His Prey

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CHAPTER 10: A Picture Frame

The silence was ocean deep, colliding with the rain drops that fell on the window of the car.

I felt small inside the luxurious looking car that drove fast on the road. I gripped my cold arms, my shirt completely drenched, hair matted on my head.

My eyes fixated on the dark view outside, landscapes passing in a blink. The sky was roaring rage, thunders tearing through the grey clouds.

I have accepted defeat.

As foolish as I sounded, I expected to run away from this mess, knowing how cruel fate has been to me since my first breath. I was tired. Tired of crying. Tired of hoping. Tired of trying to escape.

This was just one of those thousands moments in my life where I hoped I went back to being that orphan who waited to call someone her family.

I shut my eyes involuntarily, feeling them burn with dried tears. I bet they were red and puffy. I pulled at my sleeves to cover the exposed skin that tingled in cold.

I turned a bit, moving away from the corner of the seat, towards the man who drove the car in a silent glee. The muscle twitching in his jaw told me he acknowledged my presence more than he liked, and I felt grateful that he paid no head to me.

“Could…you turn on the heat?” I wasn’t expecting my voice to sound like dying cat but it came out that way. I wanted to reach out my hand to turn the heater in but something told me there would be a dead body found in this car if I acted upon my wish.

When he did finally acknowledge my presence, it was with a hard glare. I grimaced, dipping my chin, glancing away from his eyes. They looked at me in a very alien way, inspecting each action my body takes and it terrified me.

As I was about to cower myself again, the air seemingly turned cold. I shifted my view to him, seeing how he had just turned on the air conditioner, even though it was already cold as fuck. My mouth opened and shut like a fish, baffled at his actions.

Was he fucking kidding me?

What an immature jerk!

I guess I got a little bold, reaching from my seat to turn of the ac and then turned on the heater, but he grabbed my hand mid-air in a tight grip.

“Don’t.” One word was enough to understand he was mad but then again he was irrational.

“I am cold.” I blurted out, twisting out my hand from his grip.

“I don’t care.” He gritted out calmly. I knew I was going nowhere with my glare at his face, but I wanted to let him know I wasn’t backing off.

Like hell, I am not backing off till I turn on the heater and let my nipples rest.

As a matter of fact, my nipples were poking out of the drenched white shirt that I was wearing, and I prayed he didn’t notice.

“I don’t care too. I am cold.” I deadpanned, narrowing my eyes. The unfortunate thing happened that I prayed didn’t happen. His eyes lingered on my face before lowering steadily to my chest, a small lift on the corner of his lips as his eyes fluttered.

A hot flush crept across my face, seeing how he had glued his eyes to my chest, I instantly crossed my arms in a pathetic attempt to hide from his prying eyes, but he had already seen the view.

“Stop staring like that, pervert.” I muttered, exhaling angrily. He clearly made my jaw drop when he went forward and lowered the temperature.

“Pervert? How was staring at you like?” His questioned flustered me. He knew well how he stared at me, and he wanted to hear it from me.

“Just let me turn on the heater, okay! I am cold-” I was pinned by his glare, again stopping midair as soon as I made an attempt to reach out. I think I spoke a little too loud, well yelled a little too loud, judging by his clouded eyes that threw daggers at me.

“Yell at me again and I will give you a reason to scream.” I pursed my lips into a thin line. As if he hasn’t given me enough fucking reason to scream out in anger and frustration.

“Asshole.” I breathed out, glaring at him. The hair on my body stood still in cold, my shirt turned cool in minutes. I roughly twisted my soaked hair into bun, burning inside with fury. Leaning my head into the seat, I closed my eyes in a dim hope of getting some sleep.

But I couldn’t. I felt his stare all over me, heard his sounds of breath, and the turn of the steering wheel, the light tap of his finger in a rhythmic motion again and again.

Moving my head to the side of window, I forced my eyes closed, trying to enjoy the coolness inside the car even though a raging headache welcomed me. Few moments later, my eye lids heaved and my body relaxed. I couldn’t feel the car movements, but the subtle sound of tires running on the drenched road and pitter patter of rain relaxed my body, lulling me slowly into a deep slumber that would probably make me forget whatever happened today.

But the profound relaxation lasted few minutes as the sound of phone vibrating disturbed my soporific state. Irritated, I felt a knit from in the center of my eyebrows as I tightly closed my eyes, hoping to fall back into the trance of sleep again.

“How’s the state?” I wanted to grumble out loud at the deep voice the seemed to wake me up more, a bubble of frustration rising up my chest as I concentrated to sleep.

“Are the bodies cleared?” I pretended I didn’t feel the sheer sense of grimace and fear. Was he talking about the bloody massacre he did?

“No, she is with me.” My ears perked up at his sentence, wondering who he was talking to. Obviously, I have no intention of eavesdropping his conversation but then he was talking about me.

“You think I am stupid?” There was a hint of laughter in his voice, an evil laughter at that. If I wasn’t in the pretense of sleeping like a log, I would have snickered.

No sir, you aren’t stupid. You are a bloody psychopath!

“Hmm, I thought about it. The only way to get her out of the house was by telling her father’s enemies were after her.” Huh?

