The Alpha Centaurians: Eros Love

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Chapter 2


I can barely contain my anger at Balen for sending me back on tour. His decree that I father a child with another is absurd, and cruel. He’ll stop at nothing to try to keep her to himself. I didn’t report to the west coast compound as I was directed to do, I’ve devoted all of my time to finding her, and it’s taking a toll on me. The results are the same, and I’m pushing myself to the limits trying to find her.

News of Balen’s refusal to accept his father’s chosen mate has spread, and I pick up on a tidbit about him attacking humans to find her. I dare not do the same as he is royalty and even though it is forbidden, he won’t get more than a chiding. I on the other hand will most surely take a lashing for it. Sticking to the old ways, I call out to her, and to my utter astonishment, receive a response. “Skye!”

“Rylan, where are you?”

It’s faint but I pick it up.

“Where are you?”

“I don’t know, underground…with my daughter Kai.”

The last part can be barely heard, but I get it still and the information floors me.

“Skye… Skye!”

It’s gone, and I’m left with disappointment and anger. She’s had the child, and it’s a girl. I spread the word via other Centaurians in passing, Balen will receive the message. He’s missed all of her adolescent stages, as we develop fast to maturity, before our aging process slows. I have to get her back and soon, I need her.

Entertaining two females that I’d picked up in a taproom, I have to have no less than two for consumption, to fill the emptiness that my missing mate satisfied. The music blaring loudly from a speaker, they dance together wildly, arms and bodies moving rhythmically to the song. Stopping to inhale the drugs through their noses, smiling they join, bodies meshed together in an embrace. Their lips meeting, clothing’s quickly discarded, and on the floor the darker skinned one climbs atop the other’s face. Her sex’s spread open, and the fairer skinned female buries her face between her thighs. Tongue circling, she rides slowly, head thrown back, hand on the others shoulder.

Watching them, I let my hunger and lust for my mate build. Switching positions, the blonde has her on her back, with her tongue darting in and out of her canal. Guiding the blondes head, she spreads her legs even wider. Her breathing’s sporadic, coming in small gasps. My thoughts stray to Skye, and my anger takes over.

Pulling them apart, I have the darker skinned one by the hair. The other screams in horror at the sight of my fangs plunging into her. Drinking quickly, until she isn’t able to stand, I have the blonde by the throat, as the other’s body slips to the ground with a thud. The blonde’s screams are muted as my hand tightening around her throat, smothers her cries for help. I silence her forever, as I drain her dry.

It’s a close call, as the detective continues his chase. Running past my hiding place, I should end him, but I’m ill. I’m weak, my speed decreasing, my strength diminishing, and my hunger waning. The girl in the tub, that Nelan ended was his daughter, and he’s hell bent on finding the monster.

He’s encountered our kind before, and was allowed to live… Balen. I pick up on their conversation that he replays constantly in his mind.

“How did you find me?”

“Some of us humans possess the gift of sight.”

“What do you want?”

“I want what you can’t give, my daughter.”

“You’re right, I can’t bring her back.” He says, after some time.

“You killed my... her…” He says, tightly.

“No, I only used her blood for nourishment, but I was there when her life was taken.”

“You’re monsters, you’re going to pay for what you did, what you took from me!”

“Goodbye detective, forget that you ever crossed paths with one of us, as the next encounter won’t end well.”

If we come upon humans that have had interactions with us, we kill them… no questions asked. We can’t risk them seeking us out, many have tried. They lust after what they think is immortality, it’s not. We have a beginning and an end too, except that the time between the two is exceptionally long.

This detective is becoming a nuisance, tracking me incessantly. Trying to keep a distance between us, is becoming too much for me. Watching him in the darkness of the night, he’s stopped, listening. My breathing coming in small gasps, I’m tired, I need to rest.

Taking up residence in a small room, my eyes close for a moment, and reopening them hours later, I’m chained. My abductor coming into view, I struggle to break free of my bonds. “Release me.”

“So that you can drink me, like you did my daughter?”

“I have no interest in your blood.”

“I knew something was wrong with you, as you ran from me. Why are you unable to release yourself, are you sick?”

“Let me go, and I’ll forgive you this trespass.” I state.

“I can’t, I need you.”

“I care not, release me!”

You’re not used to being the prey are you? How does it feel?”

