His Prey

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CHAPTER 4: Deep Trouble

My heart jumped to my mouth when I noticed light coming from Beth’s room.

Someone broke in!

My stomach churned in fear, hearing noises from the room. Tears brimmed my eyes as I saw shadows on the floor. A hiccup left my mouth when I heard footsteps. But I couldn’t move.

Should I run?

But what if they catch me?

What if they try to-

“Anna?” I heard the all too familiar voice of Beth. My mind froze. I blinked hard, noticing Beth coming out of her room.

“Oh my god! Why are you crying?” She hugged me instantly , patting my back. I gripped her tightly, lips trembling.

“I thought someone broke in.” I said, not knowing what to feel. I gulped down the uneasy feeling that made my jaw hurt.

“I am so sorry. I wanted to call you but I didn’t want to disturb your sleep...” she said, pulling away and cupping my face in her palms. When I looked at her face, my heart calmed down a bit.

“It’s okay. Why are you here for?” I asked, moving away. I watched her fidget and hesitate.

“I got into a fight in Matt.” She said, looking down at her feet.

“Oh...” I said, awkwardly.

“I am so sorry for disturbing you like this- you should go to bed now.” She said, smiling at me but the worried look on her face didn’t fade.

“Did he...ask you to leave?” I asked her but she shook her head quickly.

“He wouldn’t dare to.” She said with a laugh. I smiled, patting her shoulder.

“Go to bed, okay?” I left her saying that. But my heart still felt uneasy. Even when I closed my eyes in bed, something felt off.


“You are fired.” I looked at messages three times. What the fuck? What the actual fuck?

As if last night wasn’t enough, I woke with a text from my boss, telling me I was fired. I dialed his number, but it seemed like his phone was off.

“Fucking greasy, old man.” I muttered, angrily stomping down the stairs. I saw Beth in the kitchen, humming as she set the plates.

“Good morn- why do you look like you are gonna murder someone?” She asked me, as I put on my shoes.

Murdering someone sounds very logical right now.

“I got fired. Without a fucking reason.” I watch her expression change.

“What? Why?” She asked. Only if I knew the answer.

“Have your breakfast now. I will go meet my boss.” I said, getting out of the house. On the way to his club, I dialed his number, but he never received once.

When the taxi pulled over to the club, I noticed the driver giving me a look, but I couldn’t blame him. I know it’s not the best place to work.

“What the actual fuck?” I muttered under my breath, seeing the signboard FOR RENT.

“Am I seeing this for real?” I heard a voice behind me. Jake stood there with his hands in his pockets, his brows knitted in confusion.

“OMG, the fuck?” Now, we both turned to Lily who had her mouth hanging open.

“I thought I was the only one fired.” I said, confused to why Bob suddenly would set this place up for rent.

“No way! He didn’t even give my last month’s salary. What the fuck?” Lily yelled, banging on the steel door. Jake opened his mouth to say something to her but then stopped.

“Did he say anything to you?” I asked Jake.

“Nothing. I got the text this morning, telling me I was fired. I called him, but I feel like he blocked my number.” My eyes widened at that as Jake shrugged his shoulders.

“First I dialed his number with my number, it seemed as his phone was off, but then I called him using my grandma’s number. He picked up but hung up as soon as he heard my voice.” He smiled grimly, while Lily looked pissed off.

“Then what about our salaries?” Lily said, looking at us murderously.

“I think...Bob is in trouble.” Jake said slowly. Lily laughed, throwing her head back.

“Well, damn he is in trouble.” Lily scoffed out.

“Why do you think that?” I asked him. He looked at me carefully but didn’t say anything.

“Should I go to the police for this?” Lily whispered, suddenly hugging Jake from the back, wailing loudly. Jack consoled her for a while and got her into a taxi.

“She is a mess.” Jake laughed out, his dimples showing off.

“Earlier..you said Bob is in trouble.” I told him, watching his laugh die down.

“Yeah. He might just be in great trouble.” His eyes should a bit of concern. He was after all the oldest employee of Bob. He worked the most with him for a long time.

“Why?” I asked, making him look at me.

“Anna, you do know what sort of things are done at our workplace, don’t you?” His words caught me off guard as I blushed hard, suddenly remembering the VIP place.

