A Femdom Tale

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Thank fuck for that, she thought to herself. The boy was still there. Naked and bound his eyes still closed. He looked dead, his chest hardly moved wi female domination, a paraphilia in which women dominate men or other women. Activities include, but are not limited to; facesitting, ballbusting, restraining A Femdom Tale is the place where dreams come true and nightmares linger. This is a whole new world of kink, fetishes and madness. You think you can handle her. She’s a woman. She’s a beautiful, sexual woman. Who wouldn’t want a night with her. With any of them. She will start off slow for those of you that are new to this. But not too slow. She doesn’t want to creep but she does want to play. She wants entertainment and to entertain and you’re the main attraction. Before long the madness will creep in through those cracks in your armour. You will welcome it. Need it. You will begin to crave things you don’t even understand. She will teach you new ways. Exciting, adrenaline pumping tricks and teases. Before long she will become your very own whip wielding goddess. Every thing you ever needed and wanted held tight within her leather clad body. She will tease your body and please your soul. Do you really want to miss out on this opportunity. No? Then come on... What are you waiting for? Welcome to A Femdom Tale.

Erotica / Thriller
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1. The Librarian. Just two boys.

Usually the library clears fast once the bell has rang. People wanting to get home. Watch their favourite programmes or hang out with their friends.

But the two lads lurking in the shadows at the back had other ideas.

They weren't ready to leave. They wanted to play a game with sweet goody two shoes Librarian. The one and only Ellie Lowes. Ellie Lowes that believes she's better than everybody else.

The girl that covers her curvy body in loose clothes and always says no. The girl that looks down her nose at you through those thick wired glasses.

They know she wants it.

And they pull down their masks as they hear her approach the back of the library.

She hums whilst placing books back on the correct shelves. Innocently finishing her day before she goes home to relax the way she knows how.

They know she might cry when they rip the clothes from her soft supple flesh. And they understand she might fight. Shout and plead for Mercy.

But they also know that they will do what they set out to do. They will make her human. They will defile her and humiliate her so that she wants, even craves their approval.

They know how it works. Michael himself had searched up the act of bdsm. He knows now, how to tie her up with the length of rope in his bag.

He knows how to gag her with the scarf he personally knotted up. He even knows how to hurt her so that she wants more.

Eddie will fuck her when she's tied up, unable to move. And when he's come and she thinks it's all over Michael will slam her arse. He will thrust into her so hard that when she cries out it will be for him to get faster so that it's done with.

The dildos and vibrators are for after they've taken her Virginity. For when she believes the worst has happened.

He'll force her to suck them one at a time while the toys are in her. He'll have Eddie thrust the toys when she's sucking him, and he'll ram the toys when she's sucking Eddie.

She finally nears them and they step out from the shadows. Michael first, Eddie close behind.

Her eyes widen in fear and she backs away. Michaels excitement soars. He craves the chase, and with a few steps he grasps the back of her shirt and pulls her body toward him.

Ellie doesn't make things easy. She screams out and yanks her body forward, causing the shirt to rip.

Only a tight lacy camisole beneath the shirt, she runs whilst he holds the cotton shirt in his fist.

Eddie doesn't know what to do with himself. He came to fuck the Librarian. He hadn't thought things through.

“Get her.” Michael growls. And so Eddie runs. He tackles the Librarian to the ground easily. And he waits until Michael gives the next instructions.

“Get her naked Ed. Let's have us some fun. I want to play a game.”

They rip the clothes from her body, while she does nothing but cry, squirming on the floor as the rough hands grasp at her flesh. Tearing material from her body until she lies completely naked. Her large breasts are slapped and her nipples squeezed as she begs for them to stop.

Michael is too far gone to think of the consequences and Eddie just wants to fuck the Librarian.

“Fucking slut. You've wanted this for ages. Begged us with your eyes. Touch yourself. If you get us excited we won't be so harsh with you.”

He grabs her hair and lifts her none too gently to her feet, where he shoves her against the counter and lands a stinging slap against her breast, then the same to her thigh.

“Do it bitch! Touch yourself.”

She shakily spreads her legs and as the tears streak her cheeks, she lowers her hand to her bald pussy.

They watch wide eyed as she slides a single digit into her hole. And she slowly pumps the unit in and out. Michael grasps his wood through his trousers and watches his live porn.

She speeds up the pace because she knows that's what they want. And when she knows it's getting to them, she flees.

She has a few seconds head start. They were too busy with their planned humiliation.

She runs through a door beyond the reception desk and descends the stairs to the basement rooms.

They follow with sounds of heavy footfall and shouts of insults her way.

They burst through a second door with smiles on their faces. They found her.

She stands naked and proud. A gentle smirk on her face. Fools thought they had her. They have no idea yet.

They take a few more steps into the room, Michael is wary. Why the hell is she smiling. She should be consumed by fear.

“Oh, honey bear.” She calls in a sing song voice.

A large man enters the room from a door they assumed to be a cupboard. He wears jeans and no top, a nasty scowl painting his face.

“These boys were trying to hurt mama. Get them ready for me. I want to play a game.”

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