My Neighbour

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Chapter Three

The following morning, he returned and laid the carpet, and when I walked on it for the first time it felt lovely and soft under my swollen bare feet. He unpacked the first of the cots, and we laid out the pieces. He gently lowered me to the floor, I couldn’t do much, but I could hand him the bits, and make sure we read the instructions correctly.

We worked well as a team and had the first one assembled in just over an hour. He pulled me to my feet, and as I stood I over-balanced and he caught me in his arms, I gasped,


He held me, our faces inches apart, I could feel his breath, our eyes locked on each other, my belly pressed against him, I could feel his bugle just pressing into my bump. We stood, staring for what seemed like an eternity, the tension was real, my heart raced, then he smiled.

“That was close, I’m glad I caught you.”

With the situation passed, I checked out the cot, it looked great.

We had some lunch. I made us a salad and we ate it in the garden. We finished the second cot in the afternoon, and as we packed up, he noticed me limping, I told him that my feet had swollen up bad today. He offered to massage them for me, I said that it was too much, but he insisted, and in the end, I relented, they were aching.

I sat on the bed, and he sat at my feet. He took my right foot in his hand his fingers began to gently massage the skin. For a big man, he had a sensitive touch, I was soon sat with my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his fingers on my feet and toes. He shifted position and sat directly in front of me and lifted my foot onto his lap, and worked the lower leg, I felt him stop.

I opened my eyes, he was blushing! I asked him what was wrong, he shook his head.

“I’m so sorry Lucy, it was an accident honestly.”

Eventually, he explained as he massaged my foot, he lifted it, and with my legs parted, my dress slipped up a little, and it was then that I realised what had happened, I didn’t have panties on, and he must have seen my pussy. I smiled and nudged his hand with my foot.

“Hey, it’s okay, we are both adults, I just should apologise for the unkempt nature of my bush, I haven’t been in a position to tend to it.”

I tried to defuse the situation with a little humour. He was blushing, I held out my hand and he took it and moved up beside me, I squeezed his hand.

“Listen, it’s okay Bill. I loved your message, and if it meant that I could get both feet done, then I’d take the dress off completely, really, it’s only my body.”

He nodded, and returned to my feet, he pushed my feet together and continued, but knowing now what he’d seen, my naughty side kicked in, and, I was now horny, I knew that my pussy would be so wet. As he lifted my leg again and slid his hands slowly up to my knee, I parted my legs, knowing that he’d get a proper eyeful, I kept my eyes closed, and just listened for the changes in his breathing to know if he was looking. He was, and this only made me hotter.

He switched feet and repeated the process, and when he came to my left leg, I again made sure that my dress rode up, I kept my eyes closed throughout. He placed my leg down and patted it.

“They’re all done, how does it feel?”

I opened my eyes and smiled. “wonderful, but aren’t you meant to offer a happy ending after such a massage?”

I giggled and held out my arms for him to hug me, shifted and sat beside me and hugged me. I kissed his cheek as he sat beside me. I held his hand.

“Don’t worry about what you saw, I mean, it’s not like you’d be interested in that.”

I let it hang, he hadn’t replied, he was staring down at my feet.

“Bill? Did you hear me?”

He nodded.

“Oh, okay, you didn’t answer.”

He cleared his throat, “I know, I wasn’t sure what to say?”

I lifted his face to look at me, “it’s not a difficult question Bill, are you interested or not?” My heart was pounding inside my breast, I could almost feel my pussy leaking, I was clenching my thighs together.

He looked at me, “it’s not that simple Lucy.”

I stroked his hand, “Sure it is, either seeing my pussy interested you or it didn’t.”

Inside I’m thinking ‘what are you doing girl, what if he says yes?’

He looked at me, “of course I am, but you’re married, pregnant, and I’m old.”

I smiled, “you’re not old, I won’t be married much longer at this rate, and you said it yourself, you and Anne had sex the night before your son was born.” I lifted his hand and placed it on my breast and pressed it down.

“Lucy? Are you sure?”

I nodded, “Surer than I have ever been.”

