His Prey

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CHAPTER 8: Bad luck

The walls of the cell seemed to vibrate with man's cries. His face pale, lips blue and eyes red with tears as I took off his last nail from his finger, blood dripping from all of his fingers.

I placed the nail last beside the other ones, all organised perfectly in order.

"Son of a bitch...you are going to p-pay for..."

His words died down as he let out a groan in pain. I smirked, taking off my gloves and then pulling a chair to sit in front of him.

His head was hanging low, rising and falling as he took deep, shaky breaths. Sweat was prominent on his forehead, dripping down the sides of his exhausted face. His whole body was trembling, the sight put a smile on my face.

"What's up Connell? Are you enjoying being my guest ?" I said, leaning back on the chair. He lifted his head ever so slightly, anger shining in his eyes.

"Fuck off." He grumbled, unconsciously moving his head.

"Come on Connell, I have been treating you pretty fair, aren't I? Would it really hurt much to open your shitmouth?" I laughed, slapping a hand on my thigh. He stayed quite, not saying anything. My patience was running thin, waiting to just lodge a bullet in his head and be done with.

"Connell, you know I keep my words, right?" I leaned my head closer to his face, hearing his small whimper when I touched the wound on his head. His face was marred with dark blue bruises, an open wound on his forehead, lips busted and a crooked nose.

"I will let you run free if you tell me what I want to know." I said, wiping the drip of blood of the wound, before retreating back on my seat.
I could see the hesitation in his eyes, the last will to fight dying down as he heaved.

"I won't turn back on my words Connell. You know me enough to learn that I am a man of my words." His face was scrunching pain, head rolling back in agony.

Moments pass by, only the sound of him huffing air was echoed. I was contemplating to just kill him, bored by his silence but I needed my answers.

"He loves her a lot." His voice wavered, coughing a bit.

"His daughter?" My jaw clenched in remembrance of that fucker's daughter.

"Yes. You have her right?" He wheezed out, shutting his eyes in anguish.

"Yes, I do." I said, and he shook his head.
"You shouldn't have. That bitch is trouble." A breathy laugh escaped his mouth, an angry grin on his face.

"Didn't expect less from Allen's daughter." I muttered, reminiscing all the shit I had to go through in search of her when she was right under my fucking nose.

"Shot a kid and a man the first day she joined the troop and Allen didn't bat an eye. Because of that wench, the police were after us for a long time." He seemed resentful, grunting as he spoke of her.

I took a moment to comprehend his words. The more I dug about her, the more vicious she seemed, and the more tangled my head got with her.

"She brought bad luck, extreme bad luck." Yes, of course.

"Why did she kill the kid?" I asked, boring the image of an innocent kid being killed by her hands.

"Allen wanted to test her and I guess she passed. She got on her high horse and ended up shooting our man to death and then she..." He stopped midway, looking at me with reluctance. His mouth opened and shut twice, as if he was trying to come up with words.

"...she let the kids run." I guess his words startled me for a second, made the wheels in my head run.

"Why?" I asked, stupefied. Was it by mistake that she let them escape?

"God knows why but she surely wasn't helping them escape. One of the kids injured her and pushed past her, and to catch him she left the room, giving the kids a chance to escape..."

What a stupid bitch.

"Allen hid her from us because he thought we might hurt her." He said, scoffing a bit.

"A fucking crazy pair of father and daughter. I would suggest you to leave them alone." He said in a low voice. I got off the chair, Connell immediately started to move like a worm in his chair.

"Where is Allen?" The question made him gulp, looking away.

"I have no idea." Lie.

I turned around, opening the metal gate.
"Elijah! You fucking said you won't turn back." He yelled out as I placed a foot outside the cell, lowering my head to pass through the low gate.

"Fine! Fine! I will tell you." He groaned there, struggling in his chair.

I stopped my movement, gazing back at him as he panted like an animal.

"He knows you have her. So he must be nearby." He huffed out, sincerity in his eyes. He looked like a puppy, waiting for his master to praise him for his hard work.

"He must be planning to get her." I highly doubted his words as it has been days since Aurelia went missing. Allen was seen nowhere near the penthouse, or the abandoned building where Matthew had kept her. Nor was he anywhere near her house like before.

That reminded me...

"I saw Allen tailing her for quite a few days, but he never talked to her face to face. Why?" A confused look passed his face, uncertainty clouding his battered features.

"I...I never knew that. Allen used to visit her time to time, that's what he told us." He said, still looking flabbergasted.

"Hmm. I guess I will meet you tomorrow then." I smiled at him, his face morphing into an angry one before I left him in the cold cell, hearing the last of his angry shouts before locking the entrance to the dungeon.

I stared at Matthew, waiting for him to open his mouth as I signed my office papers.

