearment for his mate in his agitation. “But what if he breaks a leg, or drinks foul water. He could still come back hurt.

“I promise you I’ll bring him home safe and sound. Then you can fuss over him all you want...once I’ve had my way with him anyway. The little shit actually did it, he ran off. I love him already and it’s a betrayal no matter how much I understand with his current motivation. I can’t wait to have him want to be here.”

“Am I consoling you now then?” Jamie smirked at Samson’s warring emotions.

“What? No. Enough. What’s done is done. Let’s eat. We’ll need our strength for later and it’s a welcome distraction.” Together they walked hand in hand inside where everyone else has already converged to eat.

Meanwhile Jordan was running for all he was worth. He knew time was of the essence and he twisted and turned throughout the woods to hopefully not leave a trace. He found a dirty creek, no more than ankle high and knew it would help hide his scent. He took off his now ripped tights. They were offering no protection on the forest floor and when he looked at the soles of his feet they were already scraped and had small cuts. He also removed the tutu and stupid leotard suspenders. He debated with the diaper but that would leave him completely naked and he didn’t like the idea of running into another human looking all naked and crazed so he left it on for now. His hair had come undone, obviously catching on trees.

He stopped for a minute and cooled his feet in the water before walking through it following its path and hoping it led to civilisation. It never got deep enough to look clean and Jordan realised how thirsty he was after running full pelt through the woods. He was also hungry. How was it that in a day and a half he was used to regular feeds. Well at least he avoided that green drink. He’d rummage for berries or mushrooms that he could eat until he found a better option. That thought didn’t exactly make him jump for joy, his ‘better option’ was his old life of collecting food scraps from trash cans and hoarding them to make them last.

He heard a twig or branch crack and he froze instantly trying to strain and hear what it was. When he heard nothing else he resumed walking through the creek but it was a minute later he heard it again. We’re they tracking him? He had to get a move on. Finding a spurt of energy he left the creek and headed away from the sound back into dense wood. It was an unforgiving pathway, with sharp twigs below that he couldn’t avoid stepping on, and low hanging branches that kept whipping his face and bare chest. He tripped a couple of times, each time landing on his outstretched hands, scratching them up too. But at least the noises had stopped. He felt somewhat safe again and slowed down so he was walking and not jogging.

Jordan persisted but after what felt like hours he was exhausted, on the streets he might not have eaten much but water was plentiful and he never exerted this much energy. Hours of walking had now left him spent, stumbling more often than not. He was absolutely parched and his tummy felt hollow and empty he was so hungry. When he caught glimpses of it, the sun had moved across the sky. Jordan wasn’t any boy scout or anything but he guessed it to be late afternoon and he was no closer to getting out of these woods let alone reaching a human town. Was he going in circles?

Suddenly he heard a growl, menacing and scary. Jordan physically couldn’t run but he turned away from the sound and tried to pick up his pace. He’d moved no more than 5 steps when he saw it pacing alongside him. A huge wolf. Jordan started shaking in fear, his body just about out of adrenaline. Was this wolf part of Papa’s pack or foe?

“Hello?” He called out tentatively.

The wolf snapped his head in jordans direction, turned towards him and pounced. Jordan screamed, knocked over flat on his back. He couldn’t hear anything and wondered where the wolf had gone? He sat up a little to see it pacing around him, eyeing him off as prey. It licked his lips longingly and Jordan felt like he was wolf bait, determined to be this wolf’s next meal. Oh God he didn’t want to die. All alone, cold and hungry - it seemed a bleak way to end and Jordan in pure panic cried out with everything he had left.

“PAPA! SAMSON! PAPA!!” He could feel his voice going hoarse with the effort of repeatedly shouting. The wolf just kept pacing, occasionally stepping forward to snap, narrowly avoid Jordan’s ankles. “Jordan!”

