His Prey

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CHAPTER 15: Thrown

Somehow I bumped into Elijah, regardless of my numerous attempts to avoid him. The cause of it were Benson-the butler- and Elias.

It just happened to be that Elias was a chatter box. After I stormed off to my room that day, Benson came to my room, letting me know how Elias felt guilty of making me feel uncomfortable. It wasnʼt his fault in anyway, and I felt like the bad person for making him feel that way.

When evening came, I found myself sitting on a table with Elias, chatting about little stuffs. He never mentioned about Elijah or the fact that I was a free captive here.

Actually, it was pretty nice to speak to someone. I found myself laughing at his quirky remarks, Lorraineʼs continuous argument with him and Benson and not to mention Elias impeccable ability to lose in very round of chess that we played.

And it just happened so that every evening when we sat on the patio to play, miraculously Elias would spot Elijah and have him scowl at me. It was truly amazing how every time he saw me, his face just hardened into a frown yet he never said a word. And honestly I was grateful.

Tired yet satisfied after a long day of beating Elias to chess, I hopped into the shower, ready to jump into the bed as soon as I get out. Humming as I tied the towel around my drenched body, I put a wet hair into a bun. With few strands of hair dangling, I got out of my bathroom just to have my soul almost jumping out of my body.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I let out a squeak, gripping the knot of my towel for dear life as I glared at Elijah.

He seemed unfazed, almost expressionless as he shamelessly stared down my body, leaving me completely baffled.

He was leaning against the door, his hands behind him. I heard a click, and immediately took a step back.

Why was he closing the door?

“It will only be fair if I entered your room, just like you did that night.” My thighs quivered, and clenched them. I looked at my wardrobe where my clothes would be, and then at my bathroom.

I wasnʼt quick enough to open the door to the bathroom. My hand was snatched away even before I could reach out for the door knob.

Something is terribly off.

In a blink, I found myself on the bed, pushed under his weight. My breasts threatened to spill out as his chest was pressed to mine.

Instead of pushing him off, I let him straddle me. His warm palms touched my thighs, moving slowly upwards till it reached the hem of the towel that ended mid-thigh.

Without a word, he leaned towards my face. His nose brushed against cheeks and then he slowly lowered his face to my jaw and to my neck. His soft breathing fanned my skin, leaving ignited trails. My body felt feverish as I felt the soft, cool touch of his lips right where my pulse was racing. A moan passed my lips as he suckled there, before lowering his head to my chest.

His hands swiftly undid the knot, and the towel fell off, exposing my breasts.

Just like that, I gasped, eyes wide awake. My hands rushed to touch my boobs and thighs. Clothed. Completely clothed.

I groaned into my pillow, feeling the disaster in my panties. Not again.

This was probably the fifth time I had such a nightmare since that kiss. My first sacred kiss that now haunts me. I vaguely remember falling asleep after showering, and now the thought of getting in the bathroom to change my underwear exhausted me.

Nevertheless, I got up from my bed and at the same time I heard a knock on the door. Grumbling as I pondered who it might be, I opened the door.

Maybe I shouldnʼt have.

I didnʼt open it all the way, and didnʼt bother to as I saw Elijah standing like a ghost. My mouth dried as I noticed how he wore the same expression as the dream.

“What?” I sounded annoyed, realising how this man even invades my dreams nowadays.

“Get ready. We are leaving in 10 minutes.” My face fell as I registered his words.

“Where are we going?” I asked immediately, opening the door all the way. His gaze fell between for a second before he looked at me.

“I will be dropping you off to your daddyʼs place.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, cringing at his choice of words, feeling my stomach shrink.

“Itʼs pointless to have you around. Matthew should have been the dealing with you, and without him being here- itʼs just a waste of time to babysit you.” He stated nonchalantly, making me feel sick.

“Then why did you take me in the first place?” My voice rose a little, wavering as I clenched my fists beside me.

“I had to clean up his mess, get Allen and then end you both. But I wonʼt have Allen come out till he has you.”

“Allen is smart, he wonʼt let Matthew unscathed. I can only use you a bait to get him and his little group of fuckers out.”

I felt like all his words were going in one ear and out the other. I felt like throwing up.

