His Prey

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CHAPTER 13: Devil's room

I remember those religious classes I had in the orphanage. The sisters who loved us dearly, spent hours explaining us the scriptures of Bible.

Although I never paid too much attention in any of the classes, goofed around with other kids, never really cared much about lessons- I did take one lesson very clearly after being almost beat up by a much older kid.

-Never steal.


After stealing a new kid’s possession and being almost beaten up into a plump by him, the sisters lectured me for hours, telling me how God hated thieves and those who are greedy, and that I will burn in the hottest pits of Hell and have the cruelest punishments inflicted on me. My ears had bled to death that day but I learned my lesson.

But I guess today we will forget that phase of my life ever happened. Never was I lectured for stealing. Never had I taken an oath to ever steal.

When desperation kicks in, humans do the worse, not giving a damn about the consequences. And that’s what I was feeling right now.

I was desperate to speak to Beth. Lying on the soft bed, tossing and turning continuously, just to come to the conclusion that maybe Elijah will never let me talk to Beth.

But what if he doesn’t let me talk to her? I can very clearly talk to her if I want to. I don’t need his ‘half-ass attempting to be a kidnapper’ anyway.

It’s clear that he gives less than zero fucks about what I am doing- except for me trying to escape. So he shouldn’t be much bothered if I borrow a phone and call Beth?

Obviously, if I go and ask him politely, “Hey, can I borrow your phone for a second. I need to call Beth real quick.”

He will probably ask me to get on my knees and beg him or he would just look at me like I committed an arson.

So there’s no way of communicating with him like two normal adults.

I can’t really intimidate him and have him give me his phone. Thus the only option left- is to steal a phone.

The minute Elijah had shut the door, I wanted to run and grab his hair and leave a couple of scratches on his, and some strands of his hair in my fist. I was left fuming, hours till night hit and I couldn’t sleep. Pacing around the room made me look crazy, maybe I am indeed turning a bit crazy. I didn’t have a dinner, much to my fortune I wasn’t hungry.

All these aspects and conditions let me to a plan- get out of this room, stay away from Elijah’s eyes, steal a phone and call Beth. I meditated for 4 minutes on my bed, breathing deeply, letting my soul grasp on to these tiny moments of peace before I go and commit a sin and get caught and then get killed by Elijah.

At least I would die at the hands of a handsome man.

No. Stop.

“Okay, we can do this.” The silent whispered was said to nobody but to myself, as I thought of some motivational background music going on and this is a scene where the heroin finally retaliates against the villain bravely.

With my nostrils flaring in a confident breath, I got off my bed in the tiny shorts I had found and a white tank top. The reason behind wearing small clothes is indeed stupid, because if I wear those baggy clothes-there’s a high chance of me walking along the walls or brushing with objects, and that may make noises. Especially if we are trying to fool Elijah, this plan needs to be executed with all perfection.

I stepped out of the room on my toes, opening and closing the door before checking all directions. I hadn’t really explored this house much, but seeing the two long hallways as I checked left and right, told me I was in a bit of a journey. Turns out, the rooms in the hallways were vacant as they seemed to be locked from outside.

I tiptoed to the living room, seeing there was no telephone there, cursing out under my breath. I saw the staircases that led to the upper rooms but felt scared to actually go up. A feeling dawned over me that I may not be able to perform a theft, but I pushed it back. Slowly, with one step at a time, I made way up to the stairs, looking behind in case someone popped out of nowhere because that’s what is happening in my life lately.

Welcomed with another hallway that seemed to two rooms on each side, I heaved a sigh, knowing one of them could be Elijah’s.

Wait, what if he locked his room from inside?

Then we are going to bed without being killed.

I guess a little self-talk isn’t all that bad when it comes to crucial moments like this.

“It’s okay.” I whispered, carefully stepping on the wooden floor, with a hand on my chest as my heart threatened to jump out. Firstly, I checked the under the doors, seeing if any light was coming underneath. None.

This should be a great sign right?

My hands trembled as I grabbed the knob of the first door, fingers almost giving away as I twisted it, holding my breath. When the door didn’t open and the knob resisted, I let go of my breath. I bent down, looking through the crack of the door, to be meet with darkness.

Cool. Calm down.

Going for the second door, I found myself a little excited as the adrenaline pushed through my veins, blazing in my blood like fire.

When I tried the second door it opened, a panicked gasp escaped my lips, quickly shut down with my hand being slammed over my mouth. I could hear all my rationality screaming at me as I stepped into the room, faintly lighted, pretty similar to the one I was living, maybe I bit spacious and well kept.

My eyes landed on the wheelchair and then snapped at the sleeping figure on the bed. Tiptoeing, I edged closer, realizing that I was in the wrong room but it didn’t matter to me as long as the man possessed a communicating device.

