His Prey

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CHAPTER 18: Mr. What?

I was pacing restlessly in the balcony, feeling Lily and Jake’s concerned stare on me. At this point, I had eaten off my fingernails from constantly biting them, but that was the least of my concerns.

“Don’t worry. She will be back home soon.” Lily stated but I thought otherwise.

“It’s been a whole day now. She left her phone here and-” Lily pushed me down on the bed, forcing me to sit as I rambled on.

“She’s not a kid and you are not her mother so stop worrying that much.” Her arguing was going through one ear and out the other as I thought of the worst things that were possibly happening to Beth.

What if he hurts her? What if he tries to….

No. Matthew was supposed to be kidnapped- killed whatever the heck. He wasn’t supposed to be contacting Beth.

What if it’s Elijah? What if he sent someone pretending to be Matthew to Beth?

The thought of something happening to her made my stomach scrunch is disgust. I couldn’t elucidate as to why I was freaking out to Lily and Jake because I am a coward.

“She said anything before she left? Like she was meeting or staying over at a friend’s house?” Jake queried and passed me a bottle of water that I took eagerly from his hands. I gulped down the bottle and shook my head.

I should have told her everything. Then she would have stayed away from him.

“Why don’t you call some of her friends or coworkers?” Lily suggested grabbing Beth’s phone from the bed.

“I don’t know her password.” I said and Lily groaned.

“Give me that.” Lily handed the phone to Jake who bore a serious expression. He stared hard, before typing something and then sighing.

“When’s her birthday?” He asked and I gave him a tight smile.

“I tried it, it’s not the password.” I said and then he typed something again.

“Wait, let me see.” Lily snatched the phone from Jake who cursed under his breath. With a haughty gleam in her eyes, a smirk marking her lips, she seemed to be on some mission.

“I knew she was basic.” She whispered and then flashed a victorious look at us.

“0, 0, 0, 0.” She dangled the unlocked phone in front of my face, before dropping in my palms. Well, I guess her password was just very easy.

“Hopefully she’s okay. Just call someone you know is close to her.” Lily reassured me, and I looked through her contacts.

She had very few contacts, and most of them were people I have never heard of. The only one that I knew was Matt or Matthew, and the fact she saved his number with a heart emoji made me feel sicker.

Should I call him? Beg him to let her go and apologize for being alive?

Luckily, I found a contact with the name Boss on it, wondering if it’s her employer. Beth worked at a small parlor, and as she said her boss was a very lovely lady.

So I called, holding the phone to my ear as the ringing resonated.

“Hello?” I spoke as the call was picked up, and instead of hearing a response- I only heard shuffling.

“Actually, I am Beth’s friend. I was wondering if she’s-” The phone got cut to my dismay, and I decided to dial again but before I could do that- the door-bell rang.

We all looked at each other with surprise before I sprinted off downstairs to open the door. I didn’t have to look at the person properly as I opened the door and leaped to hug her.

“Oh gosh. You…you big breasted woman. You are suffocating me!” Her voice came muffled as I held her tight, feeling my heart beat relax.

“Where the fuck were you?” I asked, grabbing her arms to make her come face to face with me. I glared at her tired face and she sighed.

“I left my phone at home or else I would have informed you.” She said, closing the door behind her. Jake and Lily followed suite as Beth sat on the couch.

“Anna was about to have stroke.” Lily joked as she lightly hit my back, making me roll my eyes at her.

“Sorry. I actually went to meet Sallie, you know my co-worker and then she got a call from the hospital. Her mother passed away.” She huffed out, stretching her neck. My mouth formed an ‘O’ as I took in what she said and nodded.

“I decided to stay with her the night. Her mother’s funeral would be held at their hometown.” She said with solemn look as I passed her a glass of water.

“You must be tired. Why don’t you freshen up and I make up something for you to eat?” I said, and she smiled.

“Next time, put a better password!” Lily yelled when Beth made her way up the stairs.

“You were worried for nothing.” Just when Jake said- I remembered what I was worrying for. Oh shit.

I ran upstairs, leaving Jake confused. Beth was already in the room with her phone in her hand.

“Beth!” I exclaimed, seeing her face has turned sour- my wildest guess was she saw Matt’s text.

“Did you see it?” I asked as I sat next to her, her face looked sky fallen. She nodded slowly, then buried her face in her palms. All the while, I wondered how to break it out to her, what to say to her.

Uh…your boyfriend kidnapped me and then his pal took me as a captive. And we kissed-

Anna, what the fuck are you thinking?

“Listen, I have to tell you something. I don’t know how to tell you this but-”

“I know. I doubted it too you know.” She sobbed, and I stopped my movements to stare at her.

She knows? What does she know?

“I saw him…you know. At the club you worked, with a girl. And then that he…” She bit her lip to stop the incoming sob and held my hands.

“I was just so stupid. So stupid, that I actually slept with him that night- although he reeked of another girl’s perfume.” My hand reached her trembling back, feeling her body shake under my palm as she sobbed.

“He’s a fucking asshole. How dare he texted me to meet him? Fuck him.” She rumbled upon, her sadness turning into a little rage that made me happy. I would rather have her angry than sad over that piece of shit.

“Well, you fucked him.” I blurted out and she sniffled but passed me a smirk.

“Yeah, I did. And now I am going to block him.” Pulling out her phone, I watched as she typed him a text.


I snickered as she later hit the block button and tossed her phone behind us. Even though, I had decided to tell her the whole situation, I took a U-turn. It didn’t feel like the right place and time- considering she just had a breakdown in front of me.

