My Neighbour

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It is eleven months since I gave birth to my twin daughters and we are preparing for their first birthday. A lot has happened in the last eleven months, Bill and I got engaged. Paul had proved everybody wrong, including me, by being a good and reliable dad. He had not missed a single opportunity to see his girls, and the previous weekend, he took the girls overnight for the first time.

His parents were overjoyed by the change in their son’s attitude because it meant that they would get to see a lot more of their granddaughters than they thought they would.

Bill had been brilliant. As a stepfather he was perfect. He was attentive and had proved to be just perfect with the girls. He couldn’t have treated them better, or gave them more attention, had they been his own.

As I waited for him to return from his solicitor’s office, I was feeling anxious. Not because he was signing the papers to sell his house and move in with me and the girls, but because of what I had to tell him.

I was sat at the kitchen table when he walked in, the girls were sleeping, and I was staring at a cold cup of coffee. He smiled as he walked through the door.

“Hey, beautiful.”

He kissed me, I smiled nervously, he picked up on it, as he always did.”

“Hey, what’s up?”

I smiled and asked him to sit down. He sat, he looked worried.

“Bill, I have something to tell you, and I’m not sure how you’ll take it.”

He reached out and took my hand, I was trembling.

“Hey, what is it, honey? Come on, it can’t be that bad.”

I looked at him, I bit my lip.

“Bill, I’m pregnant.”

I waited for his reaction. He stared at me for a few seconds, then a beaming smile spread across his face and he hugged me.

“We’re having a baby?”

I nodded, “yes, you are okay with it?”

“Are you kidding? I’m ecstatic honey! I love you so much. Our girls are going to have a baby brother or sister!”

He kissed me, and once again I thought how lucky I was, and, that life just kept getting better and better. I had finally found my very own Prince Charming.

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