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He'd just built a wall behind him that might not be so easy to break down. James is a quiet peaceful man, but when he meets a gorgeous redhead by the name of Lacey online things begin to change. She awakens needs in him that he doesn't understand and has never even considered. Before long, he wants to be hers. He Wants To Be owned. Ownership: the act, state, or right of possessing something.

Erotica / Romance
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He wasn't far from the small coffee shop they'd arranged to meet at. He could feel the rhythm of his heartbeat accelerate. The pounding in his chest adding to his doubts.

Was this right? Was he making a mistake? Should he just turn around and be done with it? What if the beautiful Lacey didn't like him? Would his age be a problem? He never lied about anything in the chat room, neither in their more private emails. But he'd been much more confident when speaking to a computer screen. Now it's in person he's nervous. Scared.

Too late now. He thought, as he swung the coffee shop door open.

The place was crowded. Quite full for saying it's only 9.30 in the morning. He felt his cheeks flame. Suddenly feeling embarrassed. Like a naughty boy caught stealing cookies from his mamas jar. He felt as though everybody was staring. Their thoughts surrounding him. Pervert, old man, sex addict, bad boy,. The list went on, as did his thoughts. Until everything stopped when he spotted her.

She was sat at a small round table in the far corner watching the world pass through the window. One delicate hand wrapped around a white cup. The steam escaping the top and disturbing the beautiful image of her face. The other hand playing in the red messy curls draped over her shoulder. The unruly mass reaching below her breast. My god. She's so much more beautiful in person.

He took a deep breath, and screwed his eyes shut for a quick beat of his heart before walking towards her.


She turned her head, eyes wide, a huge smile painting her face. "James! You made it."

A huge grin across her face, she beckoned him to sit across from her. "I already ordered your drink. Espresso, right?" She shook with excitement. And as he sat down she reached across the table to gently stroke his fingers. "I'm so glad you're here." Then she pulled her hand away, and placed it in her lap. Her eyes boring into his, capturing him. The sweet smile in place.

She looked so young and innocent.

Calming himself down and letting out a low grumble from his throat, James finally spoke. "I didn't think you'd come. It's great to finally meet you in person."

"Well it certainly is." A small white espresso cup was placed down on the table in front of him by an attractive waitress, quickly sending a false grin, she turned and left them. "We had some extremely interesting conversations, didn't we?"

He looked up quickly, stretching his neck. He was shocked at how quickly she had bought it up.

"Uh hum. Yes we really did." A little giggle escaping his throat.

"Do you remember me telling you how my clit would swell up after our conversations?" His neck growing a deep red colour, he nodded his head.

"Yes, yes I do."

Her smile suddenly grew bigger. She was impressed by his answer. ""I'm like that now. I'm very wet, and my clit is extremely swollen. What about you?" She asked the question as if she was asking about the weather. Then leaning over the table between them and with a raise of an eyebrow and a tilt of the lips she asked, "Are you hard? I hope you are."

James's breath had caught in his throat. With a small cough he released it, the images Lacey had put in his head causing him to strain against his trousers. "Yes. I am hard." he nervously whispered.

Lacey leaned back against her chair. "Why don't you get your hand down there so you can tell me how hard you are."

A very shocked James looked at her, and then around at the customers of the cafe. Looking down at the table, his hands flat against it, he heavily gulped. He wasn't sure of the joke. Or if it was one.

He felt lucky to even be there with her. Everybody must think he's a relative or something. He didn't think he was unattractive or anything like that. But he was quite an ordinary 37 year old man. With average dark hair, average height of 5 9. And average weight. The beauty across from him was exactly that. A 24 year old beauty. Complete in her confidence.

"James." he felt the heel of her shoe gently nudge him from under the table. Looking up into her sparkling green eyes, he watched her expression harden slightly. "I won't ask you again James. Get your hand under the table, and stroke your cock. I want to know how hard you are."

He realised then and there, that she would easily walk away now. This was a deal breaker for her. He slowly slid his hand from the table, making a slow journey to his crotch. He hadn't realised she'd actually want to do the things they'd talked about.

He let a large breath out after remembering to breathe when his hand eventually settled on his cock.

He looked up into the eyes of Lacey again. She smiled a huge smile that lit up her face. "That wasn't so hard was it? Keep stroking. But not too much, we don't want you coming right now. Here, eh?"

She kept her eyes on his and sipped her green tea. Never loosing contact with his eyes, she swept her hair over her shoulder and released a button on her pink blouse.

After another 15 minutes of conversation, she told him to stop. "Well you should stop now. From the look in your eyes you're rather excited. And although I've had a great time, I need to leave." Grabbing a pen and peice of paper from her bag she leant on the table and proceeded to write something down.

"Here. Come by tonight after 8 if you like."

After passing him the paper, she left him with the ghost of a kiss on his cheek. Walked out the door and down the street without a backwards glance.

James sat at the table, thinking over everything that had happened so fast. She was perfect, although kind of intense. He realised how pathetic he must of seemed to her. He barely participated in conversation. And he nervously struggled to act on anything sexual. He vowed to make it up to her that night. However he possibly could.

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