His Prey

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Dark circles laid heavy under my dull eyes, tauntingly reminding me of the sleepless nights I spent.

Eventually I thought I will fall asleep after being an owl for days but it never happened. The ceiling I stared at seemed like the child’s face, haunting me each time I lay on the soft bed to fall asleep.

I splash the water on to my pale face, rubbing my cold hands harshly. My stomach churned for the fifth time of the day, the need to throw up quickly rose but I refused to.

I wanted to escape.

When I walked to the room just to lay face down on the bed, someone knocked. It had to be the butler who always offered me to step out and have tea, sometimes even brought trays of biscuits as if he was consoling a sullen child.

I opened the door to find the old man with a tray of fresh strawberries and a warm glass of milk.

“I plucked these today in the morning but hadn’t had the chance to serve them. I believe these will be perfect to eat right now.” I swear he spoke like he was advertising something to a customer.

I couldn’t refuse his kind gesture and this ended up taking the tray from him and devoured the food like a caveman. I was a little embarrassed though when I noticed the man was standing by my door as I stuffed my face, and his face was lit with amusement when I coughed, wiping my mouth with my sleeve.

“The garden has been filled with fresh roses. Would you mind taking a look?” He said as he took the empty tray from me. This was what? The hundredth time of him telling me this, persuading me to get of this room?

“The gardener is going to pluck them today, so you might never get a chance to see them again.” He added, the corner of his mouth wrinkling down in a sad smile.

I hesitated, knowing I was seeking too much pleasure albeit I was in such situation. But also, I was tired to refusing this older man who reminded me of the kind church father.

“I would like to freshen up first.” I said, giving him a smile. His face broke in half, splitting his mouth in a large smile before nodding.

I threw on a decent shirt, slapped my cheeks to bring some colour and brush out the tangles in my hair real quick. I walked out of my room, somewhat surprised to find the butler waiting for me.

The crease between my eyebrows eased when the butler gestured for me to walk forward. I wasn’t expecting much when we walked into the garden, the slow breeze felt cool yet dry, carrying light floral scent that I hadn’t sensed the first time I had arrived before.

Rows of green bushes with bloody red roses laid proudly. It was a sight to behold indeed. Quietly, I walked along the plants, sensing the butler watching me. It was only a temptation to pluck one of the reds and take sniff from the velvet petals. But, I denied that temptation.

I felt something I hadn’t felt in a while. Something that I have been deprived off all this time.


“If you wish, I can ask the gardener to put some roses in your room.”

I turned to the foreign voice, taken aback by a man sitting in a wheelchair. The butler looked at me, as if he was urging me to say yes.

“Ah, Elijah must have asked you to speak with me.” He uttered, making his green eyes dull with what seemed like hurt.

“No...I was just-.” I tried to speak but then a brooding figure that seemed to be raging forward with brutal speed made me stutter.

“What are you doing here?” The voice held thousands of accusations pointed at the man in wheelchair rather than on me.

“Elijah, I am a bit disappointed that you didn’t come and visit me at all.” The blonde man began, a very loving smile on his face. Unconsciously, I had put a hand on my chest, relieved he hadn’t yet torn my ears with his lectures.

Maybe I should make a run? Or sneak away so he wouldn’t notice.

My plan wasn’t able to be executed as soon dark, grey eyes trailed towards me.

“Get back to your room.” I hurriedly walked, ran, like a storm with my head low.

Once in my room with the door locked, I shut down my eyes, flopping on my bed.

A fucking jerk!

It wasn’t even a minute that I laid and my door was being banged on. Seriously?

“Open the door.” Even the banging was aggressive, his voice was calm.

I buried my head in the soft pillow, trying to not hear the loud banging in the background. Eventually, the banging stopped, blessing my ears.

I was lulled into sleep, when suddenly I felt a tug at my foot. What the fuck is that?

My heart hammered out of my rest when my body was harshly pulled my legs, numerous gasps leaving my mouth when I hit my nose against something hard.

“Don’t ever do that.” A rasp of cold air brushed against my ears as I laid pinned under the massive bolder of body.

“I have been too easy on you, haven’t I?” I gulped, unable to look away from his steely eyes that held a glint of something I had only noticed the first time I met him.

Not at the club.

“I...we have met before right?” It was almost a whisper that I could make up, trying to recall his eyes that seemed to buried in my memories.

His face stilled for a moment- eyes widened just so slightly to convince me that I had been right.

But when and where did I meet him?

“No, we haven’t. We never met before.” He said dismissively, moving away from over my body, giving me a hot minute to realise what position our body was just a breath ago.

“I am definitely sure I have met you before.” I said, my eyes narrowing into slits as he got off the bed nonchalantly.

“Whatever suits you.” He said, and then I noticed the door was locked.

How did he get in?

“I have keys to all the rooms here.” Yup.

