Dangerous Thirst vs An Innocent Rose

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Billionaire Liam falls head over heels without even realizing that he is doing extraordinary things for his lover Katie. Liam must find a queen yo rule by his side; one that is fit to handle all the responsibilities. He meets a beautiful woman but all he can think about is what it would be like to possess her and make his only. He has a long history with his bitch ex Tina and once again she always finds a way to weasel her way in. She will do anything to get what she wants. There will be a royal rumble when she discovers Liam's love interest and Katie is no push over either. The honeymoon phase of Liam and Katie's relationship will be one worth remembering. Read as the drama, love, passion and deep intimacies unveils; expect the unexpected...........

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

A Dangerous thirst vs An Innocent rose

I’m so lazy today I don’t feel like jogging this morning I ignored those feelings and I began stretching. I saw this melanin hunk he was all I’ve ever desired before I knew what I really need. I watch him jog as sweat beads trickled down his bare chest. My mouth began to water as the distance closes between us. Pull yourself together girl desperation is not pretty.

“Hi, I’m Liam” he stretched his hand a few seconds passed before I took his hand and finally spoke from the fatal intoxication of his accent. It’s nice to meet you I’m Katie. “Beautiful name for a beautiful woman” That accent enchanted me...

“Care to join me?

Maybe you could show me around I’m new in town.” I was all too happy to oblige.

Where are you from, I asked? His beautiful brown eyes beamed as he answered “London England.” I smiled. Thinking about staying here or just visiting? “I’m actually the owner of the house across from your apartment.” Ok great...

My mind began to wonder about my fairy tale romance growing up as a child. His beautiful accent pulled me out of my daylight dreaming. “What’s going on in that head of yours?” he asked. Just work I’m new to this firm I joined I’m a legal representative for a huge company. “Okay beautiful I will see you around.”

Damn its Monday already I thought to myself as I spun over to stop my alarm clock. It’s a gloomy day I peeped through my curtains to see the snow slowly and trickling down on my window pane. I hopped into my car and drove as I mentally prepared myself for my first official presentation. Entering my office door, I saw a glimpse of guy that looks so much like Brett. Hell, no I thought; can’t be. I slowly closed my office door and plopped into my chair. I made some final preparations for my meeting and head into the broad room. We start in five Katie; my coworker Kevin said and best friend said.


She is so beautiful, there is something about her that is literally pushing me closer to be with her. I got to have to her and no one else; I must make her mine but how do I go about that without looking like a desperate hungry dog. Well, I guess the first step is to ask her to dinner and see how that works out. Damn………. the things I want to do to her she will be begging for more when I’m done.

“Your grace, the meeting commences in the next five minutes.” My assistant said and dragged me back to reality. Please don’t call me that here Brandon and I’ll be right there. The last thing I need is a reminder of the pressures of finding a wife and fulfilling my responsibilities as a king. I pulled myself together button my jacket and head to the board room. Good morning everyone!


Holy shit! That’s a familiar voice. Oh my God, that’s Liam oh my God! He’s the boss…. Good, God! Calm yourself girl…take a deep breath and keep your cool. He makes eye contact with me and winked, so I gave him a cheeky smile. The meeting finished with me sealing the deal with a major company and getting a smile from the boss himself he came up to me, congratulate me and told me how impressive I was in the meeting. Kevin came up to me and gave me the biggest hug. To my absolute surprise, Liam was staring at us with a serious look on his face. Oh, are those jealous lines on his face. I pulled away and introduced my BFF. After which his face relaxed a bit and I told Kevin we’ll talk at lunch.


I would love to take you to dinner after work and 7 does that work for you?


Actually, make that 8. He’s so freaking hot I cannot control myself, he just wants to rip out my inner bitch each time I’m around him. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. It’s on the brink of driving me completely nuts.


Sounds good can’t wait!
Katie Daniels you are so beautiful and I have to be with you, there is something special about you; I must find out what’s pulling me closer to you.


Did he just ask me out…? whew! I screamed in my mind yes!

I went on with my day completely cool like he’s just another guy. All this time I’m hiding just how much I’m into him. I found Kevin in the lunchroom and filled him in about my secret rendezvous dinner tonight with the boss himself. Before I knew it, the day was almost over and its almost time for my date! “Go get him tigress” Kevin whispers in my ear and head out.

Getting ready was a blast my makeup was on fleek, hair looks amazing and my dress was on point. Red is definitely my color! The dress hugs my figure like water poured into a container damn I’m rocking this dress I thought to myself as I examined my figure in the mirror.

Liam is here right on time too, he stepped out of his car with such grace and poise. He exudes confidence. Ding! ding! The doorbell rang he is looking more handsome by the minute.

I opened the door and greeted him, “wow you look stunning” he said. Thank you. You cleaned up nicely yourself Liam. Shall we go? “Lead the way, my lady.” He opened the door for me to which I gracefully respond with a thank you.

The evening went well eating fancy food and having the finest wines.


Would you like to come over for dessert? “I thought we had dessert already but how can I say no to a little extra” she responded with this coy look on her face. We left the restaurant and in minutes we were back home eating ice-cream and making small talk. You are so beautiful Katie I gave her a lingering look. Before she knows it, I was planting the most passionate kiss on her lips. She smells and tastes just like vanilla, you smell delicious Katie. Can I taste you? She looked deep into my eyes as if she was staring into the depths of my soul and nod. I began removing her clothes ever so gently and made sure she is comfortable, I need all of you, Katie. I buried my head between her legs as sweet sounds escape her mouth and juices began to flow. I ate her pussy like my life depended upon it. She pulls my head into her cunt and I sank my tongue deeper. Moaning so loudly as I made circles on her clitoris; “Oh God Liam! Yes! Please don’t stop! Liam yes! Her thighs began to tremble in the heights of pleasure and her pussy convulse as she had an earth shattering orgasm. She filled my mouth with her juices and I licked her pussy dry. I Came up for some air and plant kisses on her inner thigh and dove into her love spot once again, she tasted so good. She’s like a candy I have to keep eating. She looks at me with such need and passion in her eyes as I undo my pants and revealed myself to her, she gasped in delight! I inserted myself into her and I looked into her eyes and revel in satisfaction… Am I hurting you, sweetheart? “No keep going don’t stop” Katie, you are so tight I looked into her eyes and pleasured her in every way possible. Until we both collapsed onto each other in shared exhaustion. Why didn’t you tell me? Tell you what? you know what...that you are a virgin? “I didn’t want you to think I’m weird or anything like that.” Sweetheart, I could never think that. “Can we go again?” She looked at me with such gleam in her eyes. I responded kissing her passionately as she eagerly reciprocated.

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