The Alpha Centaurians: Eros Love

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Chapter 5


“What am I going to do with you?” I’m livid, and demand that he shows some diplomacy. He lacks consideration for the feelings of others, is thoughtless, and insensitive!

“I refuse to believe that I’m all of that.” He says, reading me.

Not able to take seeing Balen with his mate, I left the meeting of the royal mates ceremony. Rylan had something to with my early departure also, as he was being petty, escorting Caera, his chosen mate to the ceremony.

Stewing over the injustice of it all, I ran into Nelan in the hallway. He’s unperturbed by my irritation, and letting my eyes wander over his toned body, my thoughts lean towards the erotic.

His roguish smirk, gives away his knowledge of my hunger for him. “Since my time with you was cut short, I’ll see you tonight.”

The man’s definitely presumptuous, but I think that I have the cure for his illness. “Not tonight, It’s Rylan’s turn.” I called myself being cheeky, which ended up with me being roughly pushed up against the wall, with his hand around my throat.

“Well, I might as well take you now then.”

Riled up at his manhandling of my person, I go into full on attack mode. Kicking, kneeing, and trying to scratch his eyes out. His mocking laugh, infuriates me further, as my attempts at beating him up, are promptly suppressed.

My arms pinned against the wall, he leans in to kiss me, and I turn away from him. His lips gently suckling my sweet spot. The warm streaks of pleasure striking my sensitive parts, I yield to his wishes.

Self-control and inhibitions gone, his trousers are quickly lowered and I’m lifted against the wall. Stretched to the limits, his thickness sends a ripple of delight throughout my core, with every thrust of his hips.

Silently screaming his name, when his rod pokes my G-spot, I encourage him to go deeper. “Don’t... “ He says, at my attempts to keep my squeals of delight quiet. I’m not brave enough just yet, to have the entire palace buzzing about our sexual escapades.

His reprimand for my disobedience, is to turn his attentions once again to my spot. I’m loving his need to bring me to heel, and rebelling has rewarding results. Slowing his tempo, I push down on his upward strokes, taking his full length in, and pushing backwards on his down-stroke.

Going all the way up his shaft, to the tip and all the way down to his sack, has the desired effect, a low moan of pleasure from him.

Relinquishing my control over him, he retakes the lead, going in for the kill. Matching his rhythm, a pressure slowly starts to build, a tight coil, that has me murmuring my approval. “Nelan...” I whisper.

His last strokes, touching my soul, I surrender to my release, his seed flowing into my canal, giving me added pleasure.

Making our rounds of the palace grounds, we’re moving along at a slow pace. My father’s invited me out for a horseback ride, and Nelan talked me into accepting. He’s meandering at a slower pace behind us, I’m not to go anywhere without one of them being with me, or a sentinel of guards.

“I had hoped that we would be able to have, some type of a relationship.”

“My mother lost her mind because of you, can you bring her back to me?”

“You know that I can’t.”

“Then I owe you nothing.”

My admonishment silences him, and we continue on a few more paces, before he tries again. “I loved your mother, she meant the world to me.” I’d heard all of this before, their duty... blah... blah...blah...

“One of my mates was willing to stay on earth with me, he loved me, and would have risked not seeing all of this.” I state, gesturing to the beauty of their world. “Just to be with me, because he loved me... that’s love. You left us both behind, so... I thank you for meeting with me, I can finally close this chapter of my life.”

Turning my horse around, I whip him into a fast gallop away from the man that abandoned me and my mother.

“Make him leave, I don’t want to ever see him again.” Lying in his arms, Nelan kisses the top of my head. “I’ll have him removed tomorrow morning.” Good, I have enough to worry about, I don’t need any unnecessary added stress from him.

Nelan’s been supportive, taking Kai under his tutelage. I didn’t know anything about the man, except that he’s arrogant, sexy, and an ardent lover. In the weeks that followed, I learned that he’s talented in the fine arts.

A skilled artist, painter, musician, sculptor, dancer, writer... He’s teaching her to play the piano, tapping her fingers lightly when she messes up. I’m watching them from the doorway, when Balen appears beside me.

We haven’t spoken since the ceremony, and his presence makes me nervous. Nelan picking up on this, keeps his attention trained us, while Kai restarts the song again. “I was expecting to see you last night, you’ve been avoiding me.”

“I thought that you and your mate, would need some time together.”

“I only have one mate.”

“Look Balen, you made your choice. I told you that I wouldn’t accept her, and I’m not.”

I’m not looking for a fight, I’ve found complete an utter happiness, I want to keep it this way.

“Seems unfair...”

