A Femdom Tale

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10. The platinum package. Oh Betty!

15 minutes had gone by quickly. Shania was impressed. And as she pulled apart the siblings, she spoke. "Well done for following my orders." She left Hannah on the floor, panting as her arousal began to calm and turned to Tyler. "But I bet you still want to pound your cock into her again and again. You want her to grind her pussy all over you while she bites on your neck."

Tyler growls through his gag as he realises his torture hasn't ended. His hips move of their own accord. Thrashing against the air above him. He stares at Shania as if begging her to allow him release.

"There's nobody there Tyler. Who are you fucking, Thin air? Are you that desperate? I've barely touched you! Do you want to fuck? Nod your head yes like the filthy slut you are."

Tyler doesn't hesitate and he's eager to fuck the goddess before him. Nodding his head like a puppy owned, he continues to grind against nothing. Hannah gets off on seeing her brother like this and begins to moan herself. Shania knows that if Hannah had the freedom to, her hands would be travelling her body. Grasping onto her tits and her fingers buried deep in her cunt.

"Beg for him Hannah. Tell me how much you'd like to see him fuck."

The girls pussy is drenched and her juices spread down her thighs like somebody just sprayed her. "Please... I'm so wet. I badly want to see him fuck. I want to watch him fuck like the naughty girl I am. Please... Please Mistress!"

Shania raises an eyebrow in approval and quickly removes Tylers cuffs and leg restraints before grabbing the collar and lead. She secures the leather around Tylers throat and makes sure it's tight then removes his ball gag.

"Ok Tyler. On your knees." Tyler does so quickly and looks down at his cage in question. "No, don't you worry about that. You've got to meet Betty!"

She pulls him along to the navy couch before popping to the file cabinet and pulling out a surprise. "What do you think this is Tyler?"

Tyler gulps and his eyes widen in shock. "A sex doll?" He questions. Shania grins as she pulls out a black bag and congratulates him. "Well done! You're such a clever pervert!"

She brings the doll to the sofa, leaning the soft fake flesh between the peice of furniture and Tyler himself. Happily skips to Hannah and quickly uses tape to secure the vibrating bullet to her clit. Within seconds Hannah is moaning loudly. Shania presses Hannahs used thong against her clit and applies pressure.

Her orgasm builds and builds as she moans out obscenities and suddenly with a crash of screams, she comes.

Shania drags Hannah along the floor with her bag in tow, leaving them right beside Tyler.

"C'mon Tyler. I told you, you could fuck. What are you waiting for? Either fuck your sister, or fuck Betty, my favourite sex doll. I can tell you either of them will be great."

Tyler looks confused and acts as though he doesn't understand the question. This results in a harsh slap to the face, his body becoming rigid.

"Fuck Betty here. Call her Hannah if you like!"

Tyler doesn't get much chance after that. Shania grips his dick, unlocks his cage and removes it then rams his dick into the fake pussy. He thrusts slowly and precisely, his eyes on his sisters creaming cunt.

"Fuck her better than that Tyler. Imagine it's Hannah. Fuck her good." Shanias breath is hot against Tylers throat as she leans over him from behind.

He thrusts faster, a slight moan echoing from his throat. His breath comes faster as he fucks the doll before him. His sisters moans filling the room. "Call her Hannah. Don't come though. I need you to save that for me."

Shania watches as Tyler develops a sweat, and begins to moan. The rocking of his hips faster, harder. "Ahh Hannah. Fuck. Ahh."

"Keep going. Look at your sister while you fuck her. Look how much your making her come."

He turns his head and soon enough he's fucking the doll like a real slut. His hips pounding against his imaginary sister. He jerks and calls out her name in a series of moans and whimpers. Hannah doesn't stop coming. She isn't allowed.

Shania laughs out as noises suddenly come from the sofa. "Shut the fuck up Arnold! People are fucking on you. You're not coming out."

Tyler turns to face Shania and receives a face full of water as she throws her drink upon him. "Keep going you filthy pig. You don't stop until I tell you to stop." He blubbers through the water as it goes into his eyes and up his nose, but he growls and continues to fuck Betty.

"Ergh! Hannah! Ahhh."

Shania grips the silver chain of Tylers lead and whispers into his ear. "I'm going to make you come so fucking hard." He whimpers as she tugs the chain gently, then grips his arms pulling them behind his back. She takes 7 seconds to tape his forearms together then yanks his chain, pulling him from the doll.

She fumbles behind him as she pushes him closer to his sister. Her gaping, coming pussy only an inch from his throbbing cock. "You know you want her Tyler... Take it. Follow my order. And fuck your sister like the dirty, dirty boy you are."

His cock closes in on her. Hannahs moans are no longer intelligible. Nothing makes sense to her and she's been coming hard for so long that her vision is blurred when Tyler begins to sink his dick into her quivering cunt.

As soon as his cock is pushed in balls deep, Shania can play.

She shoves Hannahs cum soaked thong into his mouth, yanks the lead around his throat and pulls his back to her chest. "Fuck her then you disgusting pervert. Fuck her good. Fuck her hard. Screw your sister like the depraved cunt you are."

Her words bring out the animal in him and he's soon doing what he's promised himself he wouldnt do for years. He pounds into her cum filled pussy over and over again, guttural moans and indescribable half words leaving him as Shania proceeds to choke him.

"There we are you little bitch. Fuck your sister like she's a slut you've picked up. You own her now. Just like I own you..." within that sentence she slams her strap on deep into his anal opening. He screams out but with the pressure she forces against him, he continues to slam into Hannah.

His cries mingle between approaching orgasm and pain. He continues to choke against his leash as Shania fucks his arse like a cheap whore.

"Filthy fucking slut. You treat your sister like your toy and I'll treat you like mine. You like that boy? You like being my... Thing? My sex toy."

He doesn't answer and pounds against Hannah, soon enough his moans turn to roars as his neck is pulled back by the silver chains wrapped around Shanias fist. She pulls back, removing the strapon, and forces one stiletto clad foot against his back forcing him to choke harder when he comes.

His cum fills his dazed sisters cunt and Shania allows him to drop against Hannah.

She stands, walks to her desk whilst removing her toy, then clicks the intercom.

"Amy, please arrange for Mrs and Mr Merchanist to have a full month booked. They'll be paying by card. They've decided to go with the platinum package."

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