His Prey

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CHAPTER 7: Like father, like daughter.

I was doomed.

The moment I opened my eyes to find myself in a new room, I knew I had let go of every winning card.

The last thing I remembered was being carried by a man and then everything was blank.

I shuffled on the bed, in a foreign room that seemed very well kept. The white walls seemed untouched, the bed big and soft as if made for a king. The window.

Thank god there’s a fucking window.

The window seemed closed, guarded by beige curtains. I got off the bed, feeling slightly weak as I walked to the door. I grabbed the knob, twisting it.


I groaned, pulling and twisting the knob. Fuck this. Banging on the door, I yelled-

“Open this fucking door!” I banged with my fists, pursing my lips in annoyance.

I was so fucking mad.

So mad that when the door opened, I kept banging on what felt like a stone wall. I gasped, noticing the man in front of me.

My body burned, and I took few steps back immediately, intimidated by the mammoth of a man.

He stood there, expressionless, with his eyes taking me from head to toe. Petrified, I backed again.

“There, there. Why are you walking away?” His tone was mocking, his face fell into smirk.

He walked towards me, making me sweat in fright. But I stood still, not taking a step back.

“Listen, this is really unnecessary.” I said pathetically, smelling the rich cologne of him that almost made me forget what I was saying. He raised his brow, casually stepping forward me.

“We could solve this by talking like adults.” I muttered as he cornered me like a predator would. His face seemed stoic, posture calm yet alarming. As if he would attack me anytime and kill me with ease.

“You really have a bad timing.” My eyes flickered to his, watching the grey storms engulf me in flames.

“Why am I here?” I muttered, wondering why is his gaze made me feel so guilty, made me rethink my awful decisions a few years ago. I exactly knew why I was here.

“You know...I hate pretentious women like you. ” The voice covered in venom sliced through me as each word penetrated in my ears like a never ending trumpet.

”You goddamned well know why you are here.”

My eyes burned, threatening to water. His beautiful face looked pained with anger. Full of angst.


“We will talk, Aurelia. Like adults.” He said, his cold voice edging.

I trembled in my spot when he fiercely moved away, out of the room and slammed the door shut so hard that my head buzzed.

Moments later he left, a woman entered the room with some clothes. I watched her closely, as she kept the clothes on the bed.

“Mr. Armani wants you to shower and meet him in 10 minutes.” She said, eyeing me weirdly. I wonder if I could just run away from here but the woman in front wore a black suit, an ear piece in her right ear. My wits died when I took the clothes from her hands, seeing how rugged her hands looked. She would probably flip me over like an omelette if I made any move.

I just met him now.

I fidgeted nervously in front of the woman.

”Umm.. I am gonna go shower?” I muttered stupidly, reaching for the knob of the door but she quickly grabbed my hand in a strong grip. My eyes almost bulged out when she yanked me away. Bad move Anna.

“That’s the bathroom.” She pointed out to me, and I gulped at her angry tone. In fear, I showered quickly, not feeling fresher at all even though I showered after days.

The clothes weren’t my size at all. A baggy white shirt and loose jeans.

What else did you expect, Princess of misery?

I got out of the shower to find the woman still in my room. She gave me a look of annoyance before rolling her eyes.

“Mr. Armani is waiting. Let’s go.” She said, motioning her hands at me. I stared at the handcuffs she had, waiting to put them on me. Huffing, I held out my wrists that were swiftly gripped in the metal circles.

I expected to see a broken exterior, like the previous building but was met with a rather cozy, warm atmosphere.

So much for keeping a kidnapped woman.

The woman gestured me to walk forward as I told myself to stay put. All I could think of was running down the exquisite wooden stairs, that seemed like the stairs up to heaven.

“Wait, here.” She said, as we stopped in front of a wooden door. She knocked twice, two rhythmic sounds that felt like alarms ringing. What if he kills me in the room? Is he going to torture me?

“Come in.” The gruff voice woke me. She opened the door, pushing me suddenly. My foot twisted in an awkward position as I fell on the floor with a thud, knees scraping on the wood.

What a wench.

I glared at her immediately, her face morphing into shock. My nose flared when I watched her gasp slightly. She looked apologetic, as if she didn’t mean to push me inside the room like that.

“Camilla, get out.” The iron voice spoke when the woman, Camilla, reached to help me get up. That’s when I looked at the man, sitting authoritatively on a chair with his elbows on the table. His eyes held mine for a second before quickly glared at a panicked Camilla.

“Yes, sir.” She hurried away as if she left her milk boiling on the stove.

“Get up.” I think I peed a little out of fright. I pushed myself off the floor, my butt hurting slightly as I moved my hands to touch the area. The fall wasn’t hurtful but it wasn’t graceful either.

“Are you hurt?” Yes God, I believe this man has humanity. He doesn’t wanna hurt me.

“No. Not at all.” I said, feeling something bloom inside me. Why would someone wanna hurt me if they are concerned about me getting hurt? There’s no way he was gonna hurt me.