“PAPA!” Jordan recognised the voice and nearly wept with relief. “Help! Please help me! There’s a wolf here and he’s trying to eat me!” Jordan’s voice was frantic, he was so close to rescue but still had danger circling him closely.

Through the clearing Samson emerged, like a giant bounding through the trees. He stopped short of Jordan, who was laying in a heap and addressed the wolf who started snarling at him.

“I’m Alpha of the Bradford pack and you’re on our land. This is our territory and you are trespassing. Leave now and I won’t transform and rip you to pieces. NOW!”

Samson’s bellow made Jordan jump, it made the trees shake and the wolf scampered off with a whine, tail between its legs. At this Jordan started crying, trying to get up but falling to his knees as he stumbled towards Papa.

Samson swooped in, his conscience a little guilty at how upset Jordan was and with the cuts and scrapes on his body. Jamie’s concern had been contagious but his trust in Graham won out. He was relieved but overall he couldn’t contain his excitement and happiness at the success of the plan. Jordan had screamed for him. For Papa. He was the little boys safe haven, his rescuer and protector. He hoped he’d now gained the boys loyalty. He needed to play the next few hours carefully. Equal parts concern and love and another part anger at his disobedience. First thing first he needed to see to his immediate needs.

Picking Jordan up, he cuddled him straight to his chest, rocking gently and rubbing his big hands on his back, murmuring “it’s OK, Papa is here. You’re ok now, Papa’s got you safe and sound”

Jordan couldn’t stop sobbing. Acute relief and all the overwhelming emotions were simply too much to handle. He could feel Samson’s chest rumbling, he was speaking but he couldn’t hear him over the sound of his own crying. He clung to Samson like his life depended on it. He felt safe and warm and secure inside the enormous arms of this man and with the rhythmic rubbing of his back and gentle words finally reaching him, his sobs turned into hiccups.

Moving him into a cradle position, still cuddled closely to his chest, he looked down at his baby boy, dirty, tear stained and exhausted. “Let’s get you home and warm. I bet you’re thirsty though, out in the wilderness all afternoon and crying and screaming like that.” Samson reached round to his large back pocket and pulled out a baby bottle of water which Jordan greedily reached out for. Samson battered his hands away and guided the teat into Jordan’s waiting mouth as he set off walking back through the woodlands, Graham had done a fantastic job herding Jordan, they weren’t more than half an hours walk from home. Jordan was sucking his water so hard and fast Samson pulled had to pull the bottle out a couple of times.

“Slow down pup, or you’ll just throw it up.” He said as Jordan whined when the bottle was taken out again.

All too soon the water was all gone and Jordan felt much better for the drink but was still hungry. He felt much calmer, now that he was safe and looked up at Papa wanting to tell him he was hungry but knew now that he was back in his arms he shouldn’t speak. Jordan’s tummy spoke for him, grumbling over the water. All the while Samson was returning the water bottle to his pocket and pulled out a milk one. Jordan’s face lit up thinking he’d never seen anything so delicious. He’d probably guzzle the green smoothie right now if that was also hiding in Samson’s jeans.

“It’s not as warm as usual but I think given your circumstances you won’t mind. Not too fast now you hear?”

Jordan was determined to finish the bottle but he was so bone tired, mentally and physically that the rocking motion of being in Samson’s arms and his belly filling lured him to sleep. He didn’t know how long he slept but he slept deeply until he was woken by loud, frantic rapid fire questions about the state of him. He opened his eyes slowly to see Dada, tears in his eyes, running his hands all over Jordan’s scratched up legs and arms. Jordan teared up and reached out for Dada wrapping his tiny arms around his neck. Jamie’s eyebrows nearly rose to his hairline in surprise as he looked over Jordan to Samson - what a transformation. He’d never willing wanted to be held by either of them but this was definitely progress.