“That doesn’t mean you can just invade my privacy.” I noted out, immediately gulping my words down when a smirk made its way on his lips.

“Oh, did I?” He asked in a mocking tone and I wondered if he was trying to provoke me.

“I was wondering if you would like to speak with your friend but I guess I might just be invading your privacy.”

My mouth slowly fell open, registering his words.

“I will leave then.” I gasped as he spoke, my mouth in a loud yell when he turned to leave.

“No! Let me talk with Beth!” He stopped midway, eyes eagerly waiting for me to speak.

“Please, let me speak with her.” I pleaded, hoping he would pity me but his eyes told a different story.

He isn’t gonna let me speak with her so easily, would he?

“You really want to speak with her.” He said, slowly, leaning back on the door with arms crossed.

“Yes.” I said immediately, suddenly having a whirlwind of emotions swirling inside me.

“How desperately do you wish to speak with her?”

“Really desperately.” I answered in a heartbeat, and that seemed to have pleased him.

“Then beg me.” A malicious grin was on his face as if he watched my face morph into disbelief.

“Wh-hat?” I most probably heard him wrong?

“I said beg me. Beg me to let you speak with her.” He wasn’t trying to crack a joke with that expression, an express of solid adamant mixed with shades of evil.

“Get on your knees, crawl to me, beg me. And then I would allow you to speak with Bethany.” He said, as I just stared in utter disgust and shock.

Was I really going to allow him to humiliate me in order to speak with Beth?

“I will count to three. If you don’t go as told, I will leave.” He said in a bored tone, lowering his gaze to the floor with the wicked grin as if he was imagining me on the floor.


“Fine!” My tongue rolled on it’s on, my voice deceiving me as I felt a rush of heat through my body.

“Then what are you waiting for?” I curbed my whatsoever pride that was left, tentatively getting off the bed, whilst staring at the distant between us, the floor which seemed to be taunting me off what’s to come.

My heart was striking was lowered myself on the floor, surprised at the coldness that touched my knees.

“On your fours.” I drew a shuddering breath, putting my sweaty palm on the floor as I dared not to look at him, afraid I would die of shame.

“Look at me.” Blood rushed to my face, as my jaw clenches. I lifted my head, meeting his eyes that stripped me off my dignity slowly.

“Crawl to me.” With his eyes locked on mine, I crawled to him, each rise of my palms and fall of knees more demeaning than the last one.

The sweaty palms of mine, the red knees, left hollow evidence of the massacre of my pride on the floor. When I had just reached, just a few inches away from his tall legs, I stopped. All while he had kept his gaze on me, silently never making me look away. His eyes were calm, calculative, and they always flared in a foreign way that I couldn’t pin out what it was.

“Beg me.” I had to bite the bullet and get over with it, but when his voice turned graver, no longer holding the previous contempt.

“Please...let me.” I croaked out, diverting my eyes away.

“Look at me, Aurelia. Please what?” My nostrils flared as I looked at him, lips shutting in a thin line.

“Let me speak with her.” I said through my clenched teeth, eyes wavering.

A look of displeasure marred his face as he looked down at me.

“I asked you to beg me Aurelia.” He titled his head to the side, eyes thinning lightly as he just observed me.

Curb it for the sake of Beth. For the sake of Beth

“Please let me speak with Beth. I..I am begging you.” My clenched my fists on my thighs, dull tips of nails digging into my palms when his lips cut into a devilish smile.

He was greatly pleased. And I couldn’t hate him any more for that.

I flinched when his hand suddenly touched my face, fingers tracing my jaw before he gently put two fingers under my chin, titling my face up. He almost seemed prideful to the humiliation I had faced.

“Good girl.” My throat bopped up and down, chest rising and falling when his eyes fluttered to my lips and my heart skipped a beat involuntarily.

“Till now,” he began saying before brushing a cold thumb across my lips as I stared deep into the clouds of silver, shuddering as I felt spark of shiver down my spine. Goosebumps sliced through my skin, eyes fluttering as I tried to keep myself from doing something unexplainable.

“I watched you enough to know what you fear the most. What could drive you to the corner,” his thumb slowly parted my lips, and I swear I had heard his intake of breath when a hot puff of air left my mouth.

“I am just beginning to reveal what fear takes form as. To slowly drive you to the corner in fear till you have nowhere to run to but just back to me will be the most exciting expense of mine.


I know it’s been a while since I last updated a boring chapter. I haven’t been in the best mental state for the past couple of weeks and not to mention the online classes. I didn’t want to post an update but I did today cuz I have something to say. I know post readers will skip this part but if you are seeing this- thank you for reading. I truly appreciate each reader who takes out time to comment, follow me or even like my book. Especially those who write down reviews and post on my wall. Your comments are what encourages me to take my pen and write, and I am truly the happiest when I see my readers enjoying my stories. Luv you all.


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