“What, that I’m sleeping with your brother, a relationship that you gave your blessings to?”

“That you would condemn me, for accepting my father’s arrangement, that was made well before my birth.”

“Your father made sure that you would be with her, what do you want from me, my favor? Fine, it’s okay to screw your mate Balen, you want her… go ahead. I’m fine with Nelan, he’s...”

I don’t get to finish my sentence, as the violence in his eyes, forces me to halt my verbal attack on him. The music has stopped, and Nelan has moved to my side with a quickness that startles me.

“I expect to see you tonight, and that’s not a request.” He says tightly, before leaving the room.


My mother and father are welcoming, happy to see Skye alive and well. She’s still angry with me, for my negligent behavior, bringing Caera to the ceremony. I did it because I was upset, that she’d taken on another as a mate.

I love this woman, but she’s doing entirely too much. We’d taken dinner outside, under the trees, conversation’s light and reaching for her, she doesn’t fight me. She called herself punishing me for my actions, and refused to see me.

I had to make a choice, stay with her and her male harem, or move on and make a life with Caera. They don’t choose sides and won’t get involved, as they care for them both, and will be happy with whomever I choose.

Caera has done nothing but love me, and Skye... she loves me, but she also loves two others. Despite her love for Balen and Nelan, I chose my mate, and Caera didn’t take it too well, as she’s imprinted on me.

I never wanted to hurt her, but my allegiance is to Skye, I love her. But something concerns me, we’ve all been sharing her bed, and it’s been 56 moon cycles. Which one of us, is the father?

I’d taken her to see the family healer, I hadn’t picked up on her having any notion that she might be pregnant. So I kept my excitement to myself, I didn’t want her to know why she was really here. It’s been too long since her last health check, was what I told her.

His findings were disheartening, she wasn’t pregnant, which is abnormal, as all Centaurian men are virile , until death. “Neem was found in her system, which isn’t harmful... but the quantity of it causes some concern.”


“It’s such a large amount, that it’s being taken for one specific reason, contraception.”

His report fills my heart with dread, and taking her back to my home, I unleash my hurt filled anger. “Where is it!” I yell, emptying clothing drawers in my search.

“What are you talking about?” She ask, moving out of my way.

“The Neem, the plant that you’re consuming, to keep you from getting pregnant.”

Fear racks her face and her heart, as it’s skipped a beat. Racing from the room, I follow her, catching up to her is easy, as she has human speed. I’ve pinned her against the door, as she struggles to break free of my grasp.

“Let me go!” She screams, twisting and turning.

“Skye, stop this!”

Thrashing about, I do the one thing that comes to mind, that usually calms her. Inhaling sharply at my bite, it doesn’t take long for her to quiet down. Tears spring forth, upon my release of her, and I gather her into my arms.

“Why did you do it?”

“I want to give you a child, but I wanted to enjoy you first. Nelan told me that pregnancy was guaranteed, anytime that I lay with one of you. So if I stop taking it, I’d get pregnant by the first person that I had sex with.”

Both of them are turning out to be a problem... Nelan and Balen both. I haven’t forgotten, nor forgiven him for sending me to earth, to father a child with another, when my mate needed me the most.


Skye’s father and his mate were found murdered, their throats cut, bodies dismembered. Strange that she never shed one tear, and really didn’t want to hear about it. Lilacs, that’s the only scent that was found at their home.

Kai had spent some time with him at my request, he did his duty and fathered a child. He cannot be blamed for doing what was required of him. I had hoped that Skye would have given him a chance, to repair their relationship.

But you can’t force a relationship, both parties have to be willing participants. Kai was saddened, but she recovered quickly. I’m at peace, I have my mate, my child and an arrangement with Sereya.

King Brindon wasn’t honest in his role as match-maker. She was never modified to recognize me as her mate, and so she does as she pleases. To save face, father came up with an arrangement, that appealed to the both of us, and no one is the wiser.

A celebration for no other reason, than to celebrate joy, peace and prosperity. Plucking Kai from the arms of a young suitor, we share a father, daughter dance. “Be nice... I like him, and mom’s already met him.”

“You’ve yet to introduce him to me.” I state, in reference to smitten suitor that’s watching her earnestly. “There’s a reason behind that...” She says, as I twirl her.

I have a light chuckle at her expense, I’ve managed to run off every admirer that she’s enchanted. “Dad...”

“Fine... we’ll dine in our apartment tomorrow, bring him.”

“Do I have your word, that you’ll be on your best behavior.”

“I promise.” I state, with a laugh.”


“I promise...” I state, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I reply.

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