A Femdom Tale

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8. The platinum package. The happy couple.

Shania looked up at the man approaching the desk and studied his body language. He certainly didn't look like any kind of weakling.

"Tyler, it's nice to meet you but I'm afraid I only deal with couples so please shut the door on your way out."

"Shania, it's great to meet you too. My wife is just parking the car. She'll be in shortly."

This man has an attitude Shania is unfamiliar with in a submissive, either he wasn't too sure about being here, or this was some kind of game.

"Take a seat Tyler. Let's get some information about you before your wife comes along."

Shania and Tyler went through the boring process of stupid questions and answers all new clients had to go through.

"Are you above the legal age of all this and are you willingly here of your own accord?"


"Do you have any major issues that could impact any type of restraints or extreme play?"


"Is there anything that you're unwilling to try whilst taking this step in your marriage?"


At some point during the conversation, Shania decided she wanted to choke him. Watch him struggle for breath as she rides his face with a tight belt being yanked around his throat. It was an unusual way for Shanias thought process to go. It's just work. But she wanted to see the fucker beg. Cry and weep as he craves her help. No matter what form it may be in.

Shania couldn't help her wayward thoughts and as she was about to ask another question, the door flew open. In a stream of pink satin and blue jeans, the woman flew to the desk in a flurry of excitement. "Sorry about that. Some bozo didn't want to part correctly so it took me longer than anticipated, I'm Hannah!"

Her hand was suddenly outstretched over Shanias desk, her pink tipped fingernails pointing toward Shania herself.

Shania allowed her own burgundy nails join with Hannahs as they shook hands. "Fantastic to meet you Hannah Merchanist. Shania Harlez. Now I've gone through most of the questions with your husband here already and I'd just like to ask if you're completely comfortable with this and if you're above the legal required age before we continue."

Hannah nodded her head, her blonde hair swishing against her petite shoulders. "Yes. We're happy to be here. It's a step we've been talking about for some time. Just hoping to get things a little... Kinkier."

Something wasn't quite right. Shania felt it simmering in her gut even before the man's wife had turned up. She just couldn't put her finger on it.

"Ok. That's fabulous." She gave the couple her best professional smile before Continuing. "So we have a few available packages. All you'd have to-"

"We'll take the platinum!" Hannah snapped out as if the excitement was too much to bare and she didn't have time to go over the options.

"Alrighty. Kiss."

Shania saw the confusion on Hannahs face whilst Tyler still only showed disinterest.

"Sorry?" Hannahs brow raised as though she hadn't heard correctly. Everybody occupying that room knew that she had.

"I understand your confusion Hannah. I like couples to have a final proper kiss between one another before I begin intervening. That way, it's almost like I can see them agreeing that what happens next will not harm the relationship."

Again, the professional smile. This couple are bullshitting about something and Shania wasn't about to be put in any kind of dangerous situation.


Shania shuffled in her thigh length tight pencil skirt as she watched the pair close the distance between one another. Their lips slowly connecting, gentle pressure applies unnecessarily softly. And they were done.

"Brilliant!" Shania pops up from her desk and makes her way to her office door. "Now that, that's done with..." She clicks the lock in place, turns back to the couple, her smile still securely painted on her face, "Let's cut the bullshit. I don't know what tale you're trying to spin, but there's no way in hell you're married. Neither a couple... Cmon. Spill the God damn beans before I cause some shit."

Hannah was suddenly wary, the fear showing in her big baby blue eyes. Although Tyler showed something else. His attitude still in place, he gave the woman a smirk.

"You wish. We're not stupid. You only work with married couples and we want you. So what you going to do? You obviously need the money. This kinda business doesn't come flowing through too fast. So what will it be?"

He was obviously very used to getting what he wanted. Whether from his good looks or his stinking attitude. He was on for a shocker if he believed Shania Harlez would give over so easily.

"Listen here cupcake. I don't know who the fuck you think you are but if you want to hire my bastard services, I'll require the truth from you. I don't give a shit what you've got going on in your personal life, but I need to know specifics, and I need to know them now. If you don't cooperate with me, you'll be against me. And unless you want a rubber fist shoved up your arse whilst I beat you with Satan's Bible, I suggest you give me what I want. I am not a woman to go against her word, but I am definitely a woman to be wary of."

Shania waits for the telltale sign when she finally sees it. Hannahs shoulders drop in an act of defeat and she knows if they don't tell her the truth soon, she'll be the one to target. She walks back to her desk slowly, eyeing up the false couple before her.

"What's it gonna be? Are you both here willingly? If you're not, just drop me a sign and I can help you."

She takes her seat again and waits. Nothing.

"Tell me now!" She slams her fist against her desk and both people opposite her flinch. Finally an actual honest response. Body language isn't going to reveal who they are or what they're doing there though.

"He's my sisters boyfriend, And we've been having an affair for 4 years!" Hannah slaps her hand over her mouth as soon as the words are out.

"There we go Hannah. Four years is a long time so I suppose there's still a proper commitment there. You!" Shania turns her head to Tyler. "Get here." Her finger pointing to the floor by her feet. "On your knees."

Tyler does so eagerly. A smile on his face. He drops to his knees as Shania stands and lifts her skirt to her waist. Staring Hannah in the eyes as she does so.

"Head on the seat!" She physically turns and moves Tyler until he is literally bending over backwards and the back of his head rests on the seat.

She knows they're still lying and she smiles to herself as she lowers herself onto Tylers face. He's pathetically stupid. Unless you are extremely comfortable with somebody, you don't put yourself in this kind of position. He should know he can't pull away... She knows she's wiped the smile from his face as he begins to struggle against her. His mouth and nose ramming against her as much as she'd allow. His hands slapping against her thighs are tamed by her own hands gripping onto his and holding them in place.

"Now Hannah darling, tell me the truth before I take his breath... I warned you."

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