The Alpha Centaurians: Eros Love

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Chapter 3


Word has gotten around, about a royal child born here on earth. My child, Kai... held in captivity by the lizards. Rylan’s pleas for help were answered, and he’s been sent back to Centauria. To die a peaceful death it seems, as he’s stricken with grief, and I don’t think that he’s going to be able to overcome it.

I want him out of the way, but not like this. His demise would hurt her, and her pain would be my pain. “Please... I don’t know...” Says, the man being strangled to death by me. The other two lumped together in the corner, downcast eyes, trembling with terror, cringe as his body hits the floor.

Advancing towards them, they clasp their hands together in supplication. “Snatching one up by the hair, his anguished squawk, persuades the other to reveal the truth.

“We don’t know where she is, but we can get you someone who does.”

“You can’t... the lizards are our ally.”

The uncooperative one is choked into unconsciousness, a warning to the other.

“You were saying?” I ask, as his partner’s body drops to the floor.

My father’s refused my request for an army to retrieve them, and so I’ve called upon any and all colonies to assist me, their prince in the rescue of their future queen. Many answered, but only two would dare go against my father’s commands. Rygel, and Akon, the latter had to be promised immunity, and granted permission to return to Centauria.

“What has happened to your face?” Inquires the lizard.

“A Centaurian royal paid me a visit.”

“And he let you live, what did you tell him?” He asks, with a hiss.

“Nothing at all, as he knew nothing ...” I state, coming into the room.

The lizard’s surprise turns to outrage, and he quickly conceals himself. I knew that he wasn’t going to be honorable.

I may not be able to see him, but I can feel his presence and hear his steps. Quietly drawing closer, I pretend not to know the direction he’s moving in.

The human has become small, huddling in a corner, afraid. He grows tired of stalking me, and attacks. Prepared for his assault, I capture him in my grasp. Squeezing, I force him to show himself.

Struggling to break free, I hold him tighter, his limbs thrashing about. I give him a savage shake, which momentarily causes him to cease his fight. My fangs protracting, I take enough to ensure that he’ll not be able to camouflage, or move around without assistance.

“You killed him!” Screams the human in terror, at the lizard lying at my feet.

“He’s alive.” I reply, dragging him to our transportation.

Tossing him in the back, the human visibly flinches at the loud thud his body makes hitting the wall.

“Can you not be gentle with him?”


“And you bit him... if he lives, I’ll die.”

I could care less, they’ve thrown their lot in with our enemy, therefore the humans are our enemy.

It’s a long trek to get to our destination, the lizard’s lair. The human chattering on about the dangers of the feat that I’m attempting.

“You should know better, what are you going to do, you can’t just walk on up in there and demand that they release her.”

“That’s what I intend to do.”

“This is crazy, it’s a suicide mission.”

It is... but for love, you risk everything.

We’re almost to our destination, when my traveling partner has a better plan. The lizard’s can communicate as we can via telepathy, so I would be walking right into a death trap. I had no other options, and I’m desperate.

Draining the lizard to the point of death, he submits. His revelation, induces dread and then hope, that I’ll save her and my daughter.

“Prince Alaric will take her to mate in a days time, and he plans on leaving the lair. For her, he’ll live on the surface.” He says, hissing with disgust.

“Where will they go?”

“I don’t know exactly... somewhere remote, and cold.”

Applying pressure to his throat, he gasps for air, his claws digging into my hands.

“Alaska...” He says hoarsely, his eyes popping out of his head.

His sharp intake of breath at my fangs savagely attacking his neck, I finish him off. The human’s petrified, attempting to escape. I stop him four steps in, with a backwards swipe of my hand.

Standing over him, he recoils into a fetal position, trembling. “Don’t kill me...” I don’t want to, but I have no choice, I can’t risk him going to the lizards with this information.

Disposing of the bodies, I alert Rygel and Akon, Scouts are deployed to every secluded location in Alaska. Short on time, and worried to death, I try to get some sleep. It’s a six hour flight, and giving up, I take a tonic which quickly puts me out.


My brother has an inkling as to where she’ll be, Alaska. She’ll be married to him, as we couldn’t attempt a rescue from inside the lair. We’ll have to wait from them to come to the surface.

Syke has that effect on males, we’ll do anything for her... He knows that it’s a risk to being her topside, but he does it anyway.

The scouts have reported three locations of where they could be, but one draws my attention. A newly built home on St. Matthews’s island, further investigation reveals a blueprint for a special heating source of UVB in the home.

I’m headed that way, and knowing that he wouldn’t bring her to the surface without maximum security, I send word of her location. We’re going to need all of the help that we can get.

My hunger isn’t my only driving force, I love her. I need her in more ways than one, and it’s starting to consume me once more. My brother will have to share, Rylan... he’s done for, so I’m not worried about him.

I’m amazed at how slow things move here on earth. Twenty five hours via ship, to get to a destination! I’m the only passenger getting off, and looking around, I pick up on a multitude of scents. My brother’s already here, with his army, locating them is easy, and the greeting is spiritless.

“Brother.” He says, in a clipped tone.

We’re both weary, agitated and in need, I’m ready to go now. Let’s storm the fortress, rescue the damsels in distress, but tact is needed if we’re to bring them both back alive. I don’t know much about the lizard prince, but from our short interactions, I know that he’d kill her just so that we couldn’t have her.

“She’s joined with him.” Says Balen.

“I know.”

“If he’s consummated the union...”

“I know.” I repeat.

We can’t kill him, her DNA further complicates things, as she’s a part of both of our worlds. She’s bound by their laws, and ours... killing him for his mate would cause a war. As long as the union isn’t consummated, it cannot hold.

