The Alpha Centaurians: Eros Love

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Pulling them apart, I have the darker-skinned one by the hair. The other screams in horror at the sight of my fangs plunging into her. SKYE: Taken by the reptilian Prince Alaric, She's made an offer that she won't refuse if she's to save Nelan's life. Become his wife and sire a power progeny of dragons, that will end the Centaurian rule and race. Nelan: Captured and held hostage by the reptilians, Skye's acceptance of the Prince's offer has him released - Can he find her before the Prince consummates their marriage, A binding agreement that will void Balen and Rylan's claim on her. After all, she's part reptilian, and are bound by their laws. Rylan: He hasn't given up on finding her, and per Balen's accusation, he has a duty that he's yet to fulfill. He has to locate Skye, before she's forever lost to him, and going rogue after being demanded to produce an heir with another, he's consumed with failure. Dying of a broken heart, will Skye forsake her vow, and escape in time to save him? Balen: If he can't have her, no one will! Defying his father's command, that he complete the "meeting of the mate's ceremony", and forget about Skye, Balen spends every waking moment searching for her. Separated from Nelan and Rylan, he's found her at last, will he be able to save her, without being captured and eaten alive.

Erotica / Romance
Lizzy Landon
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Chapter 1

The Alpha Centaurians: Eros Love


Rylan, Nelan and I have spent countless days and nights searching for her. His link to her hasn’t been broken, so we know that she’s still alive. Nelan’s fallen in love with the animalistic humans in their natural habitat. He finds them amusing and has taken to ending the most dangerous of their kind, politicians.

The lizards have their hands in everything on this planet, the subservient humans don’t know it, but the dragons are in league with the governing humans of this world. Some have even held positions as high as presidents, kings and queens.

Aborted human babies sold to them for gold, children fed to the queen of England, who has an icebox full of human parts. I’ve had to divert him from his hobby, with a threat to send him back to Centauria, he’s not supposed to be here anyways.

He stole away from the battle, after Skye was taken and tracked me down. Father’s furious and has sent a sentinel of guards to find him, but we’re careful, we need him, there’s strength in numbers.

Alone in the washroom, I try to make contact with her, and am unable to do so. Pounding the wall, the human nestled in the tub awakes from her nap, startled, eyes bulging, she’s watching me. We’ve become accustomed to our mate’s blood, and not having it makes us extremely aggressive. We need it.

This human has been keeping us fed for the past few days, and she’ll not survive this, as she’s seen too much. I want to follow up with another attempt, but knowing the disappointment that comes after, I don’t. In my agitation I go for the human, and I’m pushed aside by Nelan. He has her lifted in the air by her throat, savagely drinking from her.

She makes a strangled noise, before her eyes roll to the back of her head. Rylan has joined us, watching from the door. Letting her lifeless body drop back into the tub, he takes controlled breaths. “I need her.”

Don’t we all, he’s tasted Skye’s blood, and has become dependent upon it, his need for it has consumed him. Not only that, but she’s bit him, and now he’s a slave to her venom. Usually it’s the other way around, humans becoming addicted to our bite, but she’s a different breed of human.

Upon learning of this, Rylan lost his senses, and took to attacking Nelan in his rage. I had to intervene to stop them from trying to kill each other. Nelan will have to be restrained soon, if we don’t find Skye in time. He’ll not know satisfaction and peace, until he’s had a taste of her blood, and her venom.

It’s been several weeks, and still no lead on her whereabouts. Desperate, we’ve decided on a new course of action, and that is to use Nelan to find her. Rylan’s idea, I wouldn’t have agreed to it if the situation wasn’t so dire.

It involves reducing him to the predator within, unleashing it. He’s already in a dwindling state of mental capacity, in need of her venom. Starving him to the brink of madness, will guarantee that he’ll find her or point us in the right direction.

We’ve kept him chained up, and starved for a week, and the results are barely tolerable. My brother, mad and straining to break free of his chains to feed, he had to be knocked unconscious before we could transport him. A feat that I think Rylan thoroughly enjoyed doing. Taking him back to the shuttle, he immediately goes to the spot where Skye was last seen. Sniffing the air, he does the most peculiar thing, he starts digging. Up heaving huge amounts of dirt quickly, Rylan and I look to each other in unison. We’re on our way to start digging, when Nelan disappears right before our eyes. He’s gone...

