His Prey

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The predator has set his eyes on his prey. Will she survive or be devoured?

Erotica / Romance
Vampirella 🦇
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CHAPTER 1: The sinful dream

The sounds of my heel clacking on the side road were the only thing heard in the silence of the night. Every house I passed by seemed silent, the windows shut, and no lights at all. I wrapped my arms around myself, feeling cold suddenly.

Just a few blocks away Anna. Just a few blocks away.

I chanted in my head as I tried to not get paranoid. I walked faster, digging my heels in the ground almost. I am alone on the road. It's me only.

But the shivers on my back said otherwise. I turned back, looking at the empty dark alley that I just walked through. Obviously, I was alone. Why would anyone follow me anyway?

I told myself so, taking a look ahead and feeling my heart calm down. Finally home. I rushed towards my doorstep, ringing the bell while tapping my foot. I ring the bell again, patiently waiting but then I looked back suddenly, finding no one.

You are just being paranoid.

I press the bell again, for the third time. What's taking her so long? My heartbeat picked up again. I took out my phone and quickly dialed her number. But she didn't answer. I panicked, what if something happened to her? I banged on the door, sweating as I did so, as my heart leaped in my throat when the door suddenly opened. I could only plunge forward and hug her, feeling relieved.

"You..you..big breasted woman!" Her voice came muffled as I hugged for a while. When my heart calmed down, I let go of her. I quickly closed the door, clocking it completely and then stepping back.

"What happened? Why are you sweating so much?" Beth's calm voice made me tremble as I sat on the sofa.

"I think someone is following me," I said, staring at the floor, recalling these past few days. Every day from work to home, I felt as if I was being watched over. Like something lurked under the shadows, analyzing me.

Beth's hand on my shoulder startled me.

"Hey, don't be so paranoid. I told you before to quit this job. You get off work so late and walk by yourself alone, it's obvious why you feel like that." She said her words with a warm smile, taking my doubts away. She was right perhaps.

"Next time, take my car to go to work." I felt embarrassed as she patted my head. How long could I depend on you?

We dismissed each other with a goodnight hug and then went to our rooms. I stayed by the stairs for a while and then walked up to my room only after seeing her get in her room. I took off my coat alongside closing my door and then rushed to close the window. Then I checked under my bed and my closet, sighing when I felt calm with the fact that no one was in my room. Phew...

I took off my work clothes which were a tight, then white shirt, a tight and tiny black skirt, and a pair of black mesh leggings. I reeked of alcohol as a customer accidentally spilled his cup over my shirt.

I stepped under the cold shower, making sure my hair doesn't get drenched as I scrubbed my skin harshly. It didn't take me long to get out of the bathroom in a towel, searching in my drawer for some loose tank top and shorts.

The bed never felt more welcoming than today. All the fatigue and stress of the day loomed over me as I cuddled with my pillow and then went to a deep slumber.


In the dark, something touched me. Against my inner thigh. Brushing across my skin slowly, as if in a circular motion. I couldn't pry open my eyes. Whatever it was, it only kept rising higher up my skin, on my hips. I felt as if I was being gripped my hands.

A dream?

My eyes could only see darkness. I couldn't move my body, it felt frail. My head felt numb, and that's when I felt my thigh being grabbed. It became obvious. It was someone's hand. Grabbing me tightly. Other than my own body, I felt someone else's too. It was their presence, their body between my thighs.

I could only call it a dream because I was unable to move, open my eyes, or talk when whoever's hands it was touched me. They were rough, heavy. As if it was a man. I could only squirm, feeling weird.

Is a dream supposed to be like this?

It felt too real. The touch I felt was too realistic to be called a dream. The hand didn't stop there, it kept exploring its way. I felt hot suddenly, desperate to wake up.

This is-

a wet dream.

I gasped, yet unable to wake up when I felt the clothing hiding my northern region being pulled at. Then the hand just slipped in my panties, surprising me totally. But then, I felt something soft touch my neck then nibbling the skin there. A warm sensation pulled at my womb.

It was his lips, or hers..I didn't know but I loved to assume it was a man from the smell of the rich cologne. His lips were seething hot, kissing and nibbling my neck as if a lover would do. And the fact I was dreaming, I permitted myself shamelessly to enjoy this sinful dream.

His hand down there moved, gently cupping me while his other hand caressed my stomach. As much as sinful it was, I couldn't help but savour the shivers his touch gave me. My breathing hitched, feeling his fingers roughly touch me in my most sensitive spot, rubbing down there. My toes curled to such intimacy, my stomach was in knots. His fingers moved in circles, slowly and passionately. His other hand caressed my stomach, rising above to fondle my breasts. He pinched one of nipples, sending tiny sparks to my damped pussy.

Oh God!

My hands wanted to grab him but they were frail. His lips travelled to my ear, nibbling at it and then his hot breath fanned me, adding much more to what I was feeling. I felt, what is called pleasure, making my throat parch and thighs quiver in anticipation.

I was reaching somewhere. Somewhere higher. My insides ignited, body trembled as his fingers kept moving in the most sensual motion. His tongue licked slowly behind my ear, making me jolt. I was wet down there, sleekly wet as his fingers did their task smoothly. The warm fluid oozing out of me made me quiver in thrills. And oh, did it feel good. It felt great.

I was feeling the pull at my stomach, an urgent need to release something. My thighs quivered, toes digging into my mattress as he rubbed his fingers faster with more pressure. And then I felt it. The tiny bundle of pleasure which was building inside me finally coming undone. The tingling sensation which sent shockwaves to my body, making me tremble in outmost euphoria. My mind was in clouds, floating somewhere when my body convulsed, feeling ripples of pleasure takeover me.

If only had I have my eyes open, I could decipher whether it's a dream or not. My body slumped, finally ending my climax. I quivered when I felt those hands retrieved. The sudden leave made me want more of those lewd touches. Then I felt his lips near my ear, his voice husky and deep.

"Sweet dreams, angel."

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