A Femdom Tale

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6. The Runaway. Promises of destruction.

Samantha had arrived at the school as break had just started and she quickly placed her hand against her bag, feeling for the faded blue box in there. It was still there. All was well. She knew what she had to do now.

She was sick of her life being planned for her. Either join daddy's firm and become some stupid lawyer, or follow Silvers footsteps. Daddy didn't know about Silver really, but he wouldn't be as disgusted if Samantha still followed a member of the family. Taking her own route would obviously be ridiculous to him.

Although Samantha swayed towards her Aunt with a career in mind, she would rather make it on her own. And she knew one fabulous way to do that.

Her blue heeled shoes clicked across the school grounds as she made her way to Lauren. She knew Lauren would be down by the gym. It's exactly where they'd said they'd meet. Lauren, being slightly older, shouldn't be in the school anymore. She uses the excuse that she's dropping off some homework her brother had forgotten if she's questioned. She was the head cheerleader when she was a student at Blunary Hall, all the boys wanted her... Most of the girls too.

Lauren is a messenger of some sort, but unlike most messengers, Lauren wasn't in the least bit submissive. Her nature was dominant in many ways, but her loyalty was the strongest part of her. She delivers and collects for a young lady named Caroline Archer. Caroline had left the school three years previously and was already making a name for herself as a more than adequate domme. She played with her subjects on a daily basis and was always looking for recruits.

Samantha finally reached Lauren and gave a small smile before reaching into her bag and lifting the blue box from it.

"That for Caroline, honey?" Lauren asked with a smile. Her bright orange hair and green eyes giving her the look of an Irish princess.

"Err, yeah. I've spoken to her and it seems like this would work well."

Samantha handed the box to Lauren and watched in shock as Lauren opened the box and began to rummage through the contents. She smiled as she came across the pictures. Lifting one up above her head, she gazed at the picture and laughed. "So you think because you've tied some sleeping tramp up and raped him, she'll take you on! Is it that it? I know who your aunt is... Is this the best that you could do?"

She turns and allows her emerald eyes to fix on Samanthas. "Get on your knees. If you do as you're told. I'll see what I can do."

Samantha wobbles. Her internal monologue bitching like she's being punished for a crime she hasn't committed. Slowly, she allows her nylon covered knees touch the dirty ground. Straight away, she knows she's made the wrong decision.

"Listen here you stupid bitch, you're not dominant. You're just a spoilt brat that's rebelling and your aunt is going to take the brunt of your bullshit."

Samantha tries to stand as her thought process clicks into place, but Lauren places her hand against her head and holds her to her knees.

"No, no. Don't get up. I'll not keep you long. You're making the wrong decisions. If you are dominant and you want to take this seriously bring me something better than teenage fucking porn. Barely legal is all over the Internet, and I can get that for free. I'm not paying you shit for this and if you feel thats unsatisfactory bring me something worth paying for. Nod your head to agree with me."

Samantha doesn't get chance to disagree before Lauren uses the grip on her head to force the girls head back and forth in a nodding motion.

"Good girl." She helps Samantha to her feet with her pretty smile in place yet again. "It's nothing personal honey, but you know what it's like. We've got loads coming in, and a lot of it, like yours is pg stuff. You understand, right?"

Samantha smiles her bitch smile.

"Of course I do. What is it you want then?"

"If I have to tell you that, you're in the wrong queue honey."

Samantha watches as Lauren turns around and walks away. Promises of humiliation and destruction burning in her mind. She'll not only prove she's got what it takes, but she'll take many down first.

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