“C’mon my darling. Everyone is worried sick about you. Let’s go inside, show them you’re ok then get you cleaned up and warm. Papa will be up soon with another bottle too.” Jamie led him inside, as he turned Jordan saw Samson standing hand in his pocket watching them go. Samson looked....Jordan couldn’t quite figure it out. Then Jordan remembered the time he was little and cut himself on a glass he wasn’t supposed to use. His mum was worried at first he’d hurt himself but then she was mad he hadn’t listened. Uh oh. Jordan knew he was in trouble - big trouble. He had run away. He looked back up to Samson, eyes pleading with him but Samson just stared back and slowly shook his head. No. He was in for it.

It was hard to relax completely and concentrate as Jamie took the nappy off and lowered him into the baby bath seat. The water was so warm and if felt like heaven but Jordan was too fixated on the coming punishment. It seemed it was part of the punishment just waiting to known what was going to happen to him.

Dried and dressed with just a diaper Jamie finally fed Jordan his first bottle. Jamie burped him half way though the bottle before letting him finish and burping him again. Jordan thought both times that all the milk was going to come straight back up from nerves. At last Samson came into his line of sight and wordlessly picked him up. Jamie kissed Jordan on the forehead and ruffled his hair before telling Samson he’d be downstairs in the kitchen.

Samson carried Jordan into the nursery towards the cot, reaching underneath it to pull out a long bench like seat. He carried that and Jordan easily over to the rocking chair and placed the bench at his feet. He sat on the rocking chair and sat Jordan up on his lap so they were face to face. Jordan looked down in embarrassment and shame.

“I’m so very glad you’re safe Jordie, but this whole debacle this afternoon wouldn’t have happened if you had stayed put. You ran away. Disobeyed all my orders. As you saw today my rules are there to protect you. You could have been seriously hurt, mauled or killed! A part of me thinks you won’t try that trick again but I am still going to punish you for your disobedience. You put Dada through hell and I can’t say I enjoyed myself searching for you, wondering what state I’d find you in.

So, for now you’re going to get the spanking of your life. One you’ll never forget. But going forward you’ll also have all your movements restricted. We gave you too much trust allowing you to roam free on a blanket outside. So you’ll be more restrained or enclosed so we never go through this again. You lost what little privileges you had my boy and we’ll be visiting the medical clinic tomorrow to fast track certain developmental factors.”

Jordan nodded throughout the speech hoping to act contrite, which he genuinely was, thag maybe it would lessen Papa’s anger and possibly the punishment. When he finished Samson laid Jordan flat, face down on the padded bench. His hands were tied to each table leg just in front of him. His legs were pushed foreward and up until his legs were straight and bottom was titled up in the air. Standing on tip toes his ankles were restrained, so he had very little movement available to him. Samson walked over to the windowsill where a strange object, finger shaped but bulge-ier was sitting in a bowl of water. Underneath that was a stick nearly as tall as Jordan, it was smooth and almost shining. Samson picked the bowl up and moved it behind Jordan so he couldn’t see what was happening.

Jordan heard the water splashing and smelt and usual scent. It was a food smell, not appetizing, but familiar. Jordan recognised it as ginger. Was that what was in the bowl?

“Right Jordan, this punishment is for disobeying me significantly and running away. You broke many rules and put yourself in grave danger. You’re going to get a dozen lashes with that birch stick. You will not utter a word, you won’t be able to help screaming out or crying but no using words. You do that we start again. When were finished I’ll know you’ll be sorry so don’t beg forgiveness during the spanking. ”

Samson stepped behind Jordan and with one hand pried his cheeks open and teased the wet ginger around his entrance.

“Push against me so this doesn’t hurt more than it has to Jordie.”

Jordan wasn’t sure what was happening or why but he complied as best he could considering he didn’t relish being filled with a finger sized, bulbous piece of ginger. Samson moved it around until a knot was rubbing his pleasure spot and then he pushed a little further so a tapered end gave some relief but also held the ginger plug in place. Samson then slowly moved back to the windowsill, picking up the stick and swishing it menacingly though the air.