He leaned over me and kissed me, he almost took my breath away, electricity flowed through my body, from our lips to all my extremities, I let out a loud moan. I hadn’t been kissed like this in a long time if ever, his hands caressed my huge breasts so gently, he teased my nipples over my dress, I sighed, panting

“Take it off me please,” I whispered. He knelt up and slowly pulled it over my head. I was now naked, he looked down at me, his eyes took in my body, and I enjoyed being looked at, so different to that pig of a husband. He lowered his mouth on to my nipple and gently rolled it between his lips then suckled on it, he moaned and gently, and then lifted his mouth off and looked at me. I saw that there was a white smear around his lips, I was lactating, and he was drinking it, he smiled.

“I love your milk.”

I was so horny, Paul hated when I leaked out if he was looking at me. He suckled some more then slowly moved down my body, lightly kissing all over my bump, my babies were moving about a lot, I wondered if they were responding to me, he kissed my belly button, before sliding down between my legs as parting my legs. I couldn’t see him, because of my bump, but I felt him, I gasped as his lips found my pussy. He caressed my labia, sucking each one so gently, probing my pussy with his tongue licking the copious juices that flowed from me. He found my clit and nibbled it between his lips, he teased and tugged at it, it was too much, and I arched my back and screamed so loud that the neighbours would have heard, I thrust my hips at his mouth and clamped my legs tight around his head as I rocked from side to side as I was hit with the best orgasm of my life.

Panting and moaning, I held him there until I started to come down, then I slowly released his head, I could still feel my juices leaking from me. He slid up and turned me onto my side and he nuzzled into me.

“Hmmm, that was something special.”

He kissed me, I could taste pee on his lips, he smiled.

“I think you lost a little control of your bladder when you came, clearly you haven’t orgasmed like that for a while.”

I blushed and averted his eyes, “I peed in your mouth?” I was devastated, he hugged me and kissed me again.

“And it was wonderful. Relax Lucy it happens, it’s no big deal, and it was just a little bit.”

We lay in each other’s arms, and I was waiting for him to fuck me, but he wasn’t making a move, I stroked his face.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?”

He stared into my eyes, “more than anything, but only if you are sure.”

I nodded, “I’m sure.”

He looked embarrassed, “the thing is, I don’t have any condoms.”

I smiled, “it’s okay, I don’t think you can get me pregnant again.”

He laughed, I turned onto my back he leaned over and kissed me.

“No, let’s try this,”

He gently rolled me onto my side, facing away from him, then angled me a little away from him, he slid his knees between my legs parting them and lifting the top one, then he guided his hard cock into my pussy, it slid in with ease, I was so wet. Then, he spooned close to me and began to slowly move in and out of me, it was so nice, so relaxing, he asked me if I liked it, I moaned my approval. He was so gentle, I was expecting a hard fuck, but he was so gentle and loving. He reached around and teased my clit as he slid his cock in and out. He increased his pace as my breathing quickened, he was careful never to push too deep, I really appreciated it and he worked my clit so well that I was soon coming again, and I squeezed my legs together as I came, and pushed his hand hard into my clit, I felt myself coat his cock with my juices, and probably pee. I had never had sex like this before, so gentle, so loving, I almost cried when he finally came, and I felt his hot cum shoot into my pussy and coat my insides. He held himself inside me until he was done, then, and it was the best bit, he stayed inside as he wrapped his arms around me and cuddled me, and we fell asleep in that position.

When I woke, I looked around, he was gone, it was dark, and I was covered by a blanket. I felt sad that he’d left, for I know now what direction my life would take, I knew that I now had the strength to do what I should have done a long time ago. I lay my head down on the pillow, I missed him, I wondered if we’d ever experience that again. I then heard footsteps, I looked out through the open bedroom door, and saw him climb the stairs and walk into my bedroom.

“You’re awake?” he smiled and walked over to me. He sat on the bed and leaned over and kissed me.

“I thought you’d gone,” I whispered.

He kissed me again, “I’m not going anywhere, Lucy.”

We made love again. He was so gentle, first giving me yet another mind-blowing orgasm with his lips, then turning my on his side, but this time entering me from the front so I could look into his eyes and when he came inside me it was so good that I nearly cried. He had to leave after the second night, Paul was due home for the weekend.

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