His Prey

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CHAPTER 12: Easier said than done.

The tiny burner phone felt slippery as I held it against my ear, hearing the soft, rhythmic ringing so polar opposite to the beating of my heart which made me afraid that the man in the room could hear the loud thundering in my rib cage.

“Hello?” Tears almost swelled up in my eyes when I heard Beth’s voice. Warily, I eyed Elijah, who was keeping an eye on me, and obviously before handing me the phone explained the joy he will be awarded with to kill me if I tried to tell Beth any details.

Not to mention, he wasn’t even giving me the privacy to sit alone and have a chilled talk, and just stood like hawk.

“H-Hi.” I wouldn’t have stuttered but when his eyes narrowed a bit, words stayed stuck in my mouth.

“Anna? Oh my god!” She screeched from the other side, and I could just see her shuffling in the sofa or bed.

“What the fuck dude? You didn’t even tell me before disappearing like that!” I flinched when she screamed, moving the phone away in the process as she endlessly blabbered. “Jesus- did you know how fucking worried was I? What’s wrong with you? And why the fuck didn’t you answer any of my calls? And whose number is this?” As the mother hen she was, I knew I should have prepared myself for her questions.

“I am so sorry. I...I just decided to travel for a while...and it was a last minute decision.” I said, choosing my words wisely.

“And here I was thinking you got kidnapped by some mob or mafia!” Bullseye.

I was pretty sure Elijah couldn’t hear Beth, if he did there would have been some reaction or else he is just too good at concealing his emotions.

“Don’t tell me I am right?” I realized I went silent for a while, thinking how Beth knew me so well that she had just predicted I was kidnapped.

“What? No!” Adding a fake laugh at the end of the sentence wasn’t the wisest of my decision.

“Anna...you are kidnapped?”

“No! I am not.” I protested, but honestly wouldn’t it be great if she knew I was kidnapped?

“Okay, then what happened to your phone? Tell me you lost it or the battery died so you borrowed someone’s phone to call me after weeks!.” Her accuracy was impeccable, so much that I actually laughed out.

“Yes, that's what really happened.” I said, and on the other end I heard annoyed groan.

“Anna, please be serious. I am worried like hell. I would have gone to the police if you hadn't texted me that you were in Paris.” Yeah, so I was in Paris.

“And also Matt is on a business trip! You know how fucking lonely I am?!” This time, I tried to hold back my laugh, feeling bad for Beth. “When are you coming back?” She whined over the call, unintentionally dulling the mood.

“Uh...soon.” I said, feeling heavyweight lie on my chest.

“You should have taken me with you. Whatever, maybe when you and Matt get back, we all can go somewhere nice together.” There was a smile in her voice that almost made me forget about my situation.

“Gee thanks, I would love to be the third wheel.” I mocked, hearing her scoff on the other side.

“Just get yourself a boyfriend then. I better see you coming home with a handsome hunk.” It left a bad taste in my mouth, knowing how I might not just return home and then I was lying blatantly, giving her hopes.

“Oh by the way, there was a-" Her voice came screeching, halting to a stop and then cracked with static noises.

“And then-" her sentence cut off, and it was probably the bad network.

“I said that you-“

“I can't hear what you are saying.” I said, and then heard her saying numbers of hello before the call ended.

Disappointment dawned over me as I heard the last beep of the call ending.

“Would be enough.” The phone was snatched away from my hands, a whine slipping out of my mouth as I made a poor attempt to protest.

“Wait- I didn't even speak to her properly.” I protested, getting up from the bed.

Elijah only titled his head, as if almost asking me dare to say another whisper of word.

“You spoke enough.” He stated, shitting me down.


“No.” He glared down at me, cowering me with his height.

“I couldn't even say goodbye to her.” He ignored my rant, swiftly heading towards the door.

“She will call again.” I muttered as he opened the door, but he just walked out.

“Don't worry. This phone will disposed now.” His head turned back once to look at me, and then he slammed the door shut.

Fucking jerk.


There was no greater pleasure than feeding off your enemies fear. Watching their face morph into a pool of despair, agony. Fear engulf their eyes as they beg for mercy from the one they dared to cross.

I loved seeing fear in people's eyes. A habit I wished I had dropped since I swore to leave the mafia chain. But it all came back after my brother lost his kid and wife. Old habits do die hard.

Even though, it was my brother's loss, I endured the pain. Spending nights capturing and torturing old enemies, trying to get any clue. It made me feel alive.

But nothing made me feel more alive than having that red headed nymph crawling to me, on her knees begging me.

