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“I… was…” he longingly gazed into her eyes, “…thinking of you instead of my wife… thinking of you in ways that you’d never imagine… I love you," The enemy is posing as a religious official in Vatican. He can read your thoughts and he can use your desires against you. What is his purpose, you asked? He’s there to resurrect the Evil Witch and destroy the Roman Catholic Church from within. He is not alone for Blood-fang, the Patriarch Alpha, is also posing as a religious official. Fear not, for I, the Southeast Asian Witch, and my apprentice are on the case! Posing as nuns, we need to be very-very meticulous and we need to make sure to be very-very cautious. We will not allow ourselves to get caught… and of course there is a reason why I personally don’t want to really-really get caught. Do you know why? For several hundreds of years since my birth, I have been and always be a VIRGIN and I don’t want to be violated by anyone… especially by demons!!! Without further ado, let the Incubus Hunt commence~

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Vatican City Fortress [Debauchery]

Sarah’s Side

“Beaux, I know what you’ve been doing for the first month that we’ve been here. I think what you’re doing is wrong.” I, Sarah the Southeast Asian Witch, disguised as Sr. Airi Sabado, scolded my apprentice Beaux Steinfeld disguised as Sr. Eri Shiori for flirting with a local baker who delivered bread to the convent every morning. “I need you to stop before you could ruin their household. We’re even disguised as nuns… for Christ’s sake…”

“Master, I’m sorry but I am a cambion… a half-succubus. In order for me to make it through the week, I need to collect human lust. Besides, I’m not even making out with the man… so you don’t need to worry~” She winked at me. “I’m also more concentrated with our mission after all~”

“But you still make me worry… you…” I sighed. “You’re doing it daily that it might get human attention… but… since you are doing your job properly, however… I think I would allow you… Hopefully, I won’t regret allowing you to collect what you collect…”

“You know my virgin master, I really like the way the nuns are treated here in the Vatican. The entire convent had the hotel feel in it despite the religious decorations. I mean… we even have our room where we could talk in private.” She easily changed the topic and wandered around our room while checking the time, “I’ve been searching for hidden cameras, recording devices, and spy stuff on a daily basis but I can’t even find one. Look at the time master, I have to go and wait on the front gate now~”

“Do not flirt… Remember, we’re supposed to be disguised as nuns…”

“I will~” she closed the door and left me alone.

My apprentice did not notice it but… I knew that she was into the baker. The guy had good looks and he was kind to people… but he was a married man. Anyway, I should be going over my usual activities… Hopefully, I would be able to gather more information about the people. We had quite a few suspects on our list. A month ago, when we were first introduced here, we did not see anything suspicious at all. However, when Sr. Belladonna took us under her wing, we found out a lot.

By the way, Sr. Belladonna is actually an angel, a warrior angel to be exact… and like us… she is posing as a Vatican Crusader nun. She is one of our best agents in the Antarctic Sanctuary and she is probably as strong or stronger than me.

While minding my own business and doing my own mission, I failed to check on Beaux and what she was up to… True-true, she did not flirt… she did not flirt…

“Thank you for the bread, William,” Sr. Eri sweetly smiled at the baker.

“Have you eaten your share already, sister?” The baker happily smiled back at him.

“Yes… and it was very delicious as always,” she gave him his payment. “I would like to go and see the orphans, would you like to accompany me again?”

“You don’t need to ask, sister. It’s always been my pleasure,” William pulled the gate open for her. “After you, sister.”

“You really are a gentleman,” she giggled. “Your wife might get jealous if she sees you being nice to women… By the way, are you busy?”

“No, sister… we easily sell all the bread we bake before nine, so I am pretty much free right now.” He glanced at her every now and then, “Despite my wife being the owner of Vatican Crusade’s Tailoring Company, I…”

“…you choose to live a simple life. You’ve said that a million times already, William~” Sr. Eri chuckled. “You really are an interesting person to be with~”

William’s mood suddenly shifted as he opened the orphanage gate for her, “Sister, may I have a quick moment before we go and see the children?”

“Sure, William,” Sr. Eri glanced at him. “I’m all ears…”

“I want to confess to you,” William sighed. “Is it okay if I make my confession?”

“William, we should go to the orphanage’s chapel and you can do your confession there… otherwise… I would not consider it confession… and it should be done by a priest…”

“Please, sister… I want to confess to you.” He insisted.

“Alright, let’s go and check on the children first and then we’ll head to the chapel once I’m done.” Sr. Eri sighed, “At least, there’s no priest around today so… I guess I’ll be the one to listen to your confession~”

“Thank you, sister…” William anxiously closed the door.

They greeted the children and the nuns tending them. Sr. Eri was loved by the children for she played with them every single day. Since she was a new member of the Vatican Crusade, her first three months would only involve training. Fieldworks were done four months beyond.

