His Prey

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CHAPTER 9: Fireworks

The silence of the room was eerie, cold and dead, as I stared at the two kids in front of me. The eyes of innocence and pain looked at me, a flinch in my heart made my palms sweat.

“Please, don’t.” The older boy said, holding the younger kid who was no more than 1 year old. There was a terror in his eyes as he held the face of the kid tightly against his chest, as if not wanting him to look at me. I was awfully aware of my role here, the cold metal in my hand becoming slippery.

“I am not going to hurt.” My voice came out too calm, even though I knew I meant none of my words. The boy knew too, so he scrawled away in the corner with the kid who was asleep. The chains tied to his ankles made it difficult for him to move properly, not to mention the months of beatings on his skinny body, covered in blue-purple bruises and red whiplashes. His left eye was black and swollen, lips busted as they trembled. His head was shaven off unevenly, exposing a scar that run from his right ear to the side of his head.

“I am going to free you.” I said, sending silent prayers to God above as I held out the gun and pointed it at his head. There was no dread in his eyes, nor a glimpse of tear, only lifelessness.

I am going to free you all from this hell.

With that in mind, I pulled the trigger

• ______•

I woke up drenching in sweat, gasping in small breaths.

A nightmare. It was just a nightmare.

I threw off the blankets over my body, burning in heat. Stilling for a moment as I sat up, confused to why the room was dark. I clearly remember keeping the lights on after Camilla left me locked in the room while I cried myself to sleep.

Maybe she got back and then turned off the lights and the goddamned fans.

Huffing under my breath, I got off my bed in the dark, the slightest bit of light that came from under the closed door kept me away from walking into a wall. When my fingers found the switches, I immediately flipped them, but nothing happened. I flipped them over and over again till a groan of frustration left my lips.

There’s no fucking electricity!

Just my luck!

A drop of sweat glided down my back, my shirt sticking to my drenched skin. I contemplated to open the window, but that thing didn’t even budge. Soon I felt anxious inside the Cimmerian room, the scorching heat was getting to me.

Obviously this wasn’t the first time of me dealing with power cuts but it felt as I was standing right in front of fire place, that too on a summer day.

I found myself pacing on the wooden floor, waiting for the electricity return as I couldn’t bear the thought of getting on bed with such a sticky body. I was at my wit’s end when I thought of calling out for Camilla, wondering if she is outside the room, guarding me.

When I went for the door, at first calling her name, and then knocked when I heard nothing but silence. To my great surprise, the door creaked open when my knuckles touched the wooden surface.

This is a sign from God.

A tremendous achievement filled my heart as I opened the door, seeing no one behind it. I gasped in what felt like ecstasy mixed with victory, stepping out of the room into the hallway. My head snapped in all directions, just seeing the darkness illuminated by the moonlight that escaped from the tall windows.

The thought of being caught by Mr. Armani did come to my mind, but the thought of escaping overpowered me to tiptoe around the hallway, more surprised than ever to find no one at all.

Wait, is this a trap?

How come there’s not even a single soul except from me?

Not wanting to get intimated by anything, I ventured down the stairs, tiptoeing like a thief.

I heard a sound of crackling, stilled in my steps when sudden whispers reached my ears.

“Is there anyone left?” I slapped a hand over my mouth to stop the gasp that was about to leave, crouching down and praying no one saw me.

“None, I took the bodies out.” Another voice spoke, and I felt my bones chilling in fear. I found myself peering over the wooden stair rails to look at the men who are talking, and all I could see was there burly shadows.

“The fire is ready.”

“Okay, dump the bodies and burn this place down before Elijah appears.”

In that moment, I realized two things. One- when they find me, I am dead. Two- when they burn this place, I am dead.

“Let’s go out, and prepare to depart.” I gulped down, watching the shadows disappear.

They were definitely not Mr. Armani’s people, they were definitely his enemies.

My nose smelled something in the air, something burning.

Oh crap.

My survival instinct kicked in as soon as the sound of crackling became louder, it obviously wasn’t inside this house, but very close.

Running was an option trampled by the thought of those men being outside the house, and as much as I raked my brain to come up with some escaping plan, none plan seemed to get me out of this place without being dead.

After a minute of coming up with possible death causes, I decided to just head for the exit, realizing being shot or stabbed is better than being burned alive. But I could never even set my foot down as the next thing that happens is that the floor under my feet jolts.

I landed flat on my ass, taken a back when a number of shouts came from outside.

What just happened, felt like an earthquake.

The whole house shook as if it came in contact with something forceful. I scrambled on my feet when the shouts of men became louder and nearer, heading upstairs. My feet thudded on the floor, running up the stairs, not turning back at all.

My feet carried me to the closest room opened in front of me, the study where Camilla had taken me to meet Mr. Armani, but I froze up on my tracks, seeing a pool of blood.

No, God.

A whimper passed my lips when I forced myself to get in and locked the door, holding in the bile the rose up my throat. The sounds of men never went away as I looked for a hiding spot in the scavenged room, trying to not feel bothered by the pool of blood.

