His Prey

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CHAPTER 5: It Begins

Another yawn passed my lips as I washed the dirty dishes. The clock showed it was past 12, time for my work to be over.

I turned off the faucet and dried my hands the towel before taking off the red apron.

“You done?” Jake came, already taken of his work clothes. I nodded, smiling sheepishly.

My first day at Ben’s Cafe went well. I sighed, putting on my black jacket. It was an exhausting day but it definitely made me forget about my worries.

“Want me to drop you off?” Jake asked as we both got out the cafe, shutting the doors closed as Benjamin, my new boss, instructed us earlier today.

“No, my friend is going to pick up. Thanks by the way.” I said, glad that I had asked Beth to pick me up. I had taken that man’s words seriously and asked Beth to accompany me whenever I was out of the house. To say Beth was glad that I no longer worked at the club was an understatement. She was jumping around the house happily when I asked her to drop me off at work.

Soon enough a grey car pulled in front of me. Beth waved at me like a kid, opening the door for me.

“Goodnight.” I waved at Jake who nodded with a smile. The smell of cigarettes filled my nose when I sat in her car, making me glare at her hard.

“You were smok-”

“Ooh la la, who is that hot dude?” She stopped me midway, changing the subject. I looked at her, flabbergasted at her attitude.

“You know him, don’t try to change the subject.” I pressed. She bit her tongue, turning on the air conditioner.

“Oh god Anna. It was Matty. I don’t smoke anymore duh.” She said, shrugging off. I leaned back on the seat as she started the engine and the car roared to life.

“Yeah, yeah.” I muttered, turning to my side.

“Everything cool with him?” I asked as I remembered her talking to him over the phone in the morning. A smile tugged at her lips.

“Better than cool. We are going on a date tomorrow.” She blabbered onto how he takes her to expensive restaurants, how he buys beautiful gifts for her.

“But the only thing about him that annoys me is that he comes home very late. Like very late.” She pouted slightly as she pulled in front of my house.

“I would stay here today but I have an appointment with Matty.” My brows furrowed at her words. Appointment?

I just shook my head, getting out of her car. She blew me kisses, winked before driving away.

Once again welcomed in the silence of my house, I closed my door, securely. I dropped my bag on the sofa, and checked the windows in the kitchen. Relief flooded over me when I had finished checking each and every nook and cranny of the house, in case someone was in my house.

You silly goose.

I grimaced over my paranoia. After showering, I double checked my house again to wear off any suspicious thoughts.

Instead of going to bed, I thought why not scroll through the internet. I watched couple of YouTube videos and then checked my social media accounts. An article caught my attention.

“A man stalked me for two years.”

I mentally froze for a second before clicking on the article.

I am Sarah, 23 year old. I lived with my parents at XXX address for a long time and for the last two years, I felt as if I was being stalked.”

I gulped audibly, reading further.

My suspicion started off small. At first I felt as if someone followed me when I went out for college. Then I felt as if someone watched me through my window.”

I glanced at my window nervously, seeing the closed curtains. Phew.

But at that time I never talked about it to anyone and stayed quite because I felt that I was only being paranoid. It was until the day one of my friends told me that she always noticed a man trailing behind me. I was shocked, frightened. And then the next day, I turned around to see a man following me. I ran home, crying.”

Poor girl.

“After I told my parents about it, they encouraged me to report to the police. And I did. Just in a few day the police officers gather footages from the security cameras in the neighbourhood. It was frightening when the police informed that the man had been tailing me for almost two years. They caught him one day, lurking around my house.”

I turned off my phone, feeling agitated suddenly. My neighbourhood had no security cameras. I screamed silently into my pillow as I felt myself getting paranoid.

What baffled me the most that man from the club. Was it a coincidence that I ran into him that?

Or maybe he was stalking...

I mentally slapped myself.

No way. Why would he stalk me? He probably doesn’t even know my name.


Judging from his steely grey eyes that seemed as if they had read my soul, there was no way he was stalking me?

I laughed at my imagination and got off my bed.

Definitely, no way.

I was thirsty from thinking too much nonsense. Maybe thirsty from thinking about someone too much if accurate.

I somehow walked myself downstairs, in my kitchen and got myself a water bottle. My eyes scanned the dining room, in case there’s an intruder.

Seriously Anna, you little dummy. There’s no way someone would break in.

I scoffed, about head to my room when something- or someone grabbed my arm. My heart thudded as a hand clasped my mouth, stifling the loud scream I was about let out.

No. This isn’t happening.

Tears stung my eyes as I tried to twist my body, separate myself from the person. But they kept a tight hold over my body.

“Shhh, darling. It’s over.” The words made me panic. The hand over my mouth moved for a while. This is my chance.

“Help!” I let out the loudest scream. I thrashed my body against them, successfully pushing them away. In the heat of moment, my legs rushed to my room.

I just need to get to my room and call the police.

Hope glinted in my eyes as I rushed to my room but it disappeared as soon as I felt the person rushing to grab me. I didn’t dare to look behind me, to see who it was. I couldn’t.

Fear clouded my vision just as my hand reached out for my door knob. I wasn’t going to make it.

My eyes widened when the person caught me, closing my mouth with what felt like a napkin. I shook my head, not inhaling. The person grunted, pressing harder against my mouth.

This is it. I am dying.

Maybe I hoped a knight in shiny armour would come and save me but that never happened. My eyes began to drop, as I breathed the chemical covered napkin. My body began to go limp, and then darkness welcomed me.


I am kidnapped.

Or maybe not.

I blinked, feeling the softness underneath me.


Wiggled, realising my ankles were tied with a plastic nylon belt and my hands were handcuffed behind.

Yep. Definitely kidnapped.

I panted, gulped in fear as I warily looked at the room I was in. Grey walls surrounded me, a small wardrobe in a corner and no window. I tried to get up, wincing at the slight pain in my back.

What should I do?

What if the kidnapper kills me?

Beth wouldn’t even know what happened to me. I can’t die like this. The hot trail of tear slided down my face. This has to be a nightmare.

The sound of the door opening made me snap my head, looking at the man who just entered the room. It felt like a huge slap on my face when I saw the smirk he wore, definitely enjoying the shock and terror that was written on my face.

Why is he here?

What is he doing here?

The only possible answer that I knew seemed too bitter to be true.

“I feel like I hadn’t introduced myself properly that day to you.” The cockiness in his voice made me flinch. He closed the door behind him, walking casually near the bed. I moved back in fright, my sweaty back touching the wall.

“Don’t be scared of me.” His wicked smile made me tear up more.

“Matt.” I choked out, gasping when he sat on the bed. The green eyes glinted, speaking in evil tone, a laugh erupted from him. My stomach churned, vile rising up my throat.

“I believe you have a lot of questions, don’t you?” He inched closer, his hand reaching from my ankle.

I couldnt react immediately as his hands pulled my body closer to him. I shouted, in fear of what he would do.

“You have no idea how many times I wanted to smash that skull of yours. It’s such a pity that you won’t die in my hands.” He ‘tsked’, staring down at me with his eyes burning with what I knew was pure hatred.

I wanted to throw up.

“Why...” I let out a whimper, scared of him. His face twisted in anger, glaring at me. His eyes raked my face before he moved away, looking at me with disgust.

“Have fun, Aureliana Forest.”

He shut the door, leaving me shaken. I felt the reality crashing down on me, cold sweat running down my body, my pulse increasing as I just registered everything.

He knows. He knows who I am.


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