“Yeah, she believed me. I couldn’t risk her knowing that it was her father’s men who attacked the house. Allen must have thought of getting her and then leaving the country.”

“Yes, I do plan to use her in order to get Allen.” Once the words penetrated through my head, I was stark awake. Gritting my teeth in silent anger, I refused to open my eyes, to yell at him and probably beat him. But that would take me nowhere.

“As long as Matthew returns home in one piece, completely untouched, I won’t harm her.” My jaw hurt with a burning intensity, hands curled on my lap as my nails dug into my palms hard enough to leave marks.

“Allen would dispose him as soon as his daughter is given back,” it took me a while to process his words.

It all then went around the man I called father. I knew him enough to know his capabilities, how far and low he would go to get what he desires.

Did he take Matthew? As a means of revenge for taking his ‘daughter’?

I mentally scoffed. What a fucking joke.

Well Matthew deserves it! I fucking hope Allen disposes him.

“I plan to get rid of her in case Allen does something to him.”

God, please protect Matthew. Keep him safe and sound.

There was a small silence before a snicker sounded in the car, and I gulped at the underlying evil tone of it.

“I will speak about it later.” I laid motionless as the sound of the call ending reached my attentive ears.

It all seemed peacefully till I felt something touching my face. I almost shivered at the graze of cold knuckles that glided down my face gently, before warm pads of his fingers tucked a piece of strand behind my ear.

My heart leaped to my throat when the delectable contact retreated, leaving my skin in goosebumps and a ferocious feeling building in me.

_____ ______ _____

“Wake up.”

I groaned, my head feeling heavy as my eyes fluttered open to see a magnificent man. He had an annoyed look on his face, standing in broad daylight with the car door opened. His dark hair was tousled slightly, the first few buttons of his shirt opened, and dark tattoos peeked out almost teasingly over his broad chest. I licked my chapped lips, my mouth dry at the sight of him before I quickly snapped out of my daze.

“Where are we?” I asked, rubbing my eyes to rid of the lingering sleepiness. I almost lost my footing as I stepped out of the car but then got steady on my feet. My eyes squinted under the heavy sunlight, as I tried to make up my surroundings.

Did he bring me here to get rid of me?

I looked over to the isolated highway road that seemed to empty of tire marks, and then to the house in front of which the car was parked. No wonder why it was so fucking sunny, there was not a single house here, only this old looking Victorian house.

“I am not killing you yet.” I jumped at his voice, squealing when he shut the door harshly.

Yet is the keyword.

I stood awkwardly as an elderly looking man stepped out of the house, looking shocked. Was he butler? I had my eyes bulging out when the man rushed to him, bowing to him immediately.

“Welcome back, young sir.” The grey haired man said and was ignored by the man who had a look of annoyance on his face.

“Prepare a room.” He said impassively, before throwing the car keys at the old man.

“Welcome.” I smiled awkwardly, unable to mirror the warm, welcoming smile on the old man’s face. He definitely was a butler judging from the formal clothing and conservative posture.

“Follow me.” He walked broodingly towards the brick house and I trailed behind him obediently, still sleepy.

Up close, the house seemed better. It seemed to old but taken care of. But something told me that the owner of the house didn’t reside here much.

“Where are we?” I asked, and saw him narrowing his eyes at me as if my question offended him.

“Pretty far away.” I rolled my eyes as he opened the door.

“That doesn’t answer my question.” I said, watching his eyes lit up in amusement.

“I don’t know if you are dim witted or you are just refusing to acknowledge the situation you are in.” He drew a small breath as if he was pissed, his face furrowing in irritation as he spoke.

“You are in no position of asking questions.” His eyes blazed with coldness, each word that came from his mouth dripped with anger, silencing me.

“Do you understand me?” He asked and I nodded straight away.

I bit my lips, holding back the urge to say something that will probably get me killed and decided to be an obedient child.

The interior of the house was warm and cozy, giving the same vibe as the penthouse and I wondered how long it will take till this place is also attacked by Allen’s men.

“The butler will come and take you to your room. Don’t cause a ruckus.” He warned me off, as if he had a sixth sense that told him I was going to flee again.

“Okay, anything else?” I asked, with a sweet smile, which only lit up the annoyance in his eyes.

“And do not disturb me.” He said, making me scoff.

Just what kind of kidnapper are you?

I watched his broad back flex as he entered a room, leaving me alone in front of the fireplace in the living room. Sighing, I looked around the living room, all neat and clean, not a speck of dust.

There was a large cozy looking sofa, and I plopped myself on it, feeling the previous sleepiness takeover yet again. The wooden fireplace faced the sofa directly, and my eyes caught onto a small picture frame. Curiosity got the best of me as I got off the sofa and took the small fame in my hands, seeing it was a picture of a man and a woman, and a little kid.

The woman had a joyous smile on her face, her brown hair tied in a bun as she held a child on her lap and the man beside didn’t seem less happy. All their faces glowed with pure happiness, and then I zoned on the child face. The child was no older than 1, his blue eyes shining in glee as he gave a cheeky grin, my gut wrenched. A gasp left my mouth as I almost dropped the frame, shaking as I gripped it tightly in my hands.

I killed him.

I killed him.

____ ______ ____

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