A Femdom Tale

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9. The platinum package. An easy challenge.

Shania watched Hannah struggle with her conscience. Her arms shook and her hands shivered as they came to touch her face again.

"Please! Leave him alone. We'll leave this place right away. He can barely breathe!" there was no way this girl was dominant. She was softer than silk.

"But he can breathe Hannah. Just not very well. I'm not allowing either of you out of this room until I know the truth. Oscar is right outside should you try to run. Now I'm getting pissed off. And we don't want that to happen.

So tell me sweetheart, who is this man to you, and why are you here? If you don't answer me honestly I swear upon the holy fucking grail itself, I'll piss all over him. Think he'll be able to breathe then? Do you want this man to drown?"

"No!" Hannah stood up, pulled her hair, sat back down and slammed her head to the desk. "He's my brother!"

Now that, she believed.

"That wasn't so hard!"

She jumped up, grabbed Tyler with a grip on his hair and yanked the man from her seat, watching as he fell to the ground and gasped in air, she smoothed her skirt, took her seat and smiled. This one real. They could tell the difference. The woman was happy with where the conversation was about to go.

"Ok, Tyler please take your seat. I am not happy with you lounging on my new rug. Are you here because you want things to get kinky?"

Both participants nodded.

"Brilliant! Hannah, you're in no way dominant and I'll be treating you as a submissive whore, just as I'll be treating your brother here." Her voice betrays the passion her words give.

With a soft and business like tone she continues to shock the siblings before her. "So, I'll be putting you both down for the platinum package as a pair. You are both going to go through the motions and you're both going to pay, because you've given me a hard time today and I deserve a reward for not forcibly beating the lies out of you both. Why don't you two get nasty with one another in a hotel or somewhere private? Surely you wouldn't be caught there... Ever tried roleplay?"

"No, we.. Err... We don't..." Hannah chokes on her words whilst Tyler keeps quiet, his head down.

"Now wait a moment... Are you telling me you two haven't done anything with one another? No wonder the kiss was so fucking stale."

Hannah blushes as she nods her head and again begins to stutter her words.

"It feels... It is.. It's just wr-"

"Don't tell me it's wrong! Is it wrong that I dress as a nun and whip a man for having impure thoughts about his daughters friend? I force him to repeatedly beg me to absolve him of his Sins as I make him hold his cock against the edge of a dinner table whilst on his knees so that I can hit him over and over again with a cane. I suppose thats wrong too. Strip! Both of you, right now. Clothes off."

Hannahs face pales but she slowly stands and begins to unbuttoned her blouse. "Good girl Hannah."

Tyler removes his clothes like a porn star walked into the room and told him to do her. He's fast, he's eager and he's about to have a lesson in life.

"Tyler, help your sister get naked. She seems to be struggling with that angel on her shoulder."

Tyler obliges and Hannah finishes removing her jeans before turning so that Tyler can help her remove her bra. His cock bounces against his stomach as his excitement flares within him. Hannahs nerves get the better of her and she looks as though she's about to cry.

Shania knows she needs to stump this hesitation out now before it gets too bad, she doesn't want to enforce her dominance against the pair just yet.

She circles her desk and walks to Hannah, gripping her chin, she lifts her face so that she's forced to look into her eyes. "Hannah, you're gorgeous. I want you to know that I'm going to fucking crush that angel. She isn't welcome here." Her lips close in on Hannahs and she moves her mouth, her tongue slowly delving in to explore. As soon as Hannah starts to respond, she pulls away. "No more worrying about your thoughts are wrong. Do not hesitate. I am your God now. And I'm telling you, you're only doing wrong if I'm telling you you are."

She turns and spots Tyler waiting eagerly for her to give him the same speech. "What the fuck are you waiting for? Kiss your sister like you've wanted to for so long."

It starts off intimate, unsure. But she allows a few seconds and before she knows it there's a full of passion kiss before her. Tyler nips Hannahs lips and their arousal can be smelt as easily as fresh popcorn.

"Kiss her neck, work your way down her body."

Tyler doesn't hesitate. His tongue slides across his sisters body like they're star crossed lovers and Shania enjoys watching her game unfold.

She stands closer and listens to Hannahs little whimpers of delight. Tyler uses his mouth to caress Hannahs stomach and bit by bit lowers his mouth. He slides across her pubic bone and just as his tongue delves into Hannahs slit, Shania shoves him away. "That's enough of that. Liked that did you? Filthy pair aren't you? You loved that, couldn't get enough. Craving each other already. Pull your chair out and place them facing one another."

The pair do this in an awkward almost comical way. They're unsure about their decision.

"Take your seats."

Within minutes Shania has got both of them restrained against the chairs. Hands behind them, legs against the wood of the chair legs and Hannah also has her waist taped to the chair so no movement is possible.

"Now I'm going to gag you Tyler because you're a bit of a cheeky Bastard and I don't want to hear your pathetic words. But Hannah, you don't speak enough. I want to hear hot depraved words come from your mouth, ok?" Hannah nods as Shania begins to slip the ball gag into Tylers mouth. She secures it and asks one final question before informing them of their challenge.

"So, just so that I have this right. You both have these fantasies about one another. You both really want to fuck each other... But you just won't? Because it's wrong?"

They nod in agreement and Shania smiles with glee before she goes to her file cabinet and pulls out a towel and a small metal device.

"Ok. This is a labia spreader." She attaches the peice of equipment quickly, forcing Hannahs pussy lips to be spread and exposing everything to herself and Tyler. She takes a seat at the edge of her desk and grips the blue towel in her hand.

"I'm going to challenge you. Neither of you get excited. Tyler don't be getting hard. Hannah don't be getting wet- oh Hannah! You're already wet. So let's dry you off." She uses the blue towel to roughly rub at Hannahs exposed pussy.

"There we are. And now we'll begin. Are you ready?"

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