A Femdom Tale

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3. The Librarian. Honey Bear.

Honey bear has arrived. He stands not far from his mistress and watches as she forces one young boy to perform oral on the other. Her puppy is trying hard to please her, as is her slut.

He swallows his friends cock again and again. Gagging on the huge intrusion. Honey bear knows that his mistress probably told them that this would be it. This would be their final game, and if they complete it they can go.

He admires her ability to lie. To have people want to please her even as they see through the lie. Her puppy begins to pump even faster and the slut boy on the floor splutters through the mouth fuck. Just before puppy comes, she yanks him back. That's it. He knew they weren't finished yet.

“I hope you weren't about to come without permission there puppy.” The young boy shakes his head in denial. Obvious sexual frustration carved into his eyes. “No Mistress. Of course not.”

Ellie walks to the slut boy and using her foot, she shoves him. Rolling the boy onto his stomach. She has to manually get him into his bitch position. Pushing and pulling against him until he is on his knees, face against the ground.

"Now slut boy. If i release your hands you have to keep them busy, understand?" He tries to reply with his face still against the ground, but Ellie is unhappy with response.

With a yank on his chain, and a foot pressed to his back, she lifts his head from the ground. "You will fist that pathetic excuse for a dick. Wank yourself like a real boy. Understand?!"

He nods his head quickly, he neck painful in the position she holds him. "Yes mistress." He chokes.

It doesn't take long for her to remove his wrist and arm restraints and before long she has her very own slut on his knees fisting his cock. Just how she likes it.

"Go on then puppy. Of you go. You may continue."

"Thank you Mistress." Eddie keeps to his knees and pulls Michael towards him. He pushes his dick deep into Michaels throat and pumps for dear life.

Michael splutters, gagging on his friends hard cock. But Mistress doesn't miss the fact that he doesn't miss a beat in his masterbation.

She backs up to the corner of the small room and trails her hands down her body, slowly reaching her dripping cunt.

"Now Honeybear." She moans out as her fingers finally dip into her soaking pussy.

The instruction was unknown or ignored by the boys in their sexual tension. So when Honeybear stepped up to the boy and lined his cock up with the Virgin arse hole nobody was the wiser. Except Mistress Ellie. Ellie had set the devious plan as soon as the boys approached her. The cogs in her brain too harsh for her to reveal.

Michael, too focused on not bursting as he wanked his dick and sucked on his oldest friends cock was none the wiser until Honeybears massive cock slammed into him.

Michaels muffled screams only further aroused his Mistress. She roughly pumped her fingers into her tightening pussy, Honeybear keeping his eyes trained on his mistress only increased his pace.

She's obviously turned on. And as a part of her, that means he's turned on. Slowly but gradually Michaels screams turn to groans. His fingers try to dig into the hard ground, and Mistress Ellie makes a mental note that that's call for punishment. He's no longer wanking,but his hard cock bouncing with each pound from behind.

"Puppy!" Mistress snaps out.

He doesn't answer her, his orgasm close. He continues to push his cock to the back of his friends throat. She won't allow his ignorance.

Getting a good grip on his hair she yanks him backwards. She allows the fall, sending a quick glance as he falls onto his backside, Before she takes his place.

"Eat me, slut!" She commands. Michael needs no further convincing and happily sucks on her juicy clit before fucking her with his tongue.

"Puppy, you can be the photographer. Do a good job and I'll allow you to come."

He took the photographs of the threesome happily, still believing the Mistresses lies. He'll come soon and the photo taking is getting his dick harder than ever.

Michaels bribery was ready. Ellie had the photos. She was sure he wouldn't want all of his friends knowing about this.

Honeybear came right after Mistress Ellie. He knew to never come before her from all of his extensive training.

Both boys orgasms were denied.

The promise floated from their mistresses lips that if they turned up the following weekend, on their knees with their servitude offered in their open palms they would be rewarded greatly.

They did turn up. Eager to please the woman they dreamt of having control of.

And did the lying Mistress Reward them?

Oh she rewarded them greatly. With orgasm after orgasm.

Sometimes forced orgasms can be rather terrifying.

Sometimes forced orgasm can be just as bad as denial. Or is it worse?

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