His Prey

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CHAPTER 14: Thrill

I gasped, startled by his gaze, my lungs expanded as I reminded myself I could breathe properly without air hitching in my throat. He was so close. So close that I tasted every ragged breath he took, every flutter of his silver eyes synced with mine. The scent of him was musky, earthy, tingling my nose with a desire to sniff.

His eyes burned on my skin, penetrating through me. For a second, I wanted to believe he was inhumane. The grey orbs seemed otherworldly, they held wildness. Sinister and danger lurked underneath a veil of pure amusement as he watched me pant underneath him.

“Elijah…” I rasped out, suddenly afraid of the situation we were in. This isnt good. Not at all good.

“I was just…I…” I tried to think of excuses but words died down as my eyes caught a glimpse of his naked upper body.

“Hmm. You were just?” His throaty voice kissed my ears, his face leaning closer as he studied my face. My hands in his grip suddenly relaxed, my eyes solely focusing on his face.

I shouldn’t cave in. I shouldn’t.

“I wanted…to speak with B-Beth.” It wasn’t my voice that I was only hearing. My heartbeat, the sound of my chest heaving with every ragged breath I took, warmed my ears to the point I was sure they were red.

“You thought I would let you speak with her, if you came to my room dressed like this.” His words were a whisper, for a moment he let his wander down my body, making me wriggle under him.

It wasn’t clearly my attention to appear in front of him in the clothes I wore, but now that I was, I felt overly aware of my body.

“Do you know what line you have breached, angel?” If I tilted my face just a bit, our nose would touch. He was deliberately inching his face closer to mine, I was sure he felt the warm pants that escaped past my lips on his face.

“You should have think twice before sneaking into my room like this.” It was almost a hiss that made past his tender lips, his wild eyes gazing my body was more before they landed on my eyes again, keeping me in a trance.

“I am sorry.” I let out a whisper, finding it hard to look away him.

“As always, you are.” He said, a light chuckle at the end. My lips pinched into a thin line, realizing he wasn’t completely wrong.

“And as always your actions don’t match your words.” In a sing-song, he whispered. It made me queasy in my stomach, sent tingles to my spine.

“I am sorry okay? Now let me go.” My words didn’t please him, as he further tightened his grip on my hands.

“You have a bad habit of not taking responsibility Aurelia. I don’t quite like this habit of yours.” He murmured lowly, making his sentence sound almost like a threat.

I decided to ignore the heat that radiated from his body, or the dangling strand of dark hair that almost touched the thick lashes of his left eyes, or the distance that almost became nonexistence with each word that came of his mouth.

“I need you to take responsibility.” A nervous lump went down my throat when his eyes landed on my lips. Suddenly, they felt dry and chapped but it was another reason why I wished to lick them but I didn’t.

“How?” I asked, and his eyes shot to mine. His stare lingered on my face as his tongue sneaked out to lick over his lips, wetting them, making them look more delectable than ever. It terrified me, how his one simple act made my chest cave in, made me almost groan.

“Like this.” I couldn’t stop him, no I didn’t stop him, when he lowered his face. The tip of his nose touched mine, and then I felt his searing hot tongue. His tongue swept across my lower lip, hot burns made their way across my body and stilled at my northern spot.

“Won’t you stop me?” His words vibrated against lips, and I caved in to the need of licking my lips. It sparked something in me, remembering he had just licked that spot a beat ago.

I could stop him. But I didn’t. Instead, I had unknowingly ignited something between us, and maybe it was only me who felt the sudden eagerness. The sudden temptation that I was present in front of me, calling out to me like I was a moth drawn to fire.

And I had surrendered to it.

His soft lips peered over mine, before he locked my upper lip between his. It was like a jab of electricity that pulsed in my vein, suddenly frenzied yet relieved. My eyes fluttered close at the contact of his warm lips, so soft and plush.

His mouth molded with mine, soft yet firm, smooth yet rough. I let myself be devoured, sighing as his lips captured mine. His hand that gripped my hands once, now held my face as he pressed his body against me.

In the moment, all that matter was this. This moment.

I felt I would never experience this again, so I followed what my instinct told me to.

My hands reached out to touch his face, and he groaned as I responded to his kiss. The sound of our wet lip battling echoed in the room, drowning in the sounds of our panting.

My toes curled in delight when he softly sighed, locking our lips. I let him lead me, circling my arms around his neck.

When he suddenly pulled, breaking our trance, I gasped for air. His lips seemed swollen, wet and pink.

“Open your mouth for me.” He whispered, and high on pleasure, I did so. My lips parted and swiftly he slide his tongue over mine, surprising me completely. I moaned against his mouth, foreign to such act, as I tried to imitate the gentle play of his tongue. My body trembled against his, our ribs crashing into each other.

This was everything I never experienced. Tongues in a tango, lips fighting a battle, bodies in a hypnotic sync. I tugged at his hair, fingers gripping his silk strands as he bit my lower lip just dive back into kissing me.