It wasn't supposed to turn that way. I wasn't supposed to pin her down on bed. I wasn't supposed to get in her room, to find her lusciously lying on bed, her wild hair splayed as she had buried her face in pillow.

Wild imaginations ran through my mind. Each ending with me fucking her relentlessly.

I thought that this fascination would end if I come to hate her. After seeing her in the garden, I realized how much she had occupied my mind. And it felt disgusting.

It felt disgusting to think of her, while staying under the same roof. Each night a wilder dream caught me, each day I found myself staring at the wooden door that kept me away from her.

And just when she had gotten onto her knees, when her ruby lips trembled a bit, as her back arched when she crawled to me and finally when she looked at me as she sat on her knees- I knew just how sinister this fascination was.

I was not supposed to stare when she laughed as she spoke with her friend, wasn't supposed to feel intrigued by the way her face brightened up during her short call.


When I left her room, I felt like a prick. Her face was twisted in frustration but she couldn't convey it. Maybe I should have been tougher on her, treated her the way she deserved, but I couldn't.

Which captor allows the captive to eat good meals, have a nice room and clothes, take stroll in the gardens and allow them to speak with their friends?

Maybe this is why Mathew abducted her because he knew I wouldn't be able to do what I usually with captives when it came to her.

I sighed, breathing deeply as the cold rain of water engulfed me. Cold shower was something I needed profusely nowadays. The coolness helped my nerves to stay in control, and staying in control was what I needed the most.

Wrapping a towel around my waist as the water dripped from my hair I got to my room just to fucking find Elias in my room.

My jaw tightened as I found his holding what seemed like a frame.

“Brother.” I called out, hands curling into fists as he kept the frame on to the little drawer next to bed.

“Hmm. You finally acknowledge me.” It felt as if his voice has gotten deep over the years, or he was just trying to bottle up god emotions.

“You came here, without telling me and then brought such a lovely lady.” The wheelchair rolled near the bed, and I just watched him silently as he was watching me.

“I almost thought you have turned a new leaf. I thought you have finally let go of the past, but look at you. Ruining people's lives yet again.” It pricked like icicles, cold and sharp. Seeing his eyes turn red, lips curl with revulsion burned me inside and out.

“Why? Haven't you done enough damage to people? Haven't you given me fair share of pain?” I turned my face away, closing eyes, hating the look on his face.

“Did you forget what happened last time you brought innocent people into your mess?” He whispered, and I scoffed.

“Stop it. It makes you look like a hypocrite when you say that.” I said, trying to not pay head to him as I took a shirt out the wardrobe.

“I learned my lesson, Elijah. I don't want you to go down the path that I did.”

Then why did you?

“I wish I could go back, and never make those mistakes.”

“Then only your wife and child wouldn't be dead?” I asked, a hurtful smile made across my lips as I turned to him and the to the picture on the drawer.

“Yes, and then my brother won't have turned into this shell of a man.”

“Get out.” I said, pulling on pants as he just shamelessly stared.

“You can shut people down only just for a while.” He stated, and I heard his deep sigh. One that resembled to how mother did, every time Elias and I went out with father, every time we returned with bloody hands. Every time we disappointed her by inheriting more and more of fathers personality.

“I need you to know Elijah. That there was no one to pull me out of that hole, and when someone did, they did to just leave my hands midway. You can't go deep down that hole, because once you do, you won't want to return. It happened with father, almost happened with me. And I don't that to happen with you.” His voice sounded softer, almost as if he was whispering to himself, as if he was reminiscing a moment he wished to forget.

“It won't happen to me.” I found myself saying, but I didn't know how truthful it was.

“How could you be sure?” There was slight disquietness in his voice, I bet he was just about to breach the thin line of his patience.

“I am not greedy like you and him.” I said, and his face twisted.

“A man can only have much. You can't desire both power, and peace. I chose power since as long as I remember.” It was almost laughable as I once desired peace so much, but was derived from it. Was told it would make me weak.

“I am choosing power and I don't have any weaknesses. I don't have to worry about someone coming after my beloved ones because of my deeds.” Sour reminiscent of what having a weakness felt like laid on my tongue. Never again was I going to experience that.


“What will you do when you have a weakness?” I froze for a second, but it only lasted a heartbeat.

“Root it out and destroy it.” I said without hesitation, and saw the look of pity on his face.

“It's easier said than done.” He said with a laugh that seemed to have been coughed out with bitterness. I couldn't help but join in him.

“You know it the best, don't you?” I asked him, and this was his time to look away, hiding the guilt ridden eyes. I continued on, a hollowness in my chest as the next words came out of my mouth.

“It wasn't really easy to kill your wife, was it?”


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