A Femdom Tale

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4. The Runaway. Taking home Strays.

The fifteen year old girl drunkenly tumbled from the doors of The Ruby Crown. A bar that served anybody and everybody. A bar that was cheap and dirty... And illegal.

She'd gone there planning to make a deal with the one and only Ms Winters, and unfortunately Winters hadn't turned up, instead sending her minions Kat and Kathy. They were known in the underground quarters as the Kittens. But unfortunately 15 year old Samantha had been told in so many words that she was not allowed to be accepting any proposals from anybody but the Ms Winters herself, She was also forbidden to hear any offers set.

So in the illegal bar, hidden beneath the Cherry Tops Bakery, Samantha did what many people do when their plans have fallen through. She got pissed.

She walked through almost two neighbourhoods, Before she found him.

"What the fuck are you doing sitting there in the dark? You could of killed me if I fell over you!" She shrieked, as the boy moved from the mouth of the alley. His blue eyes shining and edged in red.

"S-sorry darling. I'm just, err, I'm just looking for somewhere to stay." His voice croaked. And in the dark streets, where all seemed quiet the clogs clicked in Samanthas head.

"Well you're not going to find it there are you? Follow me, you can stay with me tonight."

Samantha Clarke walks away without a backward glance. She knows the boy will follow. He's obviously a runaway with nowhere to stay. And like the kind natured girl she is, she never leaves a stray in the dark.

After walking for another 10 minutes she turns back and tells him that he has to be quiet. "Daddy doesn't allow me to have boys sleepover."

And with that he watches as she climbs the drainpipe as drunk as she was and slipped through the small window, beckoning the boy to follow.

Only a few years older, he scampered up the drainpipe after her with his large rucksack upon his back.

As soon as he stepped through the window, he widened his eyes in shock as the now naked teenager stepped forward and pressed her lips against his. As soon as she felt the tell tale sign of arousal pressing against her stomach, she pulled away and the instructions fell from her mouth.

"Take off your clothes."

"What?" He squeaked out. "Why?"

With a large grin on her face, she answered his question as though an obvious one, "Because it's kinda hard to fuck when there's denim covering your cock. Quickly. Strip!"

The removal of his clothes took no time at all. And she quickly leant into him and grabbing his dick with her small hand, she licked up the side of his neck.

"You left a bag outside." She whispered, her hot breath stroking his sensitive ear. "Go fetch it, then get ready for me to rock your world."

The boy didn't need much convincing in his lustful state. He grabbed his jeans and proceeded to step into them when Samanthas foot pressed the denim to the floor and shook her head. "Nah ah. I don't think you need those. You won't be long and it's so hot to see a naked guy outdoors."

She could see the wariness in his eyes, and knew she needed to diminish it before he ran. Stepping forward once again she slid her soaked slit against his now hard cock. "Please." She whispered.

And it worked, careful to not catch any of his exposed flesh on the rough brick, he climbed his way back down the drainpipe. As soon as his bag was on his back, Samantha shut the window.

She smiled as shock and fear scattered across his face. Poor boy.

'Dance!' mouthed Samantha through the window, and when confusion filled his eyes she mimicked a bad dancer and mouthed the word again.

He followed the instruction, slowly looking around him before moving his body to imaginary music.

She grinned. Feeling herself dampen, she opened the window and allowed him back into her room.

As soon as the boy dropped his bag on the floor, Samantha pushed him onto the bed. She quickly straddled his waist and grabbed a box of condoms from her bedside cabinet.

He thought it strange that she was wearing latex gloves but didn't mention it, perhaps it was a fetish. Ripping the red and gold packet open she slid the condom onto his still hardening dick. And then proceeded to rip a second open.

"Why do you need tw-"

"I don't know what infections you may be carrying, you look kinda dirty and I'm kinda safe."

Before he could complain about her very rude behaviour he felt the dizziness hit him, watched her push some kind of silicone cup into her cunt and impale herself in him.

She felt so tight around his cock that he would of moaned out loud, but instead an unknown sound escaped his throat, his vision began to swim and the gorgeous teen began to ride his cock harder.

"Go to sleep boy. I'm gonna ride you like never before." She moaned.

His impaired vision showed the girl riding faster, her small scarlet painted nails dug into the flesh of her tits as she bounced up and down.

He heard her moan one more sentence before the sleep claimed him.

"Aah, Aunt Silver is just gonna love you...."

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