Incubus Hunt

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Oh no, we just kissed… What have I done? I am kissing a man other than my boyfriend… but I don’t want to stop… I come with many names and many appearances. I can read your thoughts and I can use your desires against you. What is my purpose, you asked? I’m just here to implant my seeds into any woman I target. Sad to say that in this world, I am probably the last of my kind. Ever since the Incubus Hunters appeared, my woman seeding has dwindled down. I need to be very-very meticulous and I need to make sure to be very-very cautious. I will not allow myself to get caught… and of course there is a reason why catching me is going to be very-very difficult. Do you know why? Because I am posing as Agent Akihiko Kuroshiro of the Incubus Hunt Division of the Anti-devil Agency. Now, HUNT ME, I dare you~

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One Night Snatch

Akihiko's Side

“Hi there, you look lonely. Did something happen?”

Looking like the man she truly desired, she gazed at me with her bluish eyes. She was sitting alone at the bar sulking about something. Reading her mind allowed me to find out why. She had a scuffle with her boyfriend. Of course, I knew that beforehand… because I was targeting this sweet nectar… morning dew… of a woman. A natural redhead, with an hour-glass body, and a maroon dress like no other, the target was fire. For a devil like me, something as good as her was a really-really difficult pass. With or without any makeup, she looked hot. It made me wonder why her boyfriend argued with her. Prying into her thoughts, I realized that the guy just couldn’t resist temptation and looked at the ass of another mortal female. I kind of want to quote the entire underrated song entitled Gallery by Mario Vasquez. After gazing at me just for a second, her eyes became immediately fixated with mine.

“I’m so sorry. Where are my manners?”

I sat beside her on the left side in the bar and signaled the bartender. With her eyes still affixed to my very presence, I kind of looked around for a bit. I needed to make sure that I was not being watched or being followed.

“My name is James Cameron.”

Of course, I invented that name. I offered her my right hand waiting for her reply.

“I am Donna… Jackson…”

She softly replied as she shook hands with me. I wasn’t going to pass, I said… so I kissed her very soft hand. It did surprise her… just a bit, but she never took her hand away. It only meant one thing for me… my charm was working on her already. It wasn’t enough though, I need her to offer herself to me…

“You look sad…” I gleamed at her offering some kind sympathy… no… I offered her empathy. “Did something happen?”

“It’s nothing…” she retreated back with her elbows on top of the bar while she rubbed her forehead. “It’s just that…”

“Yes?” I smiled at her. “It’s okay if you can’t tell me, but you might feel better when you tell your worries, otherwise you’ll just feel pressured. I’ll buy you a drink if you don’t mind…”

Feeling reassured, she turned her attention at me. She subtly scanned me from top to toe trying to make sure that I am harmless and innocent.

“I would love to,” she smiled back at me.

“So what’s your poison?” I asked as I cracked up a smile from the face of her deepest desires.

“You…” she suddenly shook her head and then smiled back at me, “I mean… whatever you would like us to drink.”

“I was thinking of a cocktail,” I said that stressing the cock part, “but then again it would rather be wrong for an occasion such as this one…”

She bit her lower lip, “What is the occasion?”

“This is the occasion…” I grinned, “our fated meeting. It feels like I am meant to be here at this moment to be with you.”

She turned away and covered her face. She tried to hide her blushing rosy red cheeks.

“Am I wrong?” I asked her one last time.

She looked back… still covering her cheeks with her hands. She shook her head. It meant that I was not wrong. Of course, I wasn’t wrong. She was my target after all.

A couple of drinks later, she was already a bit tipsy. So I opened the door for her to the special room I reserved earlier for both of us.

“Come on in.”


Entering the room, she was in awe. Glass windows on the 30th floor a luxury hotel room overlooking the scenery of the city down below, a fully air-conditioned room with its own refrigerator, bathtub, flat-screen television, and a bed capable of holding up to four people, what more could she ask for? In the end, we’ll only probably be using the bed and I can barely wait. My thing is throbbing from all the excitement going on.

“Pretty neat huh?”

“I’ve never been in such a spacy room,” she looked around before coming in. She then whispered to herself, “My boyfriend couldn’t even bring me to a room like this…”

“For real?” I grinned as I gently close the door when she got inside. “I told you this is a special occasion destined for the two of us to celebrate~”

“I know, I know… you really are a charmer, don’t you?” she giggled, “not in a bad way of course…”

“Have a seat,” I offered her the beautiful sofa. “Would you like to continue drinking?”