“I am over him. I am so done with his bullshit.” She murmured as I comforted her in my arms.

“Now, go and freshen up. I will prepare something for you.” I pulled away from her, rubbing her back in an effort to comfort her.

I found myself staring at her phone, wondering if this was enough. If blocking him would be enough.

Hopefully everything will be okay.


Nothing is ever okay. Not at this moment at least.

“Hey. Don’t be so nervous. It’s going to be alright.” Jake whispered to me as the taxi pulled in front of a big hotel. A grand hotel at that.

I gulped, nervously fidgeting when the taxi left, contemplating if I should stop the vehicle and ask the taxi man to take me back home.

“Come on, you can do this.” Jake assured but that just made me glare at him.

“Do what? Serve drinks to politicians and celebrities on the first day of work? Fuck, no.” I whined out, skin prickling at the thought being in the presence of people with such high status.

“Are you being like this because of what Lily said? She’s uttering bullshit most of the time.” He tugged my hand but I pulled back shaking my head. Well, Lily did say somethings that made me think she might have jinxed me.

“What if Anna accidentally spills drink on a politician? Lol she would be sued.”

“This is no different than in the club.” I raised my hand to stop him, glaring at him for his utter nonsense.

“You are saying bullshit. It’s different. Look at my dress, I could go and serve the Royal Family right now.” He looked fed up with me but I also didn’t sign for this when I said I needed a job.

“Listen, the pay is good. I know you will feel nervous but Anna, you got this one. Just walk in and serve like you did in the club.” I let out an exasperated sigh, now that he brought the topic of money.

It was good money.

“If I trip and spill drinks on anybody, it’s on you.” I pointed my finger at him, and he laughed.

“Alright. Now, let’s go.” He ushered me inside the building, and I already felt the hustle there. People rushed from one place to another, some shouting at each other to get the work done better, some carrying piles of things in their hands.

“This way.” Jake guided me through a hallway and I instantly noticed a small crew of people, all dressed similar to us. Black suits and white shirts. There were only three men including Jake who wore white gloves, back suit and pants and white while the women wore the same except for the petite black skirt.

“Linda. Here, I was talking about her.” Jake suddenly surprised me when he called out an elderly woman. She approached us with squinting eyes, especially landing her gaze on me first.

“Hello. I am Anna.” I said and then she passed me a smile that glowed effortlessly on her face. She looked as if she was in her 50s and thriving with her blonde hair and green eyes.

“Well, nice to meet you Anna. I hope you don’t fuck up on the first day.” I sucked in my mouth, eyes bowling out as she chuckled. She didn’t grace me anymore with her presence and instead handed me a black tie. It was more of a bow-tie choker unlike the one Jake wore.

“Everyone, giddy up. The guests have arrived. Please be respectful, responsible and don’t fuck up.” Linda seemed sweet and it felt like a lot of other staffs fucked up bad for her to mention it so obviously.

“Relax.” Jake hushed me, poking me with his elbow. It was almost nostalgic if I may say. It reminded me when Jack escorted me to the VIP wing.

“You will only have to serve drinks, others will serve tables.” I smiled even though my insides were in a tumultuous tangle.

“You can do this.” It felt like a lie when we entered the grandeur party hall. I thought that it would be bustling with people but there only quite a few that had probably arrived earlier.

It was indeed beautiful inside. A great chandelier hung above, sparkling lights to the tables covered in expensive red material. Simple yet elegant decoration of it all screamed luxury at its finest, but only if it were filled with more people.

“You look disappointed.” I looked at the boy beside me- wondering where Jake went to.

“No, I am just surprised. I thought there will be more people.” I said with a laugh and he kept looking at me.

“There will be more people. You know the drill with rich people”, he paused, glancing away for a moment, “they are probably held back by the paparazzi and photographers.”

I hummed in agreement, and then he spoke again—

“I heard the commotions while passing by the gates in hopes of seeing some celebrities but the flashlights blinded my eyes.” It was sort of awkward as he continued the conversation, saying things that I couldn’t understand but still stood like a fool listening to him.

I spotted Jake nearby at a corner, standing next to a few staffs who held the trolleys.

“I thought you ditched me and went home.” I said when he saw me, smiling sheepishly.

“I wouldn’t dare to.” I glanced at the trolley, there were quite a few a lot.

“When are we serving?” He checked his wrist watch with a bored look.

“Soon. Or maybe now.” And just as he said that, the room got livelier than ever. Earlier it was two or three people standing together in some corners but now there dozens of men and women, dressed in luxuries- walking with rich aura.

“By the way what is this party for?” I asked him, noticing the other staffs were already scrambling on their feet. I wonder if I could even recognize the celebrities, maybe take an autograph if I could- though doubting none of the faces were familiar.

“It’s the 5th anniversary for the EL Enterprise. The party is thrown by one of their rich clients.” He surveyed around the crowd, pointing his finger at a particular figure. I tried to peer at the direction he pointed, getting on the tip of my toes, wanting to catch glimpse of the person he was pointing at.

“That’s the CEO of EL Enterprise, Mr. Armani.”


“Mr. what?” My voice raised as I snapped at him, surprising him. No way. I heard him very wrong.

“Mr. Armani. Mr. Elijah Armani.”


I was on a long break and so I couldn’t really thank my new readers as I usually do, but here it is now—

Thanks to every one of you who read my story-- left a like and comment. It genuinely is so sweet to me whenever I see my readers commenting their thoughts. Also I have been trying to upload CHAP. 18 for a while but my wifi kept playing with me.


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