We’ve been at it for hours digging, which yield no results. Nothing took us, and we haven’t uncovered anything, tired and dirt covered, we retire. The grounds outside of the shuttle were scanned, and we found a portal recently closed. How the reptiles were able to open one right outside of our shuttle, without us noticing is a security breach. Some backs will taste the lash of a whip for this.

My father has announced the commencement of the “mating ceremony”, and I can finally see the life returning to Rylan’s weary eyes. My scheming mate showed up to my rooms, clad in only a cloak, and I had to reluctantly send her on her way. I may desire her, but my desire for Skye is greater.

Father’s demand has me pacing my rooms in agitation. The meeting of the mate’s ceremony is to be held in another hour, and I’m beyond livid. He’s forcing my hand, and I won’t have it. A knock on the door, and Rylan enters, solemn and wore down.

He’s deteriorating too quickly if you ask me. “She isn’t dead.” I snap, which lights a fire in his eyes. “Good, and neither are you.” I add. My mate and my brother’s missing, I’m being forced into a mating situation, and…I can’t do this. It’s time that I find my mate, my true mate and bring her back.

I’m tired of him hovering around, and shuffling about in a daze. “You’re returning to earth, you’ve been assigned to one tour of duty, or until you’ve produced an heir.” The fire before was dim, but now it’s an inferno. “No, my duty is to find her.”

“I’ve given you the order, and you must obey. You’re to report to the West Coast division.” I state. Calling for the guards via telepathy, they respond immediately. “Take Rylan directly to the shuttle, and send him on his way.” His attempt at attacking me, is quickly quelled by the guards, as they drag him out struggling to get to me.

I don’t let it show, but I’m wore down and weary also. I need her, my mate... Skye, and calling to her once again, silence is the only response to my call. We’ve been going at this all wrong, if I want to find her, it’s time that I start cracking some human skulls.


I’m not sure what happened, but I’m hungry and starved. It’s dark, but I can hear them moving about, all around me in various rooms, food. I’ve been caged, hosed down with water, and given new clothing. “I need to feed!” I yell, at a male that I can smell outside the room, guarding me. I can’t read them, and I don’t care what they have in store for me, I just need to drink.

The doors open, and I’m immediately pounced upon, and restrained. Chains about my neck, that lead to my hands being cuffed behind me. Leading me through a few hallways, there’s various conversations, and the sounds of a multitude of activity. The lizard’s lair, I’m underground, and that explains the tremendous heat coming at me in in waves from all sides.

I’m being directed to a door, when I pick up on her scent, which sends me into a frenzy. Running for the door with speed, I’m yanked back by the leash. I’m up again, straining against the chains, when a blow to the face sends me flying into the wall. “Do you really want her to see you, in such a state?” Inquires a human.

“I need her blood.” I say, calming down. “Yes well... blood keeps your kind strong, and the lizards can’t have that down here.” Coming too close to me, I snap at him, baring my fangs. “I’ve never seen your kind up close.” He says. “Why don’t you come, a little bit closer.” I say, through gritted teeth.

“Is it her blood that’s done this to you?” He inquires. My response is to remain quiet, watching him, hoping that he’ll make the mistake of drawing too near. “Very well, let’s meet the half-breed then.”

The door opening, I’m subjected to a mass of stares, from the assembled reptiles. “Nelan…” Skye says, coming down from the throne in a rush. “Don’t…” States the reptile Prince, coming to his feet. His words stop her several feet from me, her stomach’s no longer full with the child, and she’s glowing.

Her scent overwhelming me, I rush her, but the pull of the chain stops me. “You’re starving...” She says. I need her, and my hungry gaze puts fear in her heart, which is overridden by anger. “Release him.”

“I don’t think that’s wise, Princess.” Warns, the Prince. “It’s okay, he won’t hurt me.” She says, reading me. The Prince nodding his approval, I’m released, and instantly I’m within inches of her, but I can’t touch her. My hunger fuels my agitation, and I release an agitated growl.

“Be careful, don’t take too much.” She whispers, releasing me from her hold. A hand about her neck, my fangs savagely biting into her, she inhales deeply at my assault. Her body tensing against mine, she slowly relaxes as my venom runs its course through her.

Taking huge amounts, her nails digging into my back, drawing blood, I take more. “Nelan… stop.” Her breathing returning to normal, I release her. “I want more.” Her small smile, as I run my finger across her lips, tempts me to kiss her.

