A Femdom Tale

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7. The platinum package. Some games are trivial.

The bright colours and shapes whizzed as she clicked away. She was stuck on the level for almost two days and no matter what, she could not pass it. She only had one more diamond to get and she was about to capture the evasive jewel when the computer screen flashed. 'No more lives.'

"Fuck!" She snaps out, slamming her bare foot against the man's mouth again. He lies naked beneath her desk and takes whatever she gives him, not a sound comes from his mouth. She feels the telltale sign of his tongue against the side of her foot again and anger marrs her beautiful features, she presses her foot to his face and gently pushes her computer chair from the desk as she looks down to him. "I'm fucking warning you Arnold. You lick me without permission again and I'm going to put you in the box and you can't even look at me!"

She swings the chair back and more to the left before slamming her crossed ankles upon the poor man's flaccid cock. He hardens beneath her and with a smirk she bashes her heels against him three times in quick succession. "Stop it!"

The door to her office swings open revealing her receptionist, Amy. "You have Mrs Jameston on line one Ms. Harlez, Are you available?"

"Yes Amy, put her through sweetheart."

Ms Harlez moved and slammed her foot back against the naked man's mouth before picking up her phone.

"Shania Harlez here, how can I help you?"

The lady on the other end of the phone speaks, leaving Arnold on the floor only to hear one end of the conversation.

"Well of course Mrs Jameston, I have your husband right here but he's unable to get to the phone right now. If you still continue with the silver package, I think you can possibly expect little to no outcome for your husband. Perhaps consider our gold or even platinum if you want more results. You know my receptionist, Amy can go through this with you. It's completely your decision."

Arnold listens as his wife and his Temporary Goddess converse over the telephone before he snakes out his tongue yet again, and allows his wetness to slide across her small toes. He knew he'd receive the attack, before her foot slammed against his face. His mouth and nose taking the brunt of it.

"Ok Mrs Jameston, that's no problem. I'll pass you through to her now so that you can go over your choices again. Give me a call when you've made up your mind honey. Thank you, and have a fantastic day!"

Shania pushed her chair back allowing it to slam onto the wall behind her, leant beneath the desk and pulled Arnold out with a grip on his hair. "You disgusting Bastard. Stop licking me! You filthy perverted fool! You're going in the box."

She knew this was what he wanted but she couldn't deal out any proper punishments before his wife had upgraded. Nobody gets freebies in this day and age and some people had to make a living. These people were so rich that they were paying her plenty to do what they could do at home.

She dragged Arnold to the large boxed couch in the middle of the room and lifted the navy cushions from it, before lifting the lid and shoving the naked man inside. Before shutting the lid on him, she grabs the gag and cuffs. It doesn't take long for him to be ready and excitement fills his eyes as he shakes his head in complete false denial.

"Aww, doesn't Arnold want to go in the box?" She sticks out her bottom lip as Arnold shakes his head at a faster pace. Then she slams down the lid, clicks the button of the lock in place, and replaces the navy cushions. If you didn't already know what it was, it wouldn't be easy to spot. The box beneath the fabric sported various holes so that Arnold could breath easy.

"Bleep! Ms Harlez, your next appointment is here." Amys voice echoes through the spacious office giving Shania chance to slip on her stilettos and take her seat at her desk just before the handsome 30 year old man came walking through her office door as though he was her boss.

"Hello Sir, please take a seat. Shania Harlez. What can I do for you?"

His dark eyes met with hers before he shut the door behind him.

"My name is Tyler Merchanist. And I'd like to experience what you have to offer."

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