His Prey

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CHAPTER 6: The Knight

Three days.

I have been kidnapped for three days. Three days without seeing the sunshine, without showering, without changing my clothes, without eating or drinking.

Three days where I just cried. My body ached, being tied for too long. My ankles were bruised so were my wrists.

My stomach grumbled for the hundredth time. I was starving, thirsty. I felt deranged, tied up like an animal up for slaughter.

The door opened suddenly, and I saw my captor grinning from ear to ear.

Fucking psychopath.

“Hey. You seem to be enjoying a lot.” He said, bringing a tray of food with him. My stomach growled at the smell of food. I licked my dry lips at the delicious sight of pancakes, my stomach grumbling.

“Someone’s hungry.” My eyes snapped to his, fearing the evil glint that flashed.

To my utter horror, I watched him pick up the fork and knife, cutting the pancakes that drizzled with syrup. I had my mouth hanging open as he put the pancake in his mouth, eating it as if it was the last meal for him.

Was he planning to starve me to death?

This is is a form of torture, isn’t it?

“You want some?” I think my neck snapped as I craned my head to take the bite as he held the fork for me.

“You can have some later.” He said, dismissing me.

Later as in after I fucking die with an empty stomach?

He finished the entire plate, licking it clean so there wasn’t even a drop of syrup on the plate while I cried, burying my face on the mattress. Seconds later, I heard the shutting of door and wailed out in misery.

I am hungry. I felt as if the starvation was trying to claws at my stomach walls.

I tried to tug at the cuffs, the sound of rattling metal only gave me disappointment.

My throat felt like desert, my stomach an empty black hole. Sometime later I found my eyes dropping, tired from all the crying. I let myself drown in sleep, hoping this nightmare would end.

I was left to rot and wither away like untouched fruits on basket for god knows how many day. Yesterday I found myself screaming at the door, hoping my captor would show some mercy. I begged him, but he paid no glance. I wonder if he let me alone in the room to die, and ran away some.

“Hey! Please, give me some food. I am going to die.” I yelled, my throat straining in dryness.

“Please, please. What did I ever do to you?” The words died down. I coughed, my stomach aching with hunger. White flashed under my closed eye lids as my head felt dizzy.

“Please...” As if God had answered my prayers finally, the door opened revealing a man in black suit. I saw the tray in his hands, wondering if he was gonna put me through the same torture as Matt did.

When I looked at his face, my face fell. He closed the door behind him, his eyes looking full of guilt and embarrassment.

“Y-You are Mr. Lynham.” I whispered, remembering this famous anchor multiple times on television. Why was he here? Did he kidnap me?

I was waiting for the cameras to appear in front and him yelling “You have been punked.” Because this has to be a joke, right?

“Fuck.” He muttered under his breath, before placing the tray.

“Let me open your hands. Don’t try to do anything, okay?” My mind was boggling. In front of me was the famous, handsome news anchor who was known for his professionalism and kindness. And apparently he was in my kidnapper’s place.

I didn't move as he opened my handcuffs with a small key. I was still wallowing, knowing this thing wasnt just kidnapping. This was far too deep.

“You must have been hungry.” He cleared his throat before handing me a glass of water. My hands shook as I took the glass from his hands. The moment the water hit my tongue I felt as if all my problems were solved, I was saved.

“I am sorry. This isn’t fair.” I heard him mutter, he looked away avoiding my gaze as if he was ashamed.

“Why am I here?” My voice came out rough and tired. I stared at the plate of food that he pushed forward with his hand.

“You should eat first.” He said with a smile that was probably to make me feel better. But I felt worse. Matt knew my real name. But why would he kidnap me? Why would one of the influential man in country be involved in it?

I asked no question, ate the food silently. The hunger I faced earlier felt like an illusion as I only wanted to throw up the food. My appetite was destroyed by the silence in the room.

“Why?” The whisper came out small from my lips, tears rolling down my cheeks. My fingers shook as I dropped the spoon on the plate, a loud clattering noise surrounded the room.

“What’s going to h-happen to me?” I whimpered out, clutching my aching arms.

“Nothing would happen to you, if you are innocent.” He said, looking me in the eyes. The green orbs seemed to have harden, making me feel unsafe.

“Innocent? What are-” The door flung open and we both jumped. Matt stood there, nose glaring and jaw clenched.

“Son of a bitch!” He shouted and grabbed Mr, Lynham by the collar. I gasped as he punched his fist on his face, a blow that could have ended me on the spot.

“I told you to stay the fuck out of this!” Matt seethed out, shoving him away. Matt touched his face, not showing any hint of pain on his face.

“El told you to not take action without his permission.” Mr. Lynham said, fixing his collar. My face paled when Matt looked at me, I gulped, wanting to hide myself from him.

“Why the fuck did you give her food?” He asked angrily. He seemed like wanted to beat the shit out of me, and I know he could.

“Because she is human and needs food to survive. Killing her isn’t our task.”