“You blush a lot for a girl who works at a notorious club that has a BDSM playroom.” I gasped loudly upon hearing his words, looking around me to see if anyone heard him.

“Calm down. What I mean is that, many people come to the VIP sector. People from classes. The higher ups to even the beggars. I think Bob got on the wrong side of one of the higher ups.” He said the words nonchalantly, looking far away.

“So, is he in bad trouble? Like you know-” He laughed again.

“I hope he is.” I punched his arm lightly as he said that.

“Damn. I have to look for another job.” I said, kicking a pebble on the road. The thought of looking for job exhausted me.

“If you need a job, I know a place. The salary is great and work isn’t that hard.” Jake suggested, making my heart fill with hope. My eyes lit up at his words, almost jumping on my feet.

“Really? God, that’s- Jake! You are an angel.” I restrained myself from hugging him.

“Well, then you should treat me to a meal someday.” He said with his eyes glinting with mischief.

“Sure, someday.” I hope the ‘someday’ never comes.

“Then I will send you the address of the place. It’s a small restaurant owned by one of my relatives.” He said. I never felt so chilled and happy about getting a new job.

“Thanks a lot, Jake.” I said. He just smiled at me, not saying anything for a moment.

“Welcome. I guess I will see you later.” He said, surprising me as he suddenly patted my head.

“Yeah, sure.”

We both parted ways. I thought of taking cab to home but then, that would be a complete waste of money. Happily, I walked along the sidewalk, knowing I won’t have to go around the town to look for a job. But my happiness lasted a few seconds when I heard footsteps behind, only to turn around and see no one behind me. My hands curled as fear crept in. No, not this again.

I am just being paranoid.

I walked at a faster pace, hoping I would come across someone. Thankfully as I walked a couple of steps, a few elderly women walked past me. A sigh of relief left my lips. I looked behind me, smiling as I saw the women chattering among themselves.

Yup, definitely was paranoid.

I closed my eyes for a second, patting my chest. All is well, Anna.

But then- I bumped into someone. My body swayed backwards and prepared myself to crash onto the hard ground but then a pair of hands grabbed my arms, steadying me on my feet.

My eyes met the grey ones of the person who had just saved me from the fall. I think my breathing stopped for a moment when his hands gripped me tighter. His face had a stern look, brows knitted together, nose scrunched as he looked at me.

“You are really a troublemaker, aren’t you?” Shivers ran down my spine, but it wasn’t of fear. It was just the same unworldly sensation I had that night at the club. A sensation that made me clench my thighs.

“I...what? What are you talking about?” I breathed out, trying to nudge off his hands, but he just tightened his grip.

“Look, I don’t know you..” My voice died down when I saw his eyes looking behind me.

“Is there someone behind me?” I whispered and his eyes quickly shot to mine. He released me and took a few steps back.

“You should look where you are going, angel.”
My heart pounded against my rib cage, as his deep voice sent sinful thoughts to my head. A flush crept across my face when suddenly he moved forward and bent his head to mine.

“You remember me, don’t you?” His breath fanned my face, and I tried my best to not move my face forward. How could I forget...Words never escaped my lips when he moved his right hand and brushed his thumb slowly across my lower lip. I gasped, feeling my body shudder against his slight touch.

My eyes averted from his grey orbs to his pink lips. His lips were plump and seemed soft and...kissable.

“What I would do to have a taste of you...” I licked my lips, my throat feeling dry as he kept his steady gaze on me. I felt like I was back at square again, him speaking something that never made sense to me and then leaving me shaking.

“Who the fuck are you?” I pushed against his chest, watched him stumble back a few steps.

His lips twitched at the corner, suddenly his eyes looked different. His gaze had changed, now it was a hard glare.

“You will know that very soon, darling.” His words ringed in my head as a warning. Is he threatening me? I felt like I was in deep shit.

“Look, I am sorry for bumping into you, okay? I will leave now.” I said, moving past him with shaky legs. Ah, my big strong girl image.

“Don’t get out of the house alone next time.” I froze and looked behind me. His hard gaze hadn’t change but something in his eyes confirmed that I was indeed in deep shit.


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