Straining against my bonds, only serves to quickly tire me out again. Laying back onto the bed, I take deep breaths.

“You’re sick aren’t you?” He asks, with a sigh.

“I need her…”

Sitting down in the chair, he runs his hands over his face. “Well then…I have to find her, and quickly. Who is she?”


Waiting in a sitting room, an elderly lady enters wiping tears, as a younger woman hands her a Kleenex. “I’ll contact you in a few days, with an update.” She says, an arm draped around the elderly lady’s shoulders. “Thank you, thank you so much.” Pulling her into a hug, her eyes close. Well if she isn’t the real McCoy, at least she seems sincere.

The older lady exits, and her attention’s turned to me. “Mr. Cox, if you will.” She says, motioning me towards the room, where she escorted the older lady out of. Rich black skin tone, locked hair cascading down her back, a pear shape, and a face free of cosmetics. She’s beautiful, and following her into the room, I can’t help stealing a glance at her shapely ass.

“You wanted to discuss my findings, concerning your daughter.” She says, drawing my attention away from her derriere. Taking the offered seat on the other side of her desk, I prepare myself for the letdown. A charlatan, a beautiful charlatan. I’d hate to have to hurt her, but if she’s wasting my time, then that’s what it will be.

“I don’t know how to tell you this… It’s confusing to me, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“I’m open minded.” I state.

Taking a sip of her tea, her hand trembles, and she has to put it down quickly, lest she spill it.

“Her kidnappers…”

“There was more than one?”

“Yes, they consumed her blood.”

The news doesn’t surprise me, as her body was drained of its blood. “She was kidnapped by an occultist?” I ask. “No, these beings need blood to survive.” There’s an awkward silence, as she waits for me to digest the information. “Vampires…” I state, agitated that she’s gaming me with nonsense.

“I’m telling you what I saw, these weren’t humans pretending to be vampires. They aren’t called that.” She’s piqued my interest, and settling back into the chair, I wait for her to continue. “Alpha Centaurians, they’re not from earth.”

“Aliens that drink blood...”

“I don’t want to be involved any further in this, but I have a name for you, and a starting point where you can find two of them. I’m sure that you can do some digging, and locate the man.”

“Ethan James.” I say, reading from the slip of paper that she’s given me. “I’ve seen him in your future, he can help you.”

Coming to my feet quickly, I thank her with a shake of her hand. “But, I have to warn you, your search for them doesn’t end in your favor.”

“We can always change our destiny’s.” I reply.

“Yes, you do have that option.”

A used to be planetary scientist, who was discredited for his documentary on “The Alpha Centaurians”, aliens living amongst us. A freethinker, who’s trying to explain the “Alpha Centauri planets to me, as we drink lemonade on his patio. The New Mexico heat’s scorching, and I have to stifle a yawn. “Look, I’m not here about the damn planets or anything like that, I want to know if these things are real.”

He’s taken aback by my bluntness, scrutinizing me with mistrust in his eyes. “I’m sorry, what network did you say that you were from?”

“I didn’t, I’m a detective, and my daughter was allegedly murdered by these beings. She was drained of blood, and discarded like trash.”

“By the Alpha Centaurians… they don’t usually prey on us. The women they mate with keeps them fed.”

“And you believe that they’re real?”

“I know that they are.”

“How so?”

“I’ve met one of them.”

“What if I told you, that I’ve captured one of them?”

His delirious, mocking laugh irritates me.

“You do realize who you’re talking to right? These beings are fast, have superhuman strength, regenerative powers…”

“He’s sick or something, that’s how I was able to detain him.”

“Nonsense, they’re immune to diseases, look Mr. whoever you are, I’m done…”

Coming to his feet, I come to mines. “What is it going to take, for you to come with me? How much is it going to cost you, except for a day or two of your time, to verify that I have what I say I have. I’m not sure how much time that we have though, he was weak when I left him.

My little speech worked, and standing before the being, he’s frail looking. “What did you do to him?” Inquires the scientist, fussing over him, checking his vitals. “Don’t… touch… me.” He makes out, before his eyes close. “Is it dead?”

“No.” States the scientist, examining him.”

“So, it’s one of them, right?”

“I don’t know.”

“What? I thought you’ve met one of them before,”

“I have, but if you haven’t noticed, they resemble us.”

“And…? How’d you know that the one that you met was one of them?”

