His Prey

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CHAPTER 2: Dirty

The silence in the air was cut off by the priest.

"Speak my child." I looked down at my shoes, sitting in the confessional. It has been five minutes since I said I have sinned. I only wonder what he would think of my confession.

"Father, I have done something really sinful last night...I had let myself divulge in explicit thoughts for sexual gratification..." I confessed, clenching my coat as my cheeks felt incredibly hot.

"Child, since you have realized your sin, I'll pray God forgives you. Try to think of Jesus Christ and his teachings."

I left the church after this, unable to think how I am going to show my face next in front that priest who had known me for so many years as a regular. Last night's dream left me conflicted. I woke up tired yet ..refreshed. And extremely wet. I had felt that wetness never before and never before had I orgasmed in my 26 years of life. I had let myself enjoy a dream like that, sinning through the night.

My head was filled with elicit thoughts, that's why I decided to confession the sin. I took the bus to my workplace, well not to my workplace exactly, but to a hotel which was ten minutes away from that nightclub. It was because of how notorious it was that some people maintained their distance.

The staff room was chilly as usual, and there seemed no one other than me. I took off my coat and put it on the hooks and loosened up my hair. I put on some gloss which was mandatory because Bob, my boss wanted so.

Lily seemed late even though she also came ahead of me every day. I checked the schedule, finding she will be serving the VIP wing again, as usual. Even the name of that place gave me shivers.

"Anna." I turned to Jake, putting down the schedule note.

"Lily hasn't arrived yet," I told him because he usually escorted her to that place. He shook his head, and then Bob came through the door.

"Lily's mother is in the hospital. She won't come." The frustration in his voice was clear. He really doesn't care what happens to his workers. He just needs his work done, gets money, and then delay our salaries.

"Do me a favor, Anna. I will pay you heftily." His eye glinted, something felt ominous about it. But the thought of money made me ignore it. If I get the money, I can pay off debts.

"What is it?" I asked, not imagining the words that came out of his mouth.

"Serve the VIP wing for tonight."

I almost bit my tongue for a second.

"What?" It came out rather rude than I intended to. His face turned into a scowl, he didn't seem a bit pleased.

"Listen, Anna if you work nicely, the customers won't disturb you.." With his hands raised as he marked the statement, he glared at me. If only I had the confidence to oppose him.

"Bob, can't you send anyone else?" I said, remembering everything Lily said about that place.

"You know what? Leave this job if you can't do tonight's shift for Lily." He left with those words angrily, leaving me in disdain.

"He's right. Customers won't bother you if you just do your nicely and leave." Jake said, but his words didn't work.

"On top of that, you know what Lily does there. She is also a part-time se-"

"Don't say it like that." I stopped him midway, staring at him. He shut his mouth immediately, looking embarrassed as if he was a child being scolded.

"How many rooms do I need to serve?" I asked, rubbing my forehead.

"Just one. There aren't many people who come to drink." He said cheekily, making me feel disgusted.

Soon I found myself following Jake to the VIP wing with wobbly legs and a tray. Every now and then he looked back at me with concern, that just worsen my mood.

Jake reached out for the door, opened it for me.

"I don't think you would want me to accompany you all the way there. Take this to room 9." He handed a gold card to me. I took it from him and then walked in.

I expected many things but the event inside this place was hellish. I almost choked out, seeing naked sweaty bodies of both genders, with masks on. People in leather straps, grinding onto each other in sync, and the unholy sounds of their moans were dimmed by the soft music. My eyes squinted, seeing this scene unfold in front of me. The red, violet lights only made it more...erotic.

I gulped, feeling my legs get wobbly and my heart thud. Everyone seemed busy doing their thing. I averted my eyes away, not sure what I am exactly feeling. I tried my hardest to walk with my weak legs without looking at anyone, scared to get their slightest attention on me. But then I did look. In awe. The cry of the woman had caught my attention. Her naked body was in front of a man, who pulled back her hair and then...put his peepee. In there. I was frozen in my spot, suddenly I began noticing every little sinful act these people were doing. I was shocked when I saw a man and a woman on a sofa. His hand was in her panties. The sudden reconciliation of last night made me squirm and squeeze my thighs.