-“Not now.” I get from her. Her exposed fangs coming forth, she bites into me, giving me pain, then instant pleasure. As she drinks, I take her hand in mine, and biting the tip of her finger, I suckle the minuscule sweetness bubbling forth.

“That’s enough.” States, the Prince. Ignoring him, we still hold onto each other, I fear that I’ll never see her again. “We will, soon.” She says, lightly touching my face. I’m immediately seized, and chained again.

I want her, more now than ever. I need her... Her blood strengths my body, and her venom calms me, but I need more. They allow me to feed once every four days, keeping me weak on purpose. Reflecting on her soft skin, and the way her body felt pressed up against mines, it felt right.

“We can see you.” States one of the guards, from outside of my door. She tried to use her power of stealth, not knowing that they can see body heat. Her scent perfuming the room, I immediately try to get to the door, my chains halting my steps. “I want to see him.”

“You know the rules.”

“Whether the Prince likes it or not, I have to feed also, unless one of you wants to be my donor. I think the Prince will honor my request, if asked.” The door’s opened and she’s pushed into the room. “Five minutes.” He says, closing the door. The look of horror on her face says it all, I must look like a monster. “Wha…”

“It doesn’t hurt… much.”

Denying me blood, isn’t the only way that I’m being kept infirm. I’m being beaten a few times a day, for two of the four days, and then allowed to heal before she sees me. I’ve kept my thoughts hidden, but I cannot hide what she can obviously see. The tears in her eyes threatening to fall, she comes to me, her arms around my neck.

It’s a struggle to not bite her. “Do it.” She says quietly. Allowing me access to her neck, I want to savor this moment with her in my arms. Raining light kisses along her neck, her body responds to me, awakening my need for her.

Plowing my fangs into her, her body goes rigid, as she inhales sharply. Taking her blood in, in greedy gulps, it runs its course, the pain leaving my body, I can feel my face healing. “Nelan…” She warns. Just a little bit more, and drawing deeply a few more times, her body goes slack.

She’s lost consciousness, lifting her into my arms, the door opens and the Prince enters. Taking in the scene, her inert body in my arms, me being fully healed and strengthened, he goes for his sword. “She’s alive.” I state.

“Guards!” They promptly enter, at his command. “Take her.” Releasing her into the arms of a guard, I’m prepared to go down with a fight if need be. “Take her to my rooms, and fetch the healer.” He does as commanded, while the other stays with the Prince.


I’m surprised, to see Nelan brought before me chained and starving. Letting him drink from me, before the crowd of reptilians, I give him my plan for escape. My capturers have treated me with polite indifference, the King disdain, and the Prince… well he’s been friendly, doting upon me and my daughter Kai.

She came early, due to the added stress of being taken hostage. Orders from the Prince demanded that we were not to be harmed, as the King threatened to consume us both, because of our human ancestry.

Alaric the Prince had to remind all of my reptilian DNA, to which the King openly hissed his contempt. We have got to get the hell out of here. Here… underground…massive cities, where the lizards reside.

He’s a soft spoken man-creature, dark skinned and attractive, but I know the cruelty that he has no conscious about doling out if need be. I’ve read him, and he’s not to be played with.

“You seem to be forever lost in your thoughts.” He says, bringing me from my plans of escape. “Is the Centaurian Prince the cause?” He asks.

“Why would you have him beaten?”

“That order didn’t come from me.”

“But you didn’t do anything to stop it.”

“I am but a Prince…until my father’s passing, he rules all down here.”

I’ve been on edge ever since, I saw Nelan’s face swollen and bruised. His room’s dimly lit, so I can only imagine what his body looked like concealed beneath his clothing. “Come with me.” He says, offering his hand.

It’s abnormally hot to the touch, and I let go of him just as quickly. “I’m sorry, I forget that you’re only part reptilian, you can’t harness and tolerate the heat as we can.” Leading me through a hall, I make note of any and all twists and turns.

It’s a maze down here and I plan to make nice with the Prince, to gain his trust. I want to be able to walk these halls without a chaperone, and if that means becoming his concubine, then that is what must be done. “It’s no secret that I want you for my wife, but your mates pose a problem.”

Gesturing for me to enter a tube like elevator, I hesitate. “Trust is also an issue, amongst other things.” He adds. I must be able to trust him, in order for him to trust me, and so I do as requested.

