The Alpha Centaurians: Eros Love

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Chapter 4


They’ve found her and brought her back. I was sick, dying of heartbreak and failure. My strength has returned, and I can’t wait to be reunited with her.

The King’s commenced with the meeting of the mates ceremony and to my surprise, Balen has no issues with it. In fact, he welcome’s it, which arouses my suspicions.

The healer checks my vitals once more, and smiling reassuringly nods his approval. I feel great, and locating her, I test my stamina. Taking a deep breath, I push my speed to the limit, heading to her rooms.

Coming to a stop at her door, I don’t even knock before entering. Her face register’s surprise and then joy. She was preparing for the evenings festivities, a black and gold gown, her hair hanging loosely.

Rushing into my arms, I lift her up, her legs straddling my waist. Our lips meeting hotly, her arms around my neck, I carry her to my rooms, all the while her passionate kisses are unrelenting. Taking my time, I lay her on the bed, removing her clothing with care. “Not going to rip it off of me?” She asks, in between kisses, as the gown’s deposited on the floor.

“ I actually like this on you, I want to see you in it tonight.” Circling each nipple with my tongue, I move lower, my tongue drifting to her thigh

“I love you.” She whispers, as I bury my face between her legs. She opens wider as my tongue makes contact with her pearl. Sharp intake of breath, as I slowly circle her flower, my attentions focused on her clitoris, her body spasms with every flick of my tongue.

“Ah... Mmm...”

Her juices dripping down my chin, I aim to take in every drop her honeypot has to offer. Her hands cradling my head, as my tongue enters her center repeatedly, her legs start to shake, and I know that she’s on the verge of release.

“Not yet...” I whisper.

Smiling, she pulls me to her, her tongue cleaning her juices from my lips. Pushing me back onto the bed, I assist her in the removal of my clothing. Licking her lips at the sight of my staff, hard and ready, the warmth of her mouth surrounding the head, before she moves slowly downwards, forces a drawn-out sigh from me.

A hand on her head, as she makes quick short movements up and down my shaft, my eyes close and I’m in heaven. It’s euphoria as her hand grips my length, her mouth meeting her hand strokes half-way. It doesn’t take long before my release starts to build, and I stop her, forcing her onto her back.

Momentarily startled by my quickness, she lets out a light laugh, her lips meeting mines forcefully. Groping my sex, I’m unable to control my drive, I flip her onto her stomach.

Entering her from behind, quick long strokes, she inhales deeply at my assault. Her breathing matching my rhythm, the wetness of her soft center, brings me close to the edge. Coming to an immediate halt, I take deep breaths to calm myself.

My mate’s impatient, her walls gripping my rod, her rear bouncing, my fingers entwine in her hair. Guiding her strokes, my pace quickens, pounding her canal mercilessly. A wave of pleasure building with each stroke, my hold on her hair tightens.

Her head thrown back, her moans of gratification, heightens my libido. “Skye...” I gasp out, but she’s reckless... heedless to my warning. She continues on, her moist core pulling and tugging, losing my self control, I give in.

Closing my eyes, as my cum hot and quick shoots into her sex, I’m floating on a wave of pleasure, which ends much too quickly.

“Please stop trying to read me.” I state, with a smile. We’re a few paces from our destination, and she’d been worrisome the entire duration. “If you would just tell me, then I wouldn’t have to.”

Finally, the carriage comes to a stop, and disembarking, I help her down. It’s a beautiful castle by the sea, a few days travel from the palace. Balen refused to let her go, without a small army of guards.

“Whose home is this?” She asks, taking in it’s stunning magnificence.

“Someone important.” I state.

I’d done some searching and found him, I don’t know how this is going to go, but I hope that it goes well.

We’d been welcomed in by a domestic worker, and shown to our rooms, where we freshened up, with Skye attempting to take advantage of me. As much as I wanted to, I can’t be disrespectful.

Donning a cream colored gown, I escort her to the dining area. We’re seated and waiting for our host’s, when I feel her fingers slowly inching downwards. One has to give her credit for being persistent.

A meaningful look and she gives me an agitated huff, before downing her wine in an unladylike manner. A small pout gracing her beautiful face, I lift her chin, applying a light kiss. - Give her an inch and she’ll take a mile. Her hand gently touching my face, her tongue seeks mine.

“Ahem...” Someone clearing their throat, forces us a part. Our host and hostess, I immediately come to my feet, with Skye following my lead. They’re both studying her in silence, something that makes her uncomfortable.

Taking her hand to comfort her, she gives me a non-verbal thank you. “You look like your mother.” His statement puzzles her, and she does a quick read of him. I pick up shock, disbelief, hurt, anger and then total hatred, from her.

Her father, Arman... they share the same skin tone, and have the same eyes. I had thought to please her, with a few weeks stay at his home, so that she could get to know him. I could not have been more wrong, she’s uncomfortable, and refuses to participate in the conversation.