No, no! Get a grip!

I straddled to the narrow hall, reaching for room 9. I tried to calm myself down first. Because I felt hot in all the wrong places. I knocked on the four twice, really hoping that things are different in this room. The door was opened by a man, wearing a suit and glasses. He was tall, bulky, and bald, cowering over me like a hawk.

"Card?" He spoke in a gruff voice, scaring me. I quickly showed the card to him with a shaky hand and relaxed when he nodded his head. I walked in as he held the door open for me. And this room was a breath of fresh air. No one was naked or doing elicit stuff. They mostly were men in suits, looking rich, and also wearing those masks. The lights in this room were the same, a round table where the men and women were sitting, and then the rest half of the room was cut by a curtain.

I timidly served them, surprised as nothing as such Lily said has happened to me. I finally relaxed, seeing they were harmless people- but then why do I feel this burning gaze on my face?

I slowly peeked at the man, sitting in a bossy manner with a glass in his hand. Even though his black mask covered half of his face, the displeasure on his face was clear. His grey eyes shone like diamonds in the dark, they seemed electrifying.

"Sir, do you want more wine?" I offered with a smile, wondering if he was mad because his glass was almost empty. He didn't say anything, but racked my whole body with his eyes, making me utterly self-conscious.

When his eyes caught mine, I gulped. Then he put down his glass on the table, not saying a word but indicating me with his head to fill the glass. I filled his glass, almost to the brim because my hands couldn't stop shaking. He kept watching as he brought the glass near his lips. The room felt hot and cold at the same time under his scrutinizing gaze, I felt exposed to him. My heart thudded when he shifted in his seat, making me jump slightly.

This continued for how long I didn't know but soon the man who let me in told me to leave. When I grabbed the tray, he asked me to leave it behind. I didn't understand why though but I was more than happy to leave. When I got out of the room, I rushed to the end of the hall, where the toilet was.

Looking at the mirror, my cheeks were incredibly red. I looked flushed, breathless. I splashed water on my face and tried to steady my heart.

Calm down, calm down.

Sighing, I looked back at the mirror and then- gasped because of the presence behind me, immediately turning around to him. He just stood there, racking me like earlier as I was scared to my wit's end. I only cowered back, my butt touching sink tile.

"Don't you think it's dangerous for a deer to walk into a lion's den?" The voice gave me shivers. Clear as crystal, yet rough and heavy. His eyes seemed to have stuck in my soul, freezing me completely.

"H-huh.." I stuttered, not getting what he meant.

Deer? Lion? Walk?

"So fucking innocent." A deep, rich laugh escaped from his laugh, throwing his head back a little as if it was something really funny.

"It really makes me wanna fuck you right here, angel."


I stared at him in shock, totally surprised by his vulgar remark. I should have been horrified, but somehow I felt myself get hot, again in all the wrong places.

I was taken by surprise when he stepped forward, his body touching mine, his height belittling mine. My throat parched, my mind gave me all the sinful signals and my heart just sunk. Closer, I could smell his rich cologne. So rich that it made me squeeze my thighs, hoping he wouldn't notice but perhaps he did. His eyes seemed really determined on something as he held my gaze. I realized I was too captivated now because I didn't react when he slowly wrapped his hand on my waist, then pulled me closer to him in a jerk, making my chest bump to his.

His eyes lowered to my lips. It made my breath hitch when his tongue sneakily swept across his lower lips. And then unconsciously, I licked mine whilst staring at his full, pink lips. So finely shaped that it made me jealous.

His face only got closer to mine till we breathe in each other’s face.

“I would fuck you but you are too pure for that.”

With that he moved away, leaving me to gasp for air as if there was little in that room. I sunk to the floor, my legs shaking.

Just who the fuck was he?

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