“Then whatʼs going to happen to me?” I asked, staring behind him.

“You will be safe. Till I get Allen and his gang, you will be safe.” He stated, and my heart dropped.

I nodded my head, stepping back.

“I will go freshen up real quick.” I gave a laugh, awkwardly moving away from him. The moment I entered the bathroom, a sob broke out of me as I sunk into the floor.

Eventually when my tears dried up, I splashed my face with water. Get a grip. With my chest high, I got out my room after changing into a indigo shirt and jeans.

Itʼs okay. Everything is going to be alright.

I chanted to myself when I noticed Elijah waiting outside my room.

“Can I go and say bye to-”

“No. We are leaving right now.” I swallowed down my words and followed him silently, taking one last glance at the house, hoping I had said farewell to Elias one last time.

When we were inside the car, I felt suffocated. There was a niggling feeling that made me bite my quivering lips as Elijah started the engine.

Was he actually going to make me meet Allen?

How will I ever face him?

I would rather die than ever see his face.

Gritting my teeth, I glared down at my clenched hands. I wondered what hurt more- his words or the fact that I was Allenʼs daughter.

We drove past numerous rows of trees, and the landscapes seemed endless, smudging into the dark sky. It was eerie how there were almost no houses as we sped by, only a few that seemed to be vacant.

Nonetheless, it was a lovely eerie. Dark yet calm, beautiful yet brooding.

The description almost fitted a particular person but I pushed that thought away and focused on the view.

Soon, I got a little excited as we entered a tunnel, and if I was in the car with Beth instead of this wall of a man, I would have been

acting as if I was in the haunted houses in amusement parks.

I was a little surprised as I glanced into the side-view mirror, noticing a small car behind us. Sighing, I rest my face beside the window, staring mindlessly at the road.

Weird enough, I found my brows knitting as I stared into the side-view mirror. The car from earlier was behind us. And oddly, the carʼs headlights were off. It seemed the more I stared at the car, the more close it got. Nervously, I glanced at Elijah.

He had his tight grip on the wheel, eyes ahead on the road but the twitch in his jaw was visible. I would have told myself that I am just being paranoid. But look at where I am now.

No, I am just being paranoid.

With that thought, I cozied to the seat.

Happy thoughts, Anna. Happy thoughts.

That didnʼt last long as I had the urge to puke suddenly. Startled, I felt nauseous as the car picked up its pace.

“Hey, slow down.” I grunted, my head getting dizzy. But Elijah didnʼt listen. His eyes sparked at my face and then back at the front mirror.

When he did slow down, I breathed in relief. I looked at the side mirror, noticing the car that was earlier following us now vanishing behind.

Yup, I was definitely paranoid this time. “Good grief.” I muttered under my breath, earning a side eye from Elijah.

With that paranoia being pushed somewhere back in my head, I patted my chest. But my hand froze when I noticed Elijah unbuckling himself suddenly.

“Wh-”, without a second word, he pulled at my seatbelt.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Shocked, I stared ahead of the road, worried we might crash as he did whatever he was doing.

“Donʼt think of running away somewhere far. ” He said, making my eyes go wide as his hand went behind me. I looked into his hard eyes, hearing a click, feeling the breeze hit my back. My hair strands floated as he grabbed my arms.

“What are you doing?” I tried to brush off his hands but his grip refused to budge.

And if you do, I will hunt you down.” Those were his last words, before I was shoved down from the running car. His eyes being the last thing I noticed, as my heart stopped beating for a second.

Everything around me was fast and slow as I found myself falling, the harsh road making contact with my body. My back thudded on the road, forcing a cry out of me as I rolled, my ears ringing for a second as I heard a huge explosion.

The sound numbed my head, pain ricocheting throughout my body. Gasping as I was now flat on my stomach, feeling my muscles strain in agony. I heard crackling, but my eyes seemed unfocused.

Blinking hard, my eyes away as I watched the car that was now a few feet away from me, burn bright red.


First of all, many apologies for late update, and for this SHORT, boring chapter. I was improvising this story a bit, and this chapter has been written recently- meaning its an additional chapter. I decided to add some more chapters- some new plots. Hope you all enjoy this.

AND please forgive the grammatical or spell errors. I am yet to edit all the chapters!!
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