Somehow the place under the study table seemed perfect, so I hid there. Maybe everything around seemed so chaotic that I started to hear fireworks from far away, and tried to focus on that sound. But soon they sounded like small, fast thumps, whooshing in the air, like bullets.

I closed my eyes, hurdling in the small space, clutching my hands and as I breathed unevenly. The prayers I learnt at church didn’t seem to utter out of my mouth, but the sudden gasp of surprise did come out of my mouth when the door opened, making a thudding noise. I looked through the thin opening under the table, a man walking into the room carefully, his steps slow and steady as he stopped in front of the pool of bloody.

“Come out.” I felt my eyes burn at the man’s voice, staying still in my place, momentarily not breathing.

“I said come out! It won’t be nice if I come and get you!” The threat in his voice was clear, all alarmed and angry.

I stifled a cry when I heard a gunshot, loud and clear in the room.

“The next will go through your head if you don’t come out.” He didn’t have to say it twice as I slowly got out of my hiding spot, my arms up in the air. The man had his gun pointed, eyes narrowed as he took a step forward.

“Please, don’t shoot me.” I pleaded pathetically, body quivering in fear. The burly man said nothing, and instead inspected my face before a grin came up on his face.

His hand lowered, making me sigh but before he could say or do anything his body collapsed in front of me. My eyes widened when I saw the man on the door, panting like an animal in fury, his gun lowering. I then looked at the fallen man, seeing a gore hole at the back of his, blooding covering the hair and instantly gagged.

He stood there, watching me like hawk, his white shirt dirtied with blood.

I see, you are still alive.” Was he being sarcastic right in this moment? Right after shooting a man down?

“Get the fuck here.” He growled out, and I ran to him like a child, thankful that he saved me and petrified that he saved me.

“In case you are wondering what’s going on, your daddy’s men found out you are here and now they are after you.” I would have said he was buffing by the grin on his face but the vein popping on his neck said otherwise.

“If you don’t want a bullet between your eyes, stick close to me.” He sneered at me, walking away from the room. Panicked, I run after him, staying right behind him. He was walking fluidly, assessing everything around him and then also charging forward. He suddenly turned to me with hard eyes, a finger on his lips, signaling me to shush. All around us was sounds of gun firing, fire crackling and crazy lunatics shouting.

“Get in here.” He roughly pushed me inside a room, locking the door behind him. Then went near the door, opening the window. Smokes came in through the window, making me cough.

“We are jumping from here.” He said in a monotone, and I looked out the window. The distance wasn’t much but at the moment where fear was the only thing I felt, the distance seemed dangerous enough to kill me.

Without another word, he jumped out of the door, and maybe if we weren’t in this situation I would have clapped at his bravery. He did with such ease, that I almost believed I could do it too, but when I looked at his bored expression as he waited for me to jump, I chickened out.

“I-I can’t.” I stammered, shaking my head as I looked at him.

“Then I will meet you in hell, I guess.” He said from below without a care, turning away.

Just do it. Break a leg.

Without a second thought, I jumped off the window. It was just as I expected, falling on the ground but I swear it hurt more that I imagined it would.

I fell on the ground, my legs first before my upper body came in contact with the ground. Groaning, I rubbed my elbows, looking up at his back as he walked away. I got up, feeling pain in my legs but still ran up to him.

I looked back at the house, the gorgeous exterior of it astonished but I noticed something else as well. Even though it was far away, I saw a car that seemed to have crashed in, then remembered the small earthquake.

How did I get into this mess? Why am I in this mess?

I stared at the man’s back, wondering what he was going do now. He saved me but for his ulterior motive, and possibly all this mess happened because of him.

Yes, it is indeed his fault.

A cool breeze passed by, and then there was heavy pouring of rain and I made up my mind.


When the word came to my mind, I turned around, the rain drenching me entirely, and then took off. I had no clue where I was running to, but I had to run away from this mess, for mine and everyone else’s safety.

But it seemed like someone disagreed with me strongly. I heard his angry shout through the heavy down pouring, the ground getting muddy. I let out scream, when his arms lifted me off the grounds easily.

“No! Let me go!” I screamed, thrashing against his body. His face twisted in anger, hard eyes narrowed at me.

“You think you can escape me?” His voice was laced with venom, as he walked us easily as if I wasn’t hitting him with my fists. A cry of frustration broke through me when I saw a black car, and nothing was stopping him.

“Please just let me go.” I wailed, trying to push his chest away, but none stopped him. Suddenly I was pushed to the car, yelping at the harsh contact. His body pushed caged mine against the car, his eyes silencing my voice. A hand came and roughly grabbed my face, making me look straight into his eyes.

“You are never escaping me. Never.” A cruel smile on his face made my eyes tear up, water rolling down my face. Drops of rain fell from his face to mine as he cowered me with his magnificent body, the heat of his body burning me up.

His face inched closer to mine, his hand moving to my throat as he kept his steely eyes on mine. My breathing hitched when our nose touched and he pressed his hand against my throat tight enough to make me part my lips in surprise.

“And if you do, I will hunt you down.”


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