His Prey

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This is not an update but please do read it. I really wanted to update today but I couldn't, and most probably won't. That is because I fear people might be copying my work. Just few minutes ago, I had received a comment. At first, I thought this was a joke, because the person was asking how they could copy my work on their phone.

It would have been a joke if the work they wanted to copy wasn't mine. I had left Wattpad for similar issues, having people texting me about copying my work. I know it may seem exaggerated but that thought of having my work copied makes me cry. As a young writer, who has no experience or connection in this community, you wouldn't understand how helpless I feel.
I want to create a strong bond with my readers, but after having this certain reader suggest they wish to copy my work , I feel paranoid to thank my new readers in their walls. I feel unsafe to have my work out here, but I know I shouldn't be swayed by such trivial matters because it is because of my readers that I have come so far
If my work gets copied on any platform, I can't report it because I don't have that much of a big audience. So please, I am begging, please refrain yourself from copying or even joking about a copying my work. Writing is my only passion and I don't wish to take down my work but its suffocating because I will have people disrespecting my work time to time.

For the time being, I won't be on Inkitt. I want to clear my mind before making rash decision because I wish to write. I don't want to leave my readers half way through. But, honestly it gets hard to have these people be so insensitive because I pour my soul and heart into what I create. I stay up at night just to update, and the first thing I do in the morning is thank my readers for choosing my book.

Again, I apologise for not updating but things are not sitting well with me. Hope you all will understand the reason why I have put this out. I won't make a harsh decision based on my emotions but I needed to let this out. Thanks for reading.
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