"Here, this is your schedule for the next week." Sebastian handed me the notepad and I took a quick look at it before dismissing him.
"It was because of Valen, he let her escape." He said, with a scowl on his face.

"Were you supposed to abduct her?" I asked, my voice lowering on its own. Matthew snickered, throwing his head back as if i told him a joke.

"Were you supposed to lust for her?" My fingers clenched around the pen, jaw hardening as I glanced at him.

"What? Don't act like you weren't dreaming about rutting inside that bitch." His provoking words infuriated me, and only if he wasn't my brother I would have beaten him up.

Among our circle, he was the one with lousiest temper and his maturity was that of a kid. It was expected of him to get irrational when word got out that woman I was keeping an eye on turned out to be none other than Allen's princess.

But I hadn't think he would turn frenetic enough to kidnap her, that too from her house.

"Do you have any idea just how much of a mess it would have been if I hadn't caught her that day?" I seethed out through clenched teeth, trying to keep my anger at bay.

"If she wasn't caught, she would have ran to the police and you would have had your ass sitting in the jail while your family history was being investigated." His nose flared as he looked away angrily, glaring at the door.

"Things would have been simpler if you had just killed her that day at the club." He derided, looking furious. I sighed, rubbing my temples.

"I found out her identity the same day as you did. How did you expect me-"

"But even after knowing her identity, you stayed still!" He shouted out loud enough to make slam my fist on the desk.

He was partly right. Yes, I was indeed very infatuated with her before knowing who she was. When my men found a nanny who had been there when one of Allen's women give birth, and when she showed as picture of a red headed girl, hell broke loose.

Maybe it was the way she carried herself like an innocent lamb, or maybe the way she was afraid of every tiny thing that made me desire her a little.

I watched her long enough, never finding anything off about her till the last few months when she was having someone tail her, none other than her daddy.

"I didn't take any action because I wanted this to end the way I want." I said each word calmly but that seemed to agitate him further. He shot up from his seat, raging like mad bull before leaving the room.

Well, good for me I guess.

Sebastian knocked on the door moments later Matthew left.

"Sir, I have gotten rid of the security footage like you asked. But there is something you would like to know." I handed him a file, letting an exasperated sigh.

"What is it?" I asked, looking at the clock, seeing it was almost midnight.

"Moments later Mr. Richards kidnapped the woman, someone entered the house." Shit, shit.
I felt alarmed suddenly.

"It wasn't clear if it was a man or woman, but they stayed inside the house for quite a while before leaving with a duffel bag." He said, reaching for something from his pockets.

"I took a copy of the footage in this." He handed a pen drive and I immediately plugged it to my laptop.

I clicked on the footage, the screen displayed Aurelia's house from the back. A black SUV stopped in front of her, Matthew stepping out of the car and then entering the house.

"Why didn't you report this to me earlier?" I asked him, keeping my eyes focused on the video.

"It was an old camera, no one really monitored over it. The area she lives in is pretty much remote so no one really cared about the cameras." He said, and then in the video Matthew was seen carrying a very unconscious Aurelia in his arms.

As soon as Matthew's vehicle took off, a figure appeared in front of the house. The person was cladded in black from head to toe even a black mask and cap. They entered the house and it was exactly after ten minutes that they left the house with a duffel bag.

"Did you inspect her house?" I asked as the video ended and he nodded his head.

"Yes, but there was nothing unusual about it." He said making me groan.

Connell was fucking right about her. She was indeed trouble.
"Go inspect her house once again, see if anything is missing or- just do something." I knew I was being ridiculous, it was as if someone was playing games with my head.

"Okay sir." With a small bow, he left the room. I played the video again, again and again. Zoomed quite a few times to see their face.

It has to be someone from outside. The person clearly saw her being taken into a car unconscious but didn't bother to run after the car or call the police but instead went inside her house.

But for what? What did they do there? What was in the bag?

"Fuck." I muttered, rubbing a hand across my face.

Maybe that bitch is actually bringing bad luck to me.

The ringing of my phone made me snap. I looked at the caller ID, frowning for a moment, seeing it was a private number.

I answered the call, pressing the phone to my ears.

"Let her go." Just that and the call ended.

"Son of a bitch." It was as if anger was roaring through my veins when I recognized the voice of the caller.


Only he would have the balls to do that.
I was breathing flames when Sebastian burst through the door, looking disheveled.

"Can't you fucking knock!?" I yelled out in anger, and he made a guilty face. From the look of his face, I knew it was something very urgent that made him act gruff.

"Sir, Allen has taken Mr. Richards."

Look how the tables turned lmao.
Anyway, Elijah is pretty stoopid.
Your comments motivated me a lot so I updated early.
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