His Prey

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CHAPTER 3: Taste of sin

The lady outside the church gave me a polite smile, probably thinking what good of a girl I was, coming to church.

It has been a week since the incident at my work, and I still haven’t forgotten the smell of that man, his stance, his gaze and his breath no, the taste of his breath. I remember it all too clearly. It has been driving me crazy. So here I was, at the church again to confess my sins.

When I got home, Beth was standing there with a man. I huffed, forcing a smile on my face as I walked to them. Beth had that sheepish smile on her face and that man had blank look upon seeing me.

“Hey..” I muttered, looking at the no distance between. The man had her arm around her waist and I couldn’t help but raise my brow at Beth.

“Anna, this is Matt.” The way she said his name happily was enough for me to know that he was that man who convinced her to move out of the house.

“Oh, nice to meet you.” I said, rubbing my neck and noticing the luggage beside Beth.

“Nice to meet you too, Anna.” He smiled but it never reached his green eyes. His hand to tousled his blonde hair and his frustrated sigh didn’t go unnoticed by me. Now that I noticed, this guy was very handsome. He stood very tall, prolly 6’2 but what made him noticeable more was his tan skin and blonde hair. No wonder Beth was swooned. I hate this already.

If it wasn’t for him, Beth would have been living with me.

None of her previous boys made her move out or asked her to but this guy- he surely had done something to her.

“Why don’t you guys come in for coff-“

“Thanks Anna, but we have got business to do.” My mouth almost hung open when Matt suddenly interjected. I looked Beth, surprised when she just stood there as if her boyfriend acted like a jerk.

“I am so sorry babe, but me and Matty already have plans today. See you later okay?” She hugged me, but I was too taken aback to return her embrace. For a moment my eyes tinged when I saw Matt pull the luggage and drag it to his car.

“Let’s go.” He called out, opening the door. Beth ran to him like a puppy as I stood there like a fool.

When there’s good, there’s bad. When there’s bad, there’s good. After Beth left, I felt betrayed. Maybe it was because I have been living with her since childhood. She and I met at the orphanage that was organized by local church. Grew up together and got out of the orphanage together.

When I bought this house, I bought with the idea of us living together. Maybe it was because I was selfish and lonely, that I only wanted her to be with me. I looked at the picture Beth sent me just a while ago, a picture of her smiling brightly with a cat on her lap. I realized I hadn’t thought about her happiness. What she wanted. I was too dependent on her because she is the only friend I have. The only I open up to.

Night came quicker than ever. Today was a day off fortunately. I realized how much silent it was without Beth around. I had ordered two burgers, forgetting Beth wasn’t around. Sighing, I picked up the scattered clothes in my room. My eyes feel on my purse, remembering the large amount I received that night.

Heat rose my cheeks when I recalled that incident again.

God. I am going to hell.

I tried to focus myself on cleaning my room, but my mind kept wandering off to somewhere else.

I need to shower. Yes, that’s what I need.

And boy, was I wrong.

The moment I stepped under the cold water, naked, my lower region clenched. The cold water that cascaded down my body only heated me up.

It really makes me wanna fuck you right here, angel.”

My body shuddered at the remembrance. My lips parted as I remembered the feel of his body against mine, his gaze on my lips, as if he wanted to devour me there. And I would have let him. Oh god, I would have let him take me right there.

With those sinful thoughts in my head, I got out the shower, wearing only an oversized worn out shirt and nothing else. I lied on the bed, hoping to get my mind free. But then I heard his voice again.

So fucking innocent.

I knew I was no longer innocent when I reached and pulled the hem of the shirt to my waist. Shamelessly, my hand glided down my stomach to the place I never touched intimately before. I bit my lip as my fingers grazed upon my bundle of nerves. I knew the wetness between my legs wasn’t because of the shower. It was because of a certain man who has made me want something I never wanted before.

I moaned, pressing my fingers on my clit, as I shamelessly imagined him doing so. I imagined him hovering over me, staring at me with those intense eyes that made me quiver that night, watching me like hawk as he touched me.

My fingers moved in circular motions and gasped at the foreign feeling that sent sparks through my body. My breathing ragged as sweat covered my chest, my fingers drenched in my wetness. My stomach muscles tensed up as I pressed my fingertips harder and moved my fingers faster.

It felt too good, so good that my eyes fluttered closed. Moans that left my lips felt strange but not stranger than the shudders that started from my pussy and spread to my entire body. My hips buckled when I felt it nearing, my head thrown back against my pillow. And then it hit me. Waves of my pleasure fell over me, my mouth open in a loud moan as I saw stars in my vision. My thighs clenched and quivered as my body shook in pleasure.

“Fuck.” I whimpered, my toes curling as the euphoria washed over me, leaving me sweaty and disheveled. I think I passed out for a moment as I had to blink many times after my orgasm ended. Panting, I stared at my ceiling, feeling the remnants of what I had just done between my legs, that now had ruined my bedsheets.

“Well... that was something.” I muttered into the silence. I had just masturbated for the first time in my life because of a man.

The embarrassment of it made me scream into my pillow, but it felt too good. It felt amazing when I touched myself, when I felt the orgasm take over my body. It would be something I would be doing again in the future.

I fell asleep sometime later but woke up in the middle of the night with a parched throat. Yawning, I got off my bed, somehow dragging myself down the stairs in the silent house. Suddenly, I heard a noise. A clatter. As if a metal fell on the ground. It made me freeze up for a second but then I remembered the rats in the house. I got to my kitchen and fetched myself water bottle, gulping it down completely. I looked at the paper bag that had the other burger in it. But when I took the bag, it was empty. I stared at it for two whole minutes, remembering vividly not eating it or outing it somewhere else.

Perhaps the rats ate it.
But how come the whole of it?

I walked over to my fridge, thinking I kept the burger in there but then something fell under my foot. It was the burger wrapper. All the hair in my body stood up, goosebumps covered my skin when I heard a thud. Loud enough for me to know it wasn’t a rat.

Someone broke into my house.


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