Jordan tensed waiting for the first strike and with no warning he heard the whoosh of the stick going through the air and the hard smack of it hitting his bare skin on his cheeks. A second later he let out a piercing scream. The pain was like nothing else. The last spanking with Samson’s hand had heated up his entire arse but this was so intense. He could feel the exact spot where the birch struck and that line across him was on fire. He tried to move but restrained as he was there was no relief possible. The next one came before Jordan was ready - but then would he ever be ready - and another ear splitting scream followed. This time as he tensed against the pain he felt himself clench around the ginger. A burning sensation started engulfing him, as he was juicing the ginger inside of him. By the 6th strike Jordan couldn’t determine what was worse the intense pain of each strike as they criss crossed across his bottom, each stroke distinguishable by the pure fire radiating from them, or the extremely uncomfortable burning ripping his arsehole apart from the inside. It was stinging and he tried to rock his hips to alleviate the internal fire, but each time he moved the ginger and it’s juices rubbed along that sweet spot Samson had found yesterday. Jordan could look back far enough to see his cock was standing to attention rock hard. He had no idea how his body thought this was pleasurable or sexual but his cock throbbed on the next strike. Jordan was sobbing helplessly, trying to focus on something other than the pain but there was no escaping it. It was consuming him and overwhelming him with its intensity. He lost count, alternately screaming and sobbing as he was struck and then involuntarily clenched the ginger, giving him no downtime from experiencing a new kind of pain. At long last they must have reached 12. Jordan couldn’t have uttered a full word even if he wanted to, so luckily the punishment didn’t drag on. The burning seemed to be ebbing, slowing down so Jordan could ignore it. It also meant though, that he wasn’t being stimulated sexually anymore and Jordan couldn’t help but try to grind his hips to gain some friction. A total fail. His arse however was still on fire. Each stroke was perfectly marred on his skin and he was unsure how even a soft diaper wouldn’t feel like sandpaper.

“All done baby. Let me just get this out...” Samson pulled the ginger out and returned it to the bowl. Next he opened a lotion bottle and ever so gently rubbed it onto Jordan’s arse. Jordan could smell lavender and although any contact with his sore rear end was painful he could feel the heat slowly turning down to a more bearable level. Having spent all his tears, Jordan could only dry sob and hiccup as he tried to regain his breathe back.

Samson untied him, laying him gently down on the soft change table and diapered him with the greatest care. He put him in another all in one, mittened and slipped pyjama onesie and picked him up to cradle him against his shoulder, still hiccuping, careful to hold him by the torso and leave his padded bottom alone. Samson turned his head and kissed Jordan, softly and slowly making it rather intimate.

“Good boy. You took that well. I can’t give you the sexual relief you want as this is a punishment so consider that an additional part of your sentence. The frustration you feel as well as the pain can be a reminder of how naughty you were. But enough of that, all is forgiven now and you’re ok. Calm down now. No more nasties, Papa is here and it’s all better now. ”

Samson reached into the cot and laid Jordan down, swaddling him tightly. Jordan whimpered, tears rushing back, not ready to be left alone. All swaddled, wrapped up like a newborn, unable to move, Samson picked him up, cuddled him close to his chest and moved back to the rocking chair, sitting down and rocking gently. He held up a bottle in question and thirsty, Jordan nodded eagerly quenching his throat from all the crying and screaming. Samson combed his fingers through his hair, gently running his fingernails across his scalp and Jordan sighed in pure pleasure. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head and his body broke out in goosebumps it felt so good. He felt scared to go to sleep but safe and warm in Papa’s arms, he closed his eyes.

Jamie came in a little later and smiled at the sight before him. Lit by the moonlight from the window, Jordan was fast asleep in a sleeping Samson’s arms. Both of them mouths open, snoring softly. Jamie took a quick photo before placing Jordan in his cot, closing the curtains and leading a half asleep Samson into their room.

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