My Neighbour

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Chapter Two

The next morning, I was in the kitchen and he appeared at the window, he knocked and I invited him in. We hugged, I made him a cup of tea, and we sat and chatted. He asked how the nursery was coming on, I closed my eyes, he asked what was wrong. I told him that Paul had done nothing at all

“When I ask him, he just gets angry, telling me he works all week and I should get someone in to do it.”

He looked at me, “what if I helped you, we could do it together?”

I looked at him, “really?”

He nodded.

“I suppose I better ask Paul, just to be sure.”

I called Paul, but as I’d suspected, he wasn’t interested.

“Great, tell him to fill his boots, and any other chores you need him to do. Take advantage of the old man.” he snapped.

I hung up, ‘he’s not old you moron, and he’s more of a man than you’ll ever be!’ I raged inside, I turned to Bill.

“Told you! He’s not interested.”

He stood up and hugged me, “well screw him. You and I will do it, come on let’s go and have a look.”

He took some measurements, and we discussed options, then he offered to take me to go and look at paint and carpets. I went into my bedroom to change my shoes he followed and stood at the door, as I walked in, I saw my vibrator on the side table. I’d forgot to put it away after using it the night before. I’d masturbated, and embarrassingly, I’d thought about Bill. He noticed it.

“Been keeping busy have we?”

I blushed so bad, I could see that he felt for me and my embarrassment and apologised.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made fun. Even pregnant mum’s need some relief, there’s nothing bad about it, so don’t be embarrassed.”

I picked it up and put it in the drawer if only he knew.

We again had lunch, this time in town then returned armed with paint samples. He painted the samples on the walls and let them dry. We sat on my bed whilst we waited, he didn’t want me going up and down stairs and even brought me up a nice cold drink.

I noticed that he seemed distant. When I asked him about it, he said he felt bad last night, he didn’t understand how anyone could treat me so badly, he said he felt helpless. I placed my hand on his and told him having him around made a huge difference.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you, Bill.”

We returned to the nursery to look at the dried paint samples, I liked the pastel pinks, I know it’s a cliché but I’m a girly-girl. He asked if I wanted to check with Paul, and without thinking I said.

“Fuck him.”

I swear that I saw a small smile on his lips. He left me in the room and went to the bathroom, he was away a while, I turned around and he was stood, looking at me from the other end of the landing.

“Are you okay?” I asked he nodded.

“I’m sorry I was staring, it’s just you were stood in profile, and I think that you look stunning.”

I smiled and thanked him.

With the paint selected, we went out and bought the materials, we also looked at the various carpets out there, and bought one, he said he’d fit it and we agreed to start in the morning. That night, I found myself once again fixating on Bill as I masturbated, and brought myself to a wonderful orgasm. Lying, as I recovered, I got to thinking, wondering, ‘does he think of me in that way?’

The next morning after a cuppa he went upstairs and began the painting, I stayed out because of the fumes, but kept him supplied with drinks. It was a hot day and he was sweating, even with the windows open. I brought him up another drink and when I walked in, he had taken his shirt off, he turned and looked at me.

“I hope you don’t mind, it’s just so hot in here.”

I handed him the drink and said, of course, I didn’t mind, which I didn’t, he was fit! He had retained his army physique; his muscle definition was great. I stayed to chat, but really to stare. I noticed that he had scars on his left shoulder, front and back, and on his left side, I was going to ask about them but decided against it.

As I stood watching I could feel my temperature rise, and my pussy was now definitely wet, I could feel that my lips were throbbing, there was no denying it, he was turning me on. I daren’t look, but I knew that my nipples would be poking through my thin summer dress. I made my excuses and went to my bedroom, where I lifted my dress and fanned myself, I wasn’t wearing panties, I rarely did these days, unless I was going out, they were too difficult to put on.

I must have fallen asleep, I felt a gentle shake, and opened my eyes, his face was close to mine, I smiled, he helped me up and led me to the nursery, the walls and ceiling were done, and it looked great. I reached up and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you, Bill.”

He squeezed me gently, “anytime princess.”

My heart fluttered, the only other person to call me princess was my late father, I almost swooned there and then.

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