“It took me…”

“Took you where?

“If he is one of them, you had better move him, and keep him on the move.”


A loud noise from the front of the warehouse, we don’t have time to react, before it’s upon us. The scientist’s knocked into the wall, and I’m lifted up in the air by the throat. “Please… let us go…” Begs Ethan, on his knees, mouth bloodied. “Shut up…” I state angrily, gasping for air as his grip tightens. Going for my gun, my wrists promptly broken, and crying out from the pain, I’m discarded. My body flying into the wall with a thud, before darkness takes over.

Coming to, the scientist is in shock on the floor, staring into space. “Sitting up, the room spins slightly. Head in my hands, I take a deep breath to calm my anger. My wrist’s been bandaged, and hurts like the dickens. “He’s gone isn’t he?” I ask.

“Yeah, they can communicate via telepathy, and although he was weak, he managed to call for help.”

“Anything else that I should know about these things?” Unsteadily holding onto the wall, I get up off of the floor. Studying me, his eyes widen suddenly. “I know that you’re not planning on going after them.”

“No, we’re going after them.”

“Like hell we are, I’m going back home.”

I’ve had enough of his cowardice, and using my good hand, I smack the hell out of him. On the floor, hands raised for mercy, I go a step further, and kick him. All for showmanship, as I

can’t kill him, or hurt him too badly, I need him. “Stop… please…”

“You’re going to help me find them, or I’m going to kill you!” I state, drawing my gun.

“Yes… Yes… whatever you want…” He says, pleadingly.

I feel sorry, for what I had to do, but closure is what I need, and revenge is the best way to get it. They took my daughter, and I’m going to take whoever the weak one was needing. A life, for a life taken.

They look like us, keep to themselves, and obey their laws on earth. Needless to say, it’s been difficult to locate them. Exhausting all of his resources, we lucked up and crossed paths with a lizard.

“How many of these things reside on our planet?”

“These things can hear you.” Says the full-figured woman, giving Ethan directions. An underground lair, where a half-breed is being held. A half-breed, the sick one’s mate and her daughter, I’m going to enjoy carving them up.

“I can get you in, but you’re on your own after that.”

“You know that we won’t get far by ourselves.” Says, Ethan.

“Three fresh babes isn’t worth it.”

“How many will it take?” I interject.

The Centaurians, when they do go on the hunt its usually in bars, and for women that are for hire. That’s how they met Lisa, my daughter. An addict and prostitute, who refused my attempts to keep her on the straight and narrow.

My heart breaks, fresh tears spring forth, and its an effort to keep them in check. Turning my back on them, I try to recollect my thoughts and emotions.

“I need ten.” She states..

“What’s to stop you from turning on us, once you have the payment?”

“Because she’ll only get three upfront, and the balance after we’ve made it out safely.” I state.

“I’m going to need at least six upfront, to bribe the other guards.”

Waiting outside in my car, I silently thank Ethan for his affiliations with IT technicians. The illegal ones, who accessed the hospitals records and located ten newly minted babies in the area. Putting the list on the passenger seat, the lights in the house that I’ve been watching finally goes out.

Taking a deep breath, I exit the car and make my way down the quiet street. I wasted no time, pulling up information on the families, and it’s been a breeze so far. Middle class people, with security cameras and alarms, my account’s short forty grand, but the the jamming device for the security was worth it.

This is my last house of the night, and my adrenaline skyrockets when I pick the lock, and make my entrance. Quietly and slowly navigating the home, I wasn’t prepared for the Pit Bull attack.

His snarl comes right before his teeth make a connection with my arm. Catching me unawares, I let loose a howl, that has the home owners who weren’t even asleep clamoring about in their rooms.

Drawing my gun, I put a bullet in the dog, the sound alarming the baby. It’s annoying wailing, followed by a a female shriek puts me further on edge. Running towards the child’s screams, the man of the house makes an appearance, turning on the hallway’s light.

My gun aimed at him halts his steps, right before the butt of it smashes into his nose. He crumples when I hit him in the stomach, and a warning shot aimed at the ceiling, produces another shriek from inside the master bedroom.

Quickly gathering the baby, I can hear siren’s in the distance as I’m sprinting towards my vehicle. The baby’s deposited on the passenger seat, as I calmly make my getaway, driving right past the cops a block away from the neighborhood.

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