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During a drunken rant after having his advances rejected once more by his wfie. He made an outrageous request of his wife. How would she react? Follow Rick and his wife of thirty-two years Marie, as they set out on a journey of sexual discovery. Read as, with Rick's help and encouragement she experiences another man after all this time and discovers that sex in her fifties can be as exciting as it was in her twenties. And also experience something that she had never thought possible.

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Chapter One

My name is Rick, I am married to Marie. We are both in our late fifties and have been married for over thirty years. We have three grown-up children, two boys and a girl, and five grandchildren

We live in a sleepy village in the North-east of England and are both retired, me after selling my printing business and Marie after a long career in teaching.

One night, a few months back, I had been out with some mates at the local working men’s club and I’d had a little too much to drink, which led to me inevitably trying to get her to have sex with me when I climbed into bed.

Normally when she’d rebuff me, I’d moan and roll over, but this time, for some reason, I got really upset. I didn’t lose my temper but went into a long tirade about our life, and lack of sex, and how we’d failed as a couple, and how I’d failed as a husband. I was shaking and ended up crying in her arms, I should say apparently, because I remember very little.

I woke the following morning with a terrible hangover, which, unusually, she was very sympathetic towards. It took me until the afternoon, I was a bit embarrassed, as bits of the previous evening came back to me and wondered how I was going to put it right.

In the afternoon, she asked if I wouldn’t mind taking her for a drive, she still hadn’t said anything about my behaviour, so we took a drive, it was a nice day, and we headed for one of our favourite spots. We parked and set off along one of our usual walks which took us through some lovely woods and alongside a small stream. We walked, hand in hand, and she seemed remarkably calm as if she’d forgotten all about the previous evening. When we reached our favourite place on this walk, beside the stream we stopped and sat on the grassy bank and watched the water flow past. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I turned to her and apologised once again for my behaviour. She said nothing and put her hand in mine

“I didn’t know that you felt that way, Rick.”

My mind was racing, how did I say I felt? I had to tell her that I really couldn’t remember what I’d said, and if I hurt her then I’m truly sorry, I was drunk. She stared at the running water.

“I miss it too sometimes you know.” She sighed.

I looked at her. “You miss what love?”

She stared at the water. “Sex. I miss sex.”

This surprised me, I asked her why she hadn’t told me before. She said that she was embarrassed. I took her hand.

“We’ve been together too long to be embarrassed around each other Marie,” I said, staring into her eyes.

She let a smile spread on her lips.

“Not true, you embarrassed me last night.” She added.

I frowned. “What did I say?” I asked.

She blushed as she recalled it. I asked her again, she looked at me and asked if I didn’t remember, I shook my head.

“I don’t.”

She said that I’d begged her to let me watch her have sex with another man, someone with a big cock so she’d know what it was like to have sex with a real man, not a wimp.

I was shocked, she hated using language like that, and I could see her blush a little when she said it.

I looked away. “Oh, I’m sorry Marie.”

She squeezed my hand. “Did you mean it?”

I didn’t know how to answer. I hesitated before deciding that honesty is the best policy, I nodded.

“Honestly? Yes, I would like that.”

I glanced at her, she was blushing, I put both of my hands on hers

“I’m sorry Marie, I had too much to drink,” she nodded

“I know, and for the record, you’re not a wimp.”

I shook my head, “Yes, I am. I’m a man who can’t satisfy his wife.”

She turned to face me, “Hey, stop that. We’ve had a good sex life, maybe not as busy as some, and true, we’ve let it slide the last few years, but we are both guilty of that. I love you, Rick, you remember that.”

I nodded, “I know, I love you too Marie, so much, please just ignore me.”

We continued our walk, I felt closer to her than I had been for a while, holding her hand felt different somehow, to what it had been like lately. Back in the car she leaned across and kissed me, not a peck, a kiss, no tongues, but a long kiss, and it was lovely. I asked her what that was for, she smiled.

“For loving me.”

That night we made love, we both made the effort, and I picked up on her signals and we embraced, it wasn’t perfect, she wanked me a little until I was hard, then I lifted her nightie and fucked her from behind on her side, her favourite position. I came inside her far too quickly, then she kissed me, and we fell asleep, still, it was a start.

We seemed to get back to our regular Saturday night sessions, I even got her to get naked, still no oral, but the sex was very welcome and very nice. It was a couple of months before things took another change.

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