My spine shuddered in coldness. They weren’t going to kill me, someone else was.

“I can’t fucking believe this shit!” I closed my eyes as their voices became distant. I wondered if Beth realised I was missing.


Her boyfriend has kidnapped me. Did she know? Did he date her in order to execute his plan? How has he been keeping an eye on me?

They left the room, leaving me with a pile of questions. I couldn’t even cry, my eyes were too tired now. I looked at my wrist. The skin had turned blue with bruises. My ankles were still tied.

I have to get out of here. Before that someone comes and kills me.

I stayed quite after the two left. My eyes scanned the room for anything that could be used to cut the plastic belt on my ankles.

Frustation gawked at me as failure striked. The room was fucking empty. Only a bed and a door. No window.

I curled up on the bed, my knees pressed to my chest. I have been away for so long, someone must have reported to the police. Beth would definitely know something is off.

I tried to stay sane, coming up with positive situations. Soon the police will come and find me. I would soon be out of this mess. I chanted my prayers, praying to God.

This was all his fault.

I knew one day I would have to pay for his deeds.

I regret the day I stepped in the car, wondering where my father would be taking me. When he uttered loving words, I obeyed him. Did what he asked. Not knowing what the consequences were. A big part of me knew why I was kidnapped. I should have prepared myself for this day.

The door room creaked opened. My eyes flickered to Mr. Lynham and then to the sharp object in his hand. Panic rose up my head as he closed the door behind him and walked towards me. I shuffled back, breathing heavily in fear.

“Hey...I am not gonna hurt you.” He raised his hands, an apologetic smile on his face.

“I am giving you a chance. Escape from here.” The words slipped from his mouth sounded like a mother’s cooing to her crying infant.

“Why are you helping me?” I asked, my voice croaking as I held back a sniffle.

“Because you seem innocent.”

Only, I wasn’t.

I didn’t want to let the disappointment slap him on the face. I knew very well of how guilty I am.

“Just run away. Go inform the police. It will keep Matthew off.” He said, edging forward to me. I pushed my legs forward to him. The sharp knife cut through the plastic belt, freeing my ankles from the tortuous ache.

“Leave now.” He said with his eyes boring into mine. I nodded, feeling the adrenaline pumping in my veins.

I should have watched all those kidnapping documentaries with Beth. Should have taken some points on how to escape.

The door opened, and I walked out with shaky legs. I looked around me, seeing the half built floor I was in. A fucking abandoned building.

“Just go. Now.” I heard him whisper behind me. With one last glance at him, I charged forward. My feet thudded on the coarse floor. I hurried down the stairs with prickling sweat. The stairs were never ending and the moment I stepped on the last floor, seeing the open gate ahead of me, a tear of relief escaped my eye. But it was short lived as I felt someone shout my name.

Fucking hell.

I got out of the building blindly, seeing endless isolated properties surrounding me like a forest.

“Help! Help me!” I yelled crazily as I ran like a bull. My hair flapped all over my face, legs achy. I knew Matt was charging behind me, and it was all fear that pushed me to run even faster.

”Fucking bitch!” I heard a loud thud behind me, far away laid a Matt who might have tripped. I laughed, again yelling for help. There had to be someone, someone to hear my cries.

It felt as if I had all the right cards and I had played them well. Maybe God had forgiven me for what I did to those kids.

A slick, black car came to my view as I took a turn, a smile beamed on my face.

Fuck you, Matt. Fuck you.

“Hey!” I jumped like a crazy monkey, calling the car. It stopped and I ran up to it, feeling victorious.

Angels were singing and Cupids were firing arrows all over as my knight in shining armour stepped out of the car. Looking exactly like the man who said those vulgar things to me, whispered his desire taste me.

“What are you doing here?” The deep voice made me tear up. I choked on tears as I collided to his chest, unable to say a word.

“I was kidnapped- the man is right after me!” I said, remembering the mad man behind me. I soon heard the shout of my name yet again.

The man stood silently, his grey eyes not telling a single note.

“You escaped?” He asked, his lips tugging into a smirk. I didn’t know whether I felt proud or afraid.

“Y-Yes.” I stammered out. Suddenly his hands held my waist, pulling me and over his shoulder. My view turned upside down, my eyes landed on the ass that seemed finer than mine.

“What are you doing?” I asked, wondering whether this was his way to save me. His shoulders shook as I heard his hearty chuckle that almost made my heart drop to my stomach, my own body shaking as his huge shoulders were pressed against my belly.

“Listen, the kidnapper is-” my words stifled as I heard Matt’s voice closer than ever.
The man started walking with me over his shoulder.

“No, no! Fucking put me down!” I screamed, knowing Matt was here. I punched his back, hoping he would stop.

Was he trying to confront Matt? What the fuck is he doing?

My struggles were useless as he kept walking, completely unfazed. Soon I heard the sound of hurried footsteps. I twisted my body to look at Matt with an angry expression and then my so called saviour spoke-

“How the fuck did you let this bitch escape?”


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