The Alpha Centaurians: Eros Love

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Chapter 6


The Alpha Centaurians: Eros Love Part 2


Waking, I’d heard her in my sleep, calling for me. “Kai!” I scream, in a panic. Balen wakes with a start, his arms going around me protectively. “What’s wrong?” I’m out of the bed quickly, pulling on my clothes.

“It’s Kai, something’s wrong.”

Calling to her via telepathy, she doesn’t answer. “She’s not responding.”

“Wait.” Says Balen, pulling on his clothes. I make a dash for her apartment in the palace, and using my handprint, we gain access to her rooms. “Kai!” I call out, going from room to room. “She’s not here.” I state.

“Maybe she’s with a friend.” He offers.

“No, something’s wrong.”

Her friend’s home was searched, along with their family and any close friends of their families. Any and all were interrogated, no one knew of her whereabouts. “I didn’t dream anything, I heard her screams, while I was sleeping, they woke me up.” I state, agitated that I’m having to repeat the story again.

“We have to find her...” I state, as Balen’s arms offer support.

She could be anywhere, trackers and bounty hunters showed up in droves, as a king’s ransom was offered to anyone who could locate her. Days, and then weeks passed. Sleepless nights, trying days, and strained relationships. I wanted no comfort, and I offered none, I wanted my daughter.

I’m in my rooms, watching from the window, the festivities below. A celebration to boost morale. Leaning against the window, I refill my glass, when a knock on the door startles me. I’d been left to rot in peace, refusing any and all company, including my mates.

Two would be out searching for weeks, and the one would be left to watch over me. “Leave me alone!” I scream out. The door opens to Nelan, and I’m tempted to throw my drink at him. I don’t want to waste a good port though, So I drain my glass, and refill it again.

“I want you to accompany me to the celebration.”

I let loose a delirious laugh, and turn back to the window. “You need to get out of this room.” He adds.

“I will, when my daughter’s found.”

“And when she is, do you want her to be ostracized because of her mother’s actions? There’s talk of your being sick in the head going around, and father thinks that you should be sent back.”

Tears welling up, I let them fall... “This was never my home to begin with.” I state.

“This is your home, and you have people here that care for your well being.” Silently I beg him to go, to leave me be. “I wish you would join me, it’s been too long since you smiled, since...”

I shut him out, waiting until he’s left to break down, collapsing on the floor in tears. I silently mourn the loss of her, calling for her repeatedly, with no response.

To be continued...

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