Skye’s quiet the entire meal, pushing the food around on the plate, and consuming a large quantity of the wine.

“Where were you stationed?”

“The eastern division, where I met Skye’s mother.”

“And where you left her, to die.”

I wanted her to be engaging, but not like this.


We’ve bartered a trip into the lizard’s lair, and damn if it isn’t hot. “Now I know, that I can’t go to hell.” I whisper, to Ethan. His eyes are round as saucers, taking in everything. No doubt, that he’s mentally working on another book.

“Keep quiet...” States our tour guide, vehemently.

Halls, and lots of them, I gave up on trying to memorize the way back out. It’s eerily quiet, until we make one last and final turn, and then boom! A great ruckus of shouts and cheers, that forces Ethan and I to immediately cover our ears. The noise has us going to our knees in pain. Our guide forces something into our ears, and then we’re able to come to our feet again.

“What the hell was that?” I inquire.

“A celebration, the half-breed and Prince Alaric are being joined as one.”

Her eyes change from human to reptile instantly, and for once I can say that I’m truly afraid. “There are other humans in attendance, but try not to look like this is new to you.” At that, she opens the doors, and thinking of my daughter, I will away my anxiety.

The room is so great, that it looks to be the size of an island. It’s an ocean of beings, all looking towards a vast stage. Three people seated on thrones, two lines of people, ascending and descending the stage, bowing and giving gifts.

A man, a woman and a child. That must be her, mocha colored skin tone, a beautiful face and figure. The girl at her side, is a younger version of her, pretty. I came here for a reason, so let’s get on with it.

I knew that my ticket was for one way, and backing away from them, I make my way slowly to the stage. Keeping my eyes on the prize, all the way through the crowd, I hear the lizard in my head, telling me to cease and desist.

Too late for all that... continuing on, I discreetly wrangle the blade from my sleeve. Keeping it hidden, I watch her... she offers a small smile that doesn’t reach her eyes. Piles of gold and silver surround them, jewels of different sizes and colors.

The lizard had gotten us into the VIP section, and it doesn’t take long, before I’m on the stage, in the ascending line. The guards keeping the gifters moving at a steady pace, it’s not long before I’m in front of her.

No one is suspicious of me, and my over exaggerated bow. I bring up memories of my daughter as a child, when she was happy, ending with images of her lying dead in a hotel room bathtub. Sadness turns to hatred, and I stand there as the line continues on. I finally mourn the death of my child, letting the tears in streams flow down my face.

All three are watching me, silent, but her... her face registers compassion, and understanding. “Do you think that she would have wanted this for you?” She asks, quietly. The Prince looks from me to her, and then back at me.

“Move along...” He says.

My attention going to her daughter... I can think of no greater revenge. “No...!” She screams, coming to her feet. I’m quick, throwing the knife at the girl, before my body’s slammed backwards into a nearby pillar.

I’m pinned to it, as the knife’s momentarily suspended in the air, before it falls to the floor. A collaborative silence fills the room, and getting my bearings, my body aches from the hit. The Prince and the girl have come to their feet, as all eyes are on me, human and reptile.

Her hands outstretched, she holds me... nothing surprises me anymore. “You could have survived this!” She yells at me. Letting me go, I fall to the ground, and I’m immediately attacked.

Kicks to every part of my body, I take them, not even trying to protect myself. “Bring him to me!” States, the Prince.

Roughly lifted and carried back to the stage, I’m dropped at their feet. Through one eye, I see the girl clinging to her mother. “I captured a sick Centaurian... He was looking for his mate, you... they killed my daughter...”

Beckoning with a wave of his hand, my knife is handed to him. “You attempted to take my mate’s daughter’s life, and so for your actions, you must pay with yours.” He says. The blade sliding along my throat, the warm blood flowing freely, I struggle to breathe.

My thoughts are of Lisa, when she was a child... happy... and I smile.


I receive my brother’s thoughts, and his emotions... She’s allowed him access to her heart, and now her body. I’m not upset, as I knew that this was coming. They’re bonded to each other via blood, slaves to each others venom. He loves her, and I can’t help being possessive, summoning her back to me, after.

His venom may be more potent, than mine and Rylan’s, but my hold on her heart is stronger. She’s uncertain, thinking that I’m angry with what she’s done. “I’m sorry.” Offering her a forgiving smile, I motion for her to come to me.

She does so with trepidation, stopping a few feet from me. Bridging the small gap between us, I pull her close, kissing the top of her head. “If I told you to go to him, don’t you think that I had an idea of what would become of it?”

“You’re not mad?”

“No, but if there’s anymore, I’ll have to start killing a few of your paramours off.”

Her light laugh is rewarding, as she hugs me tighter. I’m overjoyed, she brings me happiness, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her.

The reptile King Drax, demand’s his son’s release. Alaric is being held hostage, until he rescinds his claim on Skye. He didn’t consummate the marriage, so it’s by definition null and void.

“He’s given us an ultimatum, release his son within three days time, or risk war for his liberation.” States, my father.