On the king sized bed, laid the man I had met in the garden. A blanket covered half of his large body, one of his hand over his stomach and the other beside him. Maybe I hadn’t paid much attention earlier, but this man was elegant-looking. I forgot my main motive as I found myself leaning closer to the man’s face as he just laid peacefully. His golden blonde hair was tousled, a curl of it lying flatly on his forehead. He had pale skin, with a few almost unnoticeable freckles over his slim, delicate nose. His brows seemed arched, a burnt blonde color, and his lashes laid thick, fluttering over his high cheek bones. He didn’t have the fullest lips but they complimented his facial structure.

Wait, what was I doing again?

Snapping out of the moment, I scurried around the room, checking the nightstand drawers slowly, lightly patting the sides of the pillow. With a sigh, I quietly opened the wardrobe in the room, and to my great, huge disappointment, I found no phone in the room.

Does this man not have a phone?

Checking under the pillow he was sleeping on was a risk, yet I decided to do it. My right hand edged toward the pillow, slowly trying to sneak underneath it without disturbing the man. To my utter horror, a noise left his mouth, his brows furrowing as I froze in panic.

Please don’t wake up.

I chanted slowly in my head, making every excuse that could be used if I get caught. Unexpectedly, I watched the man slowly turn his head to the other side, turning his face away from my hand. He muttered something under his breath, his sharp jaw relaxing as he went lax after a few seconds.

I took the opportunity to sneak my hand in, just to find nothing. Hissing in failure, I decided to get out of the room, feeling guilty of violating this man’s privacy for my sake.

Being faced with failure only heightened my need to make more attempts. I opened the third room, disappointed to see it completely vacant.

That leaves me with the last room.

Even though I had muttered all my confidence, my guts, my strength and my will, just to steal a phone, I felt like chickening out as I stood outside of the last room. There was an ominous feeling radiating from the door, a titillation of fear huddled in the pit of my stomach. Almost hoped the door didn’t open when I twisted the knob, but it did.

I don’t know what was scarier-the sinister air in the room that was warning me to step back or the figure that was covered with black blankets. It seemed like Elijah was dangerous even in his sleep.

I walked like a cat, my head lowered in a defensive posture, hearing the light rumbles of his breathing as he laid on his chest, his muscled back uncovered.

I peeked over to his face, sidestepping around his bed, relieved to see his eyes closed.

“Phew.” It came naturally, my chest loosened as the tension rolled off. Wasting no time in the devil’s room, I looked for his phone. Slowly, slowly, like a mother afraid to wake the infant, I creeped to the nightstand and opened the first drawer, almost cursing at his sleeping figure at the sight of the tiny burner phone- completely crushed.

Did he hammer this or run it over with a truck?

I flipped the birdy at him, going after his wardrobe to find out its jammed.

“Argh!” My lips smacked to a thin, as I pulled the handle of it. It could be opened but it would make a noise that I prefer not to make and most probably wake up the devil.

My hands went to hips, just standing there as I contemplated to what to do next. Checking under his pillow is like putting my hand in a lion’s mouth. Stealthy, I hovered over his body, watching the rise and fall of his back.

He almost seemed like a beast, tentatively looking harmless but ready to pounce if bothered. Biting my trembling lips, I was about to reach out for his pillow, when a muted buzzing noise came. He shuffled on his bed, and I jumped out of my skin, and out of fear the first thing I did was-hide under his bed.

I shook like a leaf as I felt the surface above me dip and move. It was the sound of a call or alarm- I couldn’t tell exactly and it sure scared the heck out of me.

As if the dicey situation couldn’t turn worse- I saw his feet land on the floor, making me turn stiff. I held my breath as I watched his feet just staying still on the ground, before he stood up and strutted away from my view.

The floor underneath felt cold and hard, not colder than the sweat dripping down my spine as I tried to pay attention to his receding footsteps.

Where was he going?

For a good minute, I almost went on a whim and was about to get out and leave but then I again heard his footsteps, slow and steady, and caught the view of his feet. The bed above dipped, and I heard a light yawn, and just seconds later his light snores.

He fell asleep? Just like that?

I tried to hide my happy smile, a sense of relief washing over me after minutes went by but I heard nothing but his soft breathing.

Now that the borders were clear, I decided to make a run for life. Sliding out slowly, I puffed a breath, crouching down on the floor to see if he is actually is sleeping and to my delight, he was indeed sprawled on his chest like before.

There was no need to skate on thin ice and thus, I changed my mind because I was never attempting to go near him.

But fate always has something against me.

The moment I got on my tippy toes, about to walk like the floor was fragile, a pair of hands circled around my waist. I saw it coming, and almost wriggled out of the tight grasp, but it was too late as I found myself crushing on to the bed. His large body straddled over me, my hands above my head pinned with one of his large hand as I gasped when his grey eyes gleamed in the mellow light.

My body burned as I tried to speak up but when his thighs brushed against mine, and my eyes fell on his naked upper body, I stayed mute. His body felt like inferno, dangerous and burning, sending shivers through my spine as he caged my body. With his head leaning forward till our face were just inches apart, his eyes taking away my soul, he spoke in his honey laid voice-

“Caught you.”


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