After telling the nuns about William wanting to do a confession and excusing themselves out, they headed to the chapel which was a bit far from the orphanage. The chapel was rarely used for special occasions since the cathedral was just a few blocks away. The gate was a bit rusty and it was very difficult to open. At least William was strong enough to push it open it. Surprisingly, he was diligent enough to close it, too diligent…

“Where do you want to confess, William?” Sr. Eri cheerfully asked while dusting off the seats, “Let’s do it over here…” She carefully sat down. “Now, sit here beside me and I’ll listen…”

After taking a seat rather very close to her, William started to make his confession, “Sister, I have gravely sinned against God.”

“What did you do, William?” She asked expecting that it might be something exaggerated or something expected. “What kind of serious offense have you committed?”

“I… was…” he longingly gazed into her eyes, “…thinking of you instead of my wife… thinking of you in ways that you’d never imagine… I love you, Sr. Eri…”

The man didn’t look away from her. He knew what he told her was wrong and he wanted to admit his mistake. If only… Sr. Eri were a real nun, though… but she wasn’t. She’s Beaux Steinfeld, a witch disguised as a nun…

“You’re so sweet, William,” Sr. Eri replied and stood up, and then she went towards the altar. “I had been waiting for that confession ever since I met you…”

“Sister…” William stood up surprised at what he just heard and slowly followed her, “…Eri…”

“I also want to confess… …” Sr. Eri or rather… Beaux made her way to the storage room behind the altar. “I’m also in love with you and I’m so happy that all my efforts to make you fall for me worked as well~”

“Sister! I…” William rushed over to the storage room. When he entered the room, she was already naked waiting for him on a small pile of mattresses.

“Take off your clothes, William… I want to be with you just for today~” she spread her legs outward for him. “I want to experience having a husband~”

Taking all of his clothes off, he made his way to the futon where their lips passionately touched each other as their tongues mixed their saliva together. He started to fondle her breasts with his manly hands. The way he played with them were almost the same as he was molding the dough into a bun.

“Sister Eri…” he whispered and kissed her neck and licked them until it reached her pinkish brown nipples. “Sister Eri…”

“Call me Eri… William… my dear… ahn… sweet… husband… ahn…” she started to stroke his massive cock.

“Eri!” He exclaimed looking at her in the eyes, “I love you, Eri!”

“Say it again!” she started to stroke his cock vigorously. “William! I love you!”

“Eri! Oh… Eri! I love you!” He kissed her again, and this time it was more rigorous than before.

She pushed him down on the bed and sucked on the large popsicle. William almost came from just entering her mouth but he didn’t want her to be left out so he took his budding flower in his mouth as well. As they were having the time of their lives, she started to feed on his lust taking all of the dark energy he was releasing inside of her as he pinned her down.

“I can’t wait anymore, Eri…” he rubbed the head of his cock on her clit. “I can’t wait anymore…”

“Please… hold my hand and give me a second…” she interlocked fingers with him. “I want to see you up close when you put it inside… dear…”

He obeyed her request and held her hand. He bent towards her and kissed her. His was holding his popsicle with his other hand to lead it to the entrance of her tight pussy. Beaux’s other hand was wrapped around his back, excitedly waiting for him to be one with her.

“Eri… I’m putting it in…” William’s dick slid into her tight wet pussy. “It’s so good and tight…”

“It’s my first time,” Beaux manipulated her own body to make it look like she was a virgin and she was in pain. “My husband took my first time… I’m so happy…”

“Are you alright, my wife?” he anxiously asked her. “Do you want me to continue?”

“Yes… do it… slowly…” she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I love you… William…”

“I love you too, Eri…” he started to move inside her with each motion, the head of his rod was hitting the entrance to her womb, “I want nothing else in the world but you…”

“Me too… ahn…” she noticed that he started to move faster and stronger, “Ahn… it feels… so good… ahn… I want you to do it harder… ahn…”

“ERI!!!” he started to shake his hips hitting her deeper and deeper, penetrating her womb.

He carried her to a sitting position as they kissed like this was their last time together. Both of them shaking their hips… the unevenness of their movements only made them hornier and hornier. This time, William was lying on his back while Beaux was the one on top twerking her ass off to keep both of them stimulated until they were back to missionary position.

“I’m going to cum soon, Eri!” William’s pace kept getting faster and stronger while his cock kept on twitching, “I’m about to come!!!”

“Don’t pull out!!!” Beaux locked her legs on him, “I want all of your seeds inside of me!!!”

“ERI!!!” he wrapped his arms around her back as he convulsed and ejected volumes of cum deep inside of her.

“WILLL!!!” her arms were also wrapped around his head as she received all of his love for her.

All the while, none of the people within the compound knew what took place inside the storage room of the unused chapel. William pulled his thing out of her while breathing heavily… satisfied with what he did instead of becoming scared of the consequences.

“I will take responsibility… if you ever get pregnant… Eri…” he smiled at her.

“William…” she immediately held onto his still hard cock, “I also want to have your children… so… I don’t want this… to end just yet… Give me lots of your love~ nobody ever comes here so they won’t notice~ I want all of your seeds deep inside…”

With his cock still rocking hard on her hands, she turned over to get fucked in a doggie position.

She did not flirt… she had sex…


This is how we start with the Second Season of Incubus Hunt

Welcome to another round of extreme pleasure~

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