I take a portion of the army and storm the rear, while Balen leads the attack from the front. They saw us coming, but we were too many. Apparently the Prince thought that no one would know of his whereabouts, as he had a meager amount of guards.

The most tasking issue was the negotiation process, which consisted of us busting down the door to the room, where he barricaded them in. They’re both seated on the bed, with the Prince standing next to them.

Relief evident on Skye’s features, the girl’s frightened. She’s just a few feet away, and I can’t stand not being able to touch her.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave my home.” He says, calmly.

“You’re in no position to make any demands.” I state.

“Nelan...” Warns Balen.

“I think that I’m in the perfect position.” He says, his fingers roughly pulling on Skye’s hair. She grimaces from her head being yanked to the side, her hand going to his to try to ease his grip. Whimpering, the girl latches onto her mother, hugging her.

“It’s okay...” Says Skye, trying to calm her down.

“Tell them to leave.” He says, to Skye.

Looking to Balen, she doesn’t respond, terror in her eyes. Alaric’s fingernails extending, sharp and deadly. He runs a nail slowly down her neck. Her eyes closing, she tries to withdraw from him, but he holds fast to her. Taking a deep breath, her eyes reopen, and I know that I’m not the only one to pick up on her capitulation.

“Let him take Kai with him, and I’ll do it.” She states.


“You don’t need her, let him take her.”

I’m waiting for Balen to give the order to attack, but it never comes. We have the advantage, his judgment is misguided! He’s thinking of their safety, as am I, but this can’t go on forever. We must act now, annoyed, and full of rage, I charge him.

“Nelan, don’t!” Balen yells, too late.

I can hear his nail rip her flesh, her small gasp from the pain, as my body connects with his. He’s released her, and Balen goes to her, as the soldiers help me detain him. Face down on the floor, he puts up a small fight, but a kick to the head puts a end to that.

I can smell the blood, and going to her, Balen’s examining the wound, insignificant and already healing. Hugging him, he eyes fall to me, and she offers a silent thank you.

I leave them...


We’re safe on Centauria, Balen and Nelan rescued us. Upon returning, I’d checked on Rylan and was hurt to see him in such a state. His weak smile, as I hugged his diminishing body, brought me to tears.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Heartbreak.” Explains Balen.

“Is he going to get better?”

“The healer says that he should.”

Reunited with Balen, we mainly stayed in his rooms, enjoying each others company and indulging in each others bodies.. I’d shared my memories of Kai during her adolescent days, to which he openly wept.

“I love you.” He says, as I lay in his arms.

“I love you more.” I reply.

Lovingly kissing my fingers, I try to keep my thoughts of Nelan at bay. I miss him, and have yet to set eyes upon him since Alaska.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, sensing my stress.


“Rylan’s improving, the healer said that he should be fully restored within a week’s time.”

“That’s good.” I state, happy that I’ll be able to spend some quality time with him soon.

“And Nelan needs you.” His admission causes my heart to skip a beat. “You shouldn’t have let him drink from you, and you definitely shouldn’t have bit him.” He adds.

“It just happened...”

“Go to him tomorrow, his pain is starting to disturb me.” He replies, as I snuggle closer to him.

I found him, waiting for me in a small grove on the palace grounds. He doesn’t say anything, just watches me as I make my way over to him. The silence is eerie, as his gaze unsettles me.

“You know that I hate it, when you do that.” I say, quietly.

Closing the distance between us, I take pleasure from his hand gently stroking my cheek. His hand trembles, and I know that he’s holding back. Taking his hand in mine, I turn my face from his, offering him a drink.

His breathing’s deep and labored, but he doesn’t accept my offer. Stepping away from him confused, he pulls me into him, his hand lifting my chin as his lips claim mine.

“Mmm...” I murmur, as a quiver has started in my stomach, and an ache between my legs. His hand circling my waist, as he pulls me closer, he gives me everything.

The panic that he felt when I was taken, the hunger and need, as he searched for me, the pain he endured when he was beaten and starved, the hurt that he felt when he walked away from me in Alaska, and finally... the love that he has for me.

My sexual desire reaches a fever pitch, as his kisses drift lower. Leading him deeper into the grove, we take advantage of a welcoming bench. Lifting my dress, as he pulls me atop him, his tongue making figure eights along my neck, sends a wave of heat through my center.

Quickly undoing his trousers, his member springs forth, sizable and thick. His fingers aggressive but gentle, stroke the wetness between my thighs. Pushing his hand away, I swiftly take him all in, savagely riding him.

His hand around my throat, as he guides my strokes... head thrown back in ecstasy, the need to quickly satisfy my body’s craving is overwhelming. My pace increasing, my orgasm building, he puts a halt to it.

His hand firmly holding me still, I try to break free of his grasp and fail. Emitting a soft whimper, as his hand around my throat tightens, I have no choice but to accept his dominance.

Allowing me to slowly rock back and forth, to appease the lust filled ache, I grow frustrated with not being able to do as I please. The rhythmic pulse below, begging to be slaked, I use my one and only power move.

Stroking the back of his neck, his hold on my throat is ended, his body going rigid, quick intake of breath, I take the opportunity to pound my core into delirium. My strokes coming hard and fast, I continue my power play, our bodies in tune, he grips my hips, as our bodies dispel bursts of energy through sexual fulfillment.

In a state of relaxation, his fangs sting and his venom calms me. He tolerates my drinking from him in silence, gently pushing me away when he wants me to stop. I don’t want this to end, but Balen’s silently calling for me, he knows...

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