“They can’t win.” Responds, Nelan.

“We’re not going to war for her, I’d sooner send her back to where she came from.”

“You won’t have to, I have every intention of releasing him, I just want his admittance that he has no claim on her.” I state.

My father’s scorn towards her is becoming an annoyance. He’s going to have to accept that she’s not going anywhere, and where she goes I’ll follow.

“I’ve already sanctioned his release, he’s being transported back as we speak.”

“Did you not think, to consult with me on this issue?”

“No, I’m the king, I don’t need your council.”

“He was my hostage.”

“Who was a threat to my kingdom. Balen... this human that you’ve brought to my home, is turning out to be a nuisance.”

“This human has gave you your first grandchild, deny it if you want, but she adds value to our legacy, in more ways than one.” Says, Nelan.

“You’re taking his side, the one who only wanted to breed her?”

“The one who’s now in love with her.” He replies.

Deep sigh in resignation, the anger in his eyes subsides. “You hate her for all of the wrong reasons. Why can’t you love her as we do, for all the right ones?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

He harbors a hatred for Skye, a jealousy towards her for her ability to live with us. Something our mother couldn’t do, he brought her here, and tried everything possible to keep her ... multiple experiments on her, that failed. In the end, she was unrecognizable... a mass of decaying, broken down flesh with soulless eyes.

“Leave me...” He says tiredly, after receiving what little memories that I had of her, the monster that she’d become, the monster that he’d inadvertently turned her into.

My daughter Kai... she resembles her mother, beautiful. She’s practicing archery, in the garden, when I join her. I’m elated at her warm acceptance of me, stopping to embrace me with a tight hug. “I’m sorry, that I wasn’t there for you, to protect you.”

“You saved us, you and... my uncle...” She says, with a laugh.

“What did you learn about relationships on earth?” I ask, after a quick read of her.

“That you and mom’s situation-ship isn’t the norm.”

“Well, we’re on Centauria now, and you’re a Centaurian, so it’s time that you were learned in our ways.”

“Do I get to have more than one mate?” She ask, with a smirk.

Oh, no... Skye’s laughter from behind us, gets our attention.

“That’s a conversation for you and your mother.”

“Nope, you’re not getting off that easy.” Says Skye, our lips meeting quickly.

Kai returns to her lesson’s as we watch on. “I love you both.” I state, hugging her from behind. “I love you too.”


We meet in the grove, our secret place. “I’ve missed you.” I tell her, as I pull her into my arms. “I’ve missed you too.” She says, quietly. She’s still upset about her father, who Rylan has invited back to the palace.

“He means well...” I tell her.

I was surprised that he’d survived, death was knocking at his door, and he refused to open it. The situation would be easier with just Balen and I, but if I must share her with Rlan also, then so be it.

“I know, but I don’t want him here.”

“Family means everything to us, and it’s important that you have a healthy relationship with him.”

“Oh, like you and Balen?”

Well, I see that someone’s feeling malicious today. “I love my brother, we just don’t get along that well.” My honesty produces a small smile from her. “Now that’s much better, than that dreary frown.”

Skye’s arms going around my neck, my lips gently caress her’s. Her scent driving me mad, I quickly get to the point of our gathering. Waves of gratification courses through me, as her fingers find the nape of my neck. Withdrawing my fangs from her flesh, with a deep sigh, she’s watching me with desire in her eyes.


It’s Rylan, with her father. Quickly releasing me, I take her hand in mine. It was Balen’s idea to keep our union private, I have no problem staking my claim. “I tolerate Balen, but now I have to deal with his brother?” His fury’s written all over his face.

“You tolerate Balen, as you will me, because you have no choice but to.” I state arrogantly, stopping her from going to him, with a pull on her hand. The lust is gone, and I see outrage in her eyes.

“Come.” He tells her, a statement to show his dominance.

Reclaiming her hand in a not so nice way, I’m given a murderous glare, before she leaves my side. Watching her join them, I’m left with thoughts riddled with vengeance. He’s going to be a problem, but if someone has to go, then it might as well be him.

My brother’s by her side, Princess Sereya. I didn’t think that he’d go along with it, but he did. He accepted her as his chosen mate to pacify father. Their compromise, he denied King Brindon’s request to have his son breed Skye.

My brother doesn’t have the stomach for treachery. I would have disposed of the lizard prince and Rylan, and then took Skye back to earth. Prince Gael wouldn’t have followed, and father may have been left with a war, but he has the resources to win.

I don’t know what he’s planning or if he’s planning anything at all. Skye’s blood has made him powerful, and our link to each other is being broken. My powers are gaining, but he has the advantage, as he’s had access to her blood for longer than I have.

Watching him and Rylan playing the doting mates, I shake my head at the stupidity of both of their actions. But, their loss is my gain, and taking one last look at Skye, I head out to the hallway. I know she’ll be through this way in a moment, as she’s inwardly fuming.

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