Entering behind me, it’s a small space and I have to tolerate his closeness. Backed against the tube, his hand goes to the wall behind me, as the tube abruptly makes its ascent, pushing him even closer to me. His intense stare, crocodile like eyes, yellow-green in color, with a black slit forces me too look away. A quick sniff, a curious expression, and I swallow involuntarily. “You’re afraid of me, why?”

“I know what you’re capable of.” His extreme appraisal, makes me even more nervous. “I won’t harm you or the child.”

“If I accept your offer.” I state. The tube has come to a stop, and his hands about my waist, protect me from a fall. They seem to have cooled drastically. Looking around, we’re outside, above ground. “You’ll accept my offer, or you’ll never see this again, and the Centaurian Prince will be feasted upon.”

Nelan’s been released, and I’ve accepted the Prince’s offer to become his wife. There’s a never ending collection of clamoring, and voices in my head, as preparations for the celebration of our union are being made. A crescendo of irritating excitement that frustrates me.

These creatures are linked to each other via telepathy, and sharing the same emotion, they’re about to drive me mad. “What is it?” Asks the Prince, his hand touching my face. He’s no longer hot to the touch, when his skin makes contact with mine. “I’m picking up on a multitude of emotions at once.”

His small smile doesn’t offer me any comfort. “When we’re joined as one, you’ll no longer be kept down here, we’ll live above ground.” His words offer me hope, hope that living above ground, will make for an easier escape. “How soon after we’re married?” I inquire.

“The same day, I’ll be able to protect you better on the surface.”

“Am I and my child not safe down here, you’re the Prince…”

“Has it ever dawned on you, as to why I never leave your side, and if I do it’s not for long.” Upon our arrival, and with him playing doctor, I gave birth to Kai in his home, with a group of lizards eagerly waiting outside for my placenta, and any leftovers. He’s always here with us, seldom does he leave us by ourselves. “I already know why you want me, but why are you being nice about it?” He could take me anytime that he wants, force himself upon me, but so far he’s been delicate about the whole situation.

“I don’t have to force you, you’ll go to my bed willingly.”

“Like hell I’m not being forced!”

“I gave you a choice.”

I’m not going to win this debate, so let it go. A knock on the door interrupts our exchange, and answering it, I can hear Alaric speaking to someone in hushed tones. Rejoining me, he’s visibly upset, pacing the room. “What’s wrong?” I ask, genuinely concerned. “Your mates, or one in particular… the Prince.”

“What about him?” I ask, panicked.

“He’s accosting our human liaisons, in his hunt to find you.”

My heart’s filled with joy, to finally hear some news about my mate. “The ceremony will take place tomorrow.” He tosses out quickly, and leaving me to my own thoughts, I collapse onto the bed. In a state of panic, I want to cry, but I’m too shocked to do so. I can’t wait to be rescued, I have to save myself and my child.

Kai, my lovely daughter, she came into this world not kicking and screaming, but watching. Her eyes wide open, staring at her rescuer, and handing her to me repulsion evident in his eyes, her eyes never leave my face. “Curious isn’t it?”


“How she’s watching me.”

“Moving my finger back and forth in front of her face, she follows it a few times, before quickly growing bored. Then the most startling thing happens, she goes through a growth spurt right in front of our eyes. “Did you see that?” I say, almost dropping her. “I saw it, she’s a Centaurian pure blood, I smelled it in her blood. Until she reaches early adulthood, she’ll age quickly, days will be years.

“How old is early adulthood?”

“Eighteen years old.”

Coming into my room, all smiles I straighten up. All the worry’s erased and I make an attempt at trying to be happy. Eighteen years of age, she has my height, and my features. “Alaric told me, that we’re leaving tomorrow. All the pictures that he’s shown me, of the trees, grass, the sun… I’ll get to see them tomorrow!” She says excitedly.

“Yeah…yeah, I know.”

“You knew, and you say anything?”

“I just found out, right before you did.” I state.

“I can’t wait, I’m so excited!” She says, kissing me on the cheek. “I’m going to pack.” Exiting just as quickly as she entered, I flop back onto the bed. Alaric’s been a makeshift father to Kai, giving her, everything that she’s asked for. He’s been a great help, with keeping up with her daily growing intelligence, and education. And for all of his effort, I made him a promise that I don’t intend to keep. Reading her, I know that she’s going to miss him, but it must be done. She must know who her father is, he’s missed out on too much already.

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