A Femdom Tale

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2. The Librarian. Permission denied.

Honey bear had got the boys ready quickly. They were stripped down to nothing other than their balaclavas. She liked that. An identity was a privilege here, they still had to earn it.

The dog chains kept them secured.

She liked this. Two young boys chained up for her. Their faces hidden and her honey bear patiently waiting for her orders.

Honey bear had heavily walked back to his room. A strong reward promised to him for his fantastic behaviour. He could still hear her in there. And the boys.

She would give him something special for his reward

He deserves it.

"So boys, do you want to touch me?"

She made her way so that she was stood between the boys standing opposite one another.

Eddie's head nodded quickly, he wasn't scared enough to deny it. Ellie turned and landed a harsh slap against his semi erect manhood, causing him to gasp out and back away.

"You!" She points to Michael. "Are you still going to be harsh with me? Or did I touch myself good enough for you already?"

"No miss. You did a great Job. Sorry about that. We'll leave you alone now."

His attempt to step out of the hole he dug only made her smile.

"But I thought you wanted to play a game! Don't tell me you forgot all about it? You!" She clicks her fingers at Eddie. "On your knees!"

Eddie dropped to his knees without hesitation. In his eyes, it's possible he could still get laid if he just does ad he's told.

"Bring me your bag. Drag it with your teeth puppy!" Eddie eagerly crawled across the hard floor, happy with his new name. His cock now hard.

The bag was just out of his reach, as she knew it would be and the chain didn't give enough room forcing the collar to choke him.

Eddie looked back to his new found mistress in confusion.

"Bring me the bag puppy. You can do it!"

He choked himself in the process, but he did it. He then dragged the heavy bag back to her with only his teeth.

"Ok puppy. Good boy, do you deserve a reward?" Eddie nods his head, unsure but eager for the sex he's sure awaits him.

Ellie unzips the bag and pulls out the first item to hand. Rope.

"Stand up Puppy and walk as close to the slut boy as you can."

"Yes Miss." He follows the order quickly and stands just out of reach of Michael.

She's proud of him. He's a natural, but she's more excited for Michael. She gets to teach him a lesson. Force him to become her bitch.

"Good boy puppy. Now wank. Fist your d!ck as fast and as hard as you can."

He begins straight away and she doesn't miss Michael turning his head to the ground. He feels uncomfortable.

Puppy's fist moves quickly. He pumps his length fast. Pointing it towards the boy opposite him.

"So we have rope, tape, a dildo, a vibrator, a scarf and nipple clamps. What kind of game were you planning on playing slut?" She directs the question to Michael.

"We weren't going to play a game Miss. I'm sorry."

"Don't fucking lie! Tell me what game you were going to play with these items!"

His head snaps to hers and anger smears his face as he growls his response.

"We were going to fuck you stupid. Use all the toys on your frigid body. But turns out your already a slut."

The woman bit her tongue and smiled sweetly. He either thought he could intimidate her or he would go down fighting. Either way, she would get to play.

She saunters to him with the rope and tape in hand as puppy begins to whimper. Holding back his orgasm he already knows to wait.

"Beg me puppy!"

"Please miss! Please let me come. I'll be a good puppy."

"I know you will. Come."

And he does. He squirts his load up his friends stomach and as Michael tries to back away in disgust she holds him in place.

"Stay, bitch!"

After releasing all of his juices, Puppy stops his movements and his body slumps.

"I didn't tell you to stop. Keep going puppy. Hard and fast! Please me properly and I will reward you."

He grabs his flaccid penis and begins to stroke up and down quickly again. His body jerks and he whimpers and moans. He needs rest, he doesn't want to continue.

But unfortunately for him, they are no longer his decisions to make.

The Librarian forces the tape around her sluts wrists and elbows, securing his arms behind his back.

She then uses the rope to circle his neck, criss cross his torso, wrap his semi hard cock and balls, to slide through his arse cheeks and follow up to attach to his dog chain.

"Is that what you would of done?"

"No!" He snaps.

She gently strokes her nails down his cock to watch him harden. The rope tightens. Squeezing his cock and balls, tightening around his throat and roughly sliding against his arse.

"Do you want to fuck me?" She whispers. He tries hard to stop himself from getting harder, but it's a challenge he won't defeat.

She grabs his dog chain and yanks him across the room before kicking him to his knees.

"Lie down bitch! You're going to eat me and swallow every drop of my juices before anybody gets fucked."

He lay down before she yanked on his chain more. The rope burned and tightened against various parts of his body. His hands and arms hurt as he lay his weight against them.

She didn't waste time.

She didn't give him time. She smothered his face with her pussy and began to ride him just as puppy began to groan.

"Come puppy! Crawl to me."

Puppy did come. This time emptying his load onto the floor. He would lick that up later.

Puppy knelt beside her as she rode his friends face.

"Carry on puppy. I haven't told you to stop yet!"

The puppy continued to follow his mistresses orders. Unbeknown to him, he was a fantastic slave in the making. He wanted to please her more then anything. And she wanted to test the theory.

As she rocked against her slut boys face she pulled her puppy closer with only a light grip on his short hair. She had ideas for him. Amazing, mind blowing ideas.

"You can slow down puppy. You're making me so happy. But you still have a few more things to do for me before you deserve a reward. Do you promise to do as you're told?"

The puppy boy nodded his head. His cock again beginning to harden. The slut beneath her had no idea how to eat cunt and she was growing frustrated. He wasn't even trying.

She pushes her wet slit against him harder before changing tactic and sliding down his chest.

He cannot move in the position he's in. Not if he wants to keep his dick. His taped up arms are beneath his full body weight and now that she has added her own weight on top of him, she knows his arms and shoulders will be hurting. He won't be able to fight.

"You want to fuck, don't you puppy?" She directs the question to her good boy whilst keeping her eyes on the bad one. The one she wants to punish.

"Yes Miss. Please."

She wonders briefly, if she should do it. She could get into serious trouble if Michael was to grass after all.

But she didn't think about it for long.

"Well then puppy. Fuck the sluts mouth. Nice and slow. And then I'll be happy. I'll consider letting slut leave with his dick in his hand. And I'll reward you.

What do you think slut? Good idea?"

She looks down at the young boy bound beneath her. Lust fills her eyes as the fear rises in his, but slowly, very slowly, she watches his head move.

The boy agrees.

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