“Too bad.” I stared at him with bulging eyes, watching him tsk. I opened my mouth in shock, hoping a few words would get out to retort back at him.

“Take a seat, Aurelia.” I straightened the shirt with my hand, my only source of comfort. My legs wobbled as I made my way the chair, all the while his eyes set on me. He watched me like a hawk as I sat done, terrified at the distance between us.

“You are very good at hiding.” I couldn’t look at his eyes, knowing the way they were unraveling piece by piece.

“Look at me when I am speaking to you.” I immediately did what he ordered, the grey ones clashed to my green ones. The room felt hot and cold, too overwhelming.

“I never thought it would be you. If I had known, I wouldn’t have been running around like a fool...” I clenched my hands when he let out a laugh. Full of malice.

He straightened on his seat, his posture controlled. His poker face gave nothing away.

“Currently, you are very far from your residence. Ah! That reminds me. Your friend, Bethany.” I went alarmed, body rigged at her name.

What if he drags her into this mess?


Tries to hurt her?

“I guess she is very dear to you. She was very worried about you earlier but now she is okay, knowing her friend is having a great time on a vacation to Paris.” I stared at him, dumbfounded as he grinned charmingly.

I mean...evilly

“Matthew is taking great care of her, don’t worry.” Matt.

I grimaced, worried about Beth’s safety. She will break if she finds out what kind of man Matt is.

Or she won’t find out, if I get killed.

“So, you told to her that I am on a vacation.” I said, my voice wavering.

“No. You did. You texted her and told her you were on a vacation.” His words were as clear as day.

My phone.

I wanted to rip off my hair and as well as his.

“Now, Aurelia. I want to ask you some questions, and I hope you would bite down any lies that escape your tongue.” The sudden coldness in his tone made me cower in my seat. He titled his head to the side as if waiting for a response. I quickly nodded my head like a kid.

“When was the last time you met Allen?” Fuck.

I gulped, blinking repeatedly as he watched me intensively. If I lie, he will catch me.

“5 years ago.” I said, an image of his face flashing across my eyes. I hated it.

“When was the last time Allen met you?” Huh?

“5 years ago.” I repeated again, his face turning sour. He leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms. The black shirt stretched over his chest and biceps, the flexing of muscles making me forget everything momentarily. His arms seemed strong, I do remember the way they felt and a part of me wanted to refresh the buzzing warm of his body.


I looked away, hoping to disappear mid air. I clenched my thighs as my apex felt tingly, a heat that burned my body.

“Why did you leave the orphanage?” He asked, not noticing my shameful ogling.

“I wanted to live on my own.” He narrowed his eyes at me, letting me know he didn’t buy my bullshit but part of it was true.

“Hmm. Then why did you leave the orphanage the same day your father visited you?” Something told me that he knew the answers to the questions. He wanted to hear them from my mouth.

“I happen to wish that I lived on my own, so I left the orphanage. About leaving the day when my father visited me, I had decided to leave the orphanage long before knowing I had a father.” I let out a huge breath, looking at him directly. He hummed again, a finger under his chin. Suddenly, his eyes widened.

“You are saying you didn’t know that you had a father, till Allen came and visited you.” He asked, scooting his body closer to the table. I nodded, my body tingling at his closeness.

“Are you lying?” He asked, brows furrowed. His eyes looked into mine, making my heart flutter.

“N-No.” I stammered, wanting to pull away from his gaze. But I couldn’t. I could only stare deeper in his eyes.

“Connell said you knew your father long ago, met him several times.” He said, his eyes accusing.

“Who is Connell?”



That’s all I wanted to yell out.

I stared at the red headed woman in front of me, watching her struggle to keep eye contact. Her hair seemed damp, slightly wavy and unkept, making me want to run my hand along the tresses.

Or maybe wrap those hair around her throat and choke her?

“You don’t know Connell?” I asked her, my jaw clenching when I noticed her green eyes fluttering slightly. She did this whenever she was thinking deeply.

“No, I don’t.” She said with a small voice. I wanted to believe her words but she was my enemy’s daughter. Her blood was sinful.

There’s no trusting her.

Even though I told myself that again for the past few days, I just wanted to believe her.

Wanting her to be as innocent as she looks was a desire I could have only in my dreams. Alas, she was a bitch.

“What happened after Allen met you?” I asked, and she squirmed in her seat.

“Nothing. We met, had a small talk and then he left.” She said. The stiffness in her voice was enough for me to know that entire truth.

“Fine. Leave now.” I said, dismissing her with a wave of my hand. She quickly got on her feet, scurrying away like a chicken.

When she left, my head ached. Things were messed up now. Matthew fucked things up, and now I have to wrap up the mess.

If it wasn’t for me, she would have escaped that day because of Keiran’s kindness. The look on her face when she saw me was worth watching. Her eyes filled with happiness, bliss. Something she didn’t deserve.

I was foolish enough to just watch her, taking her as just a mere suspect of being Allen’s alibi. Turns out she is his fucking daughter.

A murderer just like her father.

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