Her phone suddenly rang. The timing was really irritating as she opened her bag to search for her phone. She sat down on the sofa as she picked up her phone. I needed some intervention for that.

“Your boyfriend?”

“Yeah… I’m so sorry… I needed to answer it…”

I approached her and held her hand keeping her from answering the call.

“You don’t need to answer that…”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I can’t bear the fact that a guy would mistreat you like that. I don’t want this night to be ruined for you…” I touched her face and locked eyes with her. “I’m going to kiss you now…”

“Please don’t…”

Too late. I already pressed my lips against hers. She didn’t struggle much and as soon as my tongue met hers, she didn’t let go… well, she did… she let go of the phone. After a while, the ringing stopped and I let go of her.

“How was it?” I winked at her and carried her to the bed. Then, I got on top of her, “I don’t want to stop now… do you?”

I pried into her mind to see what she was thinking…

Oh no, we just kissed… What have I done? I am kissing a man other than my boyfriend… but I don’t want to stop…

She started unbuttoning my top off as we exchanged sweat and saliva like wild animals yearning for each other. I started to undress her as well as checking out her delicious-looking body. At this point, I had already conquered her…

I haven’t been touched like this… he is so gentle with me… It feels like my strength is being taken away… My body… is turning very hot… deep inside… I want him badly…

She was pretty turned on already. Slowly sitting up, she just wrapped her arms around me waiting for my next move. At this point on, she was like a doll lost in thought feeling pleasure as I caressed her breast while licking her neck.

“Do you like that?” I said as I took her bra off exposing her D-cup breasts. Her pink nipples poked out but she didn’t care. “I know you like it…”

I can’t think right… it’s probably the alcohol, right? But my boyfriend… I don’t know… … …Ah… …

Let me take good care of that. I bit into her nipples as I played with the other.

While playing with her defenseless body, my free hand slowly crawled its way into her panties. I was waiting for her to shove my hand away, but instead, she started unzipping my jeans freeing the beast inside. Reading her thoughts made me hornier than ever, but at any minute now, her phone might ring again so I had no other choice but to use my powers to turn it off. As soon as I turned her phone off, she finally exposed the joystick.

It’s bigger than Ken’s…

“Would you like to have a go with it, Donna?” I asked her while rubbing it on her lips. “I know you couldn’t resist…”

After uttering those words, she opened up and sucked them vigorously. She even tried to take it all inside her throat and ended up gagging.

I want to feel it inside of me… I want to feel it now…

“Ah!” she let out a cute moan. “You’re…”

I started licking her down below. I can feel her tremble every time I insert my tongue inside. She was really into it. Her tongue was also making me want to cum, but I want her other mouth to feel and receive my seeds so I let go and pinned her down with me back on top.

I whispered to her ear, “You are my destiny…”

“I am your… destiny…AH!”

Before she could even finish, I easily shoved it in her tight pussy. It was too lubricated that reaching the tip easily kissed her uterus.

AH… I’m sorry Ken… I’m sorry… because I want this man more than ever!

“IT FEELS SO GOOD!” she suddenly moaned. “IT’S SO DEEP! PLEASE DON’T STOP!”

I immediately locked her mouth with mine. It was better if she just moaned loudly than yell at my face, and my hips won’t stop moving unless I’m about to cum. Even with our tongues intertwined, I can still hear her thoughts out loud.

Will he cum inside? I’m not on the pill… but it feels too good… if he came inside it will mean the end of me… what should I do? Should I make him stop? I can’t think properly now… I just want it in me… all of it! OH!!!

“AH! You’re letting out… inside… AHHHHH!!!” her eyes rolled backwards as she cannot contain the orgasm that even her tongue came out from her mouth. “I’m gonna get pregnant… … …”

When I popped out my dick, she gasped in shock because it was still rocking hard despite the amount I already injected into her. I lied on my back enticing her for the ride of her life.

“There’s no turning back now, Donna. You know you want more…”

“I want more… I want more…” she got on top of me and sat on top of it and started twerking hard. “Ah!!! I want more!!!”

She was enslaved by pleasure that the rest of the night all I did was make her my cum dumpster and my sperm bank.

