A Femdom Tale

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5. The Runaway. The Blue Box.

Samantha stirred as morning sun began to peak through her curtains. She remembered the previous night instantly and began to panic.

Shoving the covers from her pert naked body she shot her eyes to the corner of her room.

Thank fuck for that, she thought to herself. The boy was still there. Naked and bound his eyes still closed. He looked dead, his chest hardly moved with each breath. She knows she's not supposed to keep them, but just move them on to Silver.

"Geraldine!" She calls out as loud as she can. Checking her bedside clock, she sees it's 8:17am. Her father will be home for 10am and he'll expect his beautiful, A star daughter to be at school and the pathetic housekeeper to have completed all of her chores.


Well Samantha wasn't the girl of her father's expectations. And she was about to make things interesting.

A small red haired lady came rushing into the messy bedroom wearing an old fashioned, modest black and white apron. Her ample chest heaving from rushing up the flight of stairs.

"Yes Miss Samantha?"

"I need you to take him down to the garage." She nodded her head towards the boy slumped in the corner and with a smirk, watched the panic raise on Geraldines face.

"But Miss Samantha, your father will be home soon and I still have to do the extra chores you have set me. He's very large, I'm not very strong."

"I don't care." Samantha snapped, slipping on her school uniform. "Silver will be here soon and you don't want me to tell her that you wouldn't help me...

You know what will happen."

As she smiled her good girl smile, she watched the maid do as she knew she would. She gripped the boys ankles and began to tug with all her might to move him a few inches. Her small maids outfit raising up and showing off her behind. It didn't take long before the sweat started to show. The panic and fear had set in. Silver was on her way, and that meant Geraldine had to have everything prepared. She should also be wearing maids hat, but Samantha decided to forget about it. She didn't want to warn the stupid maid about Silvers orders. She should have remembered all of her duties herself.

Samatha hears each thud as Geraldine pulls the boy down the stairs, and she quickly pulls out the blue box and shoves it in her bag before anybody would see.

She's sick of doing everybodys dirty work, it's about time to do her own thing and she knows just how to get that going. She heard the car pull up outside and knew it was Silver with her heavys.

She was quick to escape the back way, she didn't want to watch Geraldines punishment. She had her own fish to fry.

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