A Second Chance at Love

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Is fifty-seven-year-old widower Mike ready for the proposal if his life from his young heighboyts? Fifty-seven-year-old widow Mike is looking forward to enjoying his four grandchildren grow up around him, and to spending his senior years in the house where he raised his family. His lovely young neighbours had other ideas, and a proposal made Mike re-evaluate his life, maybe there was some life left in the old dog yet?

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My name is Mike, I am a fifty-seven-year-old widower and I want to tell you about an event that was to change my life for the better.

First a little about myself, I lost my wife, Anna, three years ago to cervical cancer, and I had to watch the love of my life, my soul-mate, slowly fade away before my eyes. It was the most heart-breaking thing that I have ever had to do. And when I hear people tell me that ‘at least you had the chance to say goodbye’, I just smile. Whilst inside all I can see is my wife in constant pain and when she died, it was something of a relief. There were times that I wished that she’d been taken suddenly and unexpected, without having to endure all the pain.

But that was three years ago and, as they say, time is a great healer, well, not a healer, but with time, life produces distractions that push those memories further back and they become less prominent on a day-to-day basis.

We have two children, David, our first-born, he is thirty-five, and he is married to Kelly, they have two beautiful children, Amy, who is twelve and her sister, Ellie, who is nine. Our daughter Alice is thirty-three, and she is married to Dan and they have a son, Harry, who is six, and a daughter Emily, who is four.

Those four grand-children are my life, without whom I might not be here today. In the months after their grandmother’s death I saw a lot of them, by design, and they would not allow me to be depressed and sad all the time, they kept me busy, and I loved it.

The next significant moment in my life came one hot summer's day, and it occurred in my back garden.

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