The next day, we did a few more rounds again. I told her to have sex with her boyfriend so that it would look like he was the one that got her pregnant. It was an easy win… yet the planning process was meticulous… very-very meticulous. When I left, James Cameron ceased to exist.

I was back to my usual self.

My name is Kuroshiro Akihiko. I am half Japanese and half American. Kuro means black, shiro means white, aki means luminous or bright, and hiko means prince. I am an agent of the Incubus Hunt Division of the Anti-devil Agency. I am also the one thing that my own organization wants to be killed, an incubus, a higher form of devil tasked by the Queen of Hell to breed with the mortals and to have children that would bring about destruction to mankind and be an instrument for the war against God in heaven for the glory of the King of Hell.

That was… the past though… now that Devil King is dead. He was apparently killed by the son of another Supreme Being. It is too complicated, but when you realize that there is not just one Supreme Being… it all makes sense. Trapped in the world of the mortals, we remaining devils and similar species vowed to come together in order to live hidden within the mortal society, doing what we can to preserve our race. Here in New York, there is a secret sanctuary where we remaining celestial beings come together. So what do we know about Celestial Beings? There are four main races actually:

Ø The angelic race composed of obviously angels obedient to God’s will which could be wrong, mind you.

Ø The devil race to which I am a part of that left God first and founded Hell under the rule of the late King Meltan Luminoir known to mortals as Satan or Lucifer.

Ø The fallen angel race that left next. They made a good choice realizing that the concept of religion is wrong. They are led by Semquaza and they are commonly mistaken by mortals as devils just like us.

Ø The risen devil races that left King Meltan Luminoir because of reasons that I don’t want to pry into. The risen devils are comprised of the fairies, the vampires, the werewolves, the dragons and phoenixes, giants, ape-like humans, wisps, djinns and embodiment spirits, merpeople, and hybrid humans.

God… Lord Reax, the Supreme Being of Creation, he was a supremacist. He wanted worship, he wanted to be the one and only God. A selfish desire to which he wanted that there will be no other Supreme Beings before him despite the fact that there are ten others. But that’s not my concern… Before the death of the King of Hell, the universe was sort of a better place. We still have spirit worlds to retreat to called the Other Side. Now, it is already sealed and most of us are trapped in the mortal world unable to go back to the Other Side. A war amongst the Supreme Beings is upon us… the mortals are unaware of the gravity of the situation and are hunting us down one by one.]

I’m 90% sure of my safety. As for the others, I don’t know what they plan to do to avoid being detected by humans. We thought that humans are weak and they are easily manipulated, but we were wrong. Humans are naturally born evil and greedy that I always wonder if we devils are really the symbol for evil. Even the merpeople comprised of mermen and mermaids are also being threatened to disappear soon. The only way of escape is to perfectly blend in with these mortals… just like I do… but even better.

[A Certain Bar, New York]

“Look who is here, the last of the incubi. What brings you here?”

Reagan the elf, a one-eyed wingless fairy greeted me by the entrance. He is not a cyclops though, he just lost his eye escaping from hunters. A Certain Bar or ACB is one of our remaining sanctuaries. If this bar gets discovered by humans, they’re toast. However, they might be able to survive if they move to Antarctica.

“I just came here for a visit.” I looked around seeing familiar faces. “Hello cryptids, how are you all holding up?”

“It’s bad business, boy…” Hollinger the Jackalope, a rabid rabbit-like demon, shook his head. “The forests are full of surveillance systems. I can’t even hunt well for my family!”

“I reckon that we should be moving out soon,” Mothman showed us a bag of mystical dust particles. “I need a little more of this to deliver to Sarah so that they can create that promised portal for the rest of us to move to Antarctica or to Africa. At least you can shapeshift, you can survive longer…”

“Have you heard any news of incubi or succubi survivors?” I asked trying to reassure myself that I am not the last of my kind.

“No son,” Hollinger shook his head. “The werewolves though, I heard that a few parts of Canada was taken over by them last week. Human refugees are being held up in fear that they might’ve been bitten.”

“Humans can’t trust one another,” I handed a small pouch of mystical dust over to Mothman. “We might stand a chance if the werewolves worked together with us… I’m leaving.”

“Look for Sarah, the last witch of North America. She might have the means of our escape.” Reagan gave me a tip. “Let’s just hope that she is still alive…”

“Hopefully,” I nodded at him. “I’m already late for work…”

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