His other hand gripped my waist, slowly moving under my top. I hoped he hadn’t, because when I felt his hand on my ribs, dangerously close to my breasts- I snapped. My body went rigid, eyes opened wide. Hands that once were tugging his head now flat to his chest, pushing him off.

Caught off guard, he was easy to push off. I felt chills, knowing what I did with him just now.

No. This is wrong.

He seemed like a beast truly now. Breathing heavily, eyes hazy, chest lifting and dropping as he stared at me with confusion. His brows knitted together, swollen lips in a curl as if he wondered why I pushed him.

I was no better. I felt confused too. Confused to why he kissed me, why I didn’t stop him. My chest caved in and out as I scurried on my knees, feeling embarrassed as I felt my lips hot, and wet. And also my northern part squelching.

What the fuck did we just do?

Flustered, I found myself slipping off the bed, my head low as my feet found the ground. My legs felt wobbly, almost giving away as I rushed to the door, feeling his wild stare on me. He stared at me till I had scurried off shakily.

That night, I slept with one eye opened. Every time my eyes dropped with sleep, I would jolt awake, dreaming of grey eyes. My body felt ticklish, awfully numb as well and my head felt light as the event kept replaying in my head.

By the time I was tired enough to sleep, the birds were chirping. I groaned when the rays of sun passed through the gapes of the curtain, cursing as my stomach growled suddenly.

If I just stay in my room I wouldn’t run into him. That would be a better situation for both of us with having awkward moments passed between us.

Weird thoughts occupied my head as I got dressed after showering. I would have stayed in my room if it wasn’t for the constant grumbling of my stomach. Usually, the butler would bring a tray of food, except today it seemed he was a bit late.

I sneaked out of room, on my alarm in case I ran into Elijah, I would sprint back to my room. Imagining encountering him almost made me lose my appetite but then the smell of food coming from the dining room hit me and at once I found myself loitering around the dining table.

There was an elderly looking woman, placing plates on the table. It seemed she was little surprised upon seeing me, as much as I was upon seeing her. She immediately flashed me a smile.

“You must be the young lady Benson was talking about. Come, sit.” I I pulled one of the chairs, eyeing the delicacies on the table, my mouth drooling over the sight of fresh strawberries.

“I have been waiting for five years to serve someone other than Elias on this table.” The woman laughed, somehow her brown skin glued dewy as she spoke with her thick accent, it almost sounded like one of the sisters from my orphanage.

“If I had known you felt that way Lorraine, I would have invited some friends over. I thought you would rather feel burdened.” I froze, seeing the blonde man in the wheelchair and the butler behind him.

Oh shit.

If I had known my actions for last night, the fact I had invaded this poor man’s privacy, would haunt me-I would have just slept.

“Ah, Elias. You woke up and chose to be silly again.” The lady, Lorraine, said with a big smile as she put down a tray of sliced fruits.

“Quit embarrassing me in front of our guest.” When he looked at me with a smile, I wished I shrunk away.

“I never got to introduce myself for my brother yesterday.” Smiling awkwardly, I hoped he didn’t join the table. And he actually did.

“I am Elias. And your name must be?” For a moment, I forgot who I was, very much taken a back as he sat right across me.

“Anna.” I said, noticing how the butler and Lorraine had left us both alone.

“You must be having a hard time because of my brother.” He said it with a laugh, and I just knew craziness runs in their blood. How could you laugh as if your brother hasn’t stalked and kidnapped me?

“I can’t imagine keeping up with him but I am glad he finally settled down.” A choke from my throat surprised me as I hear him say.

“What are you talking about?” I hissed at him, scowling as he seemed shocked.

“Oh- so you aren’t dating him?” He asked with amusement, eyes as innocent as a lamb.

“Your brother-”I stuttered on my words when the man in question came along with a frown on his face. His eyes raked on me, and then landed on his brother. Gulping, I looked away, feeling heat in my face.

He seemed as if he had just woken judging by his tousled hair and crinkled shirt. Remnants of last night flooded in, when he stared at me even though I gazed away at the floor as if it was something very interesting. The same stare that made me cave in, that made me surrender. It send me shivers, made my stomach churn in a foreign way. And in the most sadistic way, I was thrilled by it.

Elias seemed like he couldn’t read the room, or maybe he didn’t want to.

“I am pretty sure I asked you to stay put.” I didn’t know Elijah pointed at whom, as his eyes kept dancing from me to his brother.

“Yes, good morning.” Elias snorted and the frown on Elijah’s face only deepened.

“I am done.” I whispered, getting off my chair as my appetite disappeared into thin air. Elias immediately called after me as I stormed off, feeling suffocated by the awkwardness.

As I locked myself in my room, realizing that I had indeed breached a line I shouldn’t have.

That I had gone down a dangerous path and blinded by the thrill of it.

And that, I might just crave for something that would probably end me.


This chapter may have a lot of error cuz I didn’t get to read it even once. I am just having a tough week and I wanted to update as quick as possible. And also this was the hardest chapter I have ever written so I hope you all enjoy it. Also thanks